The Mirror Ch 4

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Chapter Four


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Sunlight streamed in through the window causing Ivy to rollover and drape an arm over her eyes. “Oh, god, why did I drink so much?” After a moment, she pushed herself into a sitting position and brushed her long dark hair back from her face. Then she grabbed a strand of dark hair and looked at it, “What?”

She dropped her hands to her chest feeling her smaller breasts, “I-I’m still Mary?” Slowly, Ivy climbed out of bed, “Ugh, my head hurts.” Reaching the bathroom, she flicked on the light and stared at her reflection. Long dark hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Even hungover Ivy had to admit Mary was a beauty. Clear pale skin, high cheek bones, and cute straight nose, ‘Much better than her normal nose with its upturn,’ Ivy thought.

Ivy pulled off her t-shirt and examined Mary’s body. It was long and fit, high firm breasts with bright pink nipples. “Hmm, Mary’s areolas are smaller than mine.” Ivy bent over touched her toes and then straitened up twisting left and right, “God, I feel so much lighter not having to carry around huge tits!” Then Ivy turned around and looked back over her shoulder into the mirror, “Mary’s got such a fantastic ass!”

Ivy turned on the shower and once it was the right temperature finished stripping and climbed in. It was a new experience showering in Mary’s taller body. Her skin wasn’t quite as sensitive as Ivy’s normally was. Once done she climbed out and after drying off pulled on a bathrobe.

“Time to change back.”

When Ivy reached the living room she heard eggs frying in the kitchen and hurried to investigate. “Steve?”

Mary turned around and flashed Ivy a wide grin. “Damn, sister, you look hot in that robe. If we weren’t related I’d gobble you up!” Mary poured a mug of coffee and handed it to Ivy, “How’s the hangover?”

“Mostly gone. The shower helped.” Ivy took a sip and then looked up at Mary, “Why haven’t you changed back yet? We need to get to the sports complex in about an hour.”

“I just got here and when I heard you in the shower I figured I’d make breakfast.”

“Wait, just got here? And you spent the night as Steve? Why are you in such a good mood? OH. MY. GOD! You got LAID?! Holy shit, you had sex as a man.”

Mary blushed and turned around to scoop eggs from the pan onto two plates.

“Don’t try to deny it! I want details. How did it feel? What’s it like to stick that big man meat into a soft little pussy?”

Mary added toast and bacon to the plates and then brought them to Ivy’s table and sat down.

“Come on, you’ve got to spill.”

Mary, still blushing looked up, “A gentleman never kisses and tells.”

“Don’t give me that crap.” Ivy sat down and took another sip of coffee, but didn’t touch the food.

Mary shook her head, “I shouldn’t have done it. I was a little drunk and Stacy was flirting and . . .” Mary lifted a masculine arm and curled it causing her bicep to bulge almost tearing the sleeve of her shirt. “There is so much testosterone in this body it was like . . . I couldn’t stop myself.” Mary looked into Ivy’s eyes, “Once Stacy started touching me . . . Next thing I knew she had my cock in her mouth and . . . God, it felt so good! I’ve never felt anything like it!” Mary started eating.

Ivy picked up the toast and nibbled on it. “You know, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t you change into, “Ivy,” for the game?”

“What? Why?”

“Well, hanging out at your sorority was fun. I . . . I always wanted to join one but my parents wouldn’t let me.”

Mary paused, in the process shoveling eggs into her mouth. “I remember, in high school you missed most of the parties.”

Ivy nodded. “Mom, didn’t want me to go to public school. I had to beg Daddy to let me. She wouldn’t have let me come here, to the University, either if I hadn’t agreed to live in a secure apartment instead of the dorms, and then when I told her I wanted to pledge a sorority, she had a meltdown.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Let me be you this weekend. We’ll all change back when Steve returns. That way I can hang out with your sisters after the game.”

Instead of answering Mary started eating again. Once her plate was empty she looked at Ivy’s, “Are you going to eat that?”

“Beacon and eggs? No.”

Mary grabbed Ivy’s plate and dug in. “If we do this there needs to be a few rules. First, you can’t get drunk, again. A drink or two is fine. No shots. I-er-Mary can’t handle whisky.”

Ivy rubbed her temples, “Agreed.”

“No sex! I have a good reputation, you have to agree not to ruin it.”

“You had sex.”

“That’s different, I’m a man.” At that they both burst into laughter. “Seriously, I shouldn’t have. Steve said he really likes Stacy. Well, they are now officially “together” which is what he wanted.”

“Fine. No sex. But you’ll be me-er-Ivy, in a few minutes and I want the same pledge from you. We are both going to be on good behavior!”

“Agreed.” With that Mary stood up and pulled Steve’s phone, wallet, and keys from her pockets and sat them on the table. “Let’s do this.”

They went into the living room and Mary picked the mirror up from the table. She rotated the handle twice and the clicks almost made Ivy jump. Then she flipped it over and looked into it. The now familiar tingle ran like a wave through Mary’s body. Once again, she felt like she was shrinking, muscles deflating, her manhood pulling up and into her crotch, as a wave of blonde hair cascaded from her scalp. Then her chest inflated and her hips popped out. At last she felt the strange sensation of clothes shifting and changing crawling over her skin. Then the changes slowed and stopped. Mary realized she could move so she sat the mirror, face down, on the table.

“Wow, these jeans really are tight.” Mary noted running her hands over her round bottom and painted on jeans. Then she lifted them to cup her new enormous fun bags, “Damn, girl, you got some knockers!”

“Very funny. Watching a transformation is so odd.” Then Ivy gave Mary a hard look, “Hey, you used my backup.”

“Hehehe . . . I know. I just didn’t feel like having to do makeup. Plus, we’re in a hurry. Now all I have to do is grab your cheer bag and I can head over to the sport complex.”

“Let me have the mirror.” Ivy accepted it, “Your backup is in slot five, right?”

“It was. I used it yesterday when I got back from the gym, after I put you to bed. I needed a put together image of Mary to go to class in and you were too drunk to store that image.”

“What slot has a current, “put together” image of Mary?”

“Slot one.”

“I thought that was Steve’s back up?”

“It was, but I needed it, after class yesterday for my date with Stacy. Slot five had the pumped-up Steve from the gym. I didn’t have time to shower, change, and still meet Stacy.”

“Damn, girl, you’ve really been using this thing.” Ivy turned the handle once. “Okay, here we go.” She turned the mirror over and stared into the cloudy depths. Then an image appeared, of Mary, from yesterday just back from class. Tingling sensations gripped Ivy but she didn’t feel any shifting. Her hair lifted and styled itself, her robe twisted, shifted, and became the casual jeans and blouse Mary had been wearing.

“Wow, that feels weird. Having my clothes crawl all over my skin like that.” Ivy twisted the handle seven times and returned the mirror to the mantel.

“My cheer bag is already packed, let me get it for you.” Ivy said.

“Then we need to head to the House so you can pick up Mary’s bag.”


Steve looked out through the dark veil to where the Priest stood by the dark, mahogany casket. He’d been surprised when he discovered there was a small chapel on the family estate along with a private cemetery. The chapel was dimly light with streams of colored sunlight pouring through the stained-glass windows to either side. The tiny chapel had been designed to hold no more than fifty people and even so, there were plenty of empty seats.

“I would have thought there would be more people.”

“Your Uncle was always a little strange. He didn’t have many friends.” Jessica answered softly. “Plus, the Grants have always valued their privacy.”

The priest droned on in Latin and Steve’s mind started to drift. The dinner last night had been awkward for Steve. After snapping at his “mom” he’d tried to keep his mouth shut. If his silence was odd, no one remarked on it. His “dad” Winston, had dominated most of the conversation at the table. Business, politics, and real estate had taken up most of the dialog and as soon as desert had been served Steve had claimed to be tired and retreated to Ivy’s bedroom.

Shutting the heavy oak door behind him Steve let out a sigh and kicked off his shoes. Then he collapsed onto Ivy’s soft bed and after a moment picked up the remote for the flat screen from her night side stand. Just then there was a knock at the door.

Steve debated ignoring it but the person knocked again, “Ivy, I know you’re in there. I’d like to talk.”

With a sigh Steve got up and opened the door. Cindy pushed into the room and turned to face Steve. “Ivy, when do you plan to go back to school?”

“Right after the funeral. It takes me about two days and I’ve got classes on Monday.”

“So soon?” Cindy pouted. Then looked around the room, her eyes fixing on the suitcase Steve had brought. “You’re the only one in the family I like. I was hoping we could hang out in Minneapolis together for a week. Shopping, clubbing, you know, just two girls having fun.” She took a step toward Steve’s luggage and stopped herself.

Steve smiled, he almost offered to let Cindy look through his luggage. The mirror wasn’t there after all, then he realized what she’d said. A part of him wanted to accept Cindy’s offer. The idea of skipping a week of school and pretending to be the rich, sexy, Ivy had more appeal than he wanted to admit. The real Ivy was back on campus, and sooner or later someone would figure out that she was in two places at once.

Steve shook his head, feeling the long blonde hair swing around. “Sorry, Aunt Cindy. I really have to get back to school.”

“Please, just Cindy. You make me sound so old with all that “aunt” business.”

“Okay. Cindy. Maybe you’d like to visit me on campus sometime?”

“Why that sounds lovely! It’s been years since I was in school.”

“Didn’t you finish your doctorate a year ago?”

“Closer to two. I’m very grateful to Philip, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. Still, I’d like to get to know you better, if that’s okay. You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman.” Then Cindy flashed Ivy a smile, “Hey, the night is still young. Let’s go out. There must be something fun to do.”

Steve opened the door and shook his head, “I’m sorry, Cindy. I’m just really tired. I’m going to take a bath and then go to bed.”

Cindy pouted for a moment and then sighed, “Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night.”

Once Steve shut the door he locked it and then sighed. There was something about Cindy that he found disturbing. Then he laughed, the bathroom attached to Ivy’s room was huge and had a spectacular tub. “I think I will take a bath, but first I’m going to raid the wine cellar. A nice Chianti and a bubble bath sounds delightful!”

Steve had been lucky enough to avoid the rest of Ivy’s family and was soon settled into a tub of hot soapy water. Steve let his mind drift as the warm water and alcohol helped him relax. Slowly, languidly, he ran his tiny hands over his soft soapy flesh. The sensations were delicious but Steve wasn’t feeling the same level of arousal he’d felt yesterday when he’d played with his new curves. He picked up the wine glass and took a sip. The flavor of the wine danced over his tongue. “Why didn’t I like wine before the change?”

Steve took another longer sip and then settled back into the water. He’d been careful to pin up his long hair and this allowed him to slide down until the water covered him up to his chin. “Hmmmm . . . I could get used to this.” Then a thought hit him, “I wonder if Ivy would like to swap for a few months? Just long enough to maybe go to Europe on her stipend. I mean she doesn’t even know what she just inherited.” From what Steve remembered of the Will reading, he now had access to one million dollars per year until he turned twenty-five. The rest of the money was in a trust managed by some law firm in New York.

“I can’t believe she’s so ditsy that she thought cheerleading was more important than being here! Some people have all the luck. It’s not like she deserves this money!”

Steve took another sip of wine and lost himself in the fantasy of going to Europe as Ivy. Private jets. Five star private resorts. Individually guided tours of historical sites. Food. Clothes. Dancing. Handsome men . . . Without really thinking about it Steve started running his hands over his delightful boobs, massaging the soft sensitive flesh enjoying the sensations. His nipples felt so hard under the palm of his hand as he rubbed them, thinking of a tall handsome Swiss lifeguard by the pool of a private resort. The fantasy grew more vivid as Steve imagined the lifeguard lowering his lips to Steve’s breasts.

Jolts of pleasure raced from his chest to his crotch and Steve allowed a hand to drift to the little nub of flesh at the top of his slit. The warm water and his questing fingers added a new layer of sensations, particularly when Steve pushed a finger into his tight hole. Warmth spread as the hot water filled him and the ache . . . the need to be filled grew more intense as the heat built. Then the image of the blonde lifeguard shifted to a tall man, dark-haired man with huge muscles, and clear blue eyes.

“Ahhhh . . .” Steve added a second finger and then a third, pushing them as deeply as he could while still stroking his clit. In his mind, he felt the hot lips of the man on his soft feminine lips. It was this man’s hand massaging his breasts . . . the man’s long hard cock pushing into Steve’s tight little pussy. “Ah-ah-ah . . . oh fuck!” Steve gasped, as an orgasm rocked him. He slowed his stroking and settled back little jolts of post orgasmic bliss still shuddering through him.

“Oh, shit. I just jilled off to the image of m-er-Steve fucking Iv-er-me.”

“Kneel down dear.” Jessica’s whisper brought Steve to the present. He flushed and moved to kneel on the padded board at the base of the pew. He crossed himself just a beat behind Jessica as the priest started to pray.

When the prayer ended Ivy’s two Uncles, Howard and John, along with Winston and three of her older male cousins moved forward to pick up the casket. Once the pallbearers moved past the rest of the family fell in behind them. The walk from the chapel to the family cemetery was a quick one and Steve spotted the open grave with a device over it. The pallbearers moved to either side and rested the casket on the straps that were stretched over the hole.

Once again, the family priest, Father Coyle, moved to the head of the casket. “Philip Norman Grant, brother, uncle, and husband. You will be sorely missed. May God accept you into heaven.”

“I wonder if the good father would be so effusive in his praise if Philip hadn’t left the church ten million.” Jessica whispered into Steve’s ear.

Once the priest was done Howard moved forward and touched a button on the side of the device holding the casket. There was a soft hissing sound and the straps holding the casket played out allowing the body of Philip Grant to descend into its final resting place.

“Now, I believe there are refreshments up in the main house. You are all invited by Mr. Winston Grant to spend a few minutes with the Grant family remembering Philip.” Father Coyle announced.

Steve knew it would be rude to leave at once so he followed Ivy’s parents to the dining room. It had been set up buffeted style with enough food for three times their number. Once again Steve was swept up in Jessica’s wake, and soon found himself standing with a group of women consisting of Ivy’s aunts and female cousins. He tried to nod and smile at the right times, as the women discussed fashion and gossiped about the family. He was surprised when he realized that he was actually enjoying himself. His family didn’t have a lot of money and the most interesting thing they talked about was the Minnesota Vikings.

When Steve noticed several people had already left he felt like he could break away as well. Steve excused himself from the conversation between a couple of his cousins, and their discussion about the recent fashions in Paris, to go change. When he opened the door to Ivy’s room he gasped and his hands flew to his mouth. The room had been ransacked. The drawers were open and clothes scattered around the room. The contents of his suitcase had been dumped onto the bed and the suitcase was laying empty on the floor along with the hanging bag Steve had brought.

“I-I bet it was Cindy. Looking for that stupid mirror!”

Moving through the bedroom Steve checked the bathroom. The same scene of chaos unfolded before his stunned eyes. Even Ivy’s makeup kit had been dumped out.

“Miss Ivy, shall I take your bags?”

The sound of Howards voice through the bedroom door brought Steve back to the present. He rushed back into the bedroom and felt a surge of relief when he saw the bedroom door was still shut.

“No, thank you, Howard. I’m just going to take a small bag back. Can you have my car brought around to the front of the house?

“As you say, mistress.”

Steve had never been a very organized person, but he couldn’t leave Ivy’s bedroom and bathroom in their current state. He quickly changed into a pair of khaki capris and a light blue blouse. Then he did his best to put the room back together. Once done, Steve thought he might be able to sneak out but as he reached the main doors he heard his name being called.

“Ivy! You weren’t planning to leave without saying good bye? I raised you better than that.”

Steve turned to face Jessica. “Of course not, Mom. I was just putting my bag into the car. I would have come looking for you.”

Steve felt Jessica wrap her arms around his tiny frame squishing him into another fully body hug. “I’m going to miss you dear.”

“I’ll miss you too Mom.”

Steve felt a firm hand on his shoulder and turned to face Winston. “I’m going to miss you too, Daddy.”

When he looked back at Jessica, Steve saw tears glistening in her eyes. ‘Wow, Ivy’s folks really love her.’

“I’ll be home for Thanksgiving, Mom.”

“Okay, you should go before I ruin my face.” Jessica noted, letting go of Steve.

Steve slipped out the main door and Ivy’s parents followed and stopped just outside to watch Ivy leave. When he descended the steps to Ivy’s car his breath caught. Cindy was waiting for him. Ignoring her he went to the passenger side and tossed his bag and makeup kit into the passenger seat. Then he walked around to face Cindy.

“Leaving already?”

“Yes. Please step aside, Aunt Cindy.”

“Not without giving you a hug.”

Conscious that Ivy’s mother and father were watching, he leaned in from the waist to avoid smashing boobs, and give her a quick hug. As he did he whispered, “I know it was you who searched my room. I told you. I don’t know anything about your mirror.”

“Darling, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll see you soon, though. I’m dying to visit your school.”

Ignoring Cindy Steve opened the car door. Once the estate disappeared in the rearview mirror Steve let out a sigh and felt the tension in his shoulders ease. “I’d bet a hundred bucks, that creepy Uncle Philip isn’t dead. I bet he is now a hot red-head with a PhD in Archeology!”


Mary felt her petite body soar through the air, as her strong male cheer partner tossed her. In her normal body, at five-seven and a hundred and twenty pounds she’d always felt like a feather in the arms of her powerful partner. Now in Ivy’s five foot one inch body . . . a body that weighed just over a hundred pounds she really soared! And she hated it! At the height of the jump Mary spread her legs doing the splits before bringing them together in the descent.

Hank caught her around the waist and launched her again. This time Mary kept her legs locked together and Hank caught the bottoms of her feet on the palms of his hands as he extended his arms above his head. As she caught her balance on his hands Mary wished she were the one holding the tiny female instead of being the tiny female. She vividly remembered the power of her male body, the feeling of raw power, the need to dominate. As Steve, she knew she was even stronger than Hank and wondered if she, as Steve, could beat him in a fight.

Mary glanced over at Ivy, in her body, Ivy saw her and flashed Mary a happy smile. The Hawkeyes had just scored and the crowd was going nuts. Only a minute to go and they’d just taken the lead! After a three second pause Mary felt Hank drop her and she rolled in the air, legs still tightly pressed together, the world spun around twice and then Hank caught her in his arms. As soon as he set her down Mary picked up her pom-poms and did a pair of high kicks. Imagining herself as Hank watching Hank in Ivy’s body doing high kicks. The idea made her want to giggle.

When the game ended with another win everyone on the cheer team went wild along with the crowd. “Bring it in. Bring it in!” Mrs. Frost shouted. The male and female members of the squad closed in around the coach.

“Good job today team! You all looked great. Ivy, Mary, the two of you were absolutely on fire today! I don’t know what you had for breakfast but we need to bottle it and use it for every game! Enjoy the win, kids, and be ready to go back to work on Monday. I’ve got a new routine I want you to learn for next week’s away game.”

Once they were outside the stadium Ivy turned to Mary with a wide smile. “I got a text, from Patty, party at the Sigma Chi house. Are you in?”

“I’d love too, but you know I can’t, Mary.” Mary said, laughing.

“Oh, are you going out with Ted?”

“Nope. He called while you were out yesterday. His dad’s in the hospital. He went home for the weekend.”

“Is everything okay? What’ll you do?”

“Yeah, he thinks his dad will be fine. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go shopping. I hear that money isn’t an issue.”

“Hey, don’t go too crazy. You’re on an allowance, Ivy.”

“Don’t worry. Have fun, but mind your reputation, Mary!”

With that the friends parted and Mary hurried back to Ivy’s apartment. As she walked, she pulled out Steve’s cell and checked his messages again. Stacy had invited him to spend the night at her folk’s lake house. They’d have the place to themselves. “Steve wouldn’t want me to ruin his chances with her by saying, no.” Mary noted, her heart racing.

“I think it’s time to use the image of Steve right after a workout. Stacy will love my ripped body!” Mary hurried back to Ivy’s apartment using the key card to get in and then headed for the mirror.

Turning the handle around five times Mary looked into the mirror and after a moment saw Steve’s handsome face and sculpted body looked up at her. Then the magic took hold. She’d used the mirror so often that feeling hair and breasts pull in while growing more than a foot were expected sensations, even the feeling of her cock and balls dropping from her groin felt right. Then Mary gasped as the changes finished.

“This is so wrong.” Then she giggled, “But then, again, it’s totally fantastic!”

“Let’s see. Steve is Ivy and based on the last text he’s headed back to school. Ivy is Mary and she’s going out to her first Greek party. I’m Steve, and I’m going to go spend the next few hours knocking the bottom out of Steve’s crush, Stacy. Life sure is strange . . . Hehehe.”

Then a troubled look crossed Mary’s rugged features. “Steve and I used to dress up as each other, this is kind of like wearing a “Steve” suit. I wonder if he’d agree to swap with me for a couple of weeks?” Then Mary looked down at the mirror. “We’re each wearing another body, I could unscrew the handle and then we’d all be stuck in our current forms until we all got back together.” She shook her head, “If I did that then Steve and Ivy would know what I’ve been doing in Steve’s body. I’d never live it down!” With a laugh Mary returned the mirror to the mantel.

“I left Steve’s wallet and keys in the kitchen. I hope Stacy likes my truck.” Mary said without realizing she wasn’t referring to it as Steve’s truck.


Steve looked at the navigation system in the Mercedes. “Six and a half hours from Brainerd, Minnesota to Coralville Iowa.” The he glanced at the delicate lady’s watch attached to his thin wrist. The funeral had started at 3 p.m. It had lasted for an hour and then he’d hung out and socialized for an hour. Getting on the road, after packing, at 6 p.m. meant he could be back on campus by 1 a.m. if he only stopped for gas. Maybe two if he stopped for dinner.

“Fuck it! I’m gonna push through!”

Even though he was tired, Steve felt the need to get back. He didn’t know why, exactly, but he just knew. Then his mind drifted to how good Ivy’s body had felt in the tub. “Sexy, young, and worth over a hundred million. If I don’t change back soon, I might not want too!”

Once again Steve wondered what it would be like to BE Ivy. With that kind of money, he could travel the world. Stay in the most luxurious resorts, he could drop out of school, why slave away to become a teacher? The beach was calling! As he drove his mind drifted into a day dream of endless luxury.

Laying out on a beach in the Bahamas, her skin kissed by the sun, the white bikini showing off Steve’s stunning figure. Then the sun was blocked. Looking up she saw a tall handsome man.

“Hi, Ted, can you put some sunscreen on my back?” Without waiting for an answer Steve rolled over squishing her boobs into the soft beach blanket.

“Sure, Ivy, you know I can’t resist an opportunity to use my hands on you.”

It was a private beach and Steve knew there was no chance that they’ll be interrupted. Ted slowly untied Steve’s bikini top. “We don’t want any tan lines.”

Steve shivered as Ted’s strong hands began to rub her back. Masculine digits coated in lotion worked up and down Steve’s soft skin. Then she felt Ted move to straddle her. He spent enough time on Steve’s shoulders to make her purr. Slowly, Ted moved down Steve’s neck and arms, stroking, massaging, coating Steve’s luscious figure in lotion.

“We wouldn’t want your sides to burn.” Ted’s hands move down Steve’s sides brushing the sides of her boobs and igniting a fire in Steve’s groin. Ted leaned in and blew softly into Steve’s delicate ear causing her flesh to pimple. As his hands moved lower along Steve’s sides, tracing her feminine curves, Ted started kissing his way down her spine.

Steve resisted the urge to squirm, to rub her thighs together and then Ted reached Steve’s hips. He paused and slowly moved his hands under her bikini bottom rubbing lotion into Steve’s feminine hips and luscious butt. Steve’s skin was now on fire and she felt a moist ache build. It was getting harder to think as Ted played her body like a maestro.

“T-That’s nice,” Steve moaned.

Ted brought his hands around coating Steve’s bottom in lotion while massaging his butt. Then he slowly drew the bikini bottoms down, working lower, rubbing lotion into the backs and sides of Steve’s hairless legs. Steve’s glistening, dripping, sex was now exposed to the air and Ted wasted no time moving back to it.

“Spread your legs and get your knees under you.”

The order wasn’t one Steve could refuse. Steve arched his back, getting up onto his knees, while moving almost into the splits. Then he felt it. Then the sensation of hot, silken skin, the helmet of Ted’s cock, brushing up against his sensitive lower lips, caused Steve to moan with need. Slowly, Ted worked his cock up and down Steve’s slit. Then slowly stroking Steve’s sex, coating his cock in Steve’s pussy juices.

“Do you want me?”

“O-Oh g-god, yes!”

Steve had never been so aroused. The ache demanded to be filled and he tried to wiggle down, to grab that amazing man muscle with her pussy, but Ted was in control and pulled back slightly, just enough to maintain contact, but not enough to penetrate.


“Please, I-I need you so bad.”

“What do you need me to do?” At this Ted pushed, slightly, into Steve and he couldn’t take the teasing any more.

“I-I want you, I need you to . . . t-to fuck me. Oh, god. Please, fuck me with that big hard cock.”

“I love it when you talk dirty. You little slut.” Ted pushed forward slowly driving his cock an inch into Steve. “Fuck you are tight!”

Steve gasped as the huge tool stretched him. “I-I don’t know if I can take you, you’re too big.”

Hands grip Steve’s hips and he felt Ted pull then he thrust forward pulling back on Steve’s hips driving two inches into Steve. “I’m going to fuck you silly, Ivy, and you’ll love it.”

Steve moved up onto his elbows, his tits hang from his chest, his nipples brushing the blanket. Then a calloused hand reached around lifting Steve’s boob squeezing it. “I love your big fat titties!”

Again, and again Ted thrust into Steve’s pussy, while squeezing and stroking Steve’s breast then gasping Steve felt Ted’s balls hitting his tummy as he buried his manhood to the hilt in him.

Steve’s mind was numb, with feminine sensations all he could think about was the orgasm building within his tiny body. Ted returned his hands to Steve’s hips and using them to hold and control Steve’s bottom he began thrusting faster and faster into Steve. With each long stroke Ted pulled all but the head of his nine-inch tool out before plunging it in again.

“Oh. Oh. OH. OHOH-FUCK!” Steve’s feminine moans became shouts of pleasure and he felt his first cock driven, full-feminine, climax crash over him. “Ahhhhh . . .”

Steve lay there, impaled on Ted’s cock, wanting to keep it where it was, he squeezed with his inner muscles. “T-That was amazing.”

“We’re just getting started.” Ted pulled his cock out and Steve heard a soft popping sound. “Roll over, and grab your ankles, I want to see you do the splits while I fuck you!”

Steve rolled over and tried to focus on holding his body as demanded and then Ted enters him from the front. Steve’s pussy was stretched so tight that it felt like the first time, only Ted didn’t go slow. With one smooth slick thrust he drove his cock balls deep into Steve’s sex.


“Don’t let go or I’ll have to punish you.” Ted ordered burying his face into Steve’s massive tits sucking and licking as he continued to drive his man-meat into Steve. In seconds Steve reached his second climax.

Abruptly, the sound of the Mercedes hitting the rumble strips at the sides of the highway pulled Steve’s attention back to the road. He had one hand on the steering wheel the other down the unbuttoned waistband of his capris. The smell of sex, of his feminine need, reached his nose and embarrassed he pulled his hand out, sticky with his own juices.

“Fuck, I’m day dreaming about some guy named Ted and masturbating while driving! I’ve got to get home . . .” Not wanting to think Steve set the cruise control for ten above the speed limit and hoped the cops weren’t out.


Ivy allowed the music to flow through her as her tall, thin, athletic body moved. The tent set up behind the Sigma Chi house had a temporary dance floor and Ivy and Mary’s sorority sisters were taking advantage of it. The DJ the fraternity hired had kept a good mix of fast and slow music. Ivy couldn’t remember the last time she just went out and had fun. Now she didn’t have to worry about what people might think, or that the word might get back to her mom or dad that she was out dancing with people of lower social standing.

She’d had to beg to go to public school, but her parents had always set limits. Limited her freedom. Told her how to dress. What to say. How to behave in “polite” society. Ivy never realized how much she hated it until she was free from it all.

“Mary is so lucky.”

“What did you say?” Patty who was dancing next to her asked.

“Nothing. Too bad Ivy isn’t here.”

“Yeah, she always has a reason why she can’t come out. I’m starting to think she doesn’t like us.”

Rather than answer Ivy spun away feeling her hair fly around. ‘Is this what it’s like to be Mary. Not rich, but not poor, either. I’d trade all my money, connections, and relatives for the freedom to go, to explore, to be. I wonder if that’s how Uncle Philip felt?’ Then she thought about Steve and giggled, feeling a little guilty. ‘I wonder how he handled my relatives, and the family politics.’ Then the song ended.

Mary looked around. She’d already danced with two different guys and because she wasn’t looking to hook up she avoided them. Then she spotted a tall, strong looking African American. With a naughty feeling, knowing Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve, she moved over to him.

“Care to dance?”

The guy looked at her and grinned, “I’m Desmond. I like a lady who’s confident enough to make the first move.”

“I’m Mary. Come on. Let’s dance.”

Moving out onto the floor Ivy reached up to lace her fingers behind Desmond’s neck loving the fact that she was tall enough to do this. In her normal body, she’d have been too short. Then she pressed her soft curves into Desmond enjoying how hard he was and smirked at the bulge in his pants.

When the song ended Mary let go but Desmond grabbed her hand. “Let me get you a drink.” Ivy let the handsome man drag her to the side where a keg had been tapped and a couple of the brothers were acting as bartenders.

“What would you like?”

“Just water. Dancing is hard work.”

Desmond grabbed a beer and then handed Mary a bottle of water. She opened it and the cool liquid was delicious.

“I’ve seen you around campus.”

“Yeah. I’m with Delta Pi. Are you a member?”

“Of a fraternity? No, I’m on the football team. One of my friends is a Sigma Chi. He invited me.”

“Did you play today?” Then Ivy looked closer, “Wait, you’re the starting tailback!”

Desmond held up his hands laughing, “Guilty. And unless I’m mistaken, you’re on the cheerleading team?”

“Yeah, Mary Pierson. You guys did great today.”

“Thanks. I’d say the same, but during a game I’m more focused on the field than what’s going on around me. Still, I’ve watched you guys practice. It looks like you work hard.”

“We do.”

“Hey, you wanna get out of here and grab some food? I know a great place for pizza.”

“I would, but one of our sisters just went through a serious break up. We are all hanging with her tonight. Moral support.” Ivy could see the disappointment on Desmond’s face. “Hey, let me give you my number. Call me, or text me, and we can set something up for next week.”


Mary ran her rough hand over Stacy’s smooth breast watching Stacy close her eyes and bite her lip. Moving her hips Mary continued the slow controlled thrusting as she drove her cock into Stacy. They’d stopped for dinner on the way to the lake house and once there they’d torn off each other’s clothes. The first bout of sex had been wild and rough. The physical need had been more than Mary could stand and Stacy seemed just as wild. To Mary’s surprise and Stacy’s delight, she’d recovered in a matter of minutes after pumping Stacy’s belly full of seed.

This time Mary had been determined to take it slow. Ordering Stacy not to move she’d covered Stacy’s body in kisses eventually working her way inside Stacy’s thighs. Mary had never eaten pussy before, but she knew what she liked and after a few minutes of tongue and clit action she’d had Stacy bucking and screaming. Then as Stacy came down from her second climax Mary entered her.

Now using her fingers to play with Stacy’s clit Mary continued her slow thrusting. All the way in . . . almost all the way out, clittie-stroke. All the way in . . . almost all the way out, clittie-stroke. All the way in . . . almost all the way out, clittie-stroke.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck . . . I-I’m gonna cum!” Stacy gasped.

Feeling unbelievably powerful Mary watched as she bent Stacy to her masculine will. ‘She is mine!’ Mary thought. ‘I can make her cum when I want or I can stop her if I want.’ As Stacy shuddered and moaned Mary pulled out.

“Roll over.”

With a whimper Stacy did as ordered.

“Get up on your knees, with your face in the bed.”

When she was in position Mary ran her strong hands over Stacy’s soft round bottom and then plunged two fingers into her glistening dripping sex.

“Ah, god, Steve, you’re amazing. That feels sooooo . . .” Mary pulled her fingers out and pushed her tool into Stacy taking her from behind in one powerful thrust.

“FUCK! That feels good! You have such a pretty pussy.” Mary shouted and then smacked one soft butt cheek. Stacy yelped but started trying to push back into each of Mary’s thrusts. “I’m going to fuck you into exhaustion. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t sit down or see straight!” Mary exclaimed enjoying the raw masculine power she controlled.

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