Blood Moon Part 7

Isa moans as she stretches as she slowly wakes up. Betty had used a cat shape penis strap-on on her last night to cement their marriage. Isa had never seen anything like it before. It was magical in nature as it turned into an actual cat penis. It was meant for same sex mating so the mate could claim their mate like their animal cousins did. It was shaped exactly like a real cat’s penis was.

Isa gets out of bed and walk tenderly towards the bathroom to do her business. When she got back from helping Lisa, she had put the choker she had made for Betty around her neck and sealed it. Betty suggested that until Lisa was fully healed that she stays with them. Betty’s brother and his mate didn’t mind having a seventeen-year-old staying at the house. They were already getting use to Betty having a mate.

They have been teasing Isa because of the way she’s been walking lately. Betty was a were-cat and her brother was a were-wolf. Betty had been attacked by a Were-cat when she did some volunteer work for her church. She had gone overseas to India and had been attacked by a Were-cat while there. The church she attended wasn’t friendly towards her when they found out she was a closeted lesbian. Then when they found out she had been turned into a Were-cat. Most of the congregation turned against her. The only people that hadn’t, were people she has known since childhood and a few of her aunts and uncles.

The house she shared with her brother had been left to them by their parents. It had belonged to their great grandmother on her mother’s side.
Her parents had rented it out while they were still alive. When they died in the car accident their parents had a Will already made and left them their great grandmother’s house and the house they grew up in. That house they gave to their favorite cousins as a wedding gift, because it was too painful for them to continue living there.

Isa walks into the kitchen and notice Fred and his mate Darrel sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and eating breakfast. She figures that Lisa was still upstairs asleep.

“Morning gentlemen.” Isa grabs a coffee cup and fixes her coffee.

She gently sits down on the chair across from Fred.

Fred smirks as he watches Isa sit down. He had seen her wincing from sitting. He takes a sip of his coffee and just grin at her.

Darrel felt sorry for Isa. He had a friend that was mated to a Were-cat and she had describe what it felt like when her husband’s penis enters her. The tiny barbs that cats have on their penis goes in fine, but when he pulls out some. They dig into her vagina lining and hurt. They held his penis in place until he was ready to pull out and that was when the pain really starts and causes her to have a massive orgasm.

“How is Lisa doing?” Darrel was concerned for the seventeen-year-old.

“She’s going to heal, but she has nowhere to go. I was going to ask you guys if she could stay her with us. I owe her for saving my life.” Isa was concerned about her.

“I don’t have a problem with it, how about you Fred?” Darrel looks over towards his husband.

“I don’t mind, she can stay here. When she is fully healed. I know a contractor that could use an extra hand.” Fred had a friend that has been looking for someone to work in the office on site.

“I think she’ll enjoy that.” Isa takes a sip of her coffee.

“How are you feeling being a new mate?” Fred had heard Isa last night moaning rather loudly and later begging Betty to stop.

“To be honest, I thought I would never be married. I only came to town hoping to find a place that would let me stay. Most supernatural don’t like my kind.” Isa takes another sip of her coffee and relax. She hadn’t planned on ever finding her mate or a pack or pride that would let her stay in their territory.

“Well, I think for the rest of the week. You should get use to Betty coming home and taking you upstairs. Her cat won’t be happy till her scent is a natural part of you. It takes a while for your body to naturally produce a combination of hers and your scent.” Darrel was speaking from experience. Fred kept making love and biting him for a whole week till his body produce a mixture of their scents.

“Oh, Betty wants you to come by and join her for lunch. Also, the pack second wants you to stop and see him as well. He has a job offer for you.” Fred had gotten the note left on the door.

“Doesn’t Sparrow and Daigh normally handle that type of thing?” Isa knew most Alpha’s handle that.

“Nope, the second of our pack does.” Darrel finishes up his breakfast and takes his dirty dishes to the sink and rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher.

“I’m off to get ready for work. You two play nice today.” He leans down and kisses Fred before heading upstairs to get ready for work.
Isa just watches as Darrel leaves the kitchen. Something Hokee said comes back to her. That she and Betty will have children at the same time and Fred would be the father of hers, while Darrel would be the father of the baby Betty would have.

Both her and Fred finish their coffee and breakfast. Isa goes and checks on Lisa and notices she was still asleep. She writes a note for her explaining to Lisa that she went to see the second of the pack. She also asks Lisa to call her when she wakes-up. This way she can bring some lunch back for Lisa. Isa had planned on stopping at Target or Walmart to pick out a few articles of clothing for Lisa. Right now, she was wearing one of Betty’s nightshirts.

Isa heads into her and Betty’s bedroom and takes a nice shower and get dress in a pair of tight blue jeans and a nice blouse to go with it. She brushes her hair out till she can get to the salon and have it styled. She grabs her leather jacket and helmet and takes her motorcycle over to the manor house to see Sebastian.

Alpha Manor:
Sebastian couldn’t believe Daigh had taken off with his wife to help her with a problem. Hokee and Seamus told him what had happened and that their father was helping their mother on a mission. Sebastian had sent one of the guards down to Betty and Fred’s place to leave a note to have Isa to come and see him. He figures that he would get her all setup to be trained as a pack enforcer.

Sebastian was working on the enforcer schedule, when there is a knock on his office door.

He looks up at the sound “come in.”

Maria comes walking in “Sebastian, Isa is here to see you.”

“Send her in Maria.” Sebastian pulls the file he had put together on Isa.

It was rather thick and some of it were police reports he had sent to him from different police stations.

“Sebastian is ready to see you Isa.” Maria had a smile on her face. Isa would make an exactly addition to the pack.
Isa had arrived at manor house and had been greeted by Maria, whom she has come to find out that she was the head house manager. She was responsible for upkeeping of the manor house and the alpha and second that lived at the manor house. She had a group of maids and butlers that answered to her. She was also the first line of defense if someone wanted to see the Alpha or the Second.

Isa follows behind Maria to the second floor of the manor house and down the west wing and knocks on the third door on the right of the hallways.


Isa heard Sebastian’s voice.

“Go on in Isa.” Gives her a smile before leaving her.

Isa walks into the office and couldn’t believe how big it was. There was a small conference table to one side of the office. Directly to left of her was a huge wooden handcrafted stain desk. There was paper piled up on one side corner of the desk. The in and out bin had envelopes and paperwork in them. Directly in front of Sebastian, off to one side were two huge monitors.

Sebastian looks up and at Isa. In his opinion she could easily pass for Catherine Bach in her younger days when she played on the Dukes of Hazzard. She had long brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail today. He notices the mate bite marks near her neck and her mate’s choker going around her neck. He knew she was Betty’s mate.

Isa looks at Sebastian and he reminded her of an old fashion gunslinger from the wild west. He just had that hard look about him. Like he uses to spend a lot of time in the saddle out on the range. His black hair came down to the bottom of his ears. His skin had that weather look of someone that spent a lot time in the elements.

“Please sit-down Isa.” He motions to the leather chairs in front of his desk.

“Thanks.” Isa sits down and try to relax.

“I’ve been going through your background and notice that you have been involve in a lot disputes. Do you mind telling me about these disputes?” Sebastian watches Isa’s facial expression.

“Most of those disputes have been because I was looking for the man responsible for making me and some of the vampire masters I came across tried to kill me. As you know, most vampires don’t like dhampir’s because we have the best of both worlds. All their strengths, but none of their weakness.” Isa had encounter hatred and prejudice all her life because of what she was.

Sebastian special ability was to be able to tell if people were telling the truth. He was a walking, talking lying detector. He could feel Isa was telling him the truth.

“Here’s the deal Isa. Sparrow thinks you’ll make a great enforcer in the pack. Do you know what a pack enforcer is?”

“They enforce pack law and maintain order and defense of pack land and people. They answer only to the Head Enforcer, to you and the
Alpha.” Isa knew what most positions were in a pack and pride.

“That’s good, that you know that. Because like I said when we first started. Sparrow thinks you’ll make a good enforcer, so starting Friday you’ll start enforcer training. I’ll need for you to report to Elisa at 0500 hours Friday morning. You’ll be training with her for six weeks and then you’ll be partner with an active enforcer and be their partner and under supervision till they think you’re ready to operate on your own. Once, I hear what your training partner tells me about you. Then I’ll start assigning you areas to patrol. I have a feeling that you’ll move up quickly in the enforcer ranks.”

“Thank you, Sebastian.” Isa couldn’t believe she was getting a chance to prove herself.

“Don’t thank me yet. You have a lot of training and hard work ahead of you. Also, don’t worry about that problem with the so call Queen of New Orleans. The council is going to deal with her.” Sebastian had informed the vampire council on what was going on down in New Orleans.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, as for that young girl you brought back to your and Betty’s place. The pack will look out for her. We’ll keep her safe from the Vampire lord that wants her back. Now go and have lunch with your mate.” Sebastian has already planned to solve the matter.

Isa gets up and leaves Sebastian’s office and heads towards the nearest Target and Walmart to pick out some clothes for Lisa. After she finishes her shopping, Isa heads over to the diner to join Betty for lunch and to give her the good news about her being trained as an enforcer for the pack.

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