Little Boy-Girl on the Run (Sara) The Russian Fall Out

Agent Davis was hot on the trail of the Russians that got way from the M.C club that had tried to invade the neighborhood about six months earlier but the fun was just getting starting. Special Agent Davis was tracking their path Agents Williams and Price and knew they would be safe in Florida and the agents there will be looking after them.

Agent Davis had a brilliant idea and that was to give every child a lapel pin with the school’s logo on it. He wanted to call them but Agent Moore said not to at this time. She said “the Russians could have tapped the phone systems that ran into the neighborhood from the outside. Plus that could track where they are at and that could put them in danger and we don’t want that, and neither do you”.

As the arrest of Boris Kuznetsov hit the news Agent Davis was waiting to get his hands on the man that had slipped through his fingers when the Carol Shaw case closed. What shocked Special Agent Davis was all the boys that resembled girls were sold into the sex trade. One name stood out and that name was Agent Marin Jones.

The things Agent Marin Jones had done in the past was another matter altogether. This was one of the things bothering Agent Davis. There was news that he was tracking certified bounty hunters and two fellow law enforcement officers was another. That was another thing troublesome.

Agent Marin Jones had crossed the line before by interfering in cases that he had no right being involved in. One such case was when Agent Davis had to cross state lines to save a child. He was stating the Agent Davis had kidnapped the child. All clams came back as a false clam and Agent Davis had done everything by the book. This was back with the Carol Shaw case and other crimes she was linked to.

The reason Agent Davis was called Special Agent Davis was he was on the child victims unit. He had started with D.S.S (Department of Social Services). Anytime he crossed the state line he called the local police to back him up. If a local officer wasn’t able to respond a State Trooper or a US Marshal was sent to help.

News that a kingpin in the child sex ring was caught it was a matter of time before the rest would fall like a house of cards. As the search for the three missing shipping container was still on going. A local M.C Club found the forth and was able to save the ones inside except a three year old boy dressed like a girl. In Mississippi a container of guns was in the hands of the FBI.

Agent Davis turned off the TV and went to care for his new pet. The kids knew better than to go near Mad Max. Unless they asked first and their dad was with them. The kids got a kick out of their dad wrestling with Max.

Mad Max is a bear and can rip people apart. He is leaner than his wild brothers, sisters and cousins. He knows when it’s feeding time and gets a slab of deer meat but he loves going on cases to help save kids. Agent Davis only wishes he had Mad Max when he was tracking Carol Shaw.

Rouge Agents were one that he hated to most. He knew all the tricks a dog knew but a few that only a human can do as well. (Like the fist bump or pound it). Mad Max when on his hind legs stood at only 5’10” but could take down a man a foot taller than him.

(Back at the School)

A new teacher walked into the front office asking to speak with the principal about the job opening that she heard about from a friend. Casea knew she would be teaching a class of six and seven year olds. It was the unknown that would shock her.

Casea Stever was shown the classroom that she would be using and was shocked to see it was set up like a nursery with a changing table, and a diaper pail next to it. Casea knew something was a miss and called her friend Agent Davis. Casea was upset that he didn’t tell her the whole truth but was told that her aid would take care of all diaper changes.

So with that out of the way Miss Stever was told she could set up the classroom to her liking with the exception of where the changing table goes because it was bolted to the wall. A privacy curtain was in place so it would be out of site. (The saying goes out of site out of mind).

The new teacher was putting her name up on the black board when one of her students walked in and said “Miss Stever I have a problem”. Miss Stever turns and sees a boy that was dressed in the school issued uniform and thought to her self why is this boy dressed like a girl? That’s question was answered when she saw the rule book on the corner of her desk.

She opened the book to the marked page and read (all male and female students wear the same uniform it can be [girl] slacks, jumpers, dresses or skirts). Then there was one other thing that stood out and that was that once in the class room the student can remove their close and wear just a diaper and t-shirt or a school issued onesie. This little guy was having trouble getting his outfit off so he can put on his onesie.

Miss Stever took the boy to the changing table and then found out what the problem was. It was a wet and messy diaper. Being that she had cared for her nephew and had changed his diapers she did what a caring mother or aunt would do and changed him. She then helped him with the school issued onesie and sandals.

There was also one for the winter months. As the students filled in her assistant comes in and smiles. Agent Davis does a diaper check of all that’s there and cares for the ones that need changing. Casea saw how fast and efficient Mario was at cleaning the girl’s privates and did it the right way front to back. She also noticed he was using gloves but not the ones made of latex.

It was a rule that no latex gloves be used incase of skin allegories. The school was set up like a hospital but didn’t smell like one the rooms smelt like a nursery. I mean the school had a cleaning crew that knew how to clean a diaper pail to the point it didn’t smell like pee or poop.

Once the kids were changed Casea asked to speak outside for a second. She asked how I knew to clean a girl while changing their diapers. Now boys are a little tricky they sometime go pee-pee while you change their diapers.

Mario knew the right little boy to give Casea the golden shower. Mario Jr. was the perfect little boy although he was 9 years old now but he loved having his diaper changed and getting the you are in for a surprise look on his face. Mario Jr. was in need of a change come lunch time but he wanted his dad’s new friend to change him to see if she would be a good mom for him and his sisters.

Casea started to change Mario Junior’s diaper and as she pulled the front down Jr. got her and with his golden stream. Of course he said he was sorry and he wouldn’t do it again. I knew he was telling a fib but let it slide for now.

(Somewhere in Russia)

The Russian Mob Boss was furious that Boris Kuznetsov had been caught by a group of American Bounty Hunters. There was something else he was furious about. The Hells Angles MC of Russia was looking into some of his rackets. One in particular it was the local strip club in the capital. It was said to have under aged kids working the stage.

The Russian Mob Boss and his men were up to something fishy and with him being a former KGB agent when the U.S.S.R. fell. This gave the MC club something to look for. The books on all of the properties and the money they made went out control. Things have changed a lot since the 1980s.

(Back in the US)

Three things were to happen. One) Boris Kuznetsov wasn’t getting out of a US federal prison anytime soon. Two) Agent Marin Jones was on the lose looking to take out the ones who stopped him from getting his hands on Boris Kuznetsov. And finally Three) Agent Marin Jones was toast when he was caught.

Special Agent Mario Davis had the perfect place for Agent Marin Jones. It was an Island where if anyone tried to escape would freeze to death in the water or be eaten by sharks. This prison is like the one that the US government closed down in the San Francisco Bay. This place was like Alcatraz Island you would freeze to death or eaten by sharks. Then there was in the remote parts of Alaska, but Mad Max had other ideas when he got Jones.

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