Campfire songs Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The car was a seven seater, but I still ended up with Sasha on my lap strapped together. I don't think the driver was too impressed and he was definitely unsure about our costumes. A good tip when we arrived made him a lot happier. We rushed into the flat as quickly as possible. I can only imagine what anyone seeing us was thinking. Poor Abby was going to have to go out dressed bizarrely to buy us all clothes. We had given her all our sizes and she had written them down as a note on the phone.

The new plan for the phone was to go into a mobile phone shop and get assistance to wipe all its memory, claiming that she feared it had been hacked. Once it was electronically clean, she would take out the battery, break the sim card and throw the different bits in different bins. In the meantime it was useful to record all our shoe and clothes sizes. We tried to dress her up to be slightly less bizarre. I had to give her my boxers that could be mistaken for shorts and my shirt that she wore around her waist. I was left pretty much naked again apart from a poncho that didn't hide much. We needed to be thrifty with the money as we didn't know exactly how long it needed to last. Abby was going to buy new underwear, but most clothes and shoes if possible would be from a second hand store. I guessed she wasn't going to be back before midday, so I had to hide in the back pretending to be having a bath, while Jo handed the cash to the landlady.

We all waited hungrily for Abby to return. We wanted to order pizza but didn't have a phone. There was a guide book in the flat that mentioned local eateries, but none of us were willing to go out dressed like we were, nor did we think it would be wise. Finally she returned, mission accomplished. We all felt so much better with proper clothes on. We all went out together, to get fed, a pay as you go phone, so I could keep in contact when I left them, some groceries and everyone settled.

Once that was done, it was time for me to leave them. I didn't want to delay as Tracy would be going crazy with worry. I gave them all hugs and promised them that I would be back as quick as I could. I still needed to be cautious though. I took a bus and got off after 4 stops. I had no idea where I was and thought that would be the case if a crazed stalker dropped me off randomly. I got directions from a local to the nearest pub, hoping they would have a pay phone. They didn't have a working one, but the landlady phoned Tracy for me on her mobile. I told her I had been kidnapped and need to phone my mother and tell her I was alright. I don't think she believed me until Tracy answered the phone. I think Tracy started shouting at her, because she quickly pulled the phone from her ear and then, bemusedly passed it across to me.

“I'm fine, I'm healthy, I'm OK.” I kept repeating until she calmed down. “Hang on, I don't know where I am.” I asked the landlady and she took the phone and spoke again to Tracy, then turned the phone off.
“She is coming as quick as she can, she has a police woman with her and will be coming in her car. I am supposed to sit on you and prevent you from leaving.”
“Don't worry, I am not going anywhere. I'll just sit here, so you know where I am.”
“Do you want a drink?”
“Not at those prices.” Her eyes opened wide. “Just kidding. Thought I would try and lighten the moment. I would love one thanks. Lemonade if you don't mind.”
“Cheeky.” She went and got it for me, trying to look severe, but failing to keep the smirk off her face. “So, you got kidnapped, eh?”
“Yup, tasered, chucked in a van, knocked out with something. The whole nine yards.”
“You're behaving pretty chipper for someone who had been kidnapped.”
“That's because I'm free now. Freedom feels a lot more precious when someone has had it taken away.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Thanks. I'd better not. I expect the police will want me to tell it, just to them. Not that there is much to tell. I was kidnapped yesterday and I am free today.”
She retreated to do other stuff. Another customer was staring at me and when I noticed, approached. “Are you that singer?”
“I am a singer, my name is Sophie Hastings, is that what you mean?” I replied politely.
“Yeah, the one who does the campfires. Could I have your autograph?”
He waved back to a large group of people. “It's Sophie. She's alright.” he shouted. There was a general cheer. They started all getting up to come to me, so instead I headed to their table and started chatting and signing autographs. I guess that attracted attention and more and more people started crowding round me. By the time Tracy arrived I was stuck in the middle of the crowd and didn't notice until she started shouting “Sophie.”
So I shouted back. “Tracy. Mum.” I managed to extract myself and threw myself into her arms.
She clutched me tightly. “Don't ever do that to me again.”
“I won't mum, I promise.” I waved to the people and, held tightly in mum's arms, we left.

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