Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 16

Annabelle washes her hair carefully. The hospital had to put eight stitches in to close the gash she got from hitting her head against the metal step. She couldn’t believe that Zachary had tried to rape her right there in the store. She shivers as she wraps her arms around her body. If Derick hadn’t shown up when he did, she might have been in some serious trouble. She shivers as the water continues hitting her body.

After ten minutes, she felt the temperature of the water start to change. She pulls herself together and exit the shower. She dries her hair carefully and slip on some baby powder and her pink night shirt with Lola bunny on it with her saying “That was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.”

Annabelle goes to say good night to the girls. As she walks into the girl’s bedroom. She notices they were still up waiting for her.

“How are you feeling mom?” Gina was worried about her mother.

Dawn had told the girls what had happened today at the store. Gina and Cyra were concerned and wanted to see for themselves that their mother was doing alright.

“I’m doing fine girls. I’ve been through worst then this.” Annabelle sits on the edge of Gina’s bed and tuck her in.

She places a kiss on her forehead “now go to sleep, you little monkey.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Gina smiles up at her mother and watches as Annabelle walks over to her sister.

Annabelle tucks Cyra in and kisses her forehead “sweet dreams, little monkey.”

Annabelle tucks Cyra and stops in the doorway looking at both girls. She never thought she would be a mother. In five months, they are going to have a third child that was a combination of her and Dawn. She walks down the hallway towards her and dawn’s bedroom and just stand at the doorway staring at Dawn as she changes out of her work clothes.

“Oh, slowly, slowly! It's too nice a job to rush.” Annabelle had a smile on her face as Dawn looks up at her voice.

“Quoting Rocky Horror now?” Dawn slowly slide her panties down her legs for Annabelle.

“I couldn’t help it. I love watching you undress. Plus, I like seeing our baby make you a little bigger each day.” Annabelle walks over and caresses Dawn’s belly.

“I’m not showing that much, Annabelle.” She places her hand on top of Annabelle’s.

“I know, I just like the idea of you carrying our child.” Annabelle wraps her arms around Dawn and pull her naked body against hers.

Annabelle releases Dawn so she can go and take a shower.

Dawn caresses Annabelle’s right cheek “I’ll be right back.”

Dawn turns and heads towards the bathroom to her shower and do her business. She puts a little sexy wiggle to her walk to tease Annabella.
She stops and shyly look over her shoulder.

“There’s more to come tonight, if you’re good.” She winks at Annabelle, before disappearing into the bathroom.

Annabelle slaps her hands together “oh, momma is going to get some tonight.”

She walks over to the dresser and pop two pain pills into her mouth. Annabelle looks at herself in the huge mirror mounted on the back of the dresser and just stare at her reflection. This time last year, she couldn’t express how she felt. Now, not only was she full time, but a mother and a wife to be. She heads towards the bed and laid down. She was going to wait for Dawn to get done in the shower. She was going to have her wicked way with Dawn tonight. She closes her eyes and drift off to sleep.

Dawn comes walking out of the bathroom and notices that Annabelle was sounds asleep in bed. She spots the pain killers that Annabelle was given and smile. They must have been stronger then she thought. She crawls into bed next to Annabelle and wrap her arms around her.

Annabelle snuggles close to Dawn, burying her face against Dawn’s shoulder.

Sometime during the night, the girls come in and crawls in between Dawn and Annabelle. Gina curls up next to dawn, while Cyra curls up to Annabelle.

Both women hold each girl as they slept. It wasn’t uncommon for the girls to curl into bed with Annabelle and Dawn. Neither one of them cared if the girls slept with them.

The next morning, Dawn was the first one awake and a smile appears on her face. She glances over towards Annabelle and both girls were asleep next to her with Cyra on the left-hand side of Annabelle and Gina snuggled closed to her on the right-hand side. Annabelle had her arms wrapped around each girl. Dawn slips out of bed and takes a picture of Annabelle and the girls.

She was going to have to print this one out and put it on their wall. There was one already of her with the girls curled up next to her and a few of Annabelle, but none like this one. Dawn review the image and smile. Soon, they will have another child to add to their family.

Dawn puts the camera down and head into the kitchen, after grabbing her robe to start breakfast for her sleepy heads. The girls had riding lessons later and while they were doing that. Her and Annabelle was going to do some shopping for the baby’s room.

Gina and Cyra come walking into the kitchen, once they smell bacon cooking.

“Morning munchies. Where’s your other mother at?” Dawn scoops up some bacon and lay it on the plate with the others.

“She had to go to the bathroom.” Gina grabs a slice of bacon and start munching on it. Cyra follows her sister and does the same thing.

“Hey, you two. I’m the only one allowed to do that.” Annabelle walks in and ruffles both girl’s hair.

Gina and Cyra just smirk as they start filling their plates from the food already set on the table.

Annabelle brings the rest of the food to the table and sit down with Dawn. For the next hour and half, they have breakfast and then the girls get ready for their horseback lessons, while Annabelle puts the breakfast left over in the refrigerator.

They drop the girls off for their lessons. Dawn and Annabelle head off to do some shopping for the baby’s room.

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