A short story by a new author's nightmare about recent world events. It started with mystical/astronomical predictions of the end of the world. Two world leaders threatened to annihilate each other’s people. The date predicted for the end of the world came and went without any major problems, as had so many other such dates. Yes there was a virus going around which made people feel a bit off for a few days. No attempts were made to isolate those with it because nobody died or even reported it to their doctors. They did not even take days off work.

The first significant thing to show up, outside one of the countries and its allies, was all the sperm count tests were coming back as almost zero. This was closely followed by a drop in crime figures for fighting. Nothing to worry about. Terrorist offences dropped off but the worrying thing for the military was their forces became unwilling to fight too. Within a short time, new pregnancy rates dropped to the floor. There was no panic, probably just a temporary blip, but soon it became apparent it was not temporary. The whole population had become so placid they could not have panicked if they tried. Women began wearing more feminine clothes and little by little so did the men, even in the armed forces in their spare time. Huge numbers of them were discharged.

Inside the other country and its allies, everything was normal. There had been a compulsory mass inoculation drive, though nobody knew it had been instigated by the biological warfare scientists. An allied country had had a drive on over population, restricting couples to one baby, and as the couple preferred boys to look after them in their old age, girl babies were discarded. There had become a shortfall in girls for the boys to mate with. There were many very frustrated men.

When it was realized that a new form of genocide was had been instigated, it was too late to do anything about it. Nobody in the affected countries had the will to start a nuclear war. Had they known it was happening they might have chosen that option but now all the people were more concerned with obtaining beautiful dresses, shoes and handbags so they could look nice, than getting revenge on the aggressor. Border controls were forgotten and many women were only too glad when virile men came in to make them pregnant. They often shared one foreigner between several women. Society did not break down, some of the newbies were elected and took over government from the placid old guard. There was no invasion but things had changed radically without bloodshed. Everyone lived out their lives, sterile men still had sex with women, it just did not result in babies. The gene pools of the countries were diluted 50/50 with the DNA of the other country. There was official designation given to sterile males as sissies. Many were employed as maids and were happy to serve their betters.

I hope this is suitable for publication here. If not then tell me and I will gladly remove it, assuming that is possible. Is it too pessimistic?

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