The Collar - Pet TG/TF

Melissa slipped behind a car, trusting the dark parking garage to hide her. In her hands was a silver collar, clutched tightly against her chest. The woman who’d given it to her had been very specific with the instructions. She was to place this collar around the neck of a man - it would only work on a male - and then stand back. And she would get the pet of her dreams. Simple, easy and straightforward. All she had to do was take away a man’s life into her hands…

Melissa had made her choice very carefully. Andrew, her coworker, was on the verge of being fired, thanks to his habit of calling out and showing up late. He was known for slapping the rears of several girls, including Melissa’s own embarrassingly large bottom. He liked to talk down to her, explaining things she already knew. He…

...He had a fiancee. She was pregnant, with twin girls. But Melissa knew that she would be better without him. She’d listened to him rutting like a rabbit in the bathroom stalls, with his secretary. The girl she’d had a crush on for three months, but that wasn’t why she was doing this. She was doing this because he. He deserved this.

Melissa knew he did.

The office worker took a deep breath, lowering her head and letting brown hair cascade down her face and cover her eyes. For a moment, it was just her. No collar, no Andrew. No worries about what she was about to do. She let out her breath, blowing the brunette screen away for a moment. She saw Andrew, his bright red hair like a bright torch in the darkness. He was almost to his car. Reaching for his keys. If he got into the car, and rode home to his fiancee, today, she wasn’t sure she could do this tomorrow.

Another deep breath from the brunette. Melissa stood, combing hair out of her eyes and moving forward. Foot in front of foot, step by step, faster and faster. He was looking up at the sound of her footsteps, eyes wide in surprise as she charged toward him. His neck was exposed, thick and tan - as far from her dream girl as could be, but still she reached forward those last few feet and slid the silver collar against his neck, just as Andrew started to pull back.

The collar’s clasp briefly snagged the back of her prey’s neck, scraping across the edge as his attempt to pull back fought against her desperately pushing forward. There was a satisfying “click” as it finally closed, the back of it heating up against the back of Andrew’s neck while the collar sealed itself shut.

Melissa took a deep breath. Andrew’s breath caught, in counterpoint, hands reaching desperately up to the collar and trying to undo its permanently sealed clasp. “What the hell!” he exclaimed, valiantly trying to tug it off. “You crazy bitch!”

The man raised his hand to slap the woman who’d just collared him, whose hands were still holding the metal around his neck. A quiet “hissing” noise caused him to freeze in place. There was a sharp cry of pain as little needles sprung from the inside of the collar, penetrating Andrew’s neck. A throb of pain, liquid being forcefully injected into his body. He - not his face, but his neck. Not all at once, but slowly, starting as a thin band around the collar. The tan slowly began to drain away, leaving milky white skin. The colorless condition spread, moving up and down the neck from the origin point, slowly erasing the color from his face, from what little she could see of his chest through the v-neck shirt. She couldn’t see anything below the long sleeves and pants, but she watched as the fingers of his hands began to lose their coloring, the fingers stretching out, lengthening as Andrew let out a grunt of pain.

It wasn’t just the skin, either. As the paleness spread up his forehead, she watched it begin to leech color from the roots of his hair. The flaming red color was slowly subdued, reduced, turning slowly paler, color draining until it was almost white, with just the faintest tint of red left to it. Then, ever so slowly, the color began to slide back. Not the red color of blood, but the soft blonde of sun kissed hey, with just a hint of strawberry red tinting the tips.

Andrew’s focus was more on his hands. The long, slender fingers had begun to shrink again - but so had his palms. His hands were turning small, delicate, tiny compared to the rest of his muscled body. The slender fingers were still long by comparison, as if they’d been specifically designed to slip deep into tight channels.

“What…” His voice came out as a squeak, and the once-red-headed man instinctively tried to rub his neck. HIs fingers only felt cold metal, tight and unshifting. He had no idea what was going on behind it, but Melissa could imagine. His adam’s apple was shrinking, moving back into the body to make his voice crack and change.

“What’s….” he paused again. His voice had turned softer, and he didn’t understand why. He tried to speak more firmly, gathering strength in his throat “What’s going-!” His voice was even softer, the voice sweet and silken, running through her ears and making her shiver. It was the voice of her day dream, the voice she imagined coming from her dream girl, when she dreamt of them whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Andrew’s legs trembled, and he fought against the fear inside. He tried to tackle the ball of terror that had centered in his stomach, but still his legs trembled. It wasn’t just from fear, was what he failed to realize. His legs were growing smaller, his height of 5’9 shrinking slowly inch by inch, amazonian height disappearing into nothing as four inches were easily cut from his body as if they’d never existed. His toes curled as his feet shrank in on themselves, shoes now just clumsy caverns for tiny toes.

“What’s happening to me…” the blond whispered in his new soft voice, terrified of this changing body, this second puberty. His soft hazel eyes looked out toward Melissa, but she looked toward the ground and refused to meet his eyes.

It would be over soon, she reminded herself. He would be gone, soon, and she would never have to answer to him again. Never have to feel his hand on her ass or hear his grating voice. Never have to listen as he “conquered” his way across women of the office. He would be gone, soon, and she just had to wait.

“Stop this,” Andrew whispered. “Please….” But even if she wanted to, there was nothing the trembling Melissa could do to stop the process. There was nothing she wanted to do, except for letting her hair cascade back over her face to create a new curtain, peering through it to see as her victim’s arms and torso began to slowly shrink, hands disappearing into back into the blue buttoned dress shirt he’d worn to work that day.

The now oversized shirt spilled over Andrew’s hips, covering the zipper of his black slacks. The arms pooled around his arms, excess inches hanging off the wrists as if he were a child in his daddy’s dress clothes. The blond man whimpered, tears springing to his dark eyes, which seemed to be growing slowly softer - the long blond lashes blinking slowly to scatter the tears away, eyes now squeezing shut, the red tips standing bright on the pale skin of his soft, round cheeks.

The once handsome man’s entire face had shifted, the angular and arrogant look replaced with a soft feminine and beautiful profile. His prominent nose was slowly shrinking to a small button, his pale pink lips were darkening to a deep blood red that matched his former hair color.

Andrew’s thick neck had shifted from thick and short to slender and long, the pale skin reminiscent of a swan’s as he tried to duck his head away and avoid Melissa’s gaze of wonder, as her hand reached out to touch his tender cheek. Her thumb slowly wiped away the falling tears, leaving a trail of blazing blush across both cheeks. He was scared and nervous, unable to move his now unfamiliar body as she gently cupped his cheek in her right hand, the left hand sliding up to run through blond hair as she leaned in toward this man she hated.

The brunette’s lips gently touched his, softly sucking on the lower red lip. Pulling it between her teeth and giving it a slight tug, then letting her tongue slip out against the teeth marks she’d made in that fair skin. Melissa’s heart beat faster as her body pressed closer, breasts pushing against his chest - and she was perfectly aware the only thing between their flesh was her own soft pink shirt, and his oversized blue clothes.

Andrew’s heart was beating faster and faster, unwanted feelings of warmth spreading through him. Though he wanted to tug away from the woman who had done this to him, he found that he could only lean into her kisses, acquiesce to her hold. He could feel something stirring in his chest, as her breasts pushed against him. Two soft mounds pushing out from under his nipples, budding breasts that wouldn’t stop growing out against Melissa’s body. He tried to make a sound of protest, to tug away, but only a soft mewl slipped from his throat as the thankfully small breasts grew to push against his… his… Melissa.

As the brunette stepped away to catch her breath, Andrew ducked his head down in embarrassment, feeling something stirring in his lower half - knowing this wasn’t over yet, and suspecting now where it was going. His hips were slowly pushing out, growing full and round and pushing down the black slacks he’d worn to work, letting them pool down around his legs. He felt the elastic band of his boxers digging in, starting to split apart as he desperately pushed them down, so that only the shirt would hide his private. It was better than feeling them split across his body, now that his but was starting to grow out - Melissa was reaching out behind him to squeeze it, drawing her left hand over his blue shirt to draw it off his rear, and then using her right hand to lightly slap his pale white bottom, on both sides, until those cheeks were as red as his face. Then she squeezed Andrew’s sore behind, and pulled him against herself for another kiss.

The playboy could guess what was happening next. From start to finish, the staff between his legs had remained flabby and useless, not even hardening when the somewhat pretty girl had pulled him into a kiss. It had remained untouched, unstiff, and from what he knew of Melissa - unneeded. Now he could feel something opening up inside him, around the flesh of his dick. It was slowly pulling, stick and balls sliding into a newly formed hole with a wet “slurp.”

Andrew trembled. Thoughts of what would happen to him raced through his mind, and just as quickly slipped away. It was growing hard to think, hard to worry, hard to talk. He opened his mouth, but only a little whimper escaped, before Melissa placed her lips against his again and his body trembled.

There was pressure at his rear end, and a flash of pain as bone shoved its way out of his tailbone, flesh and fur slowly encompassing the new tail. He trembled, trying to clutch to the memory of who he was as thoughts began to shift through his mind like it was a sieve. Anthony could feel his ears stretching out, moving up his hand. Twitching back and forth, and it felt like memories were leaking from those feline ears.

The metal around his neck glowed. A thin metal ring slowly slid out of the seamless material, and Melissa pulled a simple leash out of her purse. She quietly clipped it into place, and she smiled at him.

At her pet.

“Come on, Ann…” Melissa whispered, and Ann shook her head, shaking off the last vestiges of her human mind. Crawling on hands and feet, long sleeved shirt and naked knees pushing into the cold asphalt, she began to follow her owner back to her car, to drive away from there.


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