The Mirror Ch 2


Chapter Two


The sound of the phone next to the bed ringing loudly pulled Steve from the depths of sleep. Groggily, he reached for it knocking the receiver off the hook before picking it up.


“Ms. Grant? This is your six-a.m. wakeup call.”

“Thank you.” The line went dead. For a long moment, Steve lay back enjoying the comfort of the soft bed and the pillows of various sizes he’d arranged around his body last night. Then as if to check that his memories hadn’t tricked him Steve lifted a lock of blonde hair out of his face. ‘Oh, god, it wasn’t a dream.’ When he sat up he felt the heavy shifting on his chest and he looked down at the white chemise and memories came rushing back.

He’d felt giddy when he’d spotted Ivy’s light blue Mercedes-AMG GT convertible and hadn’t been able to resist putting the top down and turning up the music. Driving for almost four hours last night, especially in Ivy’s sports car had forced Steve to focus on everything he was doing except his body. Then fatigue set in. Steve could normally have pulled an all-night road trip but his new, smaller, weaker body was rebelling. Either that or the magical transformation had taken more out of his body than he’d thought. After hitting the rumble strips on the side of the highway twice he decided he had to stop for the night. Steve spotted a sign for the Holiday Inn at Mason City Iowa and excited the highway.

The clerk looked up sleepily when he walked in and then seeing Steve straightened up. “How may I help you miss?”

Steve wanted to say, “My eyes are up here.” Instead, as business like as he could manage said, “I need a single room for the night, and a six-a.m. wakeup call.”

“Yes, ma’am, I need to see some identification and a credit card.”

Steve sat his little black purse on the counter and quickly found the wallet Ivy had packed. Just as she’d promised it held a driver’s license and credit card. Once the clerk had made her a key card Steve returned to Ivy’s car. It took a few minutes to find a spot under a light post, but some instinct warned him not to park in a dark spot so late at night. After parking Ivy’s car Steve popped the trunk and saw the bag Ivy had packed. To his surprise, it was an enormous looking suitcase.

“What the hell? Why do I need a suitcase? I’m only going to be home for part of Friday, all of Saturday, and then the drive back to school Sunday.”

Then he noticed the hanging bag and a small case he assumed was a makeup kit. “She couldn’t possibly need this much stuff!” Steve reached into the trunk and with one hand tried to lift out the suitcase. When it barely moved, he grunted in surprise. “What does she have in there? Weights? It can’t be this heavy.” Using two hands, Steve heaved at the suitcase managing to lift it out of the trunk, and immediately dropped it to the ground as soon as it cleared the back of the car, just missing his toes.


Steve looked down at his pencil thin arms. “I-I’ve got no strength!” Steve lifted out the makeup kit and closed the trunk. “It’s a good thing this suitcase has a handle and wheels!” With a sigh of relief, he rolled the case toward the hotel.

“Need some help miss?” The male voice startled Steve and he looked to one side and spotted a tall man cloaked in shadows. There was a red flare as he took a pull on his cigarette before dropping it to the ground and crushing it under a foot. “Pretty little thing like you shouldn’t have to wrangle such a large suitcase by herself.”

For the first-time Steve realized just how tiny, how weak, and how vulnerable he was to strange men. He glanced at the entrance which was now only ten or fifteen feet away. “I think I can manage, thanks, for the offer.”

Not waiting for a response Steve hurried forward feeling the strain in his much smaller body. The hotel doors slid open and he hurried to the elevator. There was a chime and the doors opened. Steve stepped in and pressed the button for the fourth floor. He leaned back against the wall of the elevator and let out a sigh, his heart starting to slow down. He’d never realized just how vulnerable a woman, alone, at night, in a strange town might be.

Just before the doors closed a hand jammed between them forcing them open. Steve caught the scent of cigarette smoke and then a tall man with a short beard and a biker’s vest stepped into the elevator.

“Hi sweet, cheeks, hope you don’t mind sharing a ride.” The lewd look directly down Steve’s cleavage gave him no doubt as to what the guy was really talking about.

“What floor?” Steve nodded toward the elevator control panel.

“Same floor as you, isn’t that lucky?” The guy noted and then grinned, “I grabbed a case of beer earlier, wanna come back to my room and party? I promise, it’ll be a good time.”

“Uh, thanks, but I’ve got to be on the road early. Oh, silly me, I picked the wrong floor.” With a quick jab, Steve hit the third-floor button. A second later the elevator chimed, “My stop, have a good night.”

Steve dragged the suitcase off the elevator and let out a sigh of relief when the guy didn’t follow him. More than a little afraid Steve hauled the suitcase to the stairwell planning to take the stairs down just to be safe. The sound of the case bouncing from the first step to second step echoed in the stairwell. Grabbing the handle with both of his tiny hands Steve struggled down the steps to the ground floor. Steve felt his heart racing and realized he’d started sweating from carrying the suitcase.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” he muttered, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. Once rested he used the handle and rollers and returned to the front desk where he saw the same night clerk, still looking bored.

“Excuse me, could I get your help?”

“What’s the problem?”

Steve read the clerk’s name tag, “John, I got up to my room and when I got to the door I thought I heard something inside the room. You’re a big, strong man, do you think you could come up and make sure that it’s safe? I’m not very good at confrontations.”

The comment and complement caused the clerk, who couldn’t have been much more than twenty-one, to puff up with pride. “Sure, I’d be happy too.”

When they got to Steve’s floor he breathed a sigh of relief when there wasn’t any sign of the biker. Steve used his key card to open the room and John turned on the lights and went in looking around. “I don’t see anything ma’am, are you sure you heard something?”

“Uhm, I guess not, I’m sorry to bother you.” On inspiration Steve reached into his purse and pulled out a twenty. “For the trouble, I caused you.”

“Thanks, ma’am.” The clerk moved to the door and paused, “Once I leave you should use the deadbolt and chain on the door. A pretty girl like yourself, you can’t be too careful.”

“Trust me, I will.”

Steve shook his head to clear the memories. After all of that he’d opened the suitcase and found toiletries and a nightgown. Still thinking about how he’d escaped the biker he breezed through Ivy’s normal night time ritual. His hands seemed to know what to do as he removed his makeup, brushed out his long blonde hair, brushed and flossed his amazingly white teeth, and applied a moisturizer to his face.

Everything felt so normal that it wasn’t until he stripped out of the tight clothes he’d been wearing and unhooked his bra that the strangeness of the situation hit him. The relief, from around his chest, as his boobs now hung free felt wonderful and it was that sensation that caused him to freeze, bra in hand.

“Why do women wear these torture devices?”

A little voice in the back of his mind answered the question, ‘Because they make the “girls” look fantastic and men love it.’ Then Steve looked around and realized what he’d been doing. “Oh, shit. Ivy said that the magic would help me adjust, if I didn’t think about it.” Then a thought hit him, “What if I get too comfortable? Oh, god. The sooner I change back the better.”

Steve glanced down at the boobs hanging from his chest and couldn’t resist the urge to wiggle his shoulders from side to side. “Hehehehe . . . I always said that if I had tits I’d never leave the house.” Slowly he ran his hands over the creamy skin and gasped at the sensitivity of his bright pink nipples. “I need to go to bed, or I’ll end up playing with these all night!”

Returning to the suitcase Steve found and then held up a white chemise. “Well, I guess this is what girls wear.” The waterfall of silk fabric over his sensitive skin, as he slid into the chemise, had a sensual quality he’d never felt from any garment as a man. Although, something felt off. Using his hands, he moved his breasts around in the top of the garment, adjusting them until they were comfortable.

“Wow, this thing was designed with built-in support for the girls! I never realized women’s clothes were so complicated.”

Then he spotted the matching panties. Without really thinking about it he slid the panties he’d been wearing all day, down his soft smooth legs and then climbed into the new ones. Once dressed for bed he caught his reflection in the mirror above the desk and froze feeling stunned. Then blonde woman staring back at him was stunningly pretty.

He watched, feeling surreal, as the woman copied his every move. He blew her a kiss and laughing posed for his reflection, ‘Ivy Grant is a hottie! I guess that means I’m a hottie!’ Abruptly, Steve felt tired and with a soft feminine sigh turned out the lights and climbed into bed.

At first Steve thought, there was no way he’d fall asleep. His body felt so strange and the massive lumps of flesh on his chest made it hard to sleep on his stomach, like normal. After he’d arranged the pillows so he could sleep on his side he realized the soft bed and pillows were very comfortable. As he lay there he replayed the events of the day in his mind and drifted off into the deep dreamless sleep of mental and physical exhaustion.

Now, after stretching, Steve swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. As soon as he did he realized just how tall the bed was. “No, it’s not the bed, I’m just more than a foot shorter than I’m used to!”

Feeling the carpet under his soft tiny feet Steve walked carefully to the bathroom. Every step caused his boobs, hips, and butt to move in unfamiliar ways. Steve had to fight the urge to reach up and hold the flesh on his chest still. When he stepped onto the cold tiles in the bathroom he felt his skin prickle up in reaction.

“Is everything more sensitive in this body?!” Then Steve felt a pressure, “Oh, damn, I need to take a piss!”

He hurried to the toilet and only paused for a moment before putting the seat down and turning around. Sitting down to pee was a first. After squeezing and relaxing experimentally Steve figured out how to release a powerful stream of urine and sighed in relief.

“Okay, I’ve got to get to Brainerd, Minnesota by noon if I’m going to make the reading of the will. It shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours from here so I’ve got time.” Then it hit him, “I’ll need to dress for the reading, I bet that’s what the hanging bag was for. I’ll need formal clothes and they’d have gotten wrinkled in the suitcase.”

Steve glanced down at the slim lady’s watch on his wrist. “If I leave by seven I can stop for breakfast and still be there by nine thirty. That should give me plenty of time to change into formal clothes.”

Steve wiped his soft round bottom and then got the shower going. After brushing his teeth, he pulled his blonde hair back into a ponytail and then without thinking about it pinned it up to keep it dry. Once ready he pushed the shower curtain to one side and stepped into the bathtub. At first, he was all business. Get clean and then get out. However, the feeling of soft skin, slick with body-wash was distracting and as he massaged his boobs he felt a heat build in his crotch.

“I used to dream about playing with these tits. I just never thought they’d be attached to my body when I finally got my hands on them!”

His nipples were so sensitive and he couldn’t resist the urge to lift a fun-bag to his mouth, slightly surprised that they were large enough for him to reach. The feeling of his mouth on his own nipple sent an erotic thrill through him. The water on his soft chest felt good but his own teeth on his slightly rubbery nipple was like a jolt of electricity that shot through his nubile body from chest to groin and back.

Gasping he rubbed his thighs together as the empty achy feeling in his crotch doubled . . . there was an itch, an itch that could only be scratched from the inside. Slowly, sensuously he ran a hand down his flat tummy to his pussy finding his flower already open with need. The nub of flesh above his slit demanded attention and the instant shock of pleasure he got from stroking it caused him to moan and forget about his tits.

As he stroked his clit Steve slipped a finger into his hole. The feelings were amazing and soon he slid a second finger into his pussy while continuing to work on his clit. Steve’s knees went weak and he gradually slid down to the shower floor spreading his knees wide for better access. The full heat of the shower massaged his boobs while the hot water gradually filled the bottom of the combination tub-shower adding a new heat to his crotch. His soft slow stroking gained speed as the carnal sensations built. In-out-in-out with one hand while the other alternated between stroking his clit and massaging his glorious fun-bags.

The toe curling explosive release left Steve gasping. It was like his whole body had been turned into an erogenous zone and the orgasm made every nerve ending feel alive. Gasping Steve slowly, on shaky legs, climbed to his feet. For several long seconds, he stood under the water trying to come to grips with what had just happened.

Then reality intruded, “Shit, I still have to get up to Brainerd by noon, and now I’ve got to dry my hair!”


Mary knocked on the door to Ivy’s apartment. After a moment, it opened and she caught the scent of fresh coffee.

“Hey, come on in, Steve . . . hehehe.” Ivy stepped back to make room and Mary felt a flash of jealousy for her beauty, then what she’d said sank in.

“Very funny!”

“You might as well start getting into your new role. You’re about to become a super cute guy.”

“You think my brother’s cute?”

“Hell, yes! Girl, don’t you have eyes? He was a little skinny and a bit on the nerdy side in high school. But he’s changed since he got here.”

“Well, he played tennis in high school and focused on endurance and speed. He’s been lifting weights for the last two years,” then giggling, “he pretends not to know how he looks but he’s always finding an excuse to take off his shirt and fish for compliments.”

Ivy picked up the mirror and twisted the handle. The five loud clicks caused Mary to jump.

“Why five?”

“Remember? It’s always best to store your image before you use someone else’s image. Steve’s saved image is in slot one. Mine is in slot two. The image of Steve replaced mine in slot three. Slot four has a copy of me in it from us switching back last night. Your saved image will soon be into slot five.”

Feeling nervous Mary reached out to take the mirror. “You said it has six slots?”

“That’s right. If you turn it around seven times it functions just like a normal mirror. To reset it, all I have to do is turn the handle to the left and unscrew it from the mirror. Once it’s unscrewed all the images are lost so be careful not to do that!”

More than a little excited Mary looked into the mirror. For a moment all she saw was its silver surface. Then it clouded over and when it cleared she was looking at her own image. “Okay, done.”

“Turn it to the right three clicks and look into it.”

Holding the mirror in one hand and the handle in the other Mary rotated it. Click. Click. Click. Then she glanced down. All she saw was a silver surface, then once again it clouded over. When it cleared, even though she was expecting it, Mary was surprised to see brother’s face, just as she’d seen it yesterday, staring up at her. The look was a slightly startled one and then she couldn’t move.

A tingle raced through her body and she could feel her skin moving around, shifting, changing. Slowly, the room shrank and Mary realized she was growing. Just then there was a popping sensation along her spine and she felt her hips moving. The normal weight of breasts on her chest shifted into broad flat pectoral muscles. Mary felt her clothes split under the pressure of her growing body but they didn’t fall away. Instead, they shifted into the casual jeans and collared shirt Steve had been wearing yesterday. The tingling in her groin became almost a fire and she felt her new cock and balls drop from the hole that used to be her vagina. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it was over.

Gasping Mary realized she could move and she stumbled back a step. “Oh, fuck, that is so weird.” At the sound of Steve’s deep voice she almost dropped the mirror. Instead, she sat it face down on the coffee table and turned to look at Ivy.

“Wow, you look tiny!”

“HA! You’re all big and manly!”

“I’ve got to see this.” Mary announced, and headed to the bathroom. Turning on the light she froze at the sight of Steve looking back at her from the mirror. “Oh. My. God. If I hadn’t already been through this once I’d never believe it!”

Ivy stepped into the doorway looking at Mary. “Does it feel weird, being a guy?”

Mary glanced back over her shoulder at Ivy. “Yes! No . . . I’m not sure. I mean this thing between my legs is creeping me out a little. I’m so much bigger! But I’m still human, two arms, two legs . . . Yeah. It’s weird. How long have you had that mirror?”

“Since we got back from summer break. I found it over the summer but didn’t want to try it while I was home. So, I waited until we were back in school. Last week I transformed myself into Ms. Jennings, our cheerleading coach, just to see if it would work.”

“How did you get her to look into it?”

“I didn’t, I turned it two clicks and then pulled it out of my bag when she wasn’t looking and pointed it at her. I felt it vibrate in my hand. I figured it had captured her image. It was really weird becoming a forty-year-old coach. Even if she was a dancer and is still in great shape. Hehehe . . . Her sexy husband didn’t know the difference.”

“WHAT? Don’t tell me you had sex with her husband!”

“Well, he was a professional football player and I’d never been with a black guy before.” Ivy shrugged, “I’ve got to say, the stories are all true, he’s got a cock like a race horse.”

Mary shook her head, “You are so BAD! Hehehehe . . . Weren’t you worried she’d catch you?”

“Not really, I knew she was in the office in the rec building and her husband’s office is in the football facility. I changed in the lady’s room in the facility and then went up to his office shut and locked the door and seduced him. Hehehe . . . he said, we should do it in his office more often. Best lunch break he’d ever had.”

“That is so wrong . . . You don’t still have her image stored in the mirror do you?”

“Ha! No . . . why? Looking to give it a try?” At Mary’s glare Ivy shook her head sending blonde locks dancing, “Don’t worry, I reset all the slots before you and Steve came over.”

Mary glanced down at her watch, “7:30 am, I need to get to Steve’s class.” She pushed past Ivy and went into the living room and picked up the mirror careful to keep it pointing at the floor. “When can I change back?”

Ivy had followed Mary and held out her hand for the mirror. “Uncle Philip said to wait at least four hours. The transformation puts stress on the body and if you try to change too soon the magic just won’t work.”

“Do you have any classes this morning?”

“On a Friday? Of course not! Now the mirror, please.” Ivy took another step toward Mary.

Mary extended the mirror and then at the last second turned it so the surface was pointed at Ivy and held it up so that it was only an inch from Ivy’s face and felt the mirror vibrate. Ivy froze. Then Mary watched in fascination as blonde curls were replaced by long straight midnight tresses. Ivy’s enormous chest seemed to deflate as her breasts shrank to match Mary’s former cleavage. Then Ivy grew going from her five-foot-one height to Mary’s five-seven. As Ivy’s physical changes started to slow down her clothes shifted going from the PJs she’d been wearing to the yoga pants, sweat shirt, and Uggs Mary’d been wearing when she came over.

Ivy stumbled back a step and shook her head. “What the hell?”

“Sorry, but I’ve got a class from ten to eleven, and from what you just told me I can’t change back until eleven thirty. I’ll need you to go to my French class for me. Good thing you had four years of French in high school.”

“Bitch! You could have warned me.”

“You might have said no. Hehehe . . . Ivy, I love you like a sister but you hate mornings. Besides I didn’t know how long I’d be stuck as Steve.” And with a deliberate twist Mary turned the handle seven clicks. “There, now it’s just a normal mirror,” and she handed it to Ivy. “My purse is right there, I’ll meet you back here for lunch, sister.”

“HA! Very funny, brother.”

“We can both change back at noon, then I need to go to my history test at one and I’ve got a chemistry lab at 3; unless you want to go for me?”

“Chemistry? Yuk. You know I hate the sciences. I’ll sit through French but then we’re changing back.”


Steve pulled into the winding drive that led to the Grant estate. Even though it was in the middle of nowhere the estate was gorgeously maintained. The grounds-crew kept the lawn and gardens perfectly groomed and the wrought iron fence singled the transition from the out property and the estate itself. Steve coasted to a stop in front of the gate that protected the drive. Before he could roll his window down and push the button on the kiosk next to the driveway he heard a buzzing sound and the gate swung open.

“Please go on up to the main house Ms. Grant. Your mother is expecting you.”

The voice from the speaker had a slight metallic sound but was easy to hear even with the window up. Steve had only been on the Grant estate once growing up, it had been when they held the fall formal on the grounds because the high school gym had been undergoing renovations.

“Don’t think, just drive,” he muttered, “Hi, I’m Ivy. Ivy Grant. I’m a rich, spoiled brat, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with. I’m a girl, I love being a girl, my name is Ivy and I grew up here. My crazy Uncle Philip was my favorite Uncle.” He practiced pouting, “I’m very sad that he passed away. Although, I’m sure he’s in a better place.”

As Steve spoke he felt a slight chill at the sweet sound of his new voice and a tingle in the back of his mind as he tried to get into the role he doubted he could pull off. Without thinking he parked the car by the fountain in front of the steps that led up to the main entrance.

Back at the hotel Steve had changed his mind about getting dressed after he got to Ivy’s house. Instead, he’d taken his time, collected the hanging bag, and picked out what he assumed was a professional looking outfit. Then it took him three tries to get his makeup right, but at last he was ready to leave. During the drive he’d run into construction and had been further delayed. By the time he reached Ivy’s place he was glad that he’d already changed and was ready for the reading of the will.

Steve opened the door and climbed out careful to keep his knees together. The black pencil skirt went perfectly with the blouse and jacket Ivy had obviously intended for this meeting. Steve stood up and took off his sunglasses as a man in a dark uniform seemed to materialize at his elbow.

“Howard,” he said, handing his keys to the middle-aged butler, “where are they?”

“They’ve gathered in the library, Miss Ivy.”

“Oh? Am I late?”

“Not at all Ma’am, the reading will start in thirty minutes. There are refreshments set out and everyone except Ms. Cindy is here.”

At the name of Uncle Philip’s twenty-nine-year-old trophy wife Steve grimaced. ‘Ivy must really dislike her,’ he thought, as he started walking toward the main building. The click-clack of his four-inch platform heels on the stone went unnoticed as the image of a woman with an amazing figure and fiery hair flitted through Steve’s mind.

“Oh, Howard, have someone take my bags up to my room, please.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Welcome home, Ma’am.”

Steve glanced over his shoulder at the butler and flashed him Ivy’s most charming smile. “Thank you. Although, I must admit, I’m not feeling quite myself.” ‘Better start planting a few seeds to explain any odd behavior now,’ Steve thought.

Howard moved to Steve’s side and offered an arm. “I’m sure it’s just the emotion over Philip’s death. Even though we expected it, it still felt sudden.”

Steve laced his arm through Howards as they headed up the steps. “How did it happen?”

“We’re not exactly sure. When the staff brought him his breakfast there wasn’t any response. That wasn’t unusual, Grace left the tray by the door. At lunch when Lily brought him his tray the breakfast tray hadn’t been touched. There was no answer when she knocked so she called me. I unlocked the door and we found Philip in bed. We think he passed away in the night.”

Steve glanced up at the butler and saw he was staring straight ahead. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“It’s not my place Ma’am.”

Steve stopped by the doors to the house and turned to face Howard. “You’ve known me since I was a little girl. I can handle it, and it would be best if I knew before I see the family. What else did you see?”

Howard shrugged, “Nothing really. Next to the bed was an empty bottle of sleeping pills. Philip had trouble sleeping this summer, after Miss Cindy left.” Then he looked down at Steve and sighed, “There was also an empty bottle of Bourbon next to the bed.”

Steven nodded and turned to go inside, “You think he took all the pills and drank the whole bottle? At eighty-two that would be enough to kill him, I imagine.”

“As you say Miss. Although, when the doctor arrived the pills and bottle were cleaned up and he pronounced it a death from natural causes. There is no scandal. Only your father, and now you, know.”

“Thank you, Howard. You are a good man. Where was Cindy when this happened?”

“Oh, she was here. Just in her room, down the hall from Philip, in Philip’s house.”

“And she never checked on him?”

“She’d left early that morning for a shopping trip in Minneapolis. As you know, Ms. Cindy likes to shop.” Then after a pause, “Things have been very strained between them, particularly after Cindy got back from her trip to Hawaii.”

For the rest of the walk through the house Steve tried not to think about his body. The way it moved, the swing of his hips and breasts, the way the air played with his hair. He’d decided to leave it down and was now wondering if that was a mistake. Instead, he focused on the plush surroundings. The Grants were more than just wealthy, although he had no idea how much they were worth. ‘Why do they live out here in the middle of nowhere?’ he wondered. ‘Why would they send Ivy to public school when they could have sent her to the best boarding schools money can buy?’ Then a new thought struck him, ‘What would it be like, to BE Ivy. Not just for a couple of days but for life. Her family has so much money!’ Steve shook his head to dismiss the thought. It was wrong. He had a life and a family and besides, even if it wasn’t wrong, it would mean being a woman for the rest of his life.

“I’ll leave you here Miss.”

At this Steve looked up at Howard and then at the door to what he was guessing must be the library. “Thank you, Howard. You are a life saver, as always.” Steve took a deep breath and pushed open the door catching the faint chatter of Ivy’s relatives.


“Hey, Steve, wait up!”

It took Mary a moment to figure out she was being addressed. Pausing she looked over her shoulder. She had just turned in Steve’s American History test, it was a test she’d have to take later in the day as herself. They were both in the Education program and once she got her bachelor’s degree she planned to go on and get her masters.

“How’d the test go?” Drake, Steve’s roommate asked catching up to Mary.

“I think I did pretty good. You?”

“I passed . . . let’s leave it at that.” Drake chuckled, “Where were you last night? I didn’t hear you come in and you were gone when I got up.”

“I was helping my sister study and then ended up sleeping over at her friend Ivy’s apartment.” Seeing the surprised look on Drake’s face Mary added, “Nothing happened. We studied, ate, drank wine, and it was late so I just crashed on the sofa.”

“That explains why you’re wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Are you ready to hit the gym?”


“Yeah, we always lift after history. Today is chest and tris, and you’re gonna get a new PR! Come on.”

Mary felt herself getting dragged along behind Drake and couldn’t help wondering what a “PR” was.

Changing had been more embarrassing than Mary thought possible. Drake kept the conversation going and she managed to turn her back to him and strip out of Steve’s clothes. Fortunately, Steve’s gym clothes were easy to find and she mostly ignored the flaccid meat swinging freely between her legs as she got dressed. By the time she turned around Drake was done changing.

“Come on Bro, let’s get our pump on!”

The walk to the campus field house only took a few minutes and before she knew it Mary was laying down on the bench press. Slowly, she reached out with her thick boy-arms and grabbed the bar. ‘Holy shit, I’m gonna bench 135 lbs! As a warm up! Normally I warm up with the bar!’ To Mary’s surprise lifting the weight was almost effortless. As she started benching she realized she could bounce the bar off her broad chest and it didn’t hurt in the slightest. ‘Wow, not having to deal with boobs is kind of cool.’

As the workout progressed Drake kept adding weight. For her next set Mary pushed 225 lbs. six times. Then Drake went, adding 35 lbs. plates to the bar he struggled to push it four times and Mary spotting him helped on the fourth rep. Then it was her turn. Grabbing the bar, she focused on breathing blowing all the air out of her lungs as she pushed, 295 lbs. four times, without help! She bounced to her feet grinning fiercely. The feeling of masculine power surged through her.

“You’re a monster today, bro!” Drake pulled off the 35 lbs. plates and put on 45s.

“Fuck’n-A!” Mary said, swapping out the plate on her side of the bar.

Drake slid under the bar and Mary watched as he psyched himself up then he pushed. The bar went up smoothly and Drake brought it down. His face turned red as he pushed, driving out the air from his lungs in short bursts. Mary watched the veins in his shoulders and arms popping as the bar moved up.


Slowly, in a controlled move Drake lowered the bar and pushed. He made it about half-way up and got stuck. Mary waited for a moment and then reached down and lifted slightly. It was all Drake needed and he pushed the bar the rest of the way up.

“Good job, bro!” Mary added, trying to sound like Steve.

Mary got under the bar and pushed. ‘Oh, fuck, this is heavy!’ she thought yet she’d never felt so strong, so alive! The bar touched her chest and she exploded into it. Pushing as if her life depended on it. Slowly, smoothly, to her amazement, the bar rose all the way up.

“One!” Drake announced.

Again, she let the bar come down. This time when she pushed she could tell she was running out of energy. The bar felt insanely heavy! Gritting her teeth Mary pushed all the air out of her lungs and arched her back slightly. The bar kept moving, slowly, agonizingly-slowly until her arms straightened out.

“Two! Watch the cheating.”

Instead of going for a third rep Mary racked the bar. “Time to go up.” she announced sitting up. “Let’s try 320!”

“Dude, you’re a beast!”

Mary felt her face flush with excitement. “Come on bro, let’s do it.” They added two and a half pound weights to each side and Drake shook his head.

“This is all you man. I’m gassed.”

Mary gave herself a few minutes to recover and then lay down. Feeling exhilarated she reached up for the bar, determined lift more than her brother ever had before. She took several quick short breaths and then one long deep one and lifted. ‘Oh, fuck!’ she thought, slowly lowering the weight. As soon as the bar touched her masculine chest, Mary pushed exploding into the weight. She could feel her powerful male body responding, every muscle working, every sinew straining, the testosterone flowing through her body felt like a fire inside her. Slowly, agonizingly, the bar rose. As soon as it was up she racked it and shot up from the bench.

“Fuck yeah! Did you see that! Who’s the man!”

“Damn straight!” Drake said, high-fiving Mary. “New personal record! I told you!”


Ivy walked back up to her apartment feeling hungry and annoyed. The French class hadn’t been bad, in fact, there was at least one cute guy in the class. What was annoying was that her normal Friday routine had been disrupted. She usually slept in, since she’d arranged her schedule to not have classes on Friday. Then she got up and went to the spa. Massage, facial, mani-pedi and a light lunch with a glass of wine to get ready for date night. The Cheer Team didn’t practice on Friday so it was the best day for having a hot date.

Now, however, stuck in Mary’s body she didn’t have the opportunity to keep her normal routine. Still, it had been interesting being Mary. Her boobs were smaller and she was taller with better legs and an athletic butt. Ivy had enjoyed the looks she’d gotten from the guys in class and had even considered doing something naughty to get even with Mary for tricking her. She’d let that idea go, Mary was a friend and doing that would have been mean, and wrong.

“Mary, Mary!”

At first Ivy didn’t realize someone was shouting her name. When it dawned on her she turned around and spotted a rather average looking girl, who obviously needed to lose about fifteen pounds, hurrying toward her.


“Mary, you’ve got to come with me. It’s an emergency! Leo just dumped Chloe! Chloe is a mess! She’s at the house right now, drinking tequila! You’re the only one who can talk to her.”

A name floated into Ivy’s mind, “Wren, what are you talking about? I was on my way to Ivy’s place to have lunch.”

“How can you even think of eating at a time like this? One of your sorority sisters in in distress. She needs you. This is an emergency! All hands-on-deck, girl.” Wren seized Ivy’s arm in an almost painful grip. “Chloe is your little sister. She respects you and looks up to you. You can’t abandon her in her hour of need for a salad and a glass of wine!”

Ivy felt herself being led away from her apartment and the mirror. “No, you’re right. We can’t abandon her.” Wren flashed Ivy a smile and suddenly Ivy knew that even if she was a little over weight Wren’s smile would melt hearts.

“Come on, we’ll get Chloe put back together, even if it takes all night and two bottles of tequila!”

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