Snow Angel Part 19

Morgana had woken-up early the following morning. Her bladder was hurting her. She had gotten up and gone to the bathroom. Her cellphone showed that it was four in the morning. Anika had told her just before they had come back to their hotel room, that they weren’t going to start on the truck till ten o’clock. This way everyone could get some sleep and prepare themselves for the task at hand.

Morgana grabs an energy bar from her bag and munches on it as she remotes into her computer at home and checks her systems. She makes sure the auto check programed has been checking her client’s computer systems. Once she gets done with that, she uploads the picture that Kat sent her and has her system do a search through all known intelligence computer system for agents matching the picture that are alive or dead. She also has her computer system search all Social Security databases and licensing agencies. Like Division of Motor vehicles for all countries. She knew the search was going to take a while, she sets a command to alert her when the search was done.

She knew her friend Gloria was still asleep. She checks a few emails and notices there was one from Butch, Rebecca’s brother-in-law asking her if she could send someone to give them an estimate of redoing their network at the airfield and connecting all the buildings. She forwards that request to her partner Arthur. He could handle that request since, he was the public face of Camelot Forensics. She does ask him to give them the family discount. They were friends of her and good clients.

She does a check to see where Dakota and Terry were by remoting into Wraith’s onboard systems. The GPS system said that they were at 319 Mansion Dr, Alexandria, VA. Morgana does a search to see who owns that resident and finds it is owned by JB Enterprises. She digs a little bit more to see who owns JB Enterprises and discovers they are owned by a law firm in Belfast, Ireland. As Morgana was about to dig deeper into the law firm, she stops herself. She wasn’t hired to dig into her client’s background.

She figures it must be someone either related to Anika or someone she reported too. She knew Anika was a former Olympian Ski champion, sports model, and connected to several high-level government officials. She was also the niece of a three-star General that worked at the pentagon. She was the author of several sleazy romance novels and owned several businesses of her own. She had several different types of investments and sponsored several programs for underprivileged children. She donates on a regular basis to St. Jude’s hospital.

Morgana heads into the bathroom and takes a bath. The bathroom in her suite was set-up for the handicap, so she had no problems. She knew Keven and Selena were given connecting suites to hers, Gloria and Troy’s room. Keven was between Troy and Gloria and Selena was between Gloria and herself. She just enjoys the shower.

319 Mansion Dr, Alexandria, VA.
Terry and Dakota couldn’t believe the house that they had been sent to by Anika. She told them to go to Alexandria, Va. instead of coming back to New York. Terry called her older brother and told him she wouldn’t be coming in for the next few days. She gave him the address of the building that Anika had given her to check out. She informed him that a person would meet him there to let him explore the place. She wanted him to go and see if this other place would be better for the business. Her brother didn’t ask her any questions, other than was she alright.
Which she had responded as yes to his question. She was fine and was out with a friend that she had been stationed with. There wasn’t a garage to hide Wraith in, but she did have a custom-made car covered to cover him with. When the two of them went inside to retire for the day. They found the beds already made and waiting for them. There were some clothes of various sizes hanging up and in packages in the
drawers. There was some food already stored there for them if they were hungry and wanted to make something.

Her and Dakota had taken separate rooms to sleep in. She took the Master bedroom and strips out of her jumpsuit and takes a nice relaxing bath. She had found some bath beads in the bathroom to add to the water. She had already picked out a pair of sweats to change into. When she gets out of the bath and slip on the sweats and a t-shirt. She walks downstairs to the kitchen and notices that Dakota was fixing them something to eat. She had slipped on a nightshirt and a clean pair of panties.

Dakota had spotted Terry out of the corner of her eyes walking into the kitchen.

“I thought you might be a little hungry. I found this stuff stored in the deep freezer.” Dakota had learned to cook from her mother.

“Did you check the dates before opening them?” Terry walks over to see what Dakota was cooking. It looked and smelled Mexican.

“Yep, it looks like it had been there only for a few days. I think Anika was either going to come down here soon or she has a service come by
and check things for her.” Dakota knew a safe house when she spotted one.

“Probably a service that comes by to check on the place. This is a nice neighborhood from what we saw when we drove up.” Terry had to admit
that Dakota had a nice body.

Dakota had notice that Terry had more of a butch look about her. There were muscles on her arms and her hair was cut short, as if she was still in boot camp.

“There’s some Arizona tea and water in the refrigerator if your thirsty. If you prefer coffee or brew tea, there are packets up in the cabinets.”
Dakota had gone through the cabinets when she came into the kitchen to see what supplies they had available to them.

Terry did notice that Dakota had a nice girly shape about her. She sits down on one of the chairs and watch Dakota cook.

“So, why did you choose to become a girl?” Terry had poured herself a glass of tea from the Arizona bottle.

“Didn’t have much choice after being shot and beaten-up. My testicles had been stomped and crushed. Plus, one of the guys thought I had
been sleeping with his wife, so he shot me down in my abdomen and the bullet exit through groin area. I was lucky that the bullet didn’t kill me instantly. When Bart’s wife managed to stabilize me. She asked if I wanted her to reconstruct that area of my body or just use what was left and turn me into a girl.” Dakota shivers from the memory of that day.

“So, you choose to become a woman?” Terry had notice the shiver that Dakota had.

“Yep, I figure if I was going to get a second chance at life, I’ll do it as a woman. Bart got in touch with a fellow named Jack and they constructed a background for me that would hold up to a deep search. Technically, I’m listed as Bart’s younger sister from Europe.”

“But you don’t have an European accent to your speech.”

“Ah, but I do.” Dakota switches to a Walsh accent.

“I can speak about a dozen languages. I’m a natural linguist. It doesn’t take me long to learn a language or to speak like someone from another country. That’s why the LAPD wanted me so badly, plus with my acting talents. That made me the perfect undercover agent. I could fake who I was so good. That you would had thought I had been a member of a gang for years. If it hadn’t been for a corrupt cop from my station that had sold me out for money. I would still be doing undercover work.” Dakota really enjoyed doing undercover work.

Even though she still had nightmares from that night they tried to kill her, she would do it all over again.

“How about you? Why did you decide that you didn’t want to be a woman anymore?” Dakota had seen some of the signs that Terry didn’t like looking like a woman.

“Because of what was done to me over in Pakistan. I was mauled by a group of insurgents. They took what made me a woman or damage what did make me a woman. So, I decided that I don’t want anything to make me remember what I use to be.” Terry knew now that she was at a turning point in her life. Either live as a male or as single gender like Dakota does.

“It seems to me, that the two of us are similar. I could never go back being male because of what was done to me and you don’t want to be a woman because of what was done to you. I became a woman and if all the signs I am getting from you are true, you have become more masculine.”

Dakota puts the ready food on the plates she had taken down and serves Terry and sits next to her.

“Thank you.” Terry good smell the food and it made her mouth water.

“What are you saying, that I should think about becoming a male?” Terry looks at Dakota’s angelic face.

“Sure, why not. You’re already halfway there. You dress like a male, you look like a male. Why not just go ahead and become a male?” Dakota takes a bite of her food.

“I thought you consider yourself one gender?” Terry didn’t know what to make of Dakota’s words.

“I do, but I know I have the plumbing of a woman as well. I try not to be judge with what is between my legs, but how I feel or act. If I want to dress like a guy, then I am going to dress like a guy. If I want to dress like a woman, then I am going to dress like a woman. I don’t want society saying, because I have a vagina between my legs I’m supposed to dress like a woman every freaking day.” Dakota was hoping what she was saying was helping Terry.

Terry just eats in silence why she thinks about what Dakota was suggesting to her.

Anika’s Townhouse:
Hatter wakes-up in a strange bedroom. She doesn’t remember how she got here. The last thing she can recall was breaking down in the women’s bathroom. She notices her clothes were hanging on a closet door and her weapons were lying next to her on the nightstand. There was one window covered by cream color floor length drapes. She notices that someone had put her in a light blue silk nightgown that came down to her ankles. It was a little big on her.

She gets out of bed and notices that the bedroom door was cracked open just a sliver for her. She walks out of the bedroom and notices she was across the hall from another bedroom door. She looks toward one end of the hallway and discovered there was another room next to hers.
She turns the other way and walks down the hallway till she comes to a flight of stairs and heads downstairs. It empty’s out onto a small foyer and directly before was the living room.

She explores around downstairs and finds out that she was at Anika’s place. There were sports magazines that were framed that showed Anika at the Olympics and a few of her on the cover modeling either swim wear or snow gear. There was one of her draped across a snowmobile in a bikini surrounded by snow.

Hatter just shivers from the thought of being out in the snow in a bikini. She spots Anika’s medals from the Olympics and a few family pictures. There was one of her with a tall muscular guy with black hair and rugged looks standing next to her with a mean looking big ass black and gray dog sitting in front of them. The man looked like someone you didn’t want to mess with. Hatter could tell from the picture that he had the look of a predator and was very dangerous. There was another one of her and Bart at a beach. She was wearing a string bikini and he was wearing a swimsuit.

She explores for a while and grabs a juice from the refrigerator. She liked how Anika had designed the place. It was simple, welcome and elegant. She hadn’t bother to get redress yet. She walks outside onto the back deck and look around outside. Anika had a privacy fence and a lovely flower garden you could walk around and relax. She just stands there and wonders why Anika had brought her here.

She closes her eyes and inhale the scent of the flowers. She so missed flowers when she was locked up. Aylin wonders what is going to become of her. She can’t go back and do what she used to do. The guy she worked for didn’t like it when you screwed up or when you screwed him over. She turns around and heads back into the house and up to her bedroom and take out her cellphone and wonders should she call him or wait?

“I wouldn’t call any one Aylin.” It was Anika’s voice coming from the doorway.

Aylin turns around to look at Anika “am I a prisoner here?”

“No, you’re not my prisoner Aylin. You can leave any time you want too.” Anika was standing at the doorway in a burgundy color nightgown.

“I don’t answer to Aylin, queenie. It’s either Hatter or Mad Hatter Aylin.” Aylin didn’t want to be reminded of her name.

“Well, I don’t answer to queenie. I go by Anika or Snow Angel. You’re choice.” Anika walks in and over towards the bed and sits down on the corner of it.

“Fair enough, Anika.” Aylin had watched how Anika walked over towards her and saw the grace of a lioness in how she moved.

“Is there a reason you don’t want to be called Aylin anymore?” Anika was watching Aylin.

She was good at hiding her emotions.

“Because it reminds me of all the things that was done to me. I don’t want to remember those things. Also, only my mother really called me Aylin.”

“So, why do you want to be only called Hatter or Hatter Aylin? Your real name is still there.”

“Because Hatter fits me now, Anika. I don’t know what is real anymore. You don’t know what it is like to have your brain scrambled and force feed drugs that fuck with your brain and body so badly. I’m stuck looking like I do, because of the drugs I was given. I don’t know what reality is any more. I’m so much like my favorite character from Alice in Wonderland, that I now know how he must have felt. I’m surprised I can still function sometimes. I still get the shakes occasionally from all the electricity that was passed through me.”

Anika felt sorry for Aylin. She should never have had to go through something like that, no one should have had.

“Look Hatter, I can’t say I know how you feel. However, if you can give me and your team mates a chance. Maybe, we can help you overcome
some of the things done to you and maybe give you a normal life of some sort. I think everyone on the team has some problem that they have been through in their life. All of them have either overcome what was done to them or are working to overcome them. Give us a chance, please?” Anika hopes her words have reached some part of Aylin.

Aylin stares into Anika eyes and could see she meant what she said.

“Alright, I’ll give the team a chance. I can’t promise that I won’t go bye, bye on you at some point, but I will try.”

“That’s all any one can ask for, is for you to give us a chance. Now, why don’t you come down to the kitchen and help me fix breakfast?” Anika stands up and holds her hand out to Hatter.

“I don’t know how to cook.” Aylin takes Anika’s hand.

“That’s okay, I’ll teach you.” Anika helps Hatter up off the bed and take her downstairs to the kitchen.

Elizabeth’s Place:
Elizabeth had driven directly home and passed out on her bed fully clothed. She barely made it home, because of how tired she was. She knew she had to be back tomorrow at ten o’clock over at the building they had taken the truck to. She wakens by her wife when she came in late.

"You were snoring and still dressed in your clothes.” Sara had arrived at home and found her wife’s car parked in the driveway.

She had gone inside and called for her, but got no answer. She was starting to worry, when she walked into the bedroom and found her wife passed out on the bed still fully dressed. She was snoring up the stormed. She had taken Elizabeth’s shoes off and placed her gun on the night

“Sorry about that sweet heart. Things have been crazy down at the office.” Elizabeth rubs the sleep from her eyes. She was still tired.

“Go take a shower and rejoin me in bed.” Sara was stripping out of her clothes.

“Okay.” Elizabeth gets up and heads towards the shower and take a nice relaxing one.

She throws on one of her night shirts and crawl back in bed and snuggle up against her wife and falls back to sleep.

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