Campfire songs Chapter 34 Final Chapter

Chapter 34 Final Chapter

1 year later.

I was standing in the shadows of the stage, waiting for my turn and watching the emerging talent. A lot had happened in the last year. The owner of the paedophile hotel had apparently died in a fire so we had bought the property. There wasn't much left, so we knocked it down. It was now a set of toilets and food stands. Fitting, I thought. Where the front of the house was, there was a car park and behind the house we had set up seating for about 500 and a stage. Two stages actually. The higher stage for the musicians and the lower one for the dance acts. We sold the tickets online with Harriet's help. We called the place Campfire Songs. On the top stage there were two campfires, one on either side. Weather permitting we played every Sunday. We had a scout who would research for talented bands and give them the opportunity to play the earlier slot and then we would play. Amy's dance troupe had grown and still performed on the lower stage with our numbers.

Martha managed the place and organised other outdoor theatre events like Shakespeare on different days. It was discovered that the paedophiles had placed a key logger that recorded everything that was typed into the computer at the shelter. No one blamed Martha, but she blamed herself and felt the need to resign from 23. Tracy organised a similar search at other shelters and found similar devices in 4 other locations. On the plus side the girls had identified 32 different individuals that were now under close scrutiny. Well, 27 of them were, the other 5 were already in jail by our efforts.

I didn't think I had it in me, but I started writing a few songs. My first song 'Freedom' managed the top 10. I found the words and Tracy and Steph helped with the musical composition. I wasn't the only one writing. Abby, now called Rebecca, Beccy really, was writing the horror story of her life. The book was entitled 'The house where girls cry.' Rebecca Stevens, the other birth certificate that Tracy found at 23, was the same Beccy who had taught Abby to pick locks and was caught trying to escape. Abby wanted a new start in life and in honor of the girl who meant so much to her, decided to keep her name. I called her my beautiful Beccy. It took a while to get over the trauma she had been through, and, in some respects, you never completely get over it, but our relationship was making steady progress.

Sasha, Jo and Sally were all in Amy's dance troupe. They were wearing fairly heavy make up and wigs so we weren't worried about them being recognised. Tracy had ended up adopting us all. Our shared experience bound us all together. There was so much love around me that I couldn't be happier.

The End.

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