On The Run Part 13

Sara was nervous as she sat in the waiting room at the doctor’s office Emma had taken her too. Emma had informed her, that this doctor was someone she trusted and the FBI trusted as well. Sara had picked up a good housekeeping magazine to read. She spotted a recipe for walnut cookies she wanted to try.

“Mommy, can we make these cookies one day please?” Sara shows Emma the recipe.

Emma looks at it and smiles “I think we can. Here, let me take a picture of the recipe.”

Emma pulls her cellphone out and snaps a couple of pictures of the article, so they could go shopping later for the ingredients. She had been
informed when she got the okay to take Sara to the doctor, that an undercover FBI agent was going to be at the doctor’s office as well. She wasn’t told who the agent was, but that they were there to provide extra protection for her and Sara.

Lucas was nearby if Emma and Sara needed him. They didn’t want to draw attention to themselves, so he was waiting outside at a nearby café. After ten minutes, the nurse comes and gets them and escort them to an office. They meet Dr. Christiania Mullen. She was an older lady in her late thirties and had short dirty blonde hair. She stood about 5 feet 5 inches and had a motherly face. Her dark olive skin made her to appear younger then she looked.

“Well hello, Sara and Mrs. Williams, please have a seat.” She motions to the two leather chairs in front of her office.

Her office had her degrees and pictures of her children and patients. There were pictures that was hand painted that had the artist name and one done by her.

Emma spotted the picture with her name on it “did you paint that one, Dr. Mullen?”

The pictures itself was just a seaside pictures at sunset. It was so vivid and looked so real.

“Yes, I did. It was while I was attending school over in Spain. So, what brings you two to see me today?” She had a pleasant smile on her face.

“Well, I was hoping you might be able to do a physical and a few tests on Sara. I think she might be intersex?”

“Why do you think that?” Dr. Mullen was looking at Sara as she sat quietly next to Emma and listened.

“Most of her body development. She’s not developing the second characteristic of a boy, but of a girl.” Emma looks at Sara and put her arm
around her back and hug her.

Dr. Mullen looks at Sara and could see the same thing that Emma was seeing.

“Well, it does appear so.” A smile appears on her face.

“Well, let’s see what we find.”

The door opens and the nurse comes walking in.

“Sara, if you’ll go with nurse Barrymore. She’s going to take your weight, height, draw some blood and give you a basic physical. Then when
your done with her, I’m going to give a more in depth physical, okay?”

Sara looks towards Emma. She was scared, because she has never been to the doctor’s and she didn’t trust people that much.

Emma could sense the concern in Sara “I’m going to be right here sweetie. I’ll be with you the whole entire time, except when Dr. Mullen does a more in-depth physical of you.”


Sara stands up and follows Nurse Barrymore out and into the examination room. She has her change out of her clothes and into a paper
gown. Nurse Barrymore takes her blood pressure, check her breathing, weight, height and draw some blood.

Once all the basics are done, Nurse Barrymore escorts Sara into the examination room and have her get up on the table and put her feet up in the stirrups. Emma was holding Sara’s hand while she was laying on the table and had feet up in the air.

Dr. Mullen comes in and starts examining Sara between her legs. After she does that, she does an ultrasound and scans Sara’s abdomen and locates her ovaries and everything.

Sara kept holding Emma’s hand during the whole examination. She was nervous, but Dr. Mullen was gentle with her and checked her anal opening as well. She never had it done when she escaped.

Once Doctor Mullen was complete with her examination of Sara, she allowed her to get dress. Dr. Mullen did give her a few shots for some things she had found. Once Sara was fully dress, they were escorted back to Dr. Mullen’s office.

“I have some good news and some bad news for you Sara. Which would you like first?” Dr. Mullen was smiling.

“How about the bad news?” Emma was starting to like Dr. Mullen.

“Well, Sara you are not a boy. You’re a girl. Your ultrasound confirmed it. You have everything inside you to live a happy productive life. Now, the drawback is that you are still too young for surgery. However, your estrogen levels are within a normal range for a pre-teen girl. I’m going to put you on a vitamin regiment and prescribe you iron supplements.” Dr. Mullen was pleased with Sara’ results. She hadn’t contracted any sexual transmitted diseases.

All the damage that had been done to her rectum had healed and left some scarring, but overall, she was fine. Her iron levels were low and putting her on a vitamin regiment, would help her recover what vitamins she was missing from her diet.

“Dr. Mullen, how old does Sara have to be to get her birth defect corrected.” Emma was concerned about that.

“She could get it done when she is seventeen years old. Since it is a birth correction, it’s not consider to be sexual reassignment surgery.” Dr.
Mullen figure she might want it done when she turns sixteen years old instead.

“If you like, I can give you the paperwork to have her gender changed on her birth certificate. That way you won’t have to carry any medical records with you to prove you are a girl for school or sports.”

“Thank you. That would be helpful. If you could Doctor Mullen, can you send that paperwork to my boss please?”

“That shouldn’t a problem. Amy will have the pills I’m putting you on Sara.” Dr. Mullen stands up and escort Emma and Sara out.

“It’s been nice seeing you Sara.”

Sara just smiles at Dr. Mullen as they leave the office.

Emma looks down at Sara “so, what do you think about what you learned today?”

“I can’t believe I’m an actual girl. I thought I was always a boy, but it’s nice to know I am a girl.”

Sara was happy about finding out that she was a girl. She held onto Emma’s hand as they walked down towards where Lucas is waiting for them.

Lucas spots Emma and Sara walking towards him. He had stayed nearby to provide backup just in case they needed it. He didn’t spot anyone unusual near him or on the boat. He could access the security camera with his cellphone.

As Sara and Emma come closer to him “so, how did things go? Is she going to live?”

“Sara is as I thought. She’s one hundred percent girl. She’ll need some surgery to correct her birth defect, but that will have to wait till she’s
older.” Emma was proud that they knew the truth now about Sara.

Lucas looks at Sara “how do you feel about this kiddo?”

Sara thinks about it and in some ways felt different than she did before. However, it also scared her because she had seen what people will do with someone her age as a girl.

“I feel excited and scared. I know how people treat girls my age.”

“We’ll never allow anyone to hurt you again, Sara. I know we can’t stop every bad thing that might happen, but I want you to know we will do whatever it takes to protect you.” Emma promises to keep her promise to Sara.

Lucas looks at Sara and knew they couldn’t stop everything that could happen to Sara, but they would do everything in their power to prevent as much as they could.

“Since it near lunch time, what would you like for lunch today?”

They had arrived in Jacksonville, Florida last night so Sara could go to her appointment. They had docked their boat at the Naval Air Station and took a cab to downtown.

“I don’t know. What do you think, daddy?” Sara almost called Lucas by his name.

“I spotted a nice family restaurant not too far from here. Let’s have lunch there.”

Lucas had spotted it while he had been walking around waiting for them. He leads the way to the restaurant. The place was a little busy, but they were seated. The hostess gave them time to look over the menu to see what they wanted for lunch. Emma was keeping an eye out for trouble, just like Lucas was. Once everyone decided what they wanted they sat and made small talk.

Once their meal arrived. They sat and enjoyed it. They weren’t in a hurry to get back to the boat, so they did some window shopping afterwards and bought a few new movies to watch back on the boat.

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