The Gaia Initiative - Chapter 2

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Woah there traveler. If you're looking for The Gaia Initiative, the story has been scheduled for a retelling.

The available chapter(s) are available on my page as The First Mother. Enjoy!

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I am going to be a little sceptical here

Wendy Jean's picture

You describe a USA where civil rights are a thing if the past.where as in animal farm or 1984 many are more equal than others. Add the remnent of guns/even after 20 years you are dealing w/ serious civil unrest..I still do'nt get the logic o Gia. A lifeboat fo humanity? Why these humans?The coming ecological collapse doesn't make a lot of sense. Is it lack of oxygen?Food shortage? The story is being ambiguous on that front. I like your writing but I feel you have some holes to patch

sounds like a crew...

people with the skillsets & tempermemt for the misson, only drawn from the underclasses so their survival isn't important (to the bosses)

There's a pilot, a doctor, an engineer, a captain and a redshirt

still good

we need more

Chapters are getting more interesting

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This story is similar to a few Sci-fi books where the Earth is on its death bed, and those who can be discarded are sent to search out new planets or help colonize another planet.

And like this the way this story seems to be heading, things didn't work as planned. The discard actually become those in charge on the new planet.

If these people are no longer prisoners, why the trackers? And why would Caitlyn mention escape? These people do have questions but know the suits won't answer them. Or it won't do any good to ask.

Everything Caitlyn has said sounds to good not to have a catch. But what type of catch?

Others have feelings too.

Nice start.

Do you plan to add to this?