Campfire songs Chapter 25

Chapter 25

I woke up completely disorientated. I was lying in a strange room, naked on a big bed that had very little else in it. I was grateful to wake up at all. My last thoughts were if the contract killers had found me, I would be quietly disposed of. Waking up naked made me feel very vulnerable, nor was there anything to cover myself. There was an ensuite, but no towels. I briefly contemplated trying to use the toilet paper to cover the essentials, but realised that I would be wasting my time. It would not offer me any protection and would look ridiculous. There was a toothbrush with toothpaste and a plastic cup. If I could find a way to sharpen it, the toothbrush could be turned into some kind of weapon. Nothing presented itself though.

There was a window. There was no window covering and it was fixed. It did show me that we were in some kind of mansion and 2 stories up. The whole set up looked pretty isolated. There was central heating and the room was kept warm. Judging by the darkening sky I guessed we were approaching evening. The other door in the room was locked. There was a largish slot at the base of it where I presumed food would be delivered.

I checked myself over. I could see two reddish marks where I had been tasered, other than that, no obvious soreness or bruises. I checked down below and couldn't detect any signs of tampering. Looking at the room, I would guess it was last decorated in the 70's. I tried to see any signs of cameras or other electrical devices. The room was so bare, they should have been visible. Having said that, I know you can get really small cameras these days.

WTF. What the hell was I supposed to do? Should I shout and holler and see what comes my way. Fight my way through who knew how many guys. Smash my window and try and climb down. I tried to find logic, shifting my fear and anger to one side. I believe everything happens for a reason and in the end works out for me. Maybe I am not here for me, maybe I am here to help someone else. Thinking of being strong for someone else was strangely easier than being strong for myself. I am a fighter, I have trained for most of my life. I am constantly underestimated. No one expects someone of my size to be capable of anything. What I really needed was more information. I couldn't reveal my capabilities too early. I may only get one chance. If information was what I needed, the universe would provide, I just had to listen. I sat on the mattress in the lotus position and meditated, trying to slow my frantic heartbeat and bring calm to my soul. Every time a negative thought intruded, I imagined placing it into a balloon and releasing it.

I don't know how long I was there before I heard footsteps approaching my door. I decided to keep quiet. I heard a tray placed on the floor before I saw it pushed through the slot. A salad. Great. Just in case, I took it through to the bathroom to rinse it in tap water before eating it. I took my time, slowly chewing and trying to enjoy my food. I was hoping that would help to make me feel full.

With nothing else to do I went back to bed and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned a lot, but must have eventually fallen asleep, because I was awakened by someone fiddling with my door lock. If someone was trying to open my door but didn't have a key, it could be an ally. I looked out the window. It was still dark, I would say, middle of the night. I got up reminded by the idea of a meeting, that I was without clothes. Since I couldn't even cover up, I decided to act proud, standing tall and not trying to cover myself with my hands and waited beside the door. After a while with a few huffs of irritation from the lock picker, I heard the tell tale click and the door was opened.

In crept a girl, a bit taller than me, so maybe 5 and a half feet, skinny with long hair. Since it was dark with only a bit of ambient light coming through the window to light the room, that was all I could see. She didn't see me until I tapped her on her shoulder and she jumped with a squeak. Then immediately put a hand over her mouth. Then she replaced her hand with a finger to mime being quiet and carefully closed the door, placing a bit of card to prevent the locking mechanism from latching and led me to the far side of the room.

“Hello.” She whispered.
“Hi, where did you get your clothes?” She wasn't wearing much, just a tank top that just covered her boobs and a pair of pants. Still, it was a lot more than I had.
“You have to earn them.”
“What?” I think my voice went up a bit.
“Shhhh. I'll tell you everything I can, you just need to be quiet. They don't usually get up at this time of night, but if we are caught....I'm not sure what they would do, but it would not be pleasant. They might decide my time is up.”
“What do you mean your time is up?”
“This place is a paedophile hotel. I'm getting to look a bit old. If no one is interested in you any more, I think they kill you and chuck you in the incinerator. They tell you that you are going to be rewarded, but I followed one girl who was unconscious being carried downstairs like a piece of meat.”
She did a deep sigh. “Sorry, I didn't want to start with the heavy stuff.”
“Let's start again. Hi I'm Sophie.” I held my hand out to shake hers.
“I know. I'm Abby. Abby Faulkner.” She shook my hand.

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