Double short-story collection

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Double short-story collection

By Set3


Adam was getting ready to shower for work in the new house he had just bought two weeks earlier. There were a few quirks to be sure, what new place didn't? In the case of his bathroom he had to run the sink tap to get the hot water flowing when he jumped in to shower. As he waited for the water to warm up he removed the diminished bar of soap he used to wash himself with. For the briefest of moments he thought of just putting it by the sink but quickly discounted that idea as he was sure that any guest he had wouldn't like washing their hands with the same soap he used to clean himself with so he dropped it in the waste basket instead.

"Farwell my friend, you'll be surely missed. Until I get another bar of soap," he joked as he looked under the sink cupboard. On seeing that there was no soap there he grumbled as he got back up to check the hallway closet. On getting there he rummaged through spare towels and other toiletries until he found a small cardboard box and pulled it out. It was just big enough to hold a bar of soap. The package was unopened but he was still confused as the box was unmarked with any brand names and he didn't recall buying it.

"Oh well, must have been a left-over from the previous owner," he mused. Which was fair to him as that would make his supplies go a little farther. With that, he removed the rectangular bar from its box, paused for a moment seeing that it was pink in color, and shrugged as he headed back to the bathroom. Once he was there he tested the water coming out of the tap and finding it good and hot he turned it off and turned the water on in the shower and adjusted the temperature until it was just right. On reaching the optimum temperature he disrobed and hopped in the shower with the new soap, placing it in the soap dish for now as he ducked his head under the shower head and reached for the shampoo.

After lathering and rinsing the shampoo from his hair her grabbed a facecloth and reached for the pink soap bar. He rubbed the now wet bar into the facecloth to get a good lather and proceeded to wash his face. As he did so, he went on autopilot as he continued to wash himself as he began to think about what to do about work. He was working at, what he considered, a dead end job. Despite the massive chain store he worked for, the store he worked for was notorious for their hiring practices. This had the consequence of drastically slowing down new employee entry. And with the unemployment within the store new employees were quickly overwhelmed with a huge workload with barely any time for training and were essentially thrown to the wolves on their first day. Because of that Adam was stuck in holding the position of janitor, there was a more fanciful title but it was essentially a janitorial position. With no one new lasting more than a few weeks he was one of the few on hand to know the job inside and out and the higher ups saw no reason to let him out of the position. It wouldn't have been so bad if they brought him to full time hours but to save money on benefits, they would work him close to full time hours but shaved, sometimes a half hour, an hour off to keep him in the part time field of employ. Needless to say, this occupied his mind when he wasn't doing anything mentally demanding. And thanks to the simplistic nature of his job, was quite a lot.

As he continued to think about the injustices of the working machine he continued to rub the soap lather facecloth over his face causing a magical change to occur. Adam was far to engrossed with his line of thinking to pay attention to the physical change that was literally happening under his nose as his face started to soften, his eyes became more expressive in the feminine manor. And his nose shrank while his lips became full and tantalisingly kissable. He pulled the facecloth away briefly as he got some soap in his right eye and washed it out before moving on down to his neck. He pause again to re-lather his facecloth and began washing his neck. It began to change as well becoming slender and delicate looking. Adam never noticed that he was literally washing his Adam's apple away leaving him with a soft breathy voice he had yet to speak in. Once that was complete he moved down again to his shoulders the magic in the soap brought his shoulders in shrinking them down as well.

He re-lathered again and moved on to his arms. As he ran the facecloth over his arms, the hair on his arms became lighter and less course till they were barely noticeable against his now soft slender girl arms. Both of his hands, that were in continuous contact with this magical soap have became unmistakably daintily small and feminine. No one would mistake them for the hands of the male half ever again. Re-lathering again he moved on to his chest. Adam barely registered that his pecks had transformed into breasts thinking that he had put on even more weight thanks to the relative sedentary of his job. He may have worked out his arms and legs but very little was needed to be put towards his mid section and he had become noticeably plump in that area. He wrapped the facecloth around his back and ran it back and forth changing his back as well. He re-lathered and began cleaning his armpits which magically reduced the hair in his armpits to non existence. While he was washing the right pit some of the facecloth continued to rub his right nipple which had the effect he would find soon of making it more enjoyable sensitive. He washed out his facecloth, still on autopilot, not looking at anything as he rubbed the soap into the facecloth again and moved onto his mid-section and began to wash that as well. this time, he was literally washing away the plumpness the fat was causing quite quickly producing a slight hourglass figure. This time Adam did notice when he felt through the facecloth that he didn't have to prod far to feel solid muscle. he smile a little before he returned to the thoughts that plagued his mind and re-lathered and moved down.

As impossible as it would seem, Adam never noticed his genitalia disappear giving way to the tight fold of a virgin pussy off-handedly reasoning he was cleaning the head of his penis as he was uncircumcised. His testicles were washed away soon afterwards as he washed between his legs before he re-lathered again and moved on to his rear. He frowned slightly feeling the largeness, to him, of his now tight round ass that fit his slightly wider hips. He then moved down to his legs, starting on the left one. As he washed the leg it became hairless pleasingly thin and lithe. He stumbled a little as his left leg was now shorter then his right but just assumed he slipped on the slick surface of the wet floor. His right leg quickly matched the left as he washed that too. He re-lathered his facecloth for the last time and started on his feet. As he rubbed the facecloth on his lower appendages they shrank, his toes now becoming "cute", they continued to shrink as he scrubbed. By the time he finished washing his feet he could wear, if he wanted to, children's sized footwear, his feet were so small now.

His shower finished her turned off the water, drew the shower curtain, and grabbed a towel as he stepped out. He stopped short when he glanced at the mirror to behold a very different reflection. Now standing several inches short than he once did stood a rather fetching looking girl who looked to be about nineteen years of age. His hair, where ever the soap got to, was now blond. And the eye he got soap in was now a steely blue contrasting his left still-hazel eye.

Adam opened his mouth to question his new reflection but was silenced when he heard the soft distinctly female sound come from his throat. With that, the alien sensations his new body were sending him hit him like a brick wall and he could do nothing but scream until he passed out.

Meanwhile, in a town not to far off, a man stood on the balcony to his small apartment. he had burned the last of his male clothing in a self-serving ceremony as if to say goodbye to his male self. He had spent the last two weeks setting things up for his new female self. Not too long earlier he came across a website that promised magic trinkets to transform the body. He almost passed it off as another fake site peddling crap to the more foolhardy people but saw a listing for a soap that could turn him into a woman. Intrigued, he clicked on the option that offered a free sample. Soon after it arrived he tried it out. The free sample was a bar of soap the size you'd see hotels offer. When he used it he was beyond surprised to see it work and he had indeed turned into a female version of himself. The effects of the free sample only lasted a day but he had to have more and went back to the site to order the permanent version. He was delighted to see he could customise how he would turn out but was dismayed to see that ordering the single bar was incredably expensive. He had to sell his house to cover the cost of ordering it and used what was left to set up his new life as a young adult girl. It took two weeks to set everything up. With what was left of his past now ashes, he went to the box where he had his magic soap and opened it. It wasn't there.

"No!" he shouted. He then went to turn the apartment upside-down looking for the soap. After the second round of searching, his apartment a mess, he realised that he must of left the soap back at his old house. Since he burned all his old cloths he could no longer go as his male self and the new cloths he got for his new self wouldn't fit him. He still had the free sample but it was almost used up that he doubted he could get more than two days of transformation out if it but he needed that soap. With resignation he grabbed the free sample and entered the bathroom to wash up. This was supposed to be the day of his rebirth but he swore he'd get it yet.



Becca and Ernest were snuggling after watching a chic-flick. It was the kind of flic that got Becca in the mood and she grabbed Ernest's arm as she began kissing from the elbow to his hand. She stopped suddenly when she got to his fingers. She loved Ernest dearly but seeing long fingernails on the ends of his fingers was such a turn off and she sighed as she stared at them. She began playing with his finger tips.

"Why are your fingernails so long?" she asked looking up at him.

He gave her a kiss before he answered, "It's because short nails make my fingers look stubby," he told her softly in a joking manner.

She gave his arm a playful slap, "I'm serious! All this time we've been together and I can count on one hand the number of times I saw you with short nails. So, what's up? You're not secretly gay and using me to hold an image that you're straight are you?"

He responded by passionately frenching her causing her to moan pleasantly. He stared into her eyes a moment, "Does that prove I'm straight?" he asked coyly.

She smiled at him, "Mmmmm," she licked her lips, "Maybe you bi," she said playfully.

Ernest gave a sigh as he looked at his nails, "Would you mind if I told you a story?"

"Only if it'll explain these," she answered as she wiggled one of his fingers playfully.

Ernest gave a smile, "Do you believe in magic?"

Becca gave a short laugh, "I think us getting together despite these nails of yours is proof enough that magic exists," she answered.

Ernest gave a grunt at that but continued, "Way back up the family tree, some where during the medieval times my many times great grandmother was engaged to marry a small-time Duke. Afraid that he only married her for her looks she had a gypsy friend cast a curse/blessing in her so when ever her beauty faded, she activated the magic to become beautiful again. What she and the gypsy didn't know is that this 'blessing/curse' was passed down to her children to this day. Now, for me, whenever I cut my fingernails I change to become a beautiful female version until my nails grow back," he explained.

Becca looked at him a moment before she broke into a smile, "Yeah right, come on, what's the real reason?" she asked again.

Ernest sighed as she pushed up from the couch forcing Becca into sitting up, "Look, I'll prove it to you," he said as he got up and headed to the bathroom and shortly returned with a pair of nail clippers, "Watch carefully," he told her. Becca rolled her eyes but nodded her head as she stared at him.

Ernest grimaced as he hesitated before clipping the nail in his pinky finger of his left hand. Almost instantly his features softened somewhat making him look like an effeminate man.

Becca blinked at the change, "Wha-what? How did you...?" she trailed off not able to put her thoughts in order.

"Magic," he answered sheepishly, even his voice had changed, becoming lighter but still in the realm of the male range.

Becca could only stare before she could finally speak," Hey," she said as she got up and put her hands on her hips, "I thought you said you'll turn into a beautiful woman if you cut your nails off," she accused as if catching him in a lie.

"I have to cut all my nails to fully change. So cutting my pinky nail just turns me into a pretty boy. There's some safety things built into the curse or blessing though. If my nails splits because I grab something the wrong way I can safely cut it off without changing," he explained.

Becca stared at him a moment before her lips curled into a hungry smile, "I wanna see," she said suddenly.

"What?" Ernest asked taking a step back.

"I want to see you change all the way," she said again.

"I can't! It'll take weeks for my nails to grow back and until I do, I'll be stuck like that," he told her.

Becca just shrugged, "So, just take some time off. You were saying that your boss was hounding you to use your vacation days," she said refusing to budge.

Ernest sputtered trying to think of a reason why he couldn't do it but finally relented and grabbed his phone to call the office and leave a message for his boss that he'd be taking a two-week vacation effective immediately. On putting the phone down he held the clippers up to her, "Want to do the honors?" he offered.

"Oh no," Becca said shaking her head, "I don't want to miss a second of this, go ahead," she said waving her hand at him to continue.

With a sigh, Ernest gulped before he moved to the next finger. As he clipped off each nail on his left hand, he grew more and more effeminate until he clipped off the thumb nail leaving him looking so androgynous that it was almost impossible to tell if he was male or female but there were still a few tell-tales that he was still male, his penis still showed through his pants. He began to disrobe until he was fully naked showing his transformed body. He grabbed the clippers in his left hand and got ready to clip the nails off his right. "I'm at the half way point," he explained, even is voice matched is body. While it still carried a male tone it would have been easy to mistake it for a woman's.

Becca nodded vigorously not wanting to say anything.

Ernest pursed is lips, "Ok then, over the fence we go." And with that, he began clipping the nails off. On cutting his pinky finger nail, his penis shrank considerably until it pulled up into him into a new-formed vagina. Ernest shifted is stance and shuddered at the feeling before he continued working his way from one end to another. Doing so pushed his body over the edge in his transformation as each nail was clipped off more unmistakable female features pushed out. His hips widened, his height dwindled some what, his body hair sucked in leaving him smooth-skinned and bare. The hair on his head lengthened until it reached his mid-back. becoming a rich darker color from his original chestnut brown, it's texture silky smooth. His face softened even more looking somewhat like Marilyn Monroe but a step further some how. His torso withdrew into an hourglass figure showing sensual hips that showed off a perfectly proportioned derriere. His breast had become the perfect size for his new figure being shaped just right to show a nice bounce and drooped enough to prove they were all natural. All in all, Ernest's new form would win any beauty pageant on just entering. Becca couldn't believe this stunning woman standing before her was boyfriend.

"So, what do you think?" he asked in a rich sexy voice that sent a tremble down Becca's spine to her nether regions. Without a second more Becca launched herself at the newly minted woman kissing her hard and practically shoved her to the bedroom while disrobing herself. Neither would get any sleep for the rest of the night but were able to pass out form blissful exhaustion of their sexual thrills in the 'early' morning.

When the two awoke, well into the afternoon, they began again for another hour before settling down to playful cuddling and petting.

"So, everyone in your family is like this?" Becca asked.

Ernest nodded her head, "Yes," he affirmed in her sexy voice, "My sister changes whenever she gets her hair cut short and my dad changes when he shaves his beard," he blushed slightly," My dad was actually my mom at the time he had sis and me," he told her.

Becca looked at her now girlfriend quizzically, "I'd have thought your sister would want to be like that because she's normally so..." she paused looking for the right word.

"Butch?" Ernest finished for her. "Yeah, but she's a tomboy at best and likes weight lifting so when she changes she loses all her muscles until her hair grows back, which usually takes her half a year at most. Till then, she has no body builder muscles and she feels weak.."

Becca gave her boyfriend a kiss, "Well I think you're sexy when you're like this," as she cupped one of his breast and teased the nipple slowly. "I think we're going to have a fun couple of weeks," she added.

Ernest moaned before replying, "At this rate, I'll change back before we even get out of bed," he murmured softly.

"That wouldn't be so bad would it?" Becca asked with a hungry look in her eyes.

Ernest smiled, "No, no it wouldn't," he replied as he leaned in again.


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