I Was Turned into A Barbie Doll

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Noah peeks out from his hiding spot to see if he had been spotted. Today just wasn’t his day. He had gotten called in on his day off to help transport the body the recovery team had found on the Island. The recovery team had brought the body back to the mainland. His team’s responsibility was to transport the body that was found to a private hospital.

The person they were transporting was the Hunter himself. He had never seen him in the condition he was. Normally, it was the people that failed Hunter’s training or graduating that ended up looking like he does now. He couldn’t believe that he was being responsible for the transport and care of the Hunter.

Everything was going normal for him and his medical team, until they got near Charlottesville, VA. A group of vampires had ambush them and took control of their vehicles and brought them back to their Master’s mansion. He couldn’t believe that the vampires that had ambush them, had brought them to be scarifies. He watched as people he worked with were killed and had their souls taken by a Russian mystic. When he
was in an energy form he fought against the mystical control, the Russian Mystic was trying to control him and escaped.

He had managed to escape and fly towards buildings he was hoping he could hide. The next time thing he knew. His soul had managed to settle into the plastic body of a Barbie Doll in some toy store. It felt weird when his body took possession inside the hollow doll. It felt even weirder as the plastic body of the Barbie started to change into real flesh. He was no longer a he, but a she now. He could feel the magical energies that was part of him, change the plastic body into real flesh and blood. He felt every nerve, bone, muscle change from plastic to real flesh.

When he first opened his eyes after they formed. He noticed he was inside the packaging of some sort of doll. He had to fight the packaging retainer holding his new body against the cardboard backing. It took him a while to free herself from the package. Once he was free of the packaging, he fell off his shelf and onto another shelf that was displaying other Barbie toys accessories.

The shelf had a Barbie Spy cycle motorcycle and when she touched it, it became real. She couldn’t believe that she had the ability to turn things into real objects. She had managed to escape from the toy store with the help of the simple robot it came with. It took her a week to adjust to being a female and finding out that her abilities now allowed her to bring almost any toy to life, as in being real while she was using it. She tried to transfer herself into a male doll body, but the magical energies that settle her into the Barbie doll wouldn’t allow her to change bodies. When she was done using her motorcycle, it reverted to its original state. It turned back to being plastic once she was done riding it.

When she went to use it again, it turned real again.

She found a place she could hold up at. It was the toy section at the local Walmart where she could get in and out without any problems. She discovered that she could turn back to plastic to blend in with the rest of the dolls. She discovered that she didn’t need to eat or breathe. The magical energies that brought her to life, also sustain her as well. She could eat if she wanted to and could taste the food as it goes into her body, but she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.

Noah wonders why he couldn’t had found a mannequin to settle into, instead of a doll? Why was the energy he had been part of was drawn to a female doll, instead of a male doll? He had never wanted to be a woman. He enjoyed being a male and had a nice girlfriend. One that he was going to marry. Noah checks his looks in the mirror and discover, she could change the length of and the color of her hair.

Noah walks around the store while no one is watching and explores what toys she had available, she could use. There was a Barbie 4x4 jeep she could use and a few new outfits. It was kind of weird for her not wearing any underwear, considering they didn’t have any Barbie style underwear for the Barbie doll collection, except swimsuits. Noah knew that the supernatural community police their own, but she didn’t know how to get in touch with the ones that police the vampires. She knew someone that might be able to help, but she needed a cell phone to send a message. She spots an employee set her cell phone down to get something for a customer.

Noah runs over and manages to send a text to her friend. Her friend worked with a few supernatural and might know who she needed to get in touch with. While she was waiting for her friend to text her back. She looks around under the counter and pulls the cellphone with her to hide it. That way she could wait for her friend’s response a little longer.

It took her friend a good twenty minutes to get back to her and told her, if she can keep hidden inside the Walmart. The people in charge of enforcing vampiric law will be there within the next few hours. She sends a replay of yes, she can be hidden for the next few hours and would be over near the toy section of Walmart. Noah returns the cellphone, after erasing her text message after sending the text that she had to give the cellphone back to its owner.

Mistress Rena’s Mansion:

Mistress Rena was holding court when her cellphone rings. She could hear that her pet kitten had it and was answering it.

“Ello, you have reached Mistress Rena’s cellphone. How can my wonderful Mistress help you?” Kitten puts a little purring sound at the end of that question.

“Kitten, this is Lord English, I need to speak with your Mistress right away. It’s important.” Lord English knew kitten was Lady Rena’s personal pet. He knew she wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards.

Kitten climbs up onto her Mistress lap “it’s Lord English, Mistress.”

“Thank you, kitten.” She strokes kittens head between her ears.

A purring sound escapes kittens throat.

“Hello, Lady Rena speaking.”

“Hello Lady Rena, it’s been awhile since you and I have spoken to each other. This is Lord English.”

“Lord English, it has been a while since we last spoke. What can I do for you?” Lady Rena wonders why Lord English would bother to call her.

“There’s a problem near Charlottesville, Va. That requires Riker and his crew to investigate.” Lord English didn’t like calling Lady Rena,
because he felt the local vampire lord should handle it, but from the information he got. This was something that fell under Riker’s department.

“Why didn’t you call Viscount Tebald? Isn’t that his territory?” Lady Rena kept stroking Kitten’s head as she rested against her.

“Because, it involves him Lady Rena.” Lord didn’t have all the information, but his contact did say that there had been an incident in
Charlottesville, VA. It had involved one of the paramedics from the retrieval team for the Island.

“Very well Lord English. I will send Riker and his team to Charlottesville to investigate the matter.” Lady Rena hated to divert Riker from investigating another matter, but this was important.

“He needs to see the person that called it in at the local Walmart, Lady Rena. The person is hiding out in the toy section of Walmart.” Lord
English had found that kind of strange.

“Very well, Lord English. I’ll inform Riker and his crew and thank you for calling.” Lady Rena disconnects and dials Riker’s cellphone.

Charlotte, North Carolina:

Riker and his crew were in North Carolina investigating the rumors of a new vampire Master from the Old World setting up shop, when his cellphone starts ring.

“Riker here.”

“Riker, as soon as you are done with your investigation. I need for you to head towards Charlottesville, Va. You need to investigate the local vampire master of that area. There’s a witness at the local Walmart you need to get in touch with hiding in the toy section of the store.” Riker raises his eyebrow. Why would anyone hide in the toy section of a Walmart?

“What does this witness look like, Mistress?” Riker needed a description to find this person.

“To be honest, I don’t have that info for you. However, if they have been touched by magic or around our kind. You should be able to sniff them
out.” Lady Rena should had done a little more digging.

“PPppppuuuurrrrr!!!!!!” Kitten rubs her head against Lady Rena’s stomach and chest.

Lady Rena looks down at her Kitten and could tell she was feeling frisky. Lady Rena bunches up the bottom of Kitten’s short dress exposing her nude bottom to everyone and begin caressing her Kitten’s, kitty. Her Kitten didn’t mind letting others watch as she was pleasured. Her tail swisses back and forth from the pleasure she was receiving.

“Yes Mistress. I’ll see what I can find.” Riker disconnects and looks back towards his wife and Jacob.

“We have another case to work on after this one. Let’s wrap this investigation up right away.” Riker leads his team towards their informant in the region to take care of business.

Walmart, Charlottesville, Va.:
Noah was going through the Barbie display looking for something different to wear, instead of the clothes she had on. She tries on a few dresses. They fit her, but they weren’t practical for sneaking around or everyday wear. She finds a package that had fallen behind the display. It was a Harley Davidson outfit for a Barbie doll. She takes the clothes out and changes into them. They turned real as soon as she touched them. The ones she had on when she settled into the Barbie doll, stay real. She looks at them and tries to find something she could use as a suitcase for her clothes. She finds a plastic suitcase from another Barbie doll kit that had fallen behind the display.

Noah finds a camping set that was made for Barbie and sets it up out of a way spot while she waited for the person to show-up. Noah knew if they were representing the vampire’s. That they wouldn’t be here during the day time. So, she finds a dark corner to set-up camp and sleep till they finally show up.

A few hours later, Noah wakes-up and checks to see what time it was. She had found out just before she went to sleep, that the fake cellphone that had been in the package with her. It turned into a tiny cellphone permanently and could access any cellphone network. According to her cellphone, it was around mid-night.

Noah crawls out of her tent and sneaks a peek out into the store hoping she could spot the person she was looking for. She notices there were some new employees working the night shift, but no supernatural yet. She walks over where the Barbie car was that she had hidden earlier and goes touring about the store, hoping she’ll find the person she was told to wait for.

Riker and his crew had finished up their investigation in Charlotte, North Carolina. They were getting some looks as they walked into the Walmart he was told to look for his informant. Jacalyn was dressed in tight leather pants, a white silk blouse with a tight black corset supporting her C size breast. She was wearing five-inch black leather boots. Riker himself was dressed in black leather pants, leather vest and a dark blue cowboy shirt. He had on black cowboy boots that shined. Riker muscle Jacob was dressed in a black leather vest, no shirt and black jeans with heavy combat boots. He was bald and had a light tan to him. Jacob was well muscular.

Jacalyn was looking around, just like Riker was.

“What are we looking for, my husband?” Jacalyn spotted a few men she wouldn’t mind drinking their blood.

“They aren’t up here my love. Lady Rena said they would be back hiding in the toy section of the store.” Riker was getting looks from a few of the women and the security guard.

Jacob just follows Riker, ignoring everyone else. As far as he was concerned, they were sheep to be slaughtered.

Jacalyn follows her husband towards the back of the store. As they are walking towards the back, Jacalyn notices a Jeep drive by. She could also tell that what she saw had been touched by magic.

“There! That miniature Jeep that just drove by. It’s been touched by magic.” Jacalyn was keeping an eye on it.

Riker spots it and could tell himself that the Barbie doll in the miniature Jeep had been touched by magic. They watched it as it travels around
the store and finally heads back to the toy department.

Noah had felt like someone had been watching her. As she went around the store, the feeling just increases. When she headed back to the toy department, she spots three individuals that weren’t from around the area. She had heard rumors about them. She motions for them to follow her. She could tell they were vampires and yes, she was a little scared because of what happened. However, these were supposed to be the ones she had been waiting for. She points towards an area she had found that they could talk without any security camera spotting them.

Riker nods his head yes and follows the Jeep to a back area of the store where there wasn’t any camera’s. Riker uses a little bit of his vampiric magic to conceal them.

Noah gets out of the Jeep and watch as it turns back to a toy.

Jacalyn and Jacob was a little surprised when they saw the Jeep go from being real, to a toy.

“What did you just do?” Jacalyn couldn’t believe what she just saw.

Riker was amazed as well.

“It’s why I wanted to talk with you.” Noah looked towards Riker.

“Then tell me your story. I would like to know why I was called to you.” Riker wanted to know the story.

Noah tells Riker everything that happened. When she got to the point of the Viscount’s Mystic, using the souls of her fellow paramedics to transfer The Hunter’s soul to another body. A body that had once been a member of a special group formed by the HSL to fight the supernatural.

Riker’s eyes flash red when he heard what the mystic did.

“Since the Viscount has broken vampiric law by doing what he did, you can come with my group and be taken care of by my group or we can see if what has been done to you can be undone.”

“If I come with you, you promise you won’t try to drink from me and you will protect me?” Noah wonders if it was a smart idea to go with them.

“I give you my word. We will protect you and we won’t try to drink from you.” Riker could tell the doll didn’t have blood, but mystical energy keeping it alive.

“Okay, let me get my stuff.” Noah goes and gather all her stuff and joins Riker’s group.

“You can travel with me.” Jacalyn picks Noah up and place her in her purse.

Jacob grabs a plastic bag and puts the rest of the Barbie doll accessories and the toy vehicles she has been using. They head back to their motorcycles and to a safe house for the day.

To be continued in The Adventure Begins Chapter 8

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