The First Cut, 5

The First Cut


- Hurts the most -

 “So, you want to know why I ended up in here this time?”



Hey, just because I am medically a mess doesn’t mean I get out of PE, I don’t have to do anything, but I do have to change and sit there. Yeah, I could get permission to go to the library or something, but it’s not worth the hassle if I’m usually not going to be there more than a month. Normally people just leave me alone when they see the bandages... that I didn’t have on then.

But yeah, I was just trying to keep safe, changing while facing the wall, taking quick glances around the room, nothing strange... then I saw Knife changing her top, and what she had under it, and with my usual subtlety, tried to continue the... discussion from earlier with Alpha Chav who just happened to be next to me. Kinda obvious looking back he was there to do exactly what he did do if I did what I did do... That does make sense, right?

“Seriously, she’s clearly a girl, how can you miss her chest?!” like seriously, without her hoodie smothering all shape they were very obvious.

And before I knew what was happening, the Chav had me held up against the wall by my throat, “Yeah, no shit Frankie, we all know, and we all know to fucking keep it quiet.”

Like I said I probably could have handled this whole situation better, and I think he only held back cause he’d seen the meat puzzle, and maybe cause Metalhead Prime took over. “Look man Chopshop, we warned you to back off and leave well enough alone, you’re caused her a stupid amount of worry.”

“Why, what’s so bad, if you’d give me a reason why...” yes, I was being an ass, I see that now.

“We don’t want her fucking sperm donor, who is one of the caretakers here as it happens, and a proper nosy twat, overhearing shit. He isn’t the most... tolerant individual.”

Then this ugly older guy, looks a little bit like Knife barged in, “Oi! The fuck you say about me‽” everything went mad, he grabbed Knife and threw her across the room then everyone else piled onto him.

And that’s when I ran away from it all, out the changing room, building and out across the road...

... and got run over.


One chapter left (of the First cut), which will be a more "normal" narrative structure and less slightly drugged up drivelling


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