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Author’s Note; This story is a dedication to Tom Petty. Song meaning to me are very subjective. I can take someone different out of song than someone else. I can even take something different out of a song depending on my mood. So with saying that this story is how I filled in the blanks of this great song.

Debra Webster was an American girl who was raised on her mom and dad’s promises of being able to be whatever she wanted to be in life, and their daughter would find happiness if she was true to herself. This American girl’s aspirations were simple, to be a mom, have a family while having a satisfying career. Even with those goals being simple while growing up Debra believed the first promise was not true. She just did not have it in her to achieve those goals. The second promise Debra was not sure of for she did not know who she really was. It was hard for a young lady to be true to themselves if they are not sure who they were.

While she was getting older, Deb she found out the first promise was true. Life was not as simple as it was explained to little girls. If life was not simple then knowing who you were was not simple also.This knowledge brought joy to her heart for then she knew that she would figure out who she was. The American girl made a promise to herself to find out who she was.

As Debbie got older she found out it was a great big world, with so many different cultures, societies and people in it. This would give her a lot of places to run to keep true her word if she was not able to uphold the promise she made herself In Pittsburgh. Knowing this made her happy for if the land of the free was not emancipated enough from prejudice for people who were different then she could go to a place where people judge others on who they are not the label given to them.

The American girl know that she might have to die trying to keep that little promise she made to herself, but she would. Having the chance to die from being hating for who she was was better that the alternative- certain death if she was not true to herself. Plus, Deb knowing her true essence was the key to her happiness. Her being happy was the key reaching her goals. Her reaching her goals would help her keep her mom and dad’s promises true.

Deb kept on finding out more about how complex the world and life was. One important information which most people treated as inconsequential was that gender and sex were not the same. Gaining this knowledge lead her to the self realization found out who she was, a transgender woman.

Having a better understanding of who she was lead to the American girl to comprehend why her parents were so assured that those promises they made to her years ago was the truth. Deb found contentment for the first time in life. Knowing oneself was the start the road to reaching a person’s true potential. Being able to be true to oneself led to having a real connection with the great big world. One knew where they fit in the scheme of life.

This contentment led to starting to feel too liberated from the shackles of ignorance which held her back from showing the world her real self. Knowledge could lead to arrogance when one did not have wisdom to go along with it. Deb was still a girl so she did not have the main commodity a person needed to acquire wisdom, experience. Most people think experience only could come from doing the action itself, a lesser form also comes from having empathy from people telling their tale of what they experience. One does not need to be homeless to understand why it was bad to homeless in bad weather. People knew this by extrapolating other knowledge.

This American girl started to do everything in excess, she was hedonist to the extreme. Debra lived in the land where it was easy to do everything over the top and took full advantage of it. For a little while there was not a pill she would not shallow, a drink she would drink and a stud she would not mount. The pleasure seeker was trying to make up for the past misery she had when she was lonely even when surrounded by supportive people who loved her. This loneliness came from people cannot feel the connection to others if they do not know themselves. One needed a self connection to be able to other connection.

Debra was lucky that she befriended a couple of wise older ladies like her, Vicky and Andrea. They treated her like equals but made sure they were mentors to her. Those two knew one needed to be gentle with Debra, she was rebelling against the bad parts of society. The parts which did not want her to be who she was for no reason other than they were told it was wrong, evil and bad. Vicky and Andrea also knew that they could only show Debra a better way but being there for her and hope she follows their lead.

Debra knew she was the baby of the group and was open to those simple words of wisdom after hearing them many times. It was just to take time at the club easy and make it all night. The American girl was open to it for Debra wanted to be free to be herself as long as possible, even if just meant being aware at last call at the club. Having more time as herself made Deb remember that happiness was about being yourself not having as much pleasure as possible all the time. She was on the path of being herself full time but waiting was the hardest part. When she learn to wait, she learn she did not need to rebel to keep her freedom to be herself.


It was kind of cold that night as Debra was all by herself on her apartment’s balcony as she watched the cars drive up and down Route 30. Then she painfully remembered tomorrow the American girl had to go back to being Tom, being Debra full time was only a week away, but still felt out of reach. Then that memory’s pain was taken away when she remember soon she was going to always be an American girl.

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