When the candle lit up

When the candle was lit

It was 11:59 in the night and was almsot going to be 12:00 and also my birthday! I was going to turn 14 in 20 more seconds. I got of my bed and went to turn on the lights at that moment the alarm rang it was 12:00 my parents and my sister came in wished me happy birthday and made me go back to sleep.The love me but they also are very strict.

when I got up next morning the smell of pancakes filled the air. I jumped of my bed and ran down the stairs My mom smiled at me and told me to get dressed as my friends are coming over for my party.I quickly put on a shirt and pant and I choose my underwere carefully cause my friends would give me the ' wedgie ' as a birthday luck.

It became 11:00 Am and the clock went of 11 times and the doorbell was rung.I eagerly ran towards the door and opened it I greeted my Friend and we played for a while before the others showed up.Soon everone was singing the happy bithday Alan.
My dad told me to wish for somthing and it would get fullfiled.

I closed my eyes and wished of what I wanted.When I opened them back nothing happened.I was sad but I did not let it ruin my day so I just started to enjoy the party.The day was over as fast as it started.

When I woke up , I found my self wering a girlish blanket.In fear and shock I threw the blanket of me I was wearing a Hot pink pajamas.My nails were painted.My hair was black but with very old streaks of brown.It was tied in a pony tail.I was shockecd and happy at the same time I tried to say " wow " it came out as a high pitched sound. I heard my mom go " Shakira come down your late for school" First of all Shakira was the name of my crush and Second of all maybe Wishes do come true : )

Authors note :
Hey guys thanks for reading my story and hope you liked it.If there are any Grammatical errors Sorry for that I typed this entire story on a kindel paperwhite.If there any suggestions comment them and dont forget to Be Happy.

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