The Legends 4

The Legends

Chapter 4 - The New Vampires

Snapshot_007.jpgA girl dies and resurrects with a ghostly body, 80 years later, in a divided world. These are the stories of people who encounter her and witness her unusual powers. Nobody knows who she is or what she is, except the few who are worth to know the truth.

I am Vlad and she is Andrada. We are in love and we have been so for enough time. We live in a civilized state, with a powerful and healthy economy. Here, people are happy to live in a healthy democracy, where all human rights are respected. People have all the freedom they want. It was not like this. We were a province of a former empire, scourged by war and famine. But, after the war, people came together and decided to start a new life. We built new cities, since the old ones were destroyed beyond recovery. The time of war is long gone. Now, it is time for joy and happiness.

What is amazing in here, is that people are free to look the way they want. Nobody will stop you if you have horns or if you have all your body tattooed. Even if you walk naked on the street, nobody will stop you, as long as you don't disturb the peaceful life of any other citizen. Our state guarantees freedom to all ideologies, to all religions, to all ethnic groups, to all languages, to all sexual minorities and to all people, at unlimited level.

Since we are together, we tried to copy each other. I heard this is the best way to become a more united couple. Whatever one likes, the other one must do. Whatever one does, the other one must do. This is how we work. It all advanced up to incredible levels. Andrada smokes and even if I hated smoking all my life, I started to, only to be like her. I never drink coffee and she stopped drinking that black substance for me.

There is something else that we share, it is our passion for the dark world. This is what actually brought us together. We met each other at a Goth festival. At that time, we were dressed like regular citizen. I always had a passion for werewolves and vampires. She also was interested in the dark, undead world. This is what helped us build our relationship. We spent hours studying and talking.

Now, that we are a family, we both have a job. Andrada works in chemical industry. The world has long exhausted its oil reserves, but there still is some oil beneath the ground. Well, it is not worth extracting it for fuel. Still, what oil, coal and gas exists in the world, is used in chemical industry in certain areas, like pharmaceutics and pesticides. I work in constructions. There is a lot to build in this city. Sky-scrappers are rising everywhere. Well, today we do most of the job with machinery, but humans still are important in everything we do.

One day, we heard about a rare sexual minority known as the vampires. Before making love, the one that acts as a vampire, makes a small cut with a blade or a needle in the victim's skin. The purpose is not to make wounds and it has nothing common with BDSM people. The vampire makes a few drops of blood flow from the victim, then he drinks them. We tried that and for the first time in my life I knew how human blood tastes like. Then, we made love... and it was more powerful then before.

In vampire couples, only the male drinks blood. But, one day, Andrada wanted to change this. I also wanted to change things. So, she cut the skin on my back, to let a few drops of blood. Then, she licked the red fluid. Since then, we changed roles many times.

Our addiction to the underworld is strong. We only dress in black, with ripped clothes. As possible, we try to look as undead. We both have long black hair and earrings that resemble skulls. As possible, we try to keep our skin white, like if we have no blood in us, with strong black make-up around the eyes, black lips and with black nails.

This does not affect our jobs. We are not the only strange people in here, only that we are the only vampires.

Our house, an apartment in a sky-scrapper, is also suffering major transformations. We replaced former furniture with old style furniture, with sculpted models of skulls and devils. It looks more like a crypt then like an apartment. In the living room, we transformed the coach into two coffins. In the sleeping room, we also transformed our bed into a large coffin, big enough for two. When we sleep, we close it. We are then completely surrounded in darkness. Tables look old and cracked. Curtains at the windows look like made by spiders. On the walls, you can see paintings of old castles in the night, surrounded by cemeteries and flying bats. And yes, all lights are replaced by candles, or at least electric candles. We call it 'our crypt'. It really resembles one.

Well, some people might consider us to be suffering from some psychological disorder, others might consider us a rare sexual minority. I know there is a disease named vampirism and the affected like to consume blood... and that drinking blood gives them sexual desires. Well, we both might suffer from vampirism, but we both like it this way. And we both have token this up to the extreme.

I know about many other people, that outside this place, would be considered strange: people trying to look like dolls, adults trying to be children, humans trying to be animals. We try to be vampires. It is just enough to see our clothes and our appearance, to notice this. If we undress, our backs are full with small scars from each time we tried to drink droplets of blood.

Even if we look like creatures of the night, we have a strong hate for BDSM people. We never gagged each other and we never used anything to restrain the other one. No violence, no pain, no abuse. Only that before we make love, we drink a few droplets of each other's blood. We are polite with our neighbors and our friends and also with all our coworkers. However, most of time we spend together, avoiding to be with many people around.

We only have two tattoos, on our arms. They resemble symbols of the Dragon Legion, which is related to vampires. Nothing else. However, we did something to our skins. We wanted a much whiter skin, like a vampire should have. The treatment, based on radiation, kills skin pigment in our bodies and make us look whiter. We both know that solar radiation will be dangerous to us after this, but anyway, we are vampires and avoid being in the light.

Then, we decided we want horns. Not big, like those of a cow, small horns like those of a young lamb. We could do implants, but the procedure might be too risky anyway. So, we just got some fake horns that we can attach to our heads. At first, it was a tricky task, as we so often hit objects with them. After a few weeks, we got used to them, so that we can wear them always. Also, we have fake teeth, more exactly fangs. We have to take them down when we eat and put them back later.

As is required for a vampire, we are active during night and sleep during day. We changed our work program to night shifts. Our coworkers are very happy, because nobody likes the night shift except for us. There is always someone willing to change this particular shift with you. We are very happy with this. In summer, the day sometimes catches us on the road, but in winter, all we see is darkness. Winters are the best time for us.


Today, we returned from work. It is a long autumn night. We meet in a park. I am a bit late. Andrada is already here. I see her from some distance, sitting on a bench. She has her black, goth booties, with metal straps and heels. She wears a black ripped skirt. Through the holes, I can see her legs covered with fishnets. Two chains with locks encircle the middle of her body. She has a black blouse, with two white tombs painted on her breasts and a haunted castle on her stomach. I know the blouse. On the back, it also has a pentagram and the teeth of a vampire. Around her neck, she has a metal necklace, in fact a chain with an amulet. The sleeves are ripped. Her white fingers, with long black nails, also host a few big rings with black stones. Each stone has a sculpted symbol on it. I look at her black lips. She also made a strip of red paint, flowing from a corner of her mouth, like if she drank blood. Her face is so white! Only the make-up around her eyes is black, in a big contrast with her snow-white skin. I see her long black hair, flowing over her shoulders. And also I see her small white horns. As she waits me, she is smoking a cigarette in a long holder.

As I look at her, I think again, like many times, that she is the most beautiful woman in this world. She really is.

"Good evening my dark queen", I say, sitting on the bench near her.

"Good evening, your darkness", she says to me, offering me a cigarette.

"How was your haunt?" (I mean, how was work today?)

"Pleasant. All was quiet. And how was yours?"

"Dark angels can build any castle", I say.

I take her hand. Both our hands are white, with black nails and a lot of rings.

"I see your hand is cold", she says. "Humanity has left you a long time ago".

"Humanity has nothing to do with me anymore".

We are completely alone in the park. Nobody is here. No human, not even dogs. Our lips come closer and we kiss in the dark. We spend about an hour here, then we return home.

Then, at home, we sit together in our coffins, in the living room, watching TV programs on our computer. Usually, these programs are shown at another hour, but here, we see it all later. What Andrada is very interested in, is a singer, singing dark music. He is not only into vampires. This time, he held an entire concert wearing women clothes and a strident make-up. We watch all.

"Vlad", she says, "I want sometimes to be a man. I wish we could switch ourselves from time to time".

"Like he does?" I ask.

"Sort of. I wish sometimes I can be you and you can be me".

"That would add even more romance to our undead family", I say. "But you know this is impossible".

"I know", she says, placing a cigarette on her holder and lighting it.

"You know, Andrada, if this is what you want, we could try. Tomorrow, we can change after haunt and meet in the park this way. I will be you and you will be me".

"We could try", she says, with a smile.


The next night, we meet at home. We change clothes. I never realized this is not an easy task. It takes a while until we find some clothes large enough for me or small enough for her. The biggest problem remains shoes, which don't fit us as we change them. She manages to hide her breasts wearing a larger coat and I wear some fake breasts, made by two blouses, under a bra from her. We don't look one at each other and take different paths to the park. She again comes there before me.

I look at her. She is incredible. She wears a large black cloak, that almost reaches the ground, with white inscriptions saying: death, undead and thirsty for blood. On her shoulders, I see stars, like military ranks. On her head, between the horns, she wears a small crown, with a small skull in the middle. The cloak is ripped and allows me to see her black blouse, which has a painting of a dragon on it. Instead of bracelets, her hands have handcuffs, with broken chains. She has black shiny trousers. Her feet are inside my smaller boots, which are encircled by metal chains. One chain is left outside and it makes a little noise as you walk. What she kept on, is her amulet at her neck, just as I always wear mine. I sit near her and take the holder, put a cigarette in it and light. She takes her male role more seriously and lights a cigar. She coughs first.

"How is it to be the prince of darkness?" I ask.

"I like it", she says. "It is an amazing experience".

"You look amazing", I say.

"You look too, princess of the night", she says, smiling.

"The most difficult was to walk with heels", I say. "All this time, I thought how you feel as a princess".

She coughs again, smoking the cigar.

"Be careful with too much smoke", I say. "As a prince, I never smoked cigars before".

"No problem, I will get used to it", she says, taking another drag of smoke. "Do you like the holder?"

"I do. It is very interesting. Somehow, I inhale more smoke with this. I don't know why".

"Because smoke cools down before it reaches your mouth", she says.

Andrada has not finished half of her cigar. I light a new cigarette in my holder. Then, I notice something green flying above us. It is a green light. Maybe it is a drone.

"You see that?" says Andrada.

"I do", I answer. "What can it be?"

She moves her hand, shouting a 'hello' to the flying object. I do the same. It stops.

"I think it seen us", I say.

The light increases in brightness. I see it closer. It looks a bit like a butterfly, glowing all green.

"It must be an angel", says Andrada.

"An angel will not do good things to vampires", I say.

"Maybe a fallen angel", she whispers.

The butterfly goes down to the ground. Now, I see clearly what it is. Actually, it has the shape of a woman, but it is all green, with summer clothes. She has horns and wings. Above her head, there is a green fire burning.

"She is smoking!" says Andrada. "She is smoking, Vlad, but all is green!"

"Yes", I say. "I think she is some sort of an angel".

"She comes to us".

The angel is more flying then walking. What amazes me is the green fire above her head. Around her, everything is illuminated in green. She comes to us, while we look at her, amazed. She stops very close to us.

"Vlad and Andrada, nice to see you!" she says.

"How that you know us?" I ask.

"She is an angel. No matter that she knows us. She must have seen us from the sky", says Andrada.

"You hailed me", she says. "Do you need any help?"

"Help? No, thank you! We were just talking in the night".

"Your strong love brought me here", she says. "I've seen you. I love to see united couples. May you both be happy!"

"Thank you!" we both answer.

"In this world, where every man is just lurking to get to bed with a girl and every woman is interested only in money from the guys, you two are shining like the Sun. You are creatures of the night, but your souls are brighter then many other people. I wish you could see the darkness in others".

"You can read our souls", I say, amazed. "You really must be an angel".

"Who are you?" asks Andrada.

"I am The Legend", she says to us.

"Whose legend?" asks Andrada again.

"Don't force her", I say.

"Just as that. I am The Legend".

The Legend takes a drag from her green cigarette and blows the smoke over us. I feel it going through our bodies. It is a bit cold.

"I think I know what you both want", she says. "You want to change a bit yourself. How about real horns and real fangs? I can do that. Also, you two want to share a bit of yourself into the other one. A bit of a man inside a woman and a bit of woman inside a man. It is all possible".

"Are you going to make us have real horns and fangs", I say surprised.

"Yes", she says. "And also, I will change you a bit. Vlad, I think you would like to have small breasts. You could be a better woman that way. And you, Andrada, will have smaller breasts, so you can hide them when you decide to be a man. When you will have a child, you both will be breastfeeding your baby. By doing this, you, as a man, will share more love to your child then average fathers do".

She then touches our bodies. Her fingers get inside my body, like if she is a ghost. All I feel is a gently touch and a bit of cold inside my body. She touches my head where the fake horns are, my mouth, then my breasts. Finally, she does something to my neck. And then, she goes to Andrada and touches her head and teeth. Andrada wants to give me her cigar.

"Andrada, take a deep smoke, now!" says The Legend with an imperative voice.

She waits as Andrada takes a deep inhale, but surprisingly, she doesn't cough. Then, she touches her breasts. And again, she touches her neck and does something there.

"All is done", says The Legend. "Take good care one of each other. And when you will have children, love them with the same powerful love that now is between you two".

We watch amazed how the green girl moves away from us. She opens her wings and starts flying. A green glowing trail follows her as she vanishes to the horizon.


The next night, we feel some pain in our heads and teeth. Also, I feel a strong pain in my chest. Andrada also witnesses a pain, in her breasts. We feel very hungry, like we never ate a whole week. We eat all food in the fridge and go to buy new food. The second night, pain continues. We eat like desperate, especially milk and cheese and egg shells. Why do we like egg shells? All is strange.

At the third night, we have real horns grown in our heads. They are 7 cm long and look somehow like horns of a calf. They no longer hurt us. Also, we have fangs. They are pretty long, but fit into our mouths. I have small breasts and Andrada has her breasts made smaller by half, just the same size as mine. The 4th night, we feel a great pain on one side of the neck. Also, we feel an urge to smoke like never before. We smoke the whole night, one cigarette after the other.

Finally, in the 5th night, we have at one side of our necks two small holes.

"Bite wounds!" says Andrada immediately.

"You better bite me, then", I say.

She takes her mouth to my neck and surprisingly her teeth just match the two small holes. A few drops of blood get out of my neck through the holes. She licks the blood with her tongue. Amazed, I turn around and try to bite her too. My fangs fit perfectly into her holes and I see that a few drops of blood make their way to her skin.


It took us only a few nights and we decided to get officially married. Andrada got pregnant and I wait the baby. I know that I will be breastfeeding it together with her. We reported what happened to a medical organization. They analyzed us. We also appeared at the news. Then, a few nights later, everyone forgot about us.

Is The Legend an angel? I think she is. We both think she is. There is no other way to explain what she has done to our bodies. Also, the way she knew us, the way she knew our lives and our love, is something no human or machine can do.

I never knew that angels are green. Their wings don't look like birds' wings, but like those of butterflies. And also, now I know what is the halo we see around angels' heads. It is a fire and it is above the head. Well, having horns, is something that doesn't make sense, but she had. I seen her horns very clear. I did not dare to touch them.

The Legend was seen again flying above the city. She avoids crowded places, but late at night, sometimes people can see her. She never answered to anyone. Why did she come to us? Is this how cruel the world has become? Maybe she avoids other people because, as she told us, most men are after sex and most women are after money. We don't. We are after each other.

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