You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 5

Monday May 15 2300hrs (Kat’s Aunt Millard’s house)
Lev pulls the SUV into the driveway of the address that Kat gave him. They were still half-n-hour behind them. Kat and her crew had stopped to grab some groceries, because they were going to be in Memphis, Tn. for a few days.

“Wakey-wakey people, were here.” Luke had stayed awake during the five-hour drive to Memphis. Crystal had fallen asleep on the drive. Alexa had ridden with Kat and Paul in the new vehicle Lev brought for them from Rebecca.

Crystal opens her eyes and lookout through the windows at the yard and surrounding area.

“We’re hiding out in suburbia?” Crystal looks around and even though it was dark outside.

She could tell that the homes around them were middle class families. They were just like the ones she grew-up in and around. The house itself was a one-story ranch house with a covered driveway where the SUV’s could be parked without the sun beating down on them.

Lev gets out and walks over to the side door that had the key box. He pushed the code that Kat gave him, so he could receive the key. Lev opens the door and disarms the security system, so they don’t set it off. The place was bare of any furniture or dishes. Kat had said that her aunt was selling the place. He might talk to Rebecca about maybe buying this place. That way, when they come up here to visit Kat, they would have a place to stay.

Crystal helps the guys unload the SUV of their gear and each person takes a room. Alexa and Crystal were sharing one room, Lev and Luke were sharing a room together. Kat and Paul were taking the Master bedroom for themselves. There were towels and wash clothes in the bathroom for them to use while they were there.

Kat and Paul pull up thirty minutes later and were met by Lev as they pull the Gurkha RPV next to their armor SUV.

“So, what goodies did you bring for us?’ Lev puts his gun away and walks over to the Gurkha RPV to help unload the groceries.

“Oh, a little of this and a little of that. Did my aunt leave the refrigerator that was here originally?” Kat had her go bag and a bag of groceries in
her arms.

“Yep, but were sleeping on the floor. Eating on the floor and sitting on the floor.” Lev was looking at Kat when he said that.

“Boy, you are spoiled. Aren’t you?” Kat loved teasing Lev.

“No, I’m not spoiled, but if we are going to be staying here for a while. We might want to make it look like someone is living here. That way, we can throw some nosy neighbors off.” Lev figures it might keep the nosy neighbors at bay.

“I can get my aunt to meet me at her storage unit. We can bring some of her furniture back to fool people, should we have a guest.” Kat figure that should solve that problem.

“Well, whatever you decide is fine with me. I’m going to call Rebecca and let her know we are here.” Lev pulls his cellphone out and heads towards the backyard to call his wife and check on August. She was feeling under the weather the last time he talked to her.

Monday May 15 1700hrs (Bounty’s Safe House)
A white van with Harry’s Florist painted on the side of it, had met them at the private airport. He had been sent by their father and phases that their father made them memorized had been spoken to make sure they were who they were supposed to be. Julia gave the counter phased she had been taught. Afterwards, they were loaded into the van with the wolves. The girls were informed that he was the innkeeper and if there was anything they needed. They were to bring the request to him and he would make sure it was taken care of.

Julia did ask how they were to get in touch with him. He hands them a cellphone and informed them that it was secured. He drops them off at a house near the Mississippi River. There was a boat dock and the place had a nine-foot-tall brick wall that covered the front of the property.

“How many safe houses do you think dad and aunt Cheshire have?” Gina was impress with the safe house they had been dropped off at.

It was of an old design that Julia and Tizzy figure dated back to the Colonial days.

“The only two people that know the answer to that question is dad and aunt Cheshire.” Julia was wondering that question herself.

Tizzy looks at the piece of paper that had the directions on it that her mother wrote for her and followed them. When it comes to identify the proper picture for the final passcode she looks at the choices. All of them were items you would find in the Alice in Wonderland movie, but she was looking for the one picture that wasn’t. She spots it. It was the Cheshire cat being feed grapes by a humanoid wolf that looked like Chaos.

“What took you so long?” Gina had to go pee. She blames the Big Gulp she took with her on the Lear Jet.

Julia goes in first with Terror by her heels. Tizzy was next with Menace by her side and Gina with Cadmus. Gina looks for the downstairs bathroom and finds it.

“I think she had to go and potty.” Julia watches as her sister tries to locate the bathroom.

Cheshire and their father had given them the layout of the place before they left the house. They made sure the three of them knew where every escape tunnel, hidden safe room and weapons locker were.

Julia looks down at Terror, who resemble chaos the most “search!”

Terror takes off and searches all of downstairs.Tizzy goes upstairs and has Menace search the second floor.

Gina comes out of the bathroom feeling better. She steps outside with Cadmus and has him search the yard. The security system of the house shows the property and where everyone was located. Once the house and the property was searched. Gina checks out the boat house to see what boat their father had left for them to use. She was surprised to see a normal looking 2012 Cobia boat for them to use.

“I wonder why dad left us that one and not a speed boat?” She turns back around after relocking the boat house and head back towards the house itself.

Tizzy was cooking them some dinner from the supplies she found in the pantry. Her mother said that their safe houses were normally stocked when they needed them. That was why Uncle Jack had called the Innkeeper to stock this one with everything three grown women would need and three wolves would need. Tizzy had found everything she needed to make an Hawaiian dish for them.

While the three of them sat at the counter eating “So, what time are we supposed to be at the police station, tomorrow?”

“We’re supposed to be there at 0800hrs tomorrow morning.” Julia takes another bite of her dinner and falls in love with what Tizzy made.

“Has any one check the vehicle we’re taking tomorrow and are we showing up in full body armor or just our uniforms?” Tizzy looks at Julia for an answer.

“I checked it out. It’s a custom Ford F450 dad wants us to use. He said it has more than enough power and armor built onto it.” Julia had spoken with their father about everything they might need. They brought their own personal weapons with them, not what the department issued to them.

After dinner, all three girls check and cleaning their weapons. Tizzy take the wolves outside so they could check the perimeter and do their business as well. Tizzy missed not having one of the ligers here with her, but her uncle was right. Simba was injured and Shur-khan only listened to her mother. She walks around with the wolves and watch as they scout out the area and find a spot to do their business.

Once the wolves were done, they head back inside and Tizzy arms the outside security system. She uses her personal security code that Jack gave her before they left Montana. They had the location of two fall back safe houses if they needed it.

“Who’s taking what room?” Tizzy had her go bag in hand as she walks up the steps.

“Gina claimed the Master bedroom, which is fine with me. I took a room over on the East wing that looks out onto the front yard and the gate.”
Julia was making up her bed.

“Alright, I’ll take the one that looks out on the backyard.” Tizzy takes the other room.

Each room either had its own bathroom or shared a bathroom.

“Hey, did you guys know that this place has a built-in gym and swimming pool?” Gina was looking at the floor plan their father gave them.

“Yes, we knew, but we don’t have time tonight to enjoy it. We have to be up and out of here by 0700hrs.” Julia wanted to get there early and met who else that was part of this taskforce.

“You two are so lucky. You have a uniform you can wear.” Gina figures that she be better off wearing her suit tomorrow. She knows a few cops might give her a hard time being a private security contractor, but she’ll deal with them like she always does.

Julia lets the wolves out one more time, before all of them turn in for the night. Cadmus jumps up and lays next to Gina like he always does.
Julia and Tizzy allow Terror and Menace to sleep next to them.

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