Campfire songs Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I took them through to the lounge area.
“Why don't you open them.” Tracy said.
“I will, I just wanted to do it in front of you. I think the rule should be if I am not going to complain about you spoiling me, you should be around for me to say thank you.”
I waited for her to get her cup of tea and sit on the sofa. The first present was a mobile phone.
“I've put you on my plan. Use it as much as you want to. The data is limited but we have broadband with wifi here, so you just need to connect to it for that.”
I gave her a smile, quick hug and kiss. “Thank you mum.”
“You're welcome.”
The next box was quite a bit larger. It was a laptop. I gave her another kiss and squeeze. “Thank you mum.”
“It's a 2 in 1. Touchscreen so you can use it as a pad. I will set you up later with a Kindle account and Netflix.”
There was perfume, and various make up supplies. “I don't use a lot of make up. I can show you what I do. When we come back from holiday, I will take you to a spa and arrange some make up lessons with someone there. Someone more your age.”
“Thanks mum.” I put on some lipstick and tried to give her a big kiss on her cheek, but she ran away laughing.
We set up my phone with a Google account, my details and her money, so I could buy games if I wanted. I opened an amazon account, again with her credit card details. I said I didn't need Netflix, but she wanted to give me the option, and set that up for me too. I sent another email to Sam with my new phone number in case she wanted to call.

I gathered all my dirty washing and few things from Tracy and set off a load. I wanted another bath. I had already had one that morning, but then had to put on clothes that I had worn for a few days. I felt icky. The tricky thing with only one bathroom and more importantly, only one toilet meant I felt uncomfortable locking Tracy out. I didn't really want Tracy seeing my non female bits. If I couldn't trust her, who could I trust.
“Is it OK if I have a bath.”
“You don't need to ask. Mi casa es tu casa.”
I took a deep breath. “This is awkward to talk about. There is only one bathroom.”
“I can go to Lucy if I need to.”
“But I don't want you to. I mean, it's only us girls here. I'll leave the door unlocked, just let me know if we have visitors.”
“Oh. If you're sure.”
“I trust you Tracy. I will feel better after our holiday. Still, I trust you. Living with you is going to be a dream for me. I refuse to feel any awkwardness.”
“You can't deny how you feel.”
“No, but familiarity breeds contempt. In fact, please visit me while I am in the bath, even if it is just to check on me or have a chat. It will help me settle.”
“I can do that.”

She visited me twice, engaging me in small talk. She kept eye contact both times and I don't know why, but I felt more accepted. I practised Almaz and Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I got out, all relaxed and went for a nanna nap in a nighty and panties.

When I woke up I put on fresh underwear, Jeans, T-shirt and jumper, but this time, it was all clean. Such a luxury. Sam had phoned while I was asleep and since I had left my phone in the lounge, Tracy had answered. I phoned her back.
“Hi Sam.”
“Hi beautiful.”
I carried the phone to my room, I wanted the happy song, if we did it, to be a surprise. “So what do you think, fancy a dance?”
“You've really started something here. Amy doesn't talk much about her past, but I am guessing, dancing was a part of it. When I asked the girls she practically lit up.”
“This is the shy Amy?”
“Not where dance is concerned. She begged us to do it. The pack is typically uninterested. I don't think they are allowed to go anyway, part of the punishment thing, along with lots of chores.”
“So that is a yes then?”
“Definitely, Amy is working out the chorography from something she has seen on youtube and we are all going to practice like crazy. It is going to be wicked.”
I spoke quietly. “I am going to dedicate it to Tracy and I want to keep it a secret from her.”
“Ahh, that's sweet.”
“So the pack aren't troubling you?”
“I think they know they are on thin ice with that last stunt. They are behaving themselves.”
“What did you do to them for them to try and get you kicked out?”
“It's not what I did, it's what I am.”
“Huh, I don't follow you.”
“I'm a lesbian.” She said it with this almost apologetic voice.
“Oh. And?”
“And what?”
“Well, that can't be the only reason. You don't fancy one of them do you?”
“Not if they were the last girl on earth. You don't mind, do you.”
“I would be very hypocritical if I did.”
“What? Are you serious?”
“I am going through a late puberty. I wasn't really interested in anybody when everybody was going sex crazy.”
“Sex crazy?”
“You know. Talking about it all the time, like nothing else mattered. So far, I have only been attracted to girls, so I think I am a lesbian too.”
“Doesn't that bother you.”
“It would bother me a lot more if I was attracted to boys, they are yucky. Just. Yuck.”
“Definitely a lesbian.”
“At least I am in good company.”

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