Campfire songs Chapter 16

Chapter 16

We got into a bit of a routine. We would get up and do the two Tai Chi forms, outside if the weather was good, try and clear a space inside and do it there otherwise. Mostly we skipped breakfast and just had a hot drink. I think eating out for 2 main meals a day was more than enough food and I couldn't cope with a big breakfast as well. I would then do some strength training while Tracy would have a shower and go to the shelter.

I would then have a bath and practice Happy and any other song I was trying to memorize. Then I would do some computer time. I was researching songs and going over the ones I liked. Tracy had chosen our holiday destination and there were a lot of optional extras, so I was looking into what I was going to have done, she had told me to go wild. I also had to find out what different martial arts would be available without too much travel.

Tracy was a Forex trader and to understand how she traded, I first had to be conversant with the terminology. As homework, I had to do a course online called Babypips and the School of Pipsology. I would usually be stuck in that when Tracy returned home to pick me up for lunch.

Steph wanted to join in by playing the keyboard with my singing, so depending on her schedule, we would meet up, most afternoons. We were going to do 4 songs, but we were practicing a few others as well. When Tracy had a break, I managed to mention to Steph that I was also going to do Happy and the girls were going to dance. She wanted to be a part of it, so she was going to practice separately so she could join in as well.

When we went out to dinner, sometimes Steph would join us. She was trying to convince a few of her friends from Uni to join us on Sunday. Spending time with Steph and Tracy was really heart-warming. It was beginning to feel like a real family. We called each other sis and Tracy was mum. I had never experienced anything like it. During the evening I would quite often have a chat with Sam and catch up with the goings on at the house. Friends and a family, can life get any better than that.

The weather on Saturday was wet for our travel back to the campfire mooring site, but the forecast was good for Sunday. Martha had decided to change things a bit for this campfire. There was going to be an entertainment area set aside, so more people would be able to see. Saturday evening Jason came round to visit. Apparently, he had been trying to get in contact all week, but we had disappeared from our mooring. I had to explain that I was staying with Tracy and Lucy only had the one bedroom, so during the week, we were staying at a 2 bed flat.

He had written a song for me. He was hoping that I would sing it. He was so excited as he gave me his notes.
“Shall I sing it first?”
“That would be great.” Its title was 'Young love.' It was a story of a beautiful girl falling instantly in love with a boy playing a guitar. She then acts like a crazy stalker to get his attention. It was a good song. Well crafted, good melody. That didn't change the fact that I had zero connection to it and he was acting like an overeager puppy who could be crushed by the slightest criticism. What the hell was I going to say? Do you come up with a plausible lie, make an excuse or give it to him straight. I am crap at lying, so my choices were reduced to sing it anyway just to please him or be brutally honest with him. If I sang it, would he think I was like the girl in the song?
“Er...Jason. First of all, I have been preparing all week to sing 4 or possibly 5 songs, accompanied by keyboard and violin so ….”
“Oh. OK, that makes sense. That's actually why I was trying to talk to you earlier. I was also hoping to add my guitar to your songs as well.”
“I have a mobile now, so we can keep in contact a bit easier. The other thing is kinda embarrassing to admit. Well, er..., I guess I just have to say it. I've never been in love.”
“Oh, OH.”
“It is a good song. It is a great song.”
I smiled sadly. “But, until I have experienced those kind of emotions I just couldn't do it justice.”
He left with the kicked puppy expression I had been dreading.
Tracy had tried to give us space, but on Lucy, there really isn't any privacy, so she had heard everything.
“How do you think I handled it?”
“Not bad. Not sure it was a good idea to tell him you are a virgin.”
“I didn't say that!” I was shocked.
“You, sort of, heavily implied it.”
“Oh shit.”
“Language young lady.”
“I think a bit of profanity was essential to properly express myself.”
She chuckled. “Maybe, but you may have destroyed one fantasy and created another for him. You have also given him a challenge. Giving him your phone number may not be the best plan.”
“What do you think about him joining our songs with his guitar.”
“I don't have a problem with it. We will ask Steph later. The only thing is, you will probably have to do more songs, otherwise the entertainment section will be significantly shortened. I have known Jason for awhile, he seems a nice kid, and the rumour is, has been very successful with the ladies, if you know what I mean. Your not being interested, he might suspect is playing hard to get.”
“That sounds like a catch 22. How am I supposed to convince him I really am not interested.”
“You have a couple of options. You could channel your inner bitch, if she exists. Or show obvious interest in someone else. On the other hand, he might parade someone else in front of you, as a way to make you jealous.”
I put my head in my hands. “This sounds way too complicated.”
Tracy patted me on my back. “The normal social complications of being an attractive, talented teenage girl.”

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