Campfire songs Chapter 33

Chapter 33

We were taken by the policewoman back to the station so that I could make a statement. Apparently, my kidnapping had been reported in the news and along with my video's had made a big splash. The police were going to make a statement to the press, but wanted the information from me first. I tried to give as much truth as possible. How I was kidnapped was the same. Waking up naked in a strange bed in a strange location. I wasn't sure whether to omit the lack of clothes bit, but figured, since it had happened, talking about it, gave depth to the story. Instead of me forcing an escape I imagined Marcus telling me he wanted me. Me rejecting him. Him allowing my freedom on the condition that I give as little detail to the police as possible. With a threat that he knew where I lived, so if the police announced too much information, like his description, I could be attacked again. Of course the police were unhappy with my unwillingness to divulge too much information. Telling me they could protect me. The man was dangerous, he could do this to someone else. It was my duty to tell them everything. At the same time, there was this unstated, she is only a young girl, we can't expect too much from her.

I knew Tracy was suspicious. Maybe my story didn't reflect what my actions would be, if I was actually in those circumstances. I'm not sure, but, I could tell, Tracy didn't believe me and yet trusted me to tell her later. We slipped away while the police was talking to the press. My presence was not required. We were taken back to the flat in a police car and Tracy tried to question me. I stopped her with a kiss on her cheek and a whisper in her ear. “Later.”

When we arrived back at her flat, Steph was waiting for us. I ran into her arms and we hugged and cried. We made our way back to our flat.
“So what really happened?” Tracy asked.
“Is it safe to talk here?”
“I think so. The only thing the police did was something on my phone so they could listen in to any conversations I had.”
“I've got some serious stuff to talk about, but we really need to be sure no one else is listening.”
Tracy frowned at me. Then looked thoughtful and picked up her phone and wondered out of the lounge leaving me with Steph.
“What is she talking about?”
“I promised someone that I wouldn't talk about it.” Then I winked at her.
She started frowning.

Before she could say anything Tracy came back in.“Right. We are going out. I have a friend at a security firm that I want us to see.”
We locked the flat back up again and travelled to an industrial park with a security firm. We were met at the door by a gentleman who greeted Tracy and led us through to a room. We all had to stand in a star jump position and they passed a scanner over us, before taking us through into another room which just had a table and chairs in it, nothing else.
“I have hired them to scan our flat, car, clothes, everything. That will happen tomorrow, but I couldn't wait. I need to know now. This room is secure. Tell me young lady. Tell me everything!”
“I will tell you everything. Let me go over the basics to explain the security, then I will go over as much detail as you like. I was kidnapped, just the way I said, but it wasn't some crazed fan. It was a paedophile ring, or hotel or brothel. I don't know what you call it.”
“No. Are you alright? Did they ….”
“No. At least, I don't think so. I woke up naked but nothing feels sore or anything.”
“Why would they kidnap you, you are supposed to be 18?”
“The whys can wait. I escaped with an 18 year old, two 11 year olds and a child of 5. At least one of their clients was a policeman. Others could be anybody, in any walk of life.”
“So we can't go to the police with this and potentially, if somebody knew where you really went they could bug our house to find the others.” Tracy reasoned. “That is why the secrecy. Where are the other girls.”
“Now you have got the general picture, why don't I start from the beginning and tell you everything. Hopefully, all the details will be revealed.” I proceeded to tell them all I could remember. Occasionally, something was missed or unclear and either Tracy or Steph would ask a question.

When I had finished there was a pause while it was digested. Then Tracy got up and came over to me and held her arms open. Steph and I both got out of our chairs and joined in a group hug.
“I am so proud of you.” Tracy whispered.
“I was so scared.” I admitted. My armour cracked a bit and I cried into her chest. We stayed like that for awhile. Then we settled back into our chairs and got our thinking caps on.

“We need to pick the girls up.” Steph said.
“We could be followed. I could get Martha to pick them up.” Tracy responded.
“I don't think that is a good idea. Abby was living there when she was abducted. You told me previously that girls go missing from there. You presumed that was their own choice. What if it was because they had been taken.”
“Martha would never be party to that.”
“It doesn't have to be Martha. What if they had a link in your computer system. They could check out suitable candidates and grab appropriately. Martha doesn't have to be involved, but 23 could be in some way.”

There was another pause. “So what do we need?” Steph asked, trying to clarify.
“We need to pick the girls up undetected. Take them somewhere and keep them hidden until we can remove the perverts. We need to identify the paedophiles who have used their services and then do something to neutralise their threat.” That was my opinion, anyway. “Short term goals, get them safe. Long term goal, keep them safe and stop the paedophiles from getting at any more children.”

“I think I need to spend some money. I need a bigger house. Isolated with good security. In the meantime I can hire some bodyguards to pick up the girls and take them somewhere. Some of these firms have their own safe houses.”
“I would suggest female bodyguards. I will need to phone them to let them know who to trust. You might need counsellors or some kind of psychological help to be available.” Hell I wanted to be there for them, but I could be followed.
“You two should have a bodyguard too.” Steph added.
“What about you Steph?”
“I don't think I need them. How do we catch the bastards? If the house burned up, if there was any evidence, it is long gone now.”
“The girls will remember what they look like and probably some names too. If someone was able to get a picture of all policemen called Mark in front of Jo, I bet she could pick him out.”
“And then what. There is no evidence.”
“If we can identify them, we can gather evidence on them. I will hire investigators. Paedophiles don't stop being that way. They will commit again and if they are being watched, they will be caught. Investigators can also follow the link with 23 maybe that will lead somewhere.”
“It is going to take a long time.” Steph muttered.
“We can't change that. What are we going to do about you and Abby? You can't both have the same identity.”
“I was thinking about that. You had another girl, Rebecca something, that went missing and left a birth certificate. It might be hard to change me again, but couldn't Abby claim to be Rebecca and then change her name to Abby.”
“That could work. Just don't get kidnapped by someone who knows Rebecca.”

Tracy left the room and came back with a simple burner phone, she called it. Then while we were in the secure room Tracy phoned a security agency and arranged to get the girls picked up and taken to a safe house by two female bodyguards. I then phoned the girls and told them what we had arranged and that we would buy a house and then all be together.

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