Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 13

“You had to ask for something more exciting, didn’t you Theia?” Titanis was blocking and swing her sword at the Anubis warriors that was attacking her and everyone else.

Sparrow and Daigh were surrounded by a group of their own attackers. Her, Theia, Shayla, and Leonidas were surrounded by their own group and they were holding their own. However, every time drop one, three more took its place.

Ever since they stepped through the portal and proceeded deeper underground. They were ambushed by Anubis warriors. The warriors managed to separate their group by surrounding Sparrow and Daigh from Titanis, Theia, Shayla and Leonidas. They were forcing Sparrow and her husband deeper down the corridor they had been ambushed in, while preventing Titanis and her group from joining them.

Theia forms a white ball in her free hand and tosses it at the warriors directly in front them. The energy ball clears the path down the corridor for them.

“RUN!” Theia, follows behind everyone as they run towards Sparrow and Daigh.

Sparrows points her sword at the Anubis warriors behind her to clear a path for Titanis and her group to join them. She says a word in Arabic and huge white flame shots forth from her sword towards the warriors. It clears a path for her friends running towards her. Everyone reaches them with warriors following behind them. They all start running towards a door that Sparrow and Daigh had been herded towards.

“Sparrow, Daigh. Get behind me and Titanis.” Theia had made it towards the front with her sister when they got to the door.

Sparrow and Daigh drop back behind Theia and Titanis. They watch as both ladies stab the door with their swords sinking them all the way up to the hilt. The door explodes inward, breaking some sort of enchantment on the door. The interior had an old Egyptian design with hieroglyphs and furnishing from so long ago with crystals providing lights along the wall and from the ceiling. At the far end of the room was an ancient throne that the pharaohs sat on in ancient times. There were two huge jackal sarcophaguses on either side of the path that lead up to the ancient thrones. There were statues dedicated to Anubis that lined the path that lead to thrones.

“Okay, this isn’t something you see every day.” Theia was looking at everything as they moved carefully down the path.

Her and Titanis were in the lead followed by Sparrow and Daigh with Shayla and Leonidas. They head further into the room being careful of any traps. As they got halfway down the path, a magical field pops up and stops Sparrow in her tracks. It allowed Daigh to continue, but it was holding Sparrow back. Daigh tries to reach for his wife and pull her past the field. It allowed him to grab her, but it wouldn’t allow her to pass by the field. Daigh extends his Alpha influence around Sparrow to cover her, so she could pass through the field.

As soon as his influence surrounded her body completely. She could walk through the field without any problem.

“I better not move to far from you dear.” Sparrow had a feeling if she did, he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

“I think that might be a wise thing to do sweetie.” Daigh’s wolf agreed with that statement. It didn’t like feeling its mates pain.

Sparrow didn’t like it when that field came up. It had caused every nerve in her body to feel like it was on fire. She knew the mate link between her and Daigh would cause him to feel it, but his wolf made sure he didn’t.

Theia shivers as something cold passed by her. Whatever, it was had touched her skin.

“Sparrow, did a ghost or spirit just passed by me?” Theia couldn’t see spirits or ghost, she knew Sparrow could.

“It’s a spirit. It’s trying to determine how I was able to pass the field and why the other magical traps that are supposed to hold a reaper back aren’t working on me.” Sparrow reaches out and grabs hold of the spirit.

“It’s time for you to pass on from this plane.” Sparrow slices the air beside her and opens a portal to send the spirit onward. She closes it quickly after tossing the spirit into it.

“One down and a lot to go.” Sparrow had a predator smile on her face.

As they got closer to the thrones. A smoke cloud appears and a tall thin tanned bare-chested man wearing an Anubis head piece with leather sandals and a black shendyts appears. He looks down at the small party in front of him and his eyes immediately lock onto Sparrow as she stood close to her husband still in his hybrid form.

“You! How can you be standing there? My magic should had kept you out of here.” Flames appears in the eye sockets of the head dress.

Theia looks at her sister “I feel ignored. How about you?”

“I don’t. I believe this jackass just royally fucked up.” Titanis steps aside to let Daigh and Sparrow step forward.

Theia follows her sisters example and stands in front of Shayla. It was going to be her job to protect Shayla along with Leonidas.

A low growl could be heard coming from Daigh.

The figure looks down at Daigh “shut up you mutt.”

The magic he sends towards Daigh to shut-up disperses as soon as it hits his aura. Theia could see ripples in Daigh’s aura as the magic is negated by his alpha influence.

“Oh, you just fucked up big time. You attacked an Alpha and insulted his wife.” Theia shakes her head back and forth for the poor dumbass.

The figure directs his gazed towards Theia “who do you think you are? Xena, warrior princess with your flat chest.”

“At least I’m not wearing a dog head on my head, stick man.” Theia looks at him and tightens her grip on her sword.

The flames in his eye sockets get brighter.

Titanis just smirks as she listens to the banter going on between the two of them.

“It’s not a dog head, you dumb bitch. It’s a Jackal’s head.” He kept staring at Theia and could feel that she was powerful.

“Take a picture, it will last longer.” Theia just smiles at him, she was taunting him to do something stupid.

“You have nothing to worry about from him sis. He is more afraid of what Sparrow is going to do to him. Then what you or I will do to him. He fears Sparrow more.”

“I don’t fear death or any of its agents.” The man looks at all of them, but he was watching Theia and Sparrow closely.

“Yes, you do. You’re a big scary cat. You fear death, otherwise you wouldn’t try to keep it from claiming you.” A grin forms on Theia’s face.

“You bitch!” The man causes one of the statues nearby to come to life and attack Theia.

While Theia defends herself from the statue he turns his attention towards Sparrow.

“As for you, grim reaper. I know your background and I am sending you back.” He opens a portal behind Sparrow.

“I don’t think so, dog face.” Shayla pulls the sword she brought with her and slice through the portal with it. There was a loud popping sound as the portal disappears.

“Sparrow, will you and your husband take this piece of trash out please?” Titanis steps aside as Theia steps pass her while blocking a sickle attack from the statue.

“Aren’t you going to help your sister?” Sparrow looks towards Theia as she struck the statue with her sword.

“Nay, she’s got things in hand.” Titanis just smiles as she watches her sister battle the statue.

Daigh and Sparrow move towards the guy.

He causes more of the statues to come to life and attack Sparrow and Daigh. Shayla, Titanis and Leonidas jump in to handle the statues that were brought to life.

“Go ahead and have fun Daigh. Knock the head piece off the asshole so Sparrow can do her job.” Titanis swings her sword and slices straight through the statue she was aiming fore.

Daigh and Sparrow move as one towards the guy. Daigh strikes him with his paws. As the guy blocks Daigh’s paws, he gets hit with Sparrow’s sword in his side. The sword glows as it strikes him.

Daigh brings his paws up and knocks the head piece right off the guy’s head.

Sparrow felt the difference in the energies in the room as she swings her scimitar towards him and send it right through his body, cutting him in half.

“Daigh, tosses the head piece up in the air.” Sparrow looks towards her husband.

Daigh tosses the head piece up in the air and Sparrow brings her scimitar up and intercepts the headpiece, slicing right through it and cutting it in half. Wisp of smoke drift up from the two halves as they fall to the stone floor.

Sparrow looks at the fellow and an evil smile just appears on her face.


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