Cam Girl


Vincent was sitting in his living room, watching movies while his wife was away till the next morning when he heard a knock at the door. Opening it a little bit, he saw a woman standing there looking confident and very pretty.

"Hi, I'm Celeste. May I talk to you for a few minutes? she said calmly. Vincent was awestruck by her beauty and tried his hardest to ignore how sexy she looked. She looked right at his eyes and he knew she'd catch him looking at her body so he looked back into her's.

"Umm, well I've got, I can talk for a minute, I guess..." he seemed to somehow be drained of his confidence. He stared into her eyes as she smiled "Thank you, hun. May I come in?" He opened the door, excited that this gorgeous woman was entering his house.
"I am here to show you something that I'm trying to build up. Do you have a laptop?" she spoke.

"Yes, I'll get it." he walked into the next room and brought it over to her. She typed a website out and sat it on the coffee table. "This site will take a minute or two to load, would you mind if I use your bathroom while it gets set up?" he nodded his head and pointed her toward it.
She walked away and he watched her trail off into the other room. Suddenly her voice filled the room from the web page, she softly hummed and sang a sweet song. Vincent was staring in her direction until a bright color seemed to glow on the screen. He looked for a second and it seemed to be flowing pink and very slowly the pink turned into red.

Vincent noticed there was a wavy sensation in the color and the red seemed to transition into purple, then dark blue. The waviness started to flow and made him feel like he was in the wave, he started to rock in rhythm with the waving.

Celeste walked back in the room, finding Vincent staring intently at the computer screen. Her voice on the site was soothing him deeper into a trance. She gently caressed his neck and leaned down, " empty..." Vincent barely moved, he just stared at the screen as the colors melted from one to another.

A pulsating sound grew louder and louder and he started to feel it inside his body. it sounded like a slow beat and his chest felt like it was beating with it. He was kneeling on the floor in front of the computer and she sat on the couch right behind him, she reached around and massaged his chest. He felt the pulsating in his head too, he didn't care about anything but watching the screen though.

Celeste pulled his hair out of his face and watched it slowly grow longer as the pulsating sounds and the video took hold of Vincent's mind and body. He felt so relaxed that he couldn't even muster the strength to care what was going on.

A picture started to form in the colors, a woman's face. She smiled and Vincent felt his mouth form a smile in unison. Through the soft song and the beating sounds, he heard the woman giggle a little. A soft sigh escaped his lips then a giggle followed, the same pitch as the woman on the screen. With each beat, Celeste's hand filled up with flesh through his shirt. His chest was expanding and rounding out, his hair was growing longer and his skin was becoming smoothe and soft. His pouty lips couldn't resist smiling as the woman on the screen took all of his attention.

Celeste sat behind him and whispered into his ear, "...feels good to let go..."

" let...go..." he repeated.

She whispered again, "I'm so pretty."

He repeated, " I'"

"I'm such a good girl." she let her words drift into his ear.

"...such a good...girl..." those words fell from his full lips and seeped into his mind.

With Vincent fully caught up in the website, Celeste lit a cigarette. She could tell by his house that he wasn't a smoker but she knew there was nothing he could do to stop her from anything. She leaned forward and began typing something, giggling as Vincent stared blankly and smiled with his ultra feminine face.

Celeste kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Be a good girl and blow a kiss to the screen." Vincent thought that was so silly, his hand raised to his lips and with a giggle, he puckered up and blew. Celeste typed again.

"Honey, they want to see you put your lipstick on. Here." she took a lipstick out of her purse and Vincent wasn't sure who she was talking about or why she wanted him to put his lipstick on, but he took it. He didn't know how to disagree with her so he slid the bright red lipstick across his full lips, mashed his lips together and smiled at the computer. A chat on the left side of the screen erupted with small amounts of money being donated by strangers.

Celeste typed again and laughed, "Honey, they love you. They wanna know your name. Hmm...I think I'll call you...Candi. They'll love that."
Vincent watched her type and then she continued, "Aww Candi, they love you. You're so beautiful." Celeste massaged Vincent's shoulders and whispered, "They want to see Candi lift her shirt up. They're going to pay big money for you to lift your shirt up." Very slowly, Vincent tried to protest but his hands gripped the bottom of his shirt and he raised it up.

He watched the chat light up with donations and compliments,
"It feels so good to be loved, doesn't it?" Vincent slowly realized the chat was full of adoration for him. Saying how beautiful, sexy and cute

Candi was seemed to be euphoric for Vincent and he smiled at the screen.

"Oooh, they want to see Candi big boobs together...they love you so much and want you. Please them, babygirl"

Celeste leaned back in the couch and made a phone call while Vincent looked at the screen. He3 smiled a goofy smile and genty massaged his chest, he slowly started squeezing more and more. His breasts were full and very large as he squeezed them together and moaned. He mashed his nipples together and watched the chat go crazy.

"Will you marry me?"

"I love you!"

"You're so beautiful, Candi."

"Be my girlfriend!?"

Vincent read them and felt so pretty and so loved that he forgot to care about anything else. He blew another kiss at the screen and kept reading the chat.

"I want your sexy body."

"I wanna lick some Candi."

"Lick your nipples baby."

He giggled as he read more of the dirty comments. Scooping up his massive breasts, he stared into the screen as his tongue flicked and caressed his puffy nipple. The people in the chat gave money one after another and complimented Candi's beautiful body. She kept massaging and licking her breasts, more comments came. All she could think was she wanted to please them.

"Smoke a cigarette, babygirl."

"Blow smoke on those fucking tits, hunny."
Candi didn't smoke so she shook her head no and kept trying to tease the commentors.
"I wanna see them titties bounce. I'll give 200 dollars."
Candi giggled and smiled at the screen, pulled her long blonde hair back and bounced up and down. Celeste leaned forward, nibbled on

Candi's ear and whispered, "You want to please your audience, right?"

"Yes." Candi replied and Celeste put her cigarette to Candi's lips and said, "...suck in..." Candi sucked in and took it between her fingers.

Without thinking, she squeezed her breasts together and blew smoke around them, then she blew another kiss at the screen.
"They love you, Candi. They all want you." Celeste said as she watched the sexy woman fondle her breasts for the people in the chat. A big smile took over Candi's face and she sucked on the cigarette again.

The door opened and a man walked in, Celeste pointed at Candi. The man stood next to the cam girl and dropped his pants. "Candi, sweetie, you have an oral fixation. You can't help but stuff something in your mouth. And a big titted slutty bimbo with an oral fixation can't help sucking a big beautiful cock when she sees one."

Candi sucked slowly on her cigarette, completely unaware that she wasn't a smoker, turned and blew smoke toward the man's dick. "Ohmygod, I shouldn't like want to suck that beautiful perfect cock...but I just can't...I can't help myself. I just need a taste..." Candi moved closer to the man's long hard dick and with every centimeter she got closer, a burning need to taste it and feel it and please him and put on a great show grew stronger.

The very tip of it grazed her lips and she felt lime she was going to explode with desire. Slowly her lips spread a little more and a little more. Candi's tongue finally made contact with the man's cock and her hand involuntarily reached up and held his shaft like a microphone as she caressed his head.

Celeste leaned forward and watched the chat explode with donations and comments about how hot Candi is.
Candi licked and sucked his dick with such joy, only stopping to suck on her cigarette. Then one person in the chat posted, "How much is she worth?"

And another said, "Mail order bride? I'll buy her." Celeste posted in response, "Let the bidding begin, boys and girls." While Candi pleased the strange man, Celeste watched the bidding go higher and higher. When the bidding slowed down, Celeste messaged the man who had the highest amount and gave him the address and to her surprise, he was not far away. The man transferred the money to her and exited the chat.
Celeste told the man Candi was pleasing to back away and she paid him. "Wait, honey! I, like...want more." Candi said longingly. Celeste handed her another cigarette and said, "Relax, sweetheart. That was just the entree, the real meal is on it's way. Your new husband is on his way and he's gonna want his money's worth."
Candi was confused, "His money's worth?"She picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head and chest. Unable to stop, she sucked on her cigarette and was about to get up when Celeste typed something on the computer. The screen started glowing again and Candi's thoughts quickly melted away. Celeste put a picture on the screen and whispered in to Candi's ear, "Look at that picture, princess. That is the man of your dreams, your knight in shining armor. Don't you just love him?" Candi examined the picture, unsure that he was the man for her.
As her eyes took in the picture, she felt herself liking every inch of him. The screen kept glowing and Candi started to want to like him more and more.

"His perfect smile, the way he parts his're falling in love, honey." Celeste gently ran her finger along Candi's neckline and cooed into the helpless woman's ear. "You're weak in the knees because of him. You'll do anything for him. You love him so so much."
Candi suddenly imagined him kissing her and holding her and looking into his eyes as she pleased him. Celeste walked away while Cnadi fantasized, there was a knock at the door, "Hello there. Are you Jon? She's dying to meet you. I showed her your picture and she is in love."Jon followed her to the other room where Candi was staaring at the picture of the man of her dreams.

"Hi there, Candi. It's me, Jon." he said softly, she turned around and saw him. A stunned look came over her and he put his hand out. She put her's in it and stood up, with the strongest pull she'd ever felt in her life she magnetically clung to him. Jon's hands slid down to her ass and she giggled a little. She backed up and looked into his blue eyes, her arms slung around his neck. Candi was trying to think of something to say but she could only sigh and stare lovingly into his eyes.
His face moved forward and he kissed her gently and sweetly, his tongue parted her prefect lips and her heart seemed to beat out of her chest.
Celeste shut the computer down and put her things away then walked up behind Candi, "That's your man, Candi. He wants to make love to you. Don't you want him so bad?"

Candi looked into her man's eyes and finally spoke, "I want you so bad, baby. Make love to me..." Jon leaned in and kissed her for what felt like eternity and not long enough at the same time. They seperated, held onto each other and she giggled, "I think you smeared my lipstick, honey." Jon kissed her cheek and whispered, "Your lips look amazing, babe. Let's go so we can...get to know each other better."
Candi smiled and they walked toward the door holding hands, Jon opened the door to see the morning sun. Candi loved being led by her man as he made his way out the door and down the steps. And just as they were leaving, a woman was walking to the door. She looked increasingly confused and angry.

Celeste stepped out, watching Jon guiding his new future wife into his car, and lit a cigarette.

"Umm excuse me? Hi, who the hell are you and why are you in my house?"

Celeste laughed and looked at the disgruntled woman, "Are you the wife?"

"The wife!? Yes I'm the damn wife and you are the bitch, leaving MY house right now." she walked toward the door and Celeste blocked the door. She was about to explode but as her rage filled eyes met Celeste's something strange happened. Vincent's wife, Jessika, felt her confidence and angry drain from her in a matter of seconds.

My dear, your husband wanted me to show you a website. Come in and I'll set it up." Jessika reluctantly let Celeste lead her in to the living room, put the laptop down and turned it on.

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