Family Counselling

Family Counseling
By Babalon5
Rev 1

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Doctor Dawkins office.

Dr. Dawkins waited behind his desk as he listened to the disagreement unfold in front of him. A family therapist for many years, he had successfully guided many families through troublesome complications, but as a few cases, he ended up helping with their squabbles in a very unique and special way.

The family now seated before him consisted of three; Trent Pierce, his wife Adela Pierce and their eighteen-year-old son Randy. It was the usual bickering many families went through. The push to have their offspring work after graduation. The shoves many teens demanded claiming how they were trying to decide on their life as with a wife and husband falling out with each other.

"I don't see the reason for this." Randy complained, "If Dad would leave me alone and let me figure out what I want and have more freedom."

"Freedom? All you do is eat our food and sleep under our roof, begging your mother to keep me off your back. Your eighteen, living in my home not wanting to do as I say while being mothered." Trent said going back to the same old argument.

"I don't mother him," Adela argued, "If you weren't so hard on him."

"Hard? Hell, he's not even making an attempt to look for a job. I checked the computer. All he does is lie around, while you let him get away with it like some momma's boy. At times, I feel like both of you are the ones married, running the family excluding me."

"Only because …" Adela began stopping mid-sentence when Dr. Dawkins interrupted her.

"Quiet please." Dr. Dawkins demanded grinding the argument to a halt. "Let's stay on topic here." This was their fourth session and hardly any progress had been made as they went back over the same grievances. With finally having had enough, Dr. Dawkins turned to what he would he knew would help. A special jewel he had long ago obtained for his own personal gratification, finally concluding with their constant bickering he had little recourse. This family, it seemed, was going to be one of those special cases in having heard enough.

Lifting his hand, Dr. Dawkins let the chained jewel drop from his palm before him, allowing the light to catch and play on it causing it to sparkle and glitter. He kept his own eyes directed away, as it dangled in front of him. "As I can see on your disagreements, todays therapy session will take a bit more drastic actions, require more than my normal help can provide. You fail to understand your differences and I now need to have your utmost attention. So, if you would be so kind as to look towards the object in my hand."

Caught by the glitter Randy couldn't seem to take his eyes off the splendid ornament that had started to slowly swing and rotate before him. And just as he had caught sight of it he quieted down as were his parents who's faces soon slackened, relaxed.

"Much better. Now sit back, relax and listen." Dr. Dawkins commanded as the jewel twirled before them. "This may become quite lengthy and you will need to give your utmost attention to help matters take effect. Nod if you understand" Together the three nodded towards him straight away as they looked at Dr. Dawkins, feeling compelled to obey with his request.

"Now Randy, I can see how you feel it's your right to be one in having his way having gone to your mother for all of your needs and wants without willing to give anything in return having been coddled. She is of course your mother and from past sessions has always been the one to defend you, taking care of those needs.

You, Adela seem to be the one who wants to be in control of not just your son, but the family having chosen to ignore your husband's wishes as he gives in to you. And you Trent seemed to have allowed yourself to have her do so as the two of you have grown apart romantically, each not willing to compromise or relinquish the sharing of duties even as yours is ignored by these two. It seems neither of you are wanting to keep your household together. So, I think a few role changes in your family should be in order."

Leaning back in his swivel chair, Dr. Dawkins let the jewel continue to mesmerize them as a devilish look overcame him and what was going to take place within the Pierce family. "Adela as it seems you desire to be the head of the household so it should be. You will now take on that role, decide what is best for the family financially and caringly. In essence, you will take Trent's place as being the man of the house as you will be the one who literally takes to wearing the pants for your family as you Trent, will have a more submissive role. Since you seem to be submissive to her having failed to stand up to her you will continue to do so you will always look towards Adela for both acquiescence and guidance.

"Because you are to be one of the submissive ones Trent, you will of course want to identify yourself with a change of appearance. A wardrobe that is worthy and befitting for your changing role. The start will be that of wanting to wear feminine clothes. Sexy panties, G-strings, and thongs to start as Adela will give approval of what you're to wear as it will be the norm for you. You will of course find yourself wanting to wear them constantly and will be compelled to toss out your old briefs once you have purchased a new set as you give into this new craving. Nod if you understand." Without taking his eyes off the jewel Trent nodded his head.

"Adela, as for you in becoming the head of the family you will of course have no desire or longing to wear your own panties for they are beneath your role as head of the household and as you go shopping with your family you to will need to purchase a proper set of briefs and boxers. You will have the proper choice of wearing either boxers or briefs as you discard your own undergarments in favor of the new you. You will be giving up in wearing skirts, only opting for trousers, jeans, and shorts." And just like Trent, Adela nodded her head.

"Now Randy, since your mother favors you over your father and have given in to your mother, you will want to continue to do so as your mothers demands more of you too willingly be submissive to her and give way to wearing your own panties and undergarments like your father desires. To never again want to wear boxers or briefs." And just like the others Randy nodded.

Sitting there looking at the three, Dr. Dawkins could feel the beginnings of growing hard as he thrilled in what was he was doing to the Pierce family and what would be taking place soon after. The unique pleasure the jewel cause by giving him sexual gratification of manipulating others with its use.

"Trent and Randy, as with your new submissive roles, you both will partake in the ritual of wanting to shave your bodies clean leaving them completely hairless apart from the normal obligation of hair growth on your head, which you will both allow to become long. Your eyebrows will need to be plucked. Thin them in accordance to Adela's liking. Obviously, Adela, you will cease in wanting to maintain yourself as them in that you see it unbecoming of ones' role of manliness and let your body hair and eyebrows grow thick, you will want to take to visiting a barbershop to have your hair cut properly. No longer will you wish to wear any makeup."

Uncontrollably Dr. Dawkins rested a hand on the growing lump in his trousers, resisting the urge to rub himself as he continued to instruct them on their way of life. "Adela, you as I said, have shown yourself to be the dominate one in the family. And as such you are to be the aggressive one when you have sex. You will be dominating in your assertion, penetrating the one you love with a strap-on dildo which you will purchase as soon as possible. Do you understand?" Again, the nod of her head, letting the long flow of chestnut hair shake forth for the last time in its current display.

With an evil glint in his eyes, Dr. Dawkins directed his attention towards both Adela and Randy. "Adela my dear, it seems you have a deep infatuation with your son Randy as you don't want to lose that motherly love you have for him. It seems you've not only been the one domineering towards him, but overly protective of him as well. You seem to want to coddle him since he was born, denying Trent your love soon after, so I think it would only be fitting as you continue to love him by introducing Randy to the art of love making. You are still a virgin I assume Rand?" To which Randy hung his head low in shame not needing to answer.

"Hmm. Adela when you have purchased the strap-on, you my dear, will make want to make your way into Randy's room at your choosing and will proceed to break both it and him by compulsorily taking Randy's ass. I will leave how forceful you want to be with him. Randy is to be your lover and as head of the household it's up to how you will fuck him from now on. Randy, you will continue to find yourself growing unconditionally in love with your mother and you will always be prepared with a lube of jelly handy for the nights when she is ready to fuck your ass as you too will be submissive to her wants and needs. I can see where the two of you will come together.

"Dear Trent, it seems you are to be the one left out. There will be little care of what you think in what is now taking place in their growing relationship as both you and Adela have already lost interest in having sex with one another. You two may still share a bed, but the two of you are like strangers showing little affection for each other, for that is all there seems left for you share at the moment. So, you of course will need a new means of gratification. As I don't want what's left of your family life to come apart, you can look forward to supplementing your own needs by going online to frequent crossdressing sites, gaining access to shemale porn, and even when necessary with permission, to chat online with men and fulfill that longing desire from both yours and their fantasies as you find yourself becoming deeply involved in wanting to cross-dress in order to satisfy your growing and compelling needs. For the time being, the only way it seems for you to bring yourself enjoyment will be by watching other transsexual women servicing each other or engaged with another male. You will want of course want to participate with them as you break out your own dildo and vibrator as you take to penetrate yourself to orgasm." In unison, the three moved their heads in understanding.

"Good. It looks like your session time is done for this week," Dr. Dawkins decided having finished with the Pierce's for now. Concluding Dr. Dawkins stated, "I expect you each will be in acceptance of your new roles and the coming changes." Covering the jewel, he placed it in a metal box as he waited for the Pierce's to come out of their trance.

"Are we done?" Adela asked, briefly confused as she spoke for the family, which was considered to be her right as head of the household. For once Trent didn't argue when she turned to him briefly.

"For now." Dr. Dawkins replied as he exited from behind his chair approaching the three. Adela reached out as both Trent and Randy cast their heads downwards briefly when she looked the two over. Shaking Dr. Dawkins' hand, "Don't forget to schedule another appointment up front with my receptionist."

"Of course. How many more do you think will be necessary?" Adela asked as Trent and Randy obediently followed her to the door. She waved them through first as she talked. With Randy almost passed her Adela gave a playful grab ass attempt which forced him to place a hand over his butt as he turned his head towards her. A reserved smile followed when she playfully swatted him once again.

"Not many, I'm sure, just don't be overly concerned if you start to see some changes taking place over the next few days with their appearances and yours."

"What changes? How will their appearances change?"

"Oh, nothing serious, Mrs. Trent. Just the usual, such as Randy wanting to fit in with his changing environment as with your husband. I would suggest being patient as I'm sure you'll find it trying at first. Overall, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the coming changes within your family."

"I'm sure I will," Adela said grasping hold of Dr. Dawkins hand firmly before leaving, letting the door close after them. Seated in his swivel, he waited before calling in his receptionist as he took to fondle himself, nearly unable to control himself as he waited for her arrival.


A few days later, Adela lay in the bed she shared with Trent, waiting. It had been a busy day for the three as they shopped late into the day. It was like Trent and Randy couldn't make up their mind on what set of panties they wanted as she was forced to look them over. Even with knowing it was her duty as head of the household it was just like her husband and father to not agree over their sons' purchases as he selected his own set. "Listen you fucking pansy, if you want them then you better agree to letting your son have the same." Putting her foot down in front of those around them. "Do you understand? I control the finances now," in reminder of who now pulled the purse strings in the family and if he wanted what he selected. "So what will it be?"

Trent looked so pitiful to her, confused at being denied. So lost as he fingered his wanted selections. "I'm sorry, miss. It wasn't my place," happy to agree if it meant getting what he wanted as well.

"That's better."

Soon it grew taxing for her in what she expected them to wear, even if she couldn't see it until they went to dress for bed. Of course, she had been busy herself with the fitting of her own new clothes. She had grown impatient as both her sissy husband and sissy son interrupted her with their wanting of other lingerie. Once she had found it stimulating, only now she tired of it, wanting to leave quickly having grown impatient with their indecisiveness. She had her own boxers, briefs, and large tank shirts well before them. Several pants later they looked excited leaving with several bags. Their bags were flowing with a variety of styles; bikini briefs, thongs, camisole's and tap pants, G-strings, and a few nighties. It had taken a lot out her when they went to find a woman's apparel store to ask for a proper fitting as the main stores seemed to carry a heavy selection of girly clothes. Now content with their purchases, it did seem the counseling was working as the doctor had said it would as the two seemed to bond over a shared desire.

Maybe it will be worth the minor hassle tonight, Adela thought. It has been a long time, as she undressed for bed taking off her pant suit leaving only a minimizer bra to hold and cover her breasts with her tank top as with her briefs. It felt odd to look down to her briefs and know what was missing inside them. She hated where her breasts were loose and flabby just hanging there useless as she once again adjusted the support bra underneath her. It did seem to be working as her breast seemed to diminish slightly. The sales rep at one store seemed surprised when she dropped her pants revealing where she wore a pair of men's briefs underneath. She wasn't a damn sissy like her husband and son, she thought when they hurried towards a changing room to discard their own undies in favor of the new selection. She thought Trent was being a harlot in wanting to wear that red camisole and tap pants as they reminded him of his now discarded briefs, yet she agreed. If that's what he wants to dress like, let him, she thought. But Randy's mine. Allowing him to wear the same, only in a pink camisole style and matching panties. Pouting he reluctantly put on the pink panties she demanded, barely containing her excitement. Trent's ensemble made him look slutty, yet Randy's looked girly. Just the way she wanted him. Girly.

Trent looked so content, satisfied with what she now allowed him to wear to bed. Demanded actually given his other choice was to sleep nude against her. "Not happening," telling him to his face. "My bed, my rules, and him meekly cowering to her like the pansy he was, afraid to stand up to her.

Now dressed up in the matching red camisole and tap panties covered with feminine lace, she had given him a light kiss on the cheek thoughtfully just before his retiring for the night. He was still her wife she though, even if they no longer had sexual intercourse. He had lost that honor years ago. She had felt the smoothness of his skin when she brushed against it, now smelling of applied fragrant lotion.

Adela went to rub a hand over the side of her head glad that the long hair she once tolerated had had been effectively cut away. Even the barber had given her a strange look in what she desired. Well fuck them, she thought. What was it to them in what she wanted, she was a paying customer wasn't she? She was ready to take her business elsewhere if he hadn't agreed, his pointing to where it would cost extra. It was worth the extra cost if she was going to seen as the man of her household, to damn well look the part even as she heard others comment on how butched she looked. Admittedly, she did think Trent looked cute with his selection of revealing panties and camisole. It almost brought her back to when they had first married, which brought her to her other purchase.

Having called a halt to their shopping spree, Adela had grown increasing restless and frustrated both physically and sexually. No sooner had they left Dr. Dawkins office she, like her husband and son, had to get out of their underwear, and with a quick purchase of plain panties and briefs her sissies soon teased her with their constant parading around the house dressed only in panties before showering or going to bed. They weren't the best, she thought, but they did do what they were meant for until we have a real chance to go shopping. Now with their purchases she was setting down a new set of ground rules unable to take their prancing anymore in their skivvies. Sexually that is.

She had tried to control her anxiety as she sped across town with the two in tow, whom she considered her changing family. Arriving at their destination Adela stepped into the XXX store with Trent submissively following her as the two went in to buy her first strap-on. She demanded Randy to stay in the car, she didn't want him exposed to such an establishment. She had never frequented a XXX store unlike Trent once had, but was enthralled when she saw the many kinky selections on display. She loved the selection of dildo's and butt plugs displayed along the counter next to various colored vibrators and other exotic devices just waiting for her as she and Trent examined the sex toys. Pulling up one it looked exquisite, perfect as she chose one specifically for Trent. Hers would due superbly as a devilish thought took hold of what lay in store for her namby-pamby son sitting outside in the car for later in the night. "Go ahead Trent," she commanded when he showed her several shemale magazines for himself as she picked out a few of the more manly ones for herself. "But not in our bedroom. Use the spare room," banishing him down the hall to satisfy his kinky desire. She was the one who'd be in control of their bedroom for her sexual need as she looked over magazines of where men were ruling their way over submissive sluts growing damp herself in her briefs as she thrilled in what was soon going to take place later that night over her virgin son's ass. "May I miss," he beseeched as he showed her another item. "Sure, why not, it's not like I'm going to touch it."

Now as she dropped her briefs and fitted the strap-on between her legs she could still make out where Trent had inserted the butt plug between his cheeks, its outline showed against the fabric of his tap pants which were taunt. "Such a pussy," she said as she headed from the shared bedroom. Adela pulled the briefs back up over the device. She admired how it looked, loved how it gave her a macho appearance inside the material and the illusion of what it meant for her as it filled out the void, outlining itself within its confines as she then grabbed some lube and headed out of the room, across the landing and into Randy's waiting room.

As been expected the light was on with him lying on the top of his bed dressed in a dotted sheer ivory pink camisole with a thong barely covering her prize in the rear. As with Trent, Randy had taken to remove all of the hair from his body leaving it smooth including his small 6-inch cock. Not that it mattered to her as he wouldn't be allowed to use it on her. She briefly considered on letting him use it on her once husband only to reject the idea out of hand. Randy was hers and hers alone.

Adela closed the door after her and walked over to the bed, strode in front of him with her 10-inch strap-on dildo concealed within its confine ready to consummate the love for her son.

"Did you do as I asked?" Adela demanded as she separated the front fly of her brief, pulling out her dick clumsily. She'd have better practice as the nights went as she slowly stroked the lube on the rubber shaft of her instrument with its realistic veins and bulbous head sticking out towards Randy's face.

"Yes Mom," Rand said as his eyes took in the realistic pinkish member before him. It looked so hard even with him privileged on the way home to look it over. He felt confused and excited in holding the instrument his mom wanted to use on him. His own dad had been excited when he unwrapped the vibrator within the car wanting to put in the batteries. Only his mom bellowed, "If you think I'm going to let you cum all over the seats, think again you fucking tart. You'll wait like I said you would." Causing him to pout, cringe at her demand as he fingered the device in his hand. Randy wondered if he was ready for what was going to take place shortly. "Twice as you said." His butt now cleaned like the girl his mom said he was. He wasn't a girl. He still had a dick even if it wasn't that big.

"Good, I want my baby properly douched when I take her." Adela said tenderly. "Now suck it sweetie. You did watch a few like I told you when we were driving home?"

"Um hum," Randy leaned forward and took the large fake cock into his mouth and began to draw it in as he started to suck, letting it go deeper and deeper into his mouth as he lubed it with his own spit, sliding it down his throat. Adela looked down and felt herself getting very horny.

Reluctantly she withdrew her cock from his mouth, "On your knees, bitch," growling forceful with desire as she pushed Randy down onto his hands on the side of the bed. Pushing aside the little material of his panties, Adela took her position behind him as he raised his ass to her cock for entrance. She grabbed the lube and smeared a large amount onto the waiting member, part of her wished it was the real thing when the tips of her fingers found the inside of Randy's ass. She could smell the fragrance of flowers from where Randy had lotioned himself as she massaged his anus. Randy soon was moaning with the ministrations, his own desires growing as he soon gravitated to the motion of his moms rotating fingers sealing the fate of his ass.

Adela pulled out her fingers and pushed her cock into place. Gently at first, she pushed into his tight entrance and said, "Don't worry my little bunny, it'll only hurt a little, relax" as she took to push further into Randy as he moaned and panted only to retreat back when part pushed passed his inner ring. Again, Adela took to pushing it as her frightened bunny tried not to resist further, gently bringing more of her pseudo cock between his wanton cheeks. She grasped hold of him, growing in heat, taking in more of his fragrance as she pushed the thin nightie higher above his ass as she took to pull his sides towards her. The material fluttered in the self-made breeze as she heard the sound of his panting as more, and more of her 10-inch dick slid in and vanished, the two contacted with the whap whap slapping of their skin making contact. Adela began to moan herself with the thrill of having her first fuck in such a long time.

Then when she had greased the inside enough she took to shoving her 10-inch cock fully inside only to withdraw just enough to then shove back into his ass forcefully, pushing Randy forward with her desire causing Randy to bite his lip from the pain as the cock rammed against him once again entered him fully. And with each stroke of her pelvis the motions became easier as Adela began to fuck his ass with lust as her hard thrusts were delivered into him. Underneath next to her own lips a small u-shaped penis pressed against her nether region for none to see, her strap-on was designed to have it rub against her own vagina and with each thrust she caused her own pleasure.

As she they fucked he could hear her son's moans as they told of where Randy was loving it and his own small cock was now rock solid, swinging side to side, back and forth with their fucking. And as he scooted onto the bed to let his dick rub against the sheets and panties Adela started to slap his ass.

"Who are you?" Adela asked in their lovemaking.

"What?" Randy asked in his confused excitement.

"Who are you?" Adela demanded. "Are you my little whore? My personal slut?"

"I'm your son, you're my mom." Randy replied in panted breath, only to have his ass smacked sharply several times.

"Wrong. You're not my son right now, you're my sissy whore, my bitch." Adela stated growing excited. "Now, again, who are you?"

"I'm, I'm your whore Mom." Randy said, his voice shaking as the relationship between mother and son changed with their lovemaking as with his own buildup. He felt where she took to rub his cheeks and the sting of her smacks.

"That's right, baby. My baby whore, my sissy slut. Say it." Rubbing the side of his face, licking it as she leaned over him, planting a kiss to one side then the other as she whispered in his ear. "Say it my little sissy. Tell me what you are."

"I'm … I'm your whore. I'm your whore." Randy said in mantra as he was fucked. "Oh god fuck."

"Not just any whore my little slut. You're my whore, my slut. Aren't you, baby." As she continued to thrust into her son her own buildup beginning.

"Yes, mom. Fuck me mom. Fuck me, please." He begged as he suddenly started to orgasm. He had masturbated many times before, but that was nothing in what he was having now, felt. The buildup seemed to germinate from his ass, winding its way to the ends of his cock before erupting with his climax, but with excruciating pleasure that didn't want to subside. For Adela, she wasn't through as his body convulsed in spasms leaving him weak. Several minutes and Randy didn't know if he could take much more as Adela continued to fuck him and he had never even touched himself down there when he first exploded. He could feel the gooey cum slide within his panties as he seemed to find himself ready to burst once again. Only the feeling was more subdued, forced as he felt the twitching of his cock as he cummed again, shooting what little wad he could onto his bedsheets.

For what seemed like forever Adela ravaged her sons' ass with her fucking him, keeping her hands on his hips or grasping underneath to fondle the limp member as it coated her hand as he continued to rock back and forth to meet each mounted lunge. Grunting and grasping soon after Randy's first orgasm, Adela felt her own climax give way as she began to shiver. Tremors pulsated through her body as electrical waves, only she found she couldn't quit, stop, unable to relax and bask fully in the aftermath. She wasn't done yet it seemed as she continued on for several more minutes herself. After she was done, Adela turned Randy around and reached inside his cum soaked panties and grabbed what she could smearing it over her cock and Randy's panting lips.

"Taste it, lick it," she commanded as Randy's tongue reached out to taste the sticky goo as she rubbed it from side to side over his quivering lips. Her husband had once done to her in what seemed like years ago. Thrilling over the dominance with Randy's compliance, Adela now relaxed, reaching down to caressed her sons face, stroking it slowly as the two caught their breath as she shoved in just the head for him to clean off with the last remnants of his own sperm. Her own pussy seemed to glisten yet she ignored it. She'd clean it later, nobody was going to go down on her unless it was with her strap-on cock. She was the man as she pulled Randy from his kneeling position.

"Don't worry my little bunny, we'll have enough practice for the both of us before our next appointment with the good doctor. You're going to be my submissive bitch from now one. Aren't you." Planting a kiss on his lips. "Same time tomorrow," as she took to sheath her fake dick once more inside the boxers, heading off to her own bed. She'd sleep with it for now, basking in her manhood as she slept against Trent. For now.

With his bun sore, Randy crawled into bed, too tired to change the stained sheets. Part of him felt relieved that his mother had been the one to take him, but another wanted her nearby still as he wanted to cuddle next to her. Just like a man, he thought, not knowing where it came from really, only that he wished she had stayed once she had taken what she wanted. And as he fell asleep he pulled a pillow close to his body in comfort wishing he had a teddy bear or other stuffed animal for comfort, or better still that it was his mother he was snuggled close to. He didn't know if the tears were from her leaving or how sore his butt was, maybe both. Tonight, even with their love making, he really did feel like a slut.


Waking up one morning Trent felt the rough shove from the other side of his bed. "Wake up Trent." Adela said. "If you think you're going to sleep in all day."

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "What would you like Miss." He meekly asked.

"Well breakfast for a start." Adela answered gruffly. "Coffee, black as usual. Shower and change out of that into a less revealing nightie like your son. If you're going to parade around the house wearing nearly nothing you're going to at least wear something more decent to bed. Especially my bed."

"I'm sorry Miss I was up late in my room. I was too tired to change and I like wearing them," Trent whined, only to be gently grabbed by the face forcing him to look at her. Her arms seemed so strong he though whereas his had grown weaker, his butt had been changing as well, he knew. It felt less hard, softer and widening when he slipped into his panties.

"Are you arguing with me?" Squeezing his cheeks gently but firmly. "You've been spending a lot of time in that room like some tramp. Don't think I haven't been hearing your moans as you fuck yourself. You can wear them, but not all the time. You have to set an example for your son even if you are a whore."

Scooting off the bed. "Yes, Miss. I'm sorry Miss. Now?"

"You can shower first. Make sure you clean that butt plug of yours as with your vibrator. I'll be damned if I'm going to have them smelling up the bathroom."

"Of course, Miss."

"And keep those mags away from our son as well, as with cleaning your room. It smells like some cheap porno room." Giving a squeal when Adela's hand slapped his pantie clad butt. He looked at her expectantly only to see her turn away without a second though.

"And Trent."

"Yes Miss." Turning to face his wife, head bent enough to where he could still see her, hands clasped to his front covering his cock. She didn't like seeing it on him, even if cover.

"You forgot to set the table for three again. We are a family after all."

"I'm sorry. I just thought."

"Though what?" Waiting as Adela adjusted the straps of her bra. It was becoming looser up front yet pinched on the sides. Her briefs seem to be less fitting on her butt as well as the sides seemed to be extending outwards.

"Nothing." Did she look taller, Trent wondered? Beefier? More handsome.

"Are you looking for a loss of privileges for questioning me again. Say two days now?"

"What? No Miss. I’m sorry Miss." Trent hurriedly replied, appalled bowing deeply. "I just thought since I wasn't."

"Don't think, just do."

"Of course Miss."

"Better, now scoot." Adela said putting on a T-shirt before sliding into a pair of long shorts. "I'll expect breakfast waiting after I finish my jog."

"Of course." Trent turned rapidly as a tiny smile formed, nearly prancing as he left her to dress. He was still a part of them, he thought excitedly, ignoring how his chest had stated to jiggle with his growing areolas. It was nice how Adela allowed him to dress provocatively only as he showered he did notice what Adela was hinting at as his growing breasts protruded before him. He was being loose in front of his growing son or was it daughter? Still he needed to cover himself accordingly as he washed his hair with the fragrance shampoo to condition it later. Hurrying he didn't have much time as his husband expected her breakfast shortly. He'd lotion up later as he took to sliding over a sheer nightie letting his breasts fall into the loose satin cups. They were filling out so nicely he thought as his nipples poked against the material pushing it forward. Not hurting like they had been when he first noticed the pain.

Taking care, he tucked his bulging cock within the confines of his panties. Even with him growing titties he wished he could wear the thongs that went with it, it was so cute, only they couldn't confine his member when he went hard and Adela had forbidden him from wearing such a skimpy piece as his cock fell out unless he walked daintily. At least in their presence. Only selected G-strings would do with his jeans or capris now as he let his balls hang loose in the taps he liked to wear. They were so girly as his butt started to fill out the rear. Carefully he took to put only the minimum of makeup on. Practiced swipes of mascara through his lashes, later he would finish as he took to tying the satin robe as he slipped into heeled slippers, his husband didn't want her looking to slutty for their changing son. She might be an up and coming whore, but there were standards her husband demanded of her.

"Dad? When's breakfast?" Called out Randy dressed in a nearly see-through nightie, his panties outline with the evident bulge of his own cock.

"I'm hurrying son." Pausing, "I could use a little help before your Mom finishes his run." Unsure if he would help. It was her job after all.

"Sure, but can we talk? I mean I was wondering somethings I can't ask Mom."

"Sure. About what?"

"Make-up? And umm. Something personal."

Giving a tender hug to her son their breast touched exciting her. "I think I know what you're asking." Her face grew red from their intimate touching. "I know you think of how much a slut I am, given how much of a sissy your Mom thinks we are, but if you like I can demonstrate some techniques I know you Mom once allowed."

"Cool." Randy whispered. "I just want to please Mom given I'm her own whore." A sad smile formed on Trent's painted lips taking her sons hand warmly as they headed towards the kitchen.


Weeks later.

Dr. Dawkins heard the knock on the door. "Yes?"

"The Pierce family is here." Dr. Dawkins receptionist, Pansy said as he waved for her to send them in. Opening wide, Adela entered first.

Adela strode in with a confident swagger as she carried a very different mannerism and appearance from their last meeting. The once long chestnut hair was parted to one side, cut short. And unlike before in her wearing a dress, she now wore a purple shirt with what appeared to hide what was left of either an A cup if not a small B cup from the outline of her chest. When she had first appeared to him she had taken to shown off her generous C cup breasts. They had spilled over the top of the dress she had once worn. Now she looked as if wearing a bra would be painful as her chest had broadened out and the once ample breasts were diminished. Even if she did find one to wear, her mannerism would be of one of discomfort to be caught wearing it as her shirt was neatly tucked. Wearing neatly pressed slacks she had on black loafers.

She was rapidly followed by Trent, whose head was down slightly, his hair was already growing long and the top strap of thong panties could be seen peeking through the back of the low hip hugger jeans he wore. His chest had the opposite outcome of Adela's as his looked more slimmer on the sides yet fuller in the front. His waist seemed to have tapered in from where the blouse curved inwards and Dr. Dawkins could see through enough of the off shoulder half sleeve crewneck blouse to know Trent had on a revealing bra worn above his waist. With the sheerness of the blouse Dr. Dawkins was able to see inside. Both panties, and bra had a ring of dark lace from when Trent had turned around for him to see going to his chair. It was a daring move for him to appearance out in the O-Neck flouncing blouse. He wasn't sure, but from the looks of the bra it appeared to be embroidered with intricate flowers from where it pressed against the outline of it. The last to walk in was of course Randy as he followed the other two. Unlike Trent, Randy still had a somewhat male appearance to him as Adela sat first followed next by the other two on either side of her.

Once they were situated, Dr. Dawkins noticed how Adela's hand strayed to Randy's knee and smiled.

"And how are things in the household," Dr. Dawkins asked.

"Couldn't be better," Adela said with a growing grin. "We're arguing less now, with only a small mishap here or there between me and Trent."

"Good, good." Dr. Dawkins said satisfied in mild relief. Reaching inside his desk, he withdrew the jewel from its case, taking care to keep it covered from his eyes, within his palm.

"And you Trent, how are you progressing?"

"I'm doing well. I found some lovely sights online to allow me to … well to fill my erotic needs." Only he grew quiet as Adela gave him a stern look his way.

"Now Mrs. Trent, please. Once you enter here, it's only common curtesy that each of you be allowed to answer my questions freely when asked if I'm to help you."


"I'm not trying to undermine your authority, only that I think it best that each of you answer my questions honestly. It allows us to progress more soothing wouldn't you agree?"

"Of course. Go on Trent." It was then Dr. Dawkins noted how much lower Adela's voice had become.

Timidly at first, Trent filled in the doctor with what he had found as with how his body was changing and having had to go shopping twice more before coming to their appointment, which was part of the reason for her and Adela's quarrel. Dr. Dawkins didn't miss where Trent referred himself as a she. Their disagreement had been quickly settled once Adela grudgingly agreed to where Trend did need more fitting clothes for her ongoing changes.

"Are you taking supplements?"

"Oh no, well maybe one or two that I found online. Vitamins really. That is all right, isn't it?" Trent asked unsure. "I mean a woman needs to keep her daily requirement of supplements."

"That's permissible. I assure you. He heard the slight cracking of Trent's voice and unlike what many believed, a woman could show a small Adams apple just like a man.

"Randy, your being awful quiet. Is everything all right? You're not your argumentative self."

"I'm fine." Looking reflectively to Adela, his face cast downwards shyly.

"Are you by any chance wearing a bra? And panties?"

"Um, no. I mean not a bra. My titties aren't very big," becoming bashful. "I do have an attractive camisole that's matching my panties underneath my blouse. They're so girly with it being so lacy, but Mommy says that I should wear the few enhancing bras we bought from Victoria Secrets. But they don't look right," pouting.

"Well you are a growing boy," pausing when Adela coughed covering her mouth with a fist. "I'm sorry I meant girl. I'm sure they'll mature in time. A late bloomer as they say. I wasn't trying to embarrass you."

"It's okay. Mommy loves them either way." Beaming towards her mother as Adela squeezed her thigh supportively and the thought of their lovemaking of where Adela would bite her pencil thin nipples as with squeezing her cone shaped breasts around her strap-on. They still looked so juvenile given that she was over eighteen. She loved how they started to jiggle as Adela fucked her pussy ass raw and where Trent had to apply lotion the next day. Of course she rewarded Trent for taking care of her ass. It only seemed right.

"Adela, I must say how trim and fit you are for a woman your age, only to have Adela give the doctor a sour look. "Again my mistake. I meant man. Are you working out?"

"Not really, just to where I've been jogging more recently to try and lose more of this unwanted fat that seems to have accumulated," indicating his breasts.

"I see. Very understandable. For now I would like to call your attention to my hand and have the three of you gaze upon the jewel once more," as Dr. Dawkins let the jewel fall from his raised palm. It stopped its fall once the chain went taunt from having been looped over a finger. And like before the three of found themselves gazing at the twirling jewel in front of them, their faces growing slack.

"You three seem to be progressing right a long." Chuckling at his well-intended joke. "But it seems that there should be a few more role changes concerning your relationships."

Focusing his attention on Randy. "As expected Randy your taking to more of the leading role of being Adela's full time lover, as I knew you would, so it's best that you forget he was once your mother as it would naturally be sensible for you to move from one bedroom to the other bed given how you are madly in love with Adela as you can't help to be dominated by him. Randy, you will of course continue to keep fulfilling your wifely duties as any newlywed would of one in the beginnings of her early twenties I might say. You are growing more lovely in that of a young vibrant wife. Wanting to dress enticingly that will keep him tempted once he comes home from wherever job he has taken now as Trent moves into your bedroom. Gather only the necessities as you take over Trent's once role as she is seen more of as a guest in her own house now as both your lives have reversed and now seem to be heading in different directions."

With malice in his eyes Dr. Dawkins spoke more towards Trent with the jewel between them. "Trent, you will of course want to put aside the any notion that you were once married to Adela, for yours seems to be the life of a growing shemale by the fact your genitals haven't seemed to diminish. So you will be that of a single woman still living in the same house with Adela's blessing. I must say how lovely you are becoming. I can almost swear how youthful you appear now from when we first met. A woman in her late twenties maybe? Your appearance is one so young it misleads one to the idea that you've just graduated high school. And that urge of yours. I can see where you have ideas of how to provide a means to support yourself in wanting to buy slutty women's clothing; micro skirts, dresses, stockings, as with basque's to help shape your body, especially the growing bootie of yours as they say. To dress up late in the evening with Adela's approval as you go online and talk to men in chatrooms. You will be wanting to go by the name Angel it seems when online. You truly are blossoming towards a nymphomaniac by the way. Unfortunately, there is little in my wanting to curb this desire as with that member between your legs. For now, I would suggest keeping your age hidden as you wouldn't want to mislead those astray with their wanting to believe how you're so youthful, promiscuous, and desirable with having a cock. Trent, it seems you will always be just as submissive to Adela as Randy is."

Without asking Trent shook her head modestly as with placing her hands over her crotch permissively.

"It's quit all right Trent. It seems you can't help in who your becoming. I even find you delectable. But there is the patient, client rule I must obey."

Finished now with Trent, Dr. Dawkins turned towards Adela with almost the same type of malice. "I must say as well how you are progressing nicely, or should I say handsomely towards your role of the husband. Of course, you will want to continue towards that macho look in wearing masculine clothes, but for now it's seems you have to be content with your strap-on next to your side bed. You do appear a little more youthful as well. I would have to say in your late twenties as Trent as for you find your life back to the days of when you yourself was a newlywed, but with your role reversed as Randy is the one who stimulates you along your manliness and fulfilling your husbandly needs and wants. I'm sure Adela you'll continue to ravish her vivacious body with your love making. I'm sure Trent will find it hard to sleep even as he, I'm sorry, she, is living not far from your bedroom. The sounds of your romps in the bedroom will of course stimulate her ongoing sexual appetite with the sounds of your fucking of Randy. I'm sure Adela, the two of you will find a more suitable arrangement with your wanting to help keep her growing needs in check."

Pausing briefly Dr. Dawkins was pondering. "And yet for your families previous problems it seems the three of you still cling to one another as a family under one roof. I do find this strange given the nature of your disagreements from past sessions. Still if that's how this is to progress and Adela wishes it who am I to argue. Of course your still subject to his rules with his being the head of the household. And from the way your dressing Trent I'm sure his hands will be quite full in his trying to control you and your wanting urges."

"Now Adela, even as you grow more manly you need to beef up some. Join a gym club, do weights and protein shakes. My advice, stay away from steroids and male hormones. Your body won't need them. And from the way your changing I don't think you ever will." Clasping his hands together Dr. Dawkins covered the jewel into the palm of his hand, placing it back in its case and waited.

Waking from their trance. "I believe it was a productive hour wouldn't you say Mr. Pierce."

"You don't know how I like your sessions, Dr. Dawkins. I feel like our family is coming together finally."

"I'm sure. Of course, don't forget to schedule your next appointment with my receptionist." As the three stood up, Adela walked to the door and opened it almost gentlemanly, turning to Randy as she tried to pass by only to be forcibly grabbed. With what looked like strong arms, Adela stopped her and leaned down to give Randy a passionate kiss on the lips as his tongue tried to slip between hers seeking entrance briefly as with a several squeezes on her bum as Trent waited docilely behind. Inside of Trent a desire grew of wanting to be affectionately caressed once more, meekly ready to follow the two out demurely.

Dr. Dawkins smiled, once the three had left. Going over his current appointment list he found he now had a brief interlude of half hour free. More than enough time he reckoned as the session left him horny with a stiff bulge needing attention beneath his pants. Opening the door, verifying that nobody had unexpected arrived in the lobby, he called out, "Pansy come in please, I've have need of some oral dictation for you to take care of." Pushing back in his chair, he rolled away from the desk, as he proceeded to unzipped his trousers, lowered them as with his boxers and chair.

Within seconds his receptionist Pansy entered and saw the position Dr. Dawkins had taken. Briefly Pansy's mouth watered as she spied where both his trouser and boxers were now lowered just below the knees, his need evident. His large cock was standing at full staff. Pansy knew what to do having anticipated it, locked and turned the 'Back in 30 minutes' sign over the door before coming in and hungrily went to her knees in front of Dr. Dawkins. Eagerly she opened her wet mouth and lowered it onto his waiting cock taking it deep between her lips popping it in her mouth with ease, commencing to bob up and down sucking on it like a child would to sucking on a lollypop as spittle soon covered his shaft with her attentions.

Expectedly Dr. Dawkins looked down and how the two had met years ago. She wasn't known as Pansy of course. She had once been a whinny young man who came to him seeking to change his lot. Just fresh from high school the girl who was aptly once called Dick, was a rude loud mouth prick, doing nothing more than complain to Dr. Dawkins about how life cheated him and how his parents failed him. It was during one of their sessions he decided it was time for a different sort of intervention as the boy failed to grasp what he could do to make progress with his counseling.

He had called Dick to come to the office early one day, because Dr. Dawkins had told him of where he was looking to expand his business and had need of an assistant and wondered if the boy might be interested.

Glad at first for a chance to get out of the house and make what he thought would be some easy money, Dick started to balk at what his duties would entail and what was expected of him. Of course this was Dick who expected more and was unhappy with what Dr. Dawkins had to offer. He didn't want a job that he felt was below his abilities. And before Dr. Dawkins went into greater detail, he had anticipated to where Dick would want to decline the position offered and produced the jewel he had once obtained many years before. And as expected Dick found himself staring at the jewel, and with the proper suggestions Dick grew more enthusiastic with the job. Doctor Dawkins wasn't his real name. He kept it hidden in the event of where a client might want to sue him for … well, for obvious reasons if the jewel failed to produce. Of course, that never happened, but he saw no reason to risk it.

After his brief interview, Dick couldn't seem to wait to start as Doctor Dawkins' receptionist. Then he was told the best part, or what Doctor Dawkins considered the best part of having him having to dress as a woman, and like many others, Dick soon started to change and with each advancement Dr. Dawkins started to grow excited as Dick felt compelled to do as asked under the influence of the jewel.

Told of needing to dress in sexy clothing, Dick did what many other had done and shaved his body smooth, Dr. Dawkins found through trial and error that by doing these steps first, it sped along the mental and physical changes that the client accepted as the jewel cast its spell on those looking at it. There was something about the use of colors that determined ones' personalities. He instructed Dick to dress in black for black took the meaning of being demure, but with lustful inhibitions when combined with the color red. Pink of course made them girly, feminine, as with what manner of clothing was used to determine their gender. Going deep red made one so slutty it even overwhelmed him. White of course was one used to denote innocence which he used for special cases. A few times he used, blue and green for more subtle affects.

It was by just by accident he found that when suggested, one's age could be manipulated. If done properly it would either make one grow older or young. But he never went too young. Well there was that one time and he, now she, deserved it. Even he as a therapist had been overly repulsed by the man's conduct of wants. She should just be graduating grade school now ready to start the next phase in her life of promiscuity. And he definitely didn't like the older woman. 50's was enough for his taste.

And as Dick changed, Doctor Dawkins had him dress in mid length skirts and blouses. She would be the one to receive potential clients and she choose black on her own as it was the most suited color for their line of work as with white. Both were seen as being professional, and he did want to convey to his clients that he did run a legitimate profession, and not some bordello. Of course, Dick had taken to be more open in his presence, to leaving a few of the top buttons undone at first, showing off his growing womanly fate as he wantonly displayed his expanding cleavage for Dr. Dawkins amusement and pleasure as with wearing stiletto heels, mincing around the office like the caricature of Miss Wiggins. And like many clients before him who first started their change, Dick had to learn the skills of being a woman. The jewel never gave those who changed genders the ability to dress naturally, or how to apply make-up like a woman would with years of practice.

It was like a shock to Dick on why he couldn't balance himself in heels for the first time and he had to work his ways up as he wobbled about. Then there was the gaudy look he had attained when he first sat before a vanity table and like some 5-year old applying their mothers' make-up for the first time there was a dearth of skill needed. Dr. Dawkins was irritated at first, ready to call it quits with Dick as he looked worse than a rodeo clown, only the urge grew of wanting this once boy to come before him and pleasure him with his growing lips. It was then he took to calling Dick, Pansy for he looked like one before the final changes fully set in.

Having searched for the proper beauty salon, Dr. Dawkins instructed Pansy' cheeks be blushed out with hints of pink and painted lips of Cherry red as with her being educated. It didn't take her long to smooth her face with the right amount of foundation and powder, rounding her eyes with just the right touch of eye liner. To color her underlying eyelids in various shades along with mascara on her eyelashes and penciling over plucked thin eyebrows. Fashion magazines were scattered over the office as she grew in proficiency of how to dress.

Then on the final day Dr. Dawkins stood Pansy up, admiring her work and bowed down to kiss her longingly on the lips. Panting Pansy, he had affectionately taken to call her as she seemed to be caught breathing heavily in his presence for his affection and growing lust thanks to the jewel. He pushed her easily to bended knees and her taking to reach up and unzipped his trousers, fingered out his large engorged member from the confines of his boxer shorts and said, "It's your graduation present Pansy, take it and suck on it Pansy. You earned it." And just as Pansy leaned forward, opening her mouth, and took the enlarged cock and began to suck, Dr. Dawkins moaned loudly as he felt Pansy's' eager lips press tightly around his member as she seemed to inhale his cock. He placed his hands firmly on Pansy's head, held it in place on both sides and began to impulsively shove himself in and out at a growing pace not wanting to hurt her, yet unable to control himself. She seemed to love how he face fucked her. He couldn't help himself once those lips of hers surrounded his member, both having relinquished into the lust that filled the two of them.

After doing this for barely five minutes, Dr. Dawkins couldn't wait any longer and had Pansy lift her skirt just enough to expose that bubble butt she had increasingly teased him with when she entered the office, and pushed down the tiny thong that barely covered her enlarged lips. Long gone was Dicks dick as he leaned Pansy over the office couch, going down willingly on her knees as she cried out "Fuck me. Fuck me please boss." And to her delight and wish he entered her from behind without delay. He had prepared to grease her behind only Pansy didn't need it as she took to spread her legs. He found her pussy lips swollen, needing in want as he placed his shaft to her glistening lips, and with one well-placed shove, entered her easily making Pansy gasp and pant with heated desire. He wouldn't call what they did as making love as the two had lusted after one another for some time. He couldn't understand how the two of them had been able to wait so long for one another and he took to fucking her for a good 15 - 20 minutes until he shot his cum into her glistening vagina as she voiced her pleasure calling out "Oh My God, Don't Stop Fucking Me, Don't Stop, Don't Stop Fucking Me. Aaahhh …," shrilly as she came twice from the fucking before he did so.

And now sitting in his swivel chair, Dr. Dawkins gave a mighty groan as he came once more into Pansy's waiting mouth as he remembered their first time on the couch nearby. Looking down at Pansy he could see where she had swallowed the spew of cum that had ejected forth from him and a look of blissful happiness. Her eyes still trained on Dr. Dawkins she asked, "Will there be more later sir?" She sounded so hopeful, as Dr. Dawkins looked down, smiled and said, "Later perhaps, Pansy. It will of course be dependent on my next set of clients."

"Of course, as always." Rising from her knees not the least bit disappointed, he watched as Pansy took to licking her fingers proactively having fingered herself. He barely heard her moans through his own as she came as well. Dr. Dawkins watched her the sway of her ass from side to side as she walked out of the room in her 4-inch stiletto heels.


One night after Trent and Randy had finished moving to their new rooms, Adela was laid out in her bed with Randy next to her, she was dress in a very short laced pink nightie. They barely covered her ass cheeks with white stockings that shimmered on her legs as with the little white garter used to hold them up. White spiked heels with pink feathers adorned her feet as pink glowing polish exposed themselves from the front. She had no panties on as Adela wanted her small cock exposed. Even with its growing smaller, it was bone hard as she encased her gloss pink lips up and down Adela's fake cock. Her dainty hands were placed on Adela's stocky legs for support as she bobbed her way over the shaft. Gone were the once smooth contours of a woman, as Adela's muscles hardened as his legs tightened flexed as with the growing placement of thick hair.

Thanks to Trent's help, Randy learned the beginnings of how to apply her make-up only to have Adela grow irritated when she first showed herself to him. Trent quivered in terror before him as Adela yelled at her. Randy wasn't some tramp like she was, only it was Randy who managed to temper her lovers anger as she explained it wasn't her fault. Trent hadn't been around when Randy attempted to do it alone, believed she could manage, as it was her job as his wife to learn how to properly adorn herself for his pleasure. Adela accepted her explanation as he went to instruct his sissy Trent to continue to show her how. He didn't want to concern himself with what he judged women's business.

Trent was already become more of an expert herself at applying her own. Gratefully Trent looked at her masters' mistress with thankful eyes. And with Trent's help Randy took to the instructions as Trent showed Randy a web site she used to show how to apply the various foundation and powder. Like Randy she had been so confused at first, only to become more comfortable as the days went by with her learning the dizzy array that a woman went through in finding the perfect application. Trent claimed she still wasn't perfect with it, but with time she assured Randy she would pick up how to apply only the necessary amount to make her more alluring and not some cheap hooker like her as she became more comfortable. Randy found Trent to be like and older sister as she showed her tricks not wanting Adela to grow bored in their love making. In appreciation she did something for Trent that she never expected in gratitude. Adela had a demanding expectation on them both in their reprised roles of appearances and privately Randy found that she had a desire as well that only Trent could provide once their master had left for the day. She didn't think of it as cheating, for the both of them belonged to their master as Randy took to her own lust of cock. Privately, both girls confided how Adela was being such a bitch towards them, not understanding the complexities a woman went through. Obviously, neither were going to tell on the other for they both loved him.


"Good morning Sir," Trent said as she curtsied before the two as Adela woke in bed.

"You're up early," Adela said as he shifted to lift himself up, untangling himself from both Randy and the sheets.

"I thought I would make the two of you a special breakfast before you went to work Sir," taking to curtsy once again pulling the sides of her black flouncing skirt slightly. Standing anxiously in front of them Adela waited as he could see where Trent had put on a beautiful short-skirted black dress with a cute white satin ribbon bow tied neatly behind her as with a white satin lace-edged apron in the front. It looked to have been stitched directly into the fabric as with the small white bow placed between her bodice. The hem showed just enough of her lower butt giving her the least amount of modesty, nonetheless showed more if she bent over.

Strands of white ruffled lace was weaved several times across each side of the bodices protruding breasts as with white lace and fine black mesh sewn over the top of her uniform. A cute black satin choker with white lace as well wrapped its way around her neck as with a lace-trimmed headband covered in the same black and white mesh over her brown wavy hair. Trent had donned a pair of black fishnet stockings halting midway up her thighs as she strutted before him in high glossed black stilettos.

"Why the sexy uniform?" Adela asked growing interested. The tops of her breasts heaved upwards, jiggling as more fatty tissue took to collect in forming her expanding breasts, pushed alluringly upward, firmly confined within the bodices protruding cups.

"I, um. I have a client later in the evening sir. After you and the misses leave to dine out. He said he's into role playing and I thought with your permission I might take to wear my maids uniform to help me role play with Randy for him. I hope you don't mind."

"No its fine. Looks nice on you in fact unlike those other slutty clothes you wear."

Blushing. "Thank-you sir. I do try to please, even if I am nothing but a worthless slut to you."

"And you're comfortable in what we talked about?"

"I can't seem to help myself like Dr. Dawkins said. I have to have it, I crave it sir. So if it will help us, help you, to offset my expenses, yes. I know I'm an expense to your family."

"A win win for both of us it seems." Adela said getting dressed. "Unfortunately I won't have time. I have to attend a meeting this morning it seems."

"I see," Trent said bowing her head in disappointment only to have Adela lift her pretty face towards him gently.

"I didn't say I wanted to miss your breakfast. I 'do' have a meeting. If it will make you feel better, prepare it for tomorrow."

"Yes, sir, as you wish sir." Trent said her eyes lighting up. "I mean to please my master."

Chuckling. "It's not my wish, but yours it seems, who am I to say no. It's why I have to work twice as hard to burn off your cooking." Patting his stomach even with the missing appendage below. "Go prepare a protein shake. It's all I will have time for this morning." She had seen how ripped he was becoming, envious of what her mistress was now entitled to.

"As you wish my lord." Curtsying at her dismissal.

"And Trent." Adjusting a Men's cup between his briefs for appearance sake at work.

"Yes, my lord," causing Adela to look strongly at Trent.

"Set it for three as usual. I do expect you to dine with us as usual."

"But, my lord an unprivileged maid doesn't eat with her master or mistress."

"Since when are you my maid, my servant?" Adela asked sardonically. "Even with your role playing?"

"I can be master, if you like." Casting her eyes shamefully down before him. "You are the lord of this home not I anymore."

"Then do as I asked and set a table for three, no more questions, understood."

"Yes my lord." Trent said curtseying before him before leaving. She better temper that role playing of hers with me, Adela thought in irritation. I have no desire for a fucking whore to be a slave in this household.


Adela and Randy entered the house late that night. The front porch light was still on as usual only the light in the living room was on as well with no one there.

"Is she still up my love?" Randy asked holding onto her lovers' arm as they climbed the stairs leading towards the bedroom.

"Wouldn't be surprise." Adela said. "There are days that damn whore can't seem to get enough dick to satisfy her ass." He surmised having turned off the light.

It was as they were heading towards their bedroom, Adela and Randy heard what sounded like deep sobbing coming from within the closed door of Trent's bedroom. Trying the door, Adela twisted the knob which wouldn't budge finding it to be locked. Becoming angry Adela knew Trent understood his rules. No door was to be locked except for a good reason. "Trent, why is your door locked."

"I …, I'm sorry my lord," Trent said through halted crying. "I, I need some privacy my lord, if I may. Please." Trent said still sobbing.

She's still doing that damn role play of hers. Adela though gritting his teeth in annoyance. "Open this damn door." Adela shouted, banging on the door.


"No! Master. Please I beg of you."

"What did you say, Slut?" Shocked at hearing the disobedience coming from Trent. "Did you tell me no, in my own home? Are you wanting to defying me?" Again Trent took to banging on the door, with it rattling against the frame from his pounding. "If I break this door." Adela threatened.

Seconds passed before he heard the sound of the door unlocking then the sudden retreat of feet once the door unlocked to open freely. Entering within Adela found Trent cowering once more in the corner in fear covered only in a Terry cloth robe. She was facing away from him, her hair disheveled. He could see where her body was trembling.

Slowly he made his way over to his once former husband. It was as he passed her bed he saw the remnants of the maids' uniform from early this morning, torn as with stockings ripped as well. Bending low Adela turned the shivering Trent flinching when he took to twist her face from side to side growing more angry in what he saw.

"Who did it?" Trent demanded his voice hard and heavy as he looked at the fresh bruises on her face. "Answer me Trent. Who fucking did this to you."

"My customer my lord." Only to back away when Adela nearly raised his voice towards her.

"Enough of the fucking role playing. Drop your damn 'my lord' crap Trent." Adela commanded demanded, rising. "Can you take me to him."

"I, I wouldn't advise it … sir." Trent said chocking out the words. "He wasn't alone as there were others at his apartment when I went to meet him."

"You said you were only meeting one. What happened," Adela questioned, almost tenderly much to Trent's disbelief as Randy took a cloth to her face careful of the bruises. "What did he want."

"He, he wanted me to do more than I was willing. I may be a slut to my ways, but you know there are things even I won't do sir."

"How many others?"

"Two sir. They wanted to… to…" Trent answered going silent.

"Fuck it, doesn't matter. Take me there."

"I, I don't think… its wise master." Earning a stern look for questioning him.

"I didn't ask you, I’m telling you." Adela said, taking to pull her up. "Get dress, Randy help her while I get changed. We need to stop somewhere as well."

"At once sir," helping to hold the girl. Together Randy held onto Trent as they looked in her closet for a set of decent clothes. Even with her bruises, both Trent and Rand knew better not to disobey him when he was angry.

"How did you?"

"I, I managed to break free. He didn't believe I was over twenty-one, still in high school even with my showing that I was. Then as we were negotiating outside his door he started slapping me on my face saying he'd prove to me I wanted it rough as he tried to grab the back of my skirt, hitting me. I … ran, came home." Trent said sobbing more. "I ran and ran scared like a little girl I lost my heels running like that."

"Best thing you did. You're lucky you got away." Randy said having selected a blouse as with a pair of jeans as Trent seemed in shock. From the moment Trent had first started prostituting herself to fill her lust she had never been assaulted when she went to service a customer personally. Now Randy wasn't sure if Trent should continue even with her uncontrollable wants and desires.

"I know," Trent said through tears. "I was lucky."


"Looks like a pretty decent place." Randy said as she opened the door for Trent. "Are you okay." She asked concerned as Trent stayed motionless looking out the door unsure.

"I'm fine." Trent said her face downcast shivering.

"Like shit you are," Randy said. "Don't lie to me."

"Yeah, I'm scared. Terrified." Looking up to her. "Must I?"

"Maybe she should stay her Adela. She terrified," Randy suggest boldly towards her husband, looking out for Trent like a sister would.

"I need her." Adela said gently pulling her along. "Now let's go." Adela said having taken an aluminum bat with them as they went to the apartment.

"This one," Trent said point to the door having climbed a few set of stairs. Adela could hear the sound of music playing loudly from the other side.

"I want you to knock and wait."

"Sir?" Trent trembled, looking scared at her master, yet she couldn't disobey him.

"Trust me." He said as she knocked on the door as directed, looking up into a small camera mounted just above the door.

"Hey, your back," came a husky voice as the door opened. "So you're willing to do as we asked?" Only he never finished opening the door as it was forced back suddenly as Adela brushed his body past Trent taking to shove it against Trent's once prospective client, boldly forcing the man against the wall and placing the aluminum bat across his neck covering his throat. "Hey!"

"My whore said you were the one who hurt her. Is that true?" Pressing firmly against him.

"She's lying. Why would you believe a prostitute?"

"Because I know my whore. She knows what would happen if she lied to me, just like you did." Pushing the bat harder causing the man to gasp for air. "Don't think I didn't just hear what you said."

"So? What's it to you? She's nothing but a tranny. A guy wanna be."

"That wanna be happens to be my business and he's a she. Now did you hurt her and not pay for the services that was agreed upon?"

"I was willing to pay extra for hitting her. Why should I have to now. She didn't provide and we're not paying."

"Let's make sure I understand you correctly," Adela said as he held the guy up with the bat locked across his throat. "You said we, not I. My slut didn't agree to take on more than one. You also requested to have her meet you here as a maid not telling her that there would be others inside. Correct."

"Sure, so I changed our talk. It happens. What of it." The man said as he looked towards the hallway.

"Why do I imagine you weren't going to pay her even if she did agree to what you asked. My girl may be a slut and a whore, but she's my whore, my business, and she has limits in what I know she won't do and you just crossed it if you were going to force her unwillingly and beat her into it." It was as Adela was talking Randy noticed movement coming from the hallway inside as a second and third man appeared from another room towards him. One looked as if he was still pulling up his pants.

"Adela," Randy called out as a second one approached. Moving his free arm rapidly Adela held himself against the man's throat tightly as he took to swinging the bat over the other, connecting against the approaching attacker's side followed by a cracking sound.

"Fuck." Was the only sound heard as he clutched his side not expecting to really be attacked.

"I think I heard his ribs break," Randy said reaching into her handbag as the man groaned in pain.

"Didn't think I go after him it seems." Continuing to push in hard with his forearm, the once client made a chocking sound only to gasp when Adela released it as he jabbed his knee up to the man's groin before advancing on the one he had just hit. Hitting him with the swing of the bat, Adela connected against the side of the attacker's shoulder and watched him stay down. Turning towards the third, his next assailant had backed away as he pulled out a switch blade before advancing cautiously towards the Adela.

"I wouldn't," Randy threatened as she pointed a gun at him which caused him to halt not expecting one to bring one letting Adela swing and connect to the side of the man's face. All heard the sound of the metallic bat connecting and the sound of bone crunching as the third attacker dropped. Blood started to seep between his lips as he spit out both blood and teeth lying there on the ground covering his face.

"Now then where were we," Adela asked raising the man from the floor he had just kneed, pulling him by the scruff of his shirt.

"Fuck you." Only to grow frightened as Adela raised the tip of the bat against his face and pushed.

"You must be stupid or just plain dumb. I just took down your two friends and you still want to be a smartass punk. My way or your way. Don't matter."

"What do you want?"

"Payment for services rendered."

"She didn't do anything."

"No, but you did. So either you pay up or I take. What'll it be?" Adela said pulling back on the bat ready to swing.

"I, I don't have any on me."

"Wallet now." Adela demand, flexing his fingers in a gimme gimme motion impatient now in his demand as he held the guy with the other. Fumbling a wallet was shoved into his hand tossing it towards Trent. "Well?"

"Just two twenties, nothing more, sir." Trent said clearly disappointed. It wouldn't even pay for the costume he ruined.

"Take it." Rising from his kneeling position, he punched the mans' face causing blood to spurt from his nose.

"What the fuck," covering his face.

"That's for being a cheap fuck." Adela said. "Go ahead, call the police if you want. I'm gaming you have one, maybe two in the back bedrooms since your friend was pulling up his pants. Either that or both of them are fucking gay. I'm also guessing their waiting for us to leave. And if those bitches were smart they'd better be calling their pimp since it looks like you or your friends weren't going to pay them either."

"Yeah, well she threatened us with a gun." Pointing towards Randy, to which she pointed it at him.

"Bang." Randy said as the man cringed when she pointed towards him as she looked to pull the trigger. "It's amazing what you can find at Wal-Mart." Randy said. "They look so realistic even up close."

"Let's go." Adela said finished. He thought he saw more movement coming from the hallway as with a glow of a cellphone. Not my concern. He thought. They're not my bitches.

"Fucking asshole." Climbing into the car tossing the bat in the back. "That's it. You're through, finished." Adela said turning towards Trent still upset.

"Sir?" Trent said growing fearful. "Sir, I mean …"

"Shut it. I know you're not some stupid fucking whore. You made a fucking mistake." So did I, he though, to fucking trustful in letting you out alone looking as young as you do. Stupid, stupid, stupid of me.

"You live under my roof and you almost got yourself killed. No more. We could have been killed if these punks were smarter, or had a real gun ready to use against us unlike our cheap toy. I'm not willing to risk putting my family in danger because you can't control your damn fucking desires. Your nothing but a fucking nymphomaniac who can't control her urges when or where she gets her next fuck."

"I'm sorry sir, I know. I'm so addicted to it," Trent answered going quiet. Where will I go? She thought scared with worry as Adela started the car leaving the apartment complex, crying on Randy's shoulder as Randy pulled her close. Making shushing sounds. Where can I go?

And as they were leaving the parking lot another car had sped in. Soon after, "Let's just get the fuck home. I'm tired." Adela said rubbing the side of his head after driving around to cool off. "Fucking bitch. Can't keep her mouth where it belongs." Adela said not caring if Trent heard as he looked in the rearview seeing she still rested her head against Randy's shoulder. "Is she okay?"

"She's asleep sir, from the ordeal. What do you plan to do my love?" Randy asked pensively.

"Put her to bed of course. Stay with her, watch her. If she's not awake before I leave for work let her sleep. Tell her she's not to leave the house. Let her rest if she can. " Heading onto the freeway. "Just be there for her."

"You care for her sir?"

"Do you really have to ask," Adela said looking in the rearview mirror towards the two.

"No sir, I guess I should never have though that after what you did."

"She may be a slut to her ways, whore her way through life, but like I told them, she's my whore whether she likes it or not." My responsibility, he thought. He didn't seem to see the small smile come onto Randy's face heading home.


"Can you work it? Will it meet your needs bitch?"

Trent looked over the equipment set up in the spare room. The closet loaded with her stage costumes as with the various sex items she craved. A bed and computer now set up within as a blinking highspeed internet modem seated nearby. A strange device had been connected to the modem as with her camera and microphone now plugged into it. A series of lights blinked on and off from it.

"I think so sir. I mean I understand what to do, but?"

"But what?" Adela asked.

"Why, if I may ask sir? I thought you wouldn't want me to stay?"

"And what? Go and possibly get yourself killed like the last time. We were lucky. I checked. Nobody reported the incident." Adela said as he looked over the connections one final time satisfied. "It took some digging, but I found a site that was willing to host you online for a fee once they verified your age. Another means for you to bring money in, for both them and you. It's up to you on how many you want and what you do."

"Thank-you sir. I mean for not kicking me out. I won't disappoint you." Trent said, bowing her head before him in shame.

"I doubt that you could." Adela agreed. "You're too good at being such a slut and whore I don't think you could disappoint given what you are."

"I know sir. I'm just a meek slave addicted to my lusts. I can't seem to change it." Trent said as a tear formed where the bruises had been, fading as most were now covered in make-up. "But if I may ask, what if they want to meet like before? Or?" Trent asked carefully. There were times not even her dildo's or vibrators could satisfy her needs. She needed the touch of a man, even if they didn't lover her. To feel the real thing plunge deep into her ass as they fucked her.

"Nobody, and I mean nobody is to be approved without my consent understand?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry that I questioned you Master. I know it's a bother to you. I'm such a worthless whore to put you through this I'm sure."

"We'll see. Remember it was you who asked for it. Now go do what you love to do you fucking slut. Fulfill your needs."

"Yes Master."

"Remember my rule about this or else." As Trent turned towards him obediently. "If there are those who don't want to understand how it will be in where to meet, price, or after you turn down an offer not liking what they won't agree to, cut the feed. If they can afford to watch you, they sure as hell can afford to meet where I want them to meet. You may be a fucking whore. But you're my whore is that understood."

"Of course Master, I understand. I'm nothing but a cheap whore who's needs your help as I fulfill my needs. I'm so unworthy of your touch or your pleasure and want. It is your home after all."

"Yes, it is." Leaving Trent alone in her sex room. "Yes you are." Agreeing.

Sitting down on the small bed assembled Trent looked over what Adela had provided her. He said she would make it up with the money she earned. It depended on how long it took as he would take it from her earnings. She hadn't asked, he just did it. It was more than she had expected for the trouble she had caused him days before. "Why?" She asked. "Why does he care for me? For what I did to him and us? He knows how much I'm a slave to my cock sucking ways. A slut and still he lets me stay."

Reaching for the small mirror Trent checked her face, fixing her make-up once again as she went to the box pressing the button to show that she was ready to go live soon and as she waited her dick grew hard within her panties in anticipation. The sheer bra that displayed her nipples and areolas within the skimpy outfit she wore so she could do a strip tease act to music. A bed for her to lay on as others watched when she masturbated with her various sized dildos to her waiting pussy ass or throat. She really was a nymph to her ways when it came down to it. Even after what she had been through she found she wouldn't give it up. She couldn't. She really was a prisoner to her lust.


Randy's eyes were shaped by a thin penciled eyeliner around thinned eyebrows, her eyelids were colored silver with eye shadow, mascara covered her eye lashes, as with just the right amount of blush applied to her cheeks. Tonight, Adela demanded her lips be covered in deep pink lipstick. She soon found out why as her head bobbed its way over the rubber shaft leaving a streak of pink in her wake as she took to ministration to her lovers moaning of pleasure. She felt like a blushing bride as she bobbed over Randy who pushed back bleached hair as they covered her face in soft curls as clipped hair failed to keep back. Tonight, Adela was forcing her down the shaft and to the base making her gag. God how she loved being dominated by her man and it felt so wet from where her demising clitty was. She could now cover it within a G-string easily which seemed to please her lover.

And just beneath her lovers' strap-on a new change had been slowly taking place over Adela. Where his own clitoris had once been hidden between two folds, it had grown larger, thicker, as the lips of his vagina seemed to grow coarser, protruding away from his once cunt. Sides seemed to stitch themselves together as one, a rough sack took to form as his lips started to close.

Randy though that she felt a tiny pebble within each side as her fingers gently went to fondle the growing scrotum between her lovers' legs. Massaging it gently else Adela would hit her for inflicting unwanted pain as her lover squired in pleasure with the slight scraping of her fingernails. When she had accidentally done so, Randy of course had begged for his forgiveness as it was new to her as for him. He had actually been in a good mood when she was allowed to touch them for the first time. He hadn't beaten her actually, just slapped her face for attention and snatched her hand away. Rarely had he ever let her bring her hand between his thighs. Not until recently with the small protrusion of his tiny penis did he relent claiming how good it felt. With her wanting to appease him, she worked her way down between his groin taking to gently lick and kiss her way down and between to ease away the pain which she caused. It pleased Adela even more, only he continued to want her to suck on his latex cock like the man he was, and not some woman even with it growing.

Soon she though, it wouldn't matter as her own clitty was taking to change form. Weeks later he would be able to prove how much of a man he really was. Her own excitement grew as she reached between her own legs to massage where her own slit was starting to form. Gone was her scrotum sack. Only the bulging of her sides of where it had been being left. A split leaving the beginnings of an opening like a small child. It looked strange to see where her soon to be clittty would be going into, yet she couldn't wait. Soon she thought. Soon she would be able to prove how much of a woman she really to him as he to her.

Secluded in her sex room, Trent had dressed in the sluttiest clothes she could find in her closet, a very tight red off the cuff shoulder dress that came just below her bum. The tightness of it clung closely as it outlined her breasts and the protrusion of her nipples. It even showed the outline of her large areolas and if not careful her garment would rise upwards to show off more of her smooth legs. She had risked wearing 5-inch black high heels strapped to her feet. They would kill them if she were to strut her wares around the room to long, as Adela had suggested. Her face was slutty enough for many of her current customers with just enough make-up to highlight her face in the light of her room. Eyes were overly done with black and brown eye shadow. She had taken to wearing outlandish lashes this night as with painting her lips dark pink and pulling her hair back in a braid. Her face had grown more youthful as lines that once crowed her eyes seemed to magically vanish. Her lips had started to puff outwards, fuller growing, and her cheeks had turned high unlike where she lost her once boyish features.

She considered the look almost cliché in that she was really was in her late twenties, given the age many thought she portrayed. Both her school girl and cheerleader outfits with various accessories were waiting if needed close by, ready for when her clients wanted to fantasize her being a slutty little school girl for their warped wants. She carried the looks from when she first graduated high school. Usually carded when she went out to restaurants to meet potential clients if she ordered one of her favorite drinks for them to buy. But then again, she was also carded when she went to the store to buy wine for when she cooked meals for her master and mistress. Now sitting just far enough from her camera to show her work, her current voyager had taken to pulling his pants down just enough to expose himself to her. She thought of how her master Adela had actually graced her with a kiss of affection before she returned to her room after he arrived home from work. It almost felt like passion as he copped her breasts giving her nipples a hard tweak. God how she missed when she had her master's true affection, and how he toyed with her now, even with everything she had put his family through.

"Okay babe, show me it. Prove to me that you really have a dick." God, she felt so hot and horny sitting there before him as he spoke crudely to her, safely shielded on the other side of the monitor. Slowly she rose her dress up the rest of the way. Her legs clad in nude stockings as she exposed herself before him. Rubbing herself between the floral panties, they barely constrained her member as she slowly pulled on one side letting her balls fall from exposing her sack before him. Her balls hung as she ran a tipped finger over it as she slowly teased herself before her current online visitor. Reaching to the sides she gave a half-hearted tug to pulled down her thong panties letting her large cock spring forward free. Hers was huge when compared to the ones she first compared hers to those she saw over the internet. Slowly she began to stroke her penis, pulling back the foreskin exposing the head. The tip of her head was so sensitive when exposed and how she twirled a fingertip across its top of her purple head. She gave a shiver and moan as the tip entered inside briefly. She shuddered in excitement as she continued to stoke it seductively. Together the two continued to talk dirty. "Come on, finger your ass for me."

"Will you watch me cum?" When she heard another deposit made to her account.

"Of course, I want to you to lick your cum. Eat it."

"All of it?" She asked seductively.

"As much as you can." And just as quickly before she could go further in their streaming, a series of jism started to shoot upwards as she quickly enclosed the foreskin over her head with her dick continuing to convulse. And as she watched her client she had been masturbating with online, he began to shoot his own wad of sticky substance. She blocked as much of her cum within her foreskin catching it before pulling down the sheath and letting the goo slide down over her penis. Her hand was covered in the mess and seductively she brought it up to her waiting mouth, licking the palm of her hand, she pulled small strands away from her fingers. Reaching down to gather more, again tiny strands of her cum pulled up from her dick as she continued to lick herself clean of where it had flowed towards her shaved base.

"Will you be on tomorrow Angel?" The man asked as he watched her. She looked so hot and slutty to him as he resisted the urge to touch his screen.

"Maybe." Trent said coyly, his session almost up.

"Don't be like that bitch. You're such a devilish whore."

"I know. We'll see." Turning off the camera off, disconnected the feed, not letting the man finish. Trent wanted to now go online, there were clothes she wanted to put in her basket for later and Adela's approval. Tired after several shows she wanted to quickly shower before going to bed.

Oh how she longed to where Adela would touch her once more, the little caresses he afforded her as with the light pecks on the cheek were never enough. And with the sounds now coming from down the hall, her master and mistress were making passionate love to one another. So close and yet so far, Trent reminisced. And like her voyagers online, she crept to their door, cracking it open enough to where she could look-see to where Adela stood tall over Randy as the two rutted against the other. He was so devoted to Randy and her to him as was Trent to them both. Adela was her life and Randy was as a sister to her. She touched her breast and massaged her limp member, still sticky from earlier. A part of her wished she could be Adela's slut once more if ever so briefly as she watched the two continue to go. Randy, like her was so submissive to the hunk that was Adela. His muscles bulged with each of his thrusts into Randy's ready and willing ass, her large breasts shaking wildly as Adela slammed into her with his strap-on. His butt muscles so tight from working out and oh so inviting.

Stroking herself Trent caught the glimpse of what looked like a little pecker hanging stiff between his legs, spread now just enough to give him leverage to the screaming girl. Trent gave a heavy sigh as she backed away from watching, her breath panting in anticipation to when the two would cry out in ecstasy, hoping not to be caught and yet wishing she would been, willing to accept any punishment her master deemed fit for her intrusion, heading for her shower.


Weeks Later

Dr. Dawkins waited for the Pierce family to enter, motioning for them to be seated. Adela wore a tailor cut jacket over a light yellow shirt with a tie embroidered with a purple diamond stitched within, fitted slacks showed a tall muscular man as he strode confidently to his seat. His jacket flared open from where he had loosened the lower buttons displaying a thick belt. Dark blue colored socks showed briefly as he took to adjust his pants legs just above black leather shoes only to cross one leg over as only a man could. He seemed so comfortable in his role as head of the household with two women so taken in of him with their servitude to his manly fashion. The tips of his shoes shone from having been freshly hand polished.

Trent, herself, was wearing a vintage-inspired crop top, featuring stripes and a lace-up front with grommets. With its scoop neck bits of her expanded cleavage portions were shown as the outline of a push up bra meant to push her breasts higher exposing more for others to see. Long sleeves flowed down her arms as bracelets adorned her wrists. A flared black faux leather skirt extended midway down her thighs as just enough of her midriff showed. From her looks, she must have had toned down her make-up just enough not to upset Adela else she would have make herself look a little more slutty like some high school girl tart seeking attention. Pushing back wavy brown hair, she looked shorter from when their first sessions had taken place. Standing next to Adela, Trent shifted on black strapped booties that split on the side showing her ankles as she waited timidly for Adela to be seated first. And just like Trent, Randy waited on Adela as well.

Dressed in a red mini dress emphasizing the endowment of her breasts, black translucent stockings reached high only to vanish within the hem of the clinging dress. Dr. Dawkins thought he detected just a hint of where the stocking was held up by a lacy top. Red velvet heel stilettos decked small feet giving just a peek of her toes as with a little height next to the tall man. She held his arm briefly to hers smiling demurely to him like newlyweds. Two matching rings were placed on each of their hands. Her face was made up for an evening out, just as provocatively. Smoothed over with light foundation and powder, her eyes displayed the liquid liner used to highlight them as with eye shadow of blue and silver, her lashes were long with mascara, with just a touch of blush. Her lips glistened from the wet application of cherry apple red as her once bleached hair was now ash brown, just as wavy as Trent's, extending just below the top of her thin strapped shoulders.

Once the three were seated, Randy pulled down her dress having flashed the doctor briefly on where meshed laced panties displayed itself briefly outlining her vagina.

"And how is the family, Mr. Pierce?" Dr. Dawkins asked politely.

"Couldn't be better," Adela grinned. His face had a chiseled look, as specks of facial growth showed. "We had a minor incident once, but not worth mentioning. And the sex is great and the missus is keeping me busy."

"I'm sure. And how is Trent feeling towards this new relationship."

"I have no quarrels with her. She knows her place given how she's living under my roof."

"I can assume she helps out around the house then?"

"Of course. Trent likes to roleplay in her choice of wardrobes, her favorite it seems is to be a sexy maid as she helps Randy out. Of course she's allowed to do her other wants once most of the house is taken care of. I'd never let her be a freeloader."

"But don't you see that as a problem given the two see each other as sister and brother?" Hearing this Trent gave Dr. Dawkins a pouted look of displeasure. "My mistake. I meant as sisters. My forgiveness, I had what could only be termed a Freudian slip as I thought back to when we first started our sessions."

"She knows you didn't mean it Doctor." Adela said giving a firm glare over towards Trent who looked apologetic taking to look down demurely. "It's just that there are certain rules and expectations if she wants to continue to live in my home. It seems her wilder side can become a problem unless its appropriately placated."

"Of course. And how do you feel of this arrangement Trent?"

"I'm perfectly happy with our arrangement. It's just." Trent looked unsure of what she wanted to say. "I know it's not my place to say. It's just that I miss my master, I mean Adela's affection."

"Go on." Dr. Dawkins said raising a hand briefly to stop Adela, yet Trent remained silent shaking her head having said more than she meant.

"And, how do you feel about this Randy."

"Well, I'm not sure. I mean she is like a sister, but Adela is my husband. I would be just as happy in what he decides."

"Of course that's understandable given your relationship with Adela an Trent. Now if I may have your attend to the jewel before you."

Waiting less than a minute Dr. Dawkins considered. "It seems most of the changing aspects in your family have solidified, taken hold as the problems you once had seemed to have ceased within your family. I do think you would all agree a small adjustment is still in order. As you're all aware, your names don't seem appropriate now given your new positions as with two relationships. Personally, I think it's best if I let you consider your new names. Understand that once you agree to it you will be unable to change it. So, consider wisely. Let's start with you Adela."

"Well, I would think Adonis would be good, but… I'm more inclined for Brock."

"Good, and you Trent?"

"Well I do like Angel," only to see the scowl on Brock's face.

"And why would you have a problem with that Brock?"

"That's her stage name she uses on the internet, not one she should be called." Brock stated forcefully shocking even Dr. Dawkins with his putting forth his displeasure.

"What would you suggest Brock dear?" Trent asked timidly, afraid of the names he deemed worthy as she deferred to him. "I mean I want to live with you, stay with you in our home. I don't think I could live anywhere else."

"Tansy." Brock stated firmly ending the discussion. "Tansy Pierce." Slowly a relived smile formed on her lips.

"And what of you Randy?"

"Excuse me Doctor." Brock said interrupting the doctor once again. "Don't you think it's my prerogative to choose her name given I'm both the husband and head of the household?" Dr. Dawkins looked expectedly at Randy nodding her agreement. And just like Trent, now Tansy thought, a distressing look crossed her face and yet she smiled lovingly towards him.

"If she agrees."

"I'm sure she will," not waiting having taken the woman's hands in his large hands. "Sisley Pierce. My beloved."

"Fair enough," with seeing Sisley's relieved look. "Now Tansy I'm sure Brock has been more than willing to accommodate your promiscuity as it brings both pleasure and income for you and the family. You seem to love the attention afforded you by it. And I'm sure if any were to wish and meet with you, you adhere to Brock's wishes as I'm sure he is concerned over your health. You seem to be a willing slave to your lusts, but with precautions, in your wanting to be paid to do what you love. I see where he is the one who negotiates for your safety as with the price on who and where you meet. You've been willing and eager to comply with his wishes. Am I correct?"

"Yes, that's correct. He's been my protector ever since I knew how much of a slut I was becoming."

Speaking towards Brock. "You love watching over your girls it seems. To be fair I hadn't expected that given how the three of you first came here.

"Which leaves you last Sisley. I can see how devoted you are towards your husband just as you once had been to your mother. You seem to consider Tansy as a sister even if she does seem to defer to you in some instances with you being Brocks wife. I don't see why that relationship shouldn't continue given how you didn't seem to have any respect towards your once father. I can see the love the two of you created towards the other. Any questions?" Seeing none. "So it is, so it shall always be." Finished Dr. Dawkins put the jewel away and waited.

"Well Brock, this looks to be the last of our meeting. I hope they were helpful."

Shaking his hand, Brock considered brief. "Shame that it has to end. You've done more than I thought possible. We were so close in drifting apart. Afraid I'd lose my wife because of her sister."

"Well, I'm glad you three could come to a better understand of what you all wanted. Take care, but just in case, go ahead and make another appointment. If can't hurt."

"Thanks, I'll be sure to do that." Heading out, leaving Dr. Dawkins to his next waiting family.


Brock leaned his back against the bedframe as Sisley straddled herself over him, bouncing wildly as with her tits. Leaning forward she grasped her husband's face as she went to plant a deep kiss as with sucking on his tongue. Not once would she let his monster slong leave the folds of her stretched vagina where she had deeply implanted it between her thighs. With a trained slap of his hand on her ass Sisley regrettably released her prize as she turned to lay on her front taking his large cock into her mouth tasting the coating of her juices. She was bobbing her head up and down, deepthroating the large cock as best she could when Brock took to swinging his wife's ass over his face. Surprised at the action Sisley almost froze earning another swat on her bubble butt causing her to squeal in pleasure. He had never asked for her to straddle his face as she felt something wet press deep inside her folds, only to slowly withdraw going up and down her slit and wet vagina lips. She could feel them spread as Brock took to giving her a tongue lashing between her legs. She felt as if she were in seventh heaven as he continued to do cunnilingus as she tried to engulf his large member into her willing mouth. She just couldn't seem to get enough of his dick that had replaced the strap-on he once wore. No longer did he pull it out from the drawers where it lay unused. She knew better not to bring it up if she wanted this monster of his where it belonged. Just like her sister, she was such a whore, a slut taking to his needs and she loved it.

Pushing her off, Sisley had felt the beginnings of small quivers from a released orgasm. Brock guided Sisley onto her hands, knees. She knew the position well as her smooth legs parted as she leaned forward on the bed rising her ass in greeting when he placed the bulb of his cock at the entrance of her pussy once more. Again, she thought of how she was his bitch as a growl seemed to emanate from within as she pushed back to help service his needs as she quenched hers as he was served hers as well. She was a willing bitch in heat, his whore, his slut from the night he had first taken her virgin ass. Now as he pushed his cock deep into Sisley's pussy, she felt a finger enter her lubed anus followed by another. It wasn't as deep as she liked, but the rod up her pussy compensated. She reveled in her orgasms that soon came like electrical shocks as he continued to thrust maddingly into her, fucking her endlessly. Both spent Sisley placed her head on Brocks chest as she tried to gather what little was left of their love making with her finger.

"Will Tansy be okay," she asked concerned as the two cuddled.

"She will be. That is if her current client doesn't wish to push his luck." Brock warned. "I agreed because he was such a wimp and she seemed to need to suck a real cock. He didn't seem to want to pay for the privilege of taking her ass so a lap dance an blowjob is all he gets. Of course, if Tansy wants to jerk herself off in front of him, I gave her permission."

"Are you ever going to forgive her for what she did?" Sisley asked sucking on the last of the cum she could find.

"She is your sister," Brock said as if that were enough. "Look," rising up on bended arms from the bed. "If I didn't want her here, she'd have been out on the streets long before. Go get cleaned up and get some sleep. I'll wait for her, just in case." Kissing her on the lips. "Just because your sister is a fucking slut doesn't mean I don't care." Brock said as he slid off the bed. "Be available just in case." Grabbing his cell once he put on his briefs. Sisley watched the muscles form, bulge as he dressed before going to the bathroom herself to clean up. Lovemaking was nice, but messy. It was good that she loved to eat his cum, but still there were stains on the sheets he'd want changed before he went to bed with her.

Tansy entered the front door trying not to wake her master once she was finished with her last client. God, he wasn't anything like Brock. Such a wimp, she thought dreamily instead of the dweeb who came in under five minutes once she started doing the strip dance in front of him. A price was a price and she didn't care. She hadn't even gotten to removing her skimpy skirt before he spewed his wad. She had done her makeup extra heavy, giving herself dark eyes and red ruby lips, her brown hair had been tied back into a pony tail, letting it swing wildly as she shook her bootie against his lap. He wanted what a lot of her clients wanted once they say her face. Either the slutty school girl or the naughty cheerleader many mistook her to be as she went to combing out her hair before dressing for bed. Removing her dangly earrings, she hadn't even been given the chance to suck what he called a dick denying her what she wanted. A dick was a dick to her no matter its size and he had denied her.

"Well slut?" She didn't even hear her master Brock come into the bathroom. "Where is it."

"In my purse Master." Tansy answered turning to face him. He still only had on his briefs and she could see the ab muscles across his chest. She must have arrived home well before she was expected.

"Good. Finish cleaning up, we will go over your earnings and expenses when we have our family meeting as usual." Nodding in approval. "Are you wanting to go back online?"

Was he asking her? It sounded as if she had a choice, Tansy thought. I'm nothing but a slut, a whore not worth touching.

"If I may." Tansy pleaded. "He wasn't anything as you suspected. I can do better on my webcam and I couldn't suck him off. He was pathetic, but paid well."

"I see, do you expect me to deny what you crave as your master," accompanying Tansy to her own bedroom.

They had fixed up more of her sex room exclusively for when she wanted to put on a larger show for several paying customers. She could change it out quickly by pushing aside parts with just rolling them out of her camera's range. Brief snippets of music would play telling her when groups of customers deposited more money as tips into her account. She would dance more provocatively and shimmy her breasts along with requests, but only if they paid for it. She may be a slut, but she wasn't going to be some cheap whore even with her insatiable craving. She was a slave to her needs as with a willing slut to her master who would only touch her on occasion and never sexual. It had been so long since he had denied her his love, even with his wanting to keep her close. She wasn't worthy of his love she knew. Not for what she had done so many years ago. Now she was sure he only allowed her to stay as a means to make money for him. A wanton, willing slut who sold her services to please her own selfish fetish of being who she longed for and been denied to be.

"You are master of the house Master." Tansy stated as she plopped on the edge of her bed dressed in only the loose robe and panties, letting her head bend down acquiescently. She could feel herself getting hard before him as she stared at his briefs. The lust of seeing his dick outlined, confined away from her reach as he stood before her.

"And so you continue to demand I be your master? And you to be my slave?" Brock asked sternly.

"Yes." Tansy said tears forming, running down her eyes as mascara smeared from where she wiped them away giving her a racoon face.

"No." Brock said taking her face in his hand forcing it up towards his. "I'll be neither your master nor will you be my slave. Your slave to one master as it is. I will never allow it of me. Not while you are a part of 'my' household."

"But, what I did. To you, our family."

"And didn't I let you stay? I could have simply let you be a whoremonger as you pander yourself out to fulfill your cravings. I allowed you to dwell within my home, buy what you wanted as you sold your flesh to others. I've never kicked you out for being what you are, and desire to be. Didn't I agree to let you have what you claimed to want so as you can fulfill your needs as I watched over you. You can't control what you are, but I can protect you from scums that are out there. You saw that."

"I'm nothing to you. A worthless whore, a slut unworthy only to be used as you see fit."

"Yes, but definitely not worthless. You sell yourself for you do know your worth. I agreed to a set price as your no angel to your cravings. You were the one who asked to bring in money the only way you knew how." Brock stated. "This is my home and I agreed to your requests to keep you safe."

"You don't love me." Tansy wept, pulling away from Brock as she buried her face within her pillow. "You'll never love me again, like before."

"No, not like before." Brock agreed. "That ship has sailed long ago. But that doesn't mean I still don't care. You are my wife's sister after all."

"Who you love now. Where does this leave me here? With us?"

"What do you expect me to do?"

"I, I just want what I crave for and can't have. You don't know how long I wish for it Master. How I watched the two of you love each other with it like I once had."

"I won't love you like before."

"It doesn't matter. I'll continue to be your slut, your whore who willingly sells herself for you. I, I just want to please you Master. To find my way back in your good grace the only way I know for what I did." Tansy said beseeching as she looked up at him.

"I won't betray your sister Sisley."

"I know and I won't ask. I love her as you. I don't think she would ever want you to share even if you allowed it Master."

"You might try asking sis." A voice asked out from the hall as Sisley entered.

"I, my god sis you heard?" Tansy said alarmed of her sister hearing her confession. "I didn't mean. I never wanted. I can't." As another set of tears rolled down as with the humiliation of her sister finding out for what she lusted after, but could never have.

"You never tried, even with our going to counseling sis. I saw how you looked at him, talked of him just as I have. He's our master, but he's my husband."

"As your my mistress as well, even if you are my sister." Tansy cried. "I won't betray those I love, no matter how bad I lust after it."

"So what are you asking," Brock asked towards Sisley.

"A proposition actually, for your approval." Sisley said towards her sister. "If I may."

"Go on." Brock said holding back a bit of his anger having seen the pain, torment in Tansy.

"Well she is considered family, right?"

"Yes, but I love you."

"And I you, but what if. Well what if there are day's I can't fulfill all your needs. You are such a worthy lover, there have been days I have been sore." Sisley said, her face blushing with the abuse she received from her man.

"So, you're willing to?"

"Only if you agree that she meets your needs my love, nothing more. She is a whore after all. The family whore."

"I see."

Quickly Tansy dropped in front of her Master not waiting for his answer, looking up expectantly for approval only not to wait. In trepidation, her hands went to pull down his briefs expecting him to stop her. "I will never truly love you. You will be nothing but a worthless slut to me."

"I understand Master." But I can try to prove my worth even if I am your worthless whore. Tansy thought. "If it pleases you." As she looked longing at the cock she thought she'd never be privileged to face this close, she wondered how her own sister had been able to satisfy this monster. It had to be over two inches thick as her hand barely wrapped around its girth. Never mind, she didn't care as with its length as she tenderly kissed the tip of his head. She'd swallow it all somehow as she drove the tip of her tongue between the eye. Again, she kissed its tip, wiping away a tear. Her face was a mess as she disrobed in front of them, her breasts hanging free and still he let her continue. She was cheap, deemed unworthy of his true love, but for now she was going to prove her worth with the only skill she knew, as he had claimed to still care. She believed him. He had never lied to her since they started counseling.

Breathing heavily, she blew on his cock, inhaled his musk as she savored it as she went to take his head between her lips, saliva building in anticipation as she caught her breath, pulling on it. Tenderly Tansy drew it past her teeth growing in delight at finally tasting what she had long desired. Coating it with spit as her tongue played over it. Here to be given the chance to finally prove to her master how much she loved him as she earnestly gave in to her whorish needs. The desire of who she wanted to be. And as she continued to suck on his dick she felt something, or someone press her to spread her legs apart for comfort. Someone to reach and tug down her own panties past her widen hips, freeing her own cock as it sprang forth freely and then to have something soft wrap and wet engulf its way around it. She let out her own moan of release as the head of her dick was sucked in deeply. She knew who, as her sister took to sucking her off. She could feel the scrapes of where her sister's nails lightly scrapped the sensitive spots of her sack.

Here she was bending before her master as both sisters took to please another. Both wanting the love of one man, as Tansy knew she will always be denied of it. Taking what she could, Tansy would willingly spend her life on her knees in worship to be this close to him, just be his cocksucker if she could, but they all knew she craved more than even her master could provide. He knew this for she craved all cocks, big and small, thick, and thin, but hungrily she had craved his the most, which had always denied to her until tonight.

Tansy couldn't glance down to wonder why her sister would risk what she was doing. They had kept it secret for fear of their master would take to denying Sisley of their shameless pleasure. Still ministering to sucking on his dick, Tansy inhaled deeply his musky aroma when Adela's hands went down to fondle her breasts, roughly grabbing, and tweaking her nipples, just as her sister continued to slurp greedily on her head. She felt a finger snake between her cheeks and tickle her anus, causing her to squirm in wanting to pull them in deeper as she whimpered in pleasure.

Rotating her eyes up to look at Brock, she felt ashamed to know she wasn't worthy of his love no longer, until now happy to have a chance to please him in such a manner as Brock allowed his wife to please her. Nothing but a cheap slut unworthy of receiving his true love only allowed to give pleasure to others, she knew. She couldn't help but be in love with him. She craved it just as much as she craved a man's cock having been deemed so worthless and undeserving so long ago, and Tansy now would do anything he asked of her. If he approved tonight she would be his again even if provisionally. A cocksucker willing to suck him rotten for all she was worth. Just like her sister. A sister who had confided in her how much had come love and suck and couldn't get enough of his as she continued to suck on hers. She let a hand tenderly stroke her sister, her mistress, who was willing to share what she never dared to try and take. She wasn't worthy of their affection, afraid of being rejected. She loved Sisley as any sister would and now they both were taking what they craved within their family.

Her own sister was willing to share their master's cock just as Tansy had shared hers with Sisley, her family, and the love of their master.


Dr. Dawkins closed the file of the Pierce's with the call of their not needing that last session. Their call had interrupted briefly another counsel session in progress, only it had been towards the end and Dr. Dawkins saw no reason to punish Pansy for the minor offense. He had need of her as he leaned back on his sofa. Letting Pansy crawled on her knees between his legs, bobbing her head happily up and down on his large cock. Dr. Dawkins admitted that Pansy was a much needed sex toy as he fucked her face, looking forward to all the fun later in the day. He never thought he could be bored with Pansy or her him as both were captured in the others desire.

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