Andi and Allie - 21

Andi and Allie Chapter 21

“What About Bob???”

As much as our lives had changed forever that evening, our day to day remained as frantic as ever, and as usual. Bob Preston was pressuring me for a show and he was anxious to see what I had so far. I, of course, included Allie and her work whenever he mentioned me. I reminded him that Allie and I had a number of joint works.

Peter also kept reminding me that sooner or later I would need to make the trip uptown to meet the account reps for the companies I was doing work on. I could tell that he felt kind of a loss at my having chosen Allie over him as a lover but, being the total gentleman he was; he never brought it up at all.

Of course that didn’t stop me, or him, from having ‘those’ feelings every so often when I was in his presence. And the occasional innocent touching…a hand…an arm…a hug…certainly didn’t help. It was more my doing than his. Allie and I would, on occasion, discuss my feelings toward Peter. I simply had to live with the fact that I was perhaps…bisexual?

Jill, always a frequent guest, came to dinner one evening. But on this evening she was scouting for Bob. She immediately went to my room out of habit. To her great surprise she found no art at all. Jill turned and looked at Allie and me. We had our arms around each other’s waist and were giggling.

“Oh shit…! I forgot!” Jill began to laugh. “I should have known from that disgustingly lovely glow you both seem to have.”

She then walked to where Allie’s studio once existed and was surprised to find that empty as well.

“We moved everything downstairs.” Allie giggled. “It was simply getting too crowded up here and we kind of like to work close together…sort of.”

“I’ll bet you do.” Jill smiled wryly. “Well I do want to see what you’ve both been up to but I suppose it can wait until I’ve at least been fed.”

“I do have some sketches in our bedroom.” I felt I had to offer at least a taste of something.

We walked across the apartment to our bedroom. Jill preceded us in and went immediately to my easel and the large sketchbook upon it. She began to look at the work and, as she did, her smile broadened. Jill’s expression suddenly turned to one of surprise. Then she arched one eye brow and a really wry smile crossed her lips. I couldn’t imagine what she was looking at.

21 01 IMG_1819.png"Has Allie seen this one?"

Jill pierced me with her glaring gaze.

“Which one…?”

I was truly curious and I walked to join her. It was a sketch of Allie showing what she might look like in her eighth month of pregnancy.

“I don’t know if she’s seen this one. It’s not exactly complete?” I offered.

To Jill’s great surprise I pick up the drawing and turned it so that Allie could see it. Allie smiled as she took the in image of her appearing quite pregnant.

“No…I haven’t seen that one.” Allie colored cherry red and giggled. “It’s…amazing. You should put it with the others when it’s finished.”


Jill’s voice resounded in the lowest smoky alto voice I’d ever heard out of her mouth.

“Is there something I should know about???” She gazed at me and then Allie.

“Oh…not yet for sure, but you’ll be the first to know.” Allie grinned.

“Somehow…” Jill turned from Allie to look at me. “…I doubt that very much.” Then she snorted and chuckled.

After dinner we took Jill downstairs to the studio. I couldn’t really judge her reaction to what she was looking at because she said nothing. Her eyes were as wide opened as her mouth. I figured she either liked what she saw or she hated it so much that words failed her.

Every so often she would stop and spend an extra few moments with a particular piece. On occasion Jill would suddenly turn and look at me with a surprised, almost shocked, expression.

Allie and I held hands whilst in my studio. But we got even closer when we walked into hers. I had my arm around Allie’s waist and she had hers around mine. We had a number of joint works and Jill took her time examining them all. With the work Allie did exclusively, Jill took a bit of extra time; lifting and turning and gazing at each piece quite carefully.

“Well…” Jill said quite breathily. “Bob needs to see this as soon as possible.” Jill turned to me and smiled broadly. “I think he might want everything. He might even want to give you your own showing.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; my own showing? Sacred feces…! I know of really good artists who worked for years just to get a little wall space at Preston’s.

“I also think…” Jill again turned from a piece she wanted to see again in my studio. “…that you should consider giving up your day job.” She chuckled and the twinkle in her eye was enough to convince me she was very serious.

“What…?” Allie and I sang out almost simultaneously.

That would be a dream come true; earning a living just from my art.

“What about Allie?” It would be no fun without her around; my muse.

“Sorry Allie…” Jill turned to face her. “You’ll simply have to work for me forever.” Jill chuckled again and turned to face me. “Of course Allie as well… You silly…person!”

She shook her head as if to say; ‘Are you kidding?’ Jill continued to walk back to our apartment. She led the way as she continued to speak.

“You have some pieces here…well…” Jill shook her head. “I’m no judge of the market but I think they are worth quite a bit.”

Allie and I turned toward each other and hugged…and squealed in delight…and hopped up and down.

“So…” Jill drew out the word forever. “Have you two thought of names yet?”

“Names…?” Clue…less…!

“For our child…?” Allie rolled her eyes and giggled. "We're not pregnant...yet."

'We're'...? I had no idea of what a woman can be like when she's determined to become a mother. Allie was relentless in her need to try and procreate whenever and wherever in the apartment. It wasn't love, lust, rutting, sexual, or sensual. It was like... 'Get that boy junk into me so I can hoist my legs up'! She wanted this so badly that her pleasure came from me squirting into her.

That's not to say the experience wasn't pleasurable for me. But it is to say that it was exhausting! If she would awaken in the middle of the night we would do it. I wouldn't even be fully awake but Allie managed to draw something out of the end of my dick. We both knew from my new doctor, an older woman named Edith Weintraub, that I wasn't the most potent shooter going. So Allie decided that we would make our attempts no less than three times a day during her week of greatest fertility?

We spent the remainder of the evening with Jill speaking about all the things we’d like to do; both in life and in our art. The shock of what Jill said remained with us long after she left and later on, in bed, we spoke about it. With the aroma of Allie’s coochie still fresh on my face, we snuggled and held one another as we spoke of our dreams; OUR DREAMS. It was like a fairy tale come to life.

Of course the idea of leaving Peter and the work I had started for him didn’t quite sit well with me. I mean he was the one who took a chance hiring somebody right out of school and he did kind of ‘hide’ my ‘eccentricity’? I really felt bad about the very thought of leaving. Allie suggested that maybe I could work per diem or by the job where I didn’t have to be anywhere in particular every day.

And then, of course, there was the money. I managed to go through the money from the last show rather quickly. Finances, and all matters thereof, were now totally Allie’s territory. I had great faith in her abilities to set a budget for us and keep us to it…within reason. With the very distinct probability of a new added addition to our little family unit, her particular talents in this area became even more important.

First Bob Preston had to be called and I had to deal with him…with Jill’s help of course. He couldn’t wait to come and see what Jill had raved so adamantly about. The next day at work I was so elated that my joy showed the moment I walked through the door.

“Well…” Rhona said as I sat down with my coffee. “You’ve been getting laid so it can’t be that.” She smiled and laughed.

I, of course, nearly coughed up the mouthful of coffee I only just sipped.

“Oh… You poor dear… Did I embarrass you?” She spoke with an oh so smug expression on her face.

“No… It’s just that sometimes the things you say are a bit much?” I giggled.

“Well… You had to see the very self-satisfied expression you had when you sat down. So what’s going on? You’re not pregnant…are you?” She gazed very seriously at me.

21-2 IMG_1440.jpg“No…! WE’RE not pregnant.

What is it with you and Jill anyway? Are you and Jill comparing notes? Or what…?”

I was just a little bit peeved. I mean just because I have a girlfriend and we’re having a serious relationship…sort of…well no…we have a very serious relationship…was no reason to assume anything. Anyway, that doesn’t mean we’re trying to have a baby even if we are. I mean… It’s not really anybody’s business; right? But then again, they are sort of like mother hens and I must admit I do enjoy sharing little bits of gossip with Rhona.

“Well…?” Rhona leaned in a bit as if we were going to trade world class secret intelligence.

“I think I’m going to have another showing.”

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I set the cup down and with hands flying about I told her what Jill had said…and didn’t say for that matter.

“Oh my God…! That is really big news; and very exciting. If you do really well in this showing you might need to quit your day job.”

Rhona laughed but I nearly fell over. Was all of this so very obvious? Am I really that clueless? Of course I made light of that possibility.

We spoke at length about a number of things that mostly centered on whether or not I was happy. I hadn’t really ever thought about that before. No one ever bothered to ask really. As I sat and spoke with Rhona, I realized that indeed I was happy. I was more than happy.

I had a great place to live. I had this great job. I had people who really cared whether I got up in the morning or not. My art was at least marketable? I had Allie who really cared for, and about, me. I even had a few friends like Peter and Rhona and Jill. It all kind of made up for all the shit I had to take along the way and for the childhood I never really had.

I felt so elated that when Peter walked in I quickly got up, hugged him and then I planted a huge kiss right on his lips. I definitely caught him by surprise although shock would be a better way to describe it.

”And what has gotten into you this morning.” Peter laughed.

I clutched my hands in front of me, shrugged my shoulders, rolled my eyes, and giggled.

“I’m simply having a good life today.”

“Well…” Peter smiled sympathetically for some reason I was yet to understand. “We need to speak. Give me a few minutes and then come to my office, okay?”

“Sure…” At least he was still smiling.

I looked toward Rhona who simply shrugged her shoulders. For once somebody else was as clueless as me. I got Peter’s coffee ready and, with a shrug and a hopeful smile, I left Rhona and walked down the hallway to Peter’s office. He was just about to sit down at his desk as I walked in. I placed the coffee near his right hand and gazed down at his less than happy expression.

“Please Andi…” He motioned toward the chair in front of his desk.

Andi…? He almost never calls me that. Uh oh…! I sat down in front of his desk and leaned forward hunching my shoulders slightly.

“I received a call from the account rep for Scoville Industries. Evidently old Mister Scoville is anxious to see what we have thus far. He wants to meet with the rep and us on Monday.”


“Have you been in contact with Susan?”

“Uhhh… Yes... We don’t really speak regularly but I call at least once a week and keep her up to date on what we’re doing. And…you know…just…just to talk about things?”

“Well…maybe the two of you could have lunch this week. Try to get a feel on what the old man is looking for.”

I nodded. I would call her this morning for sure.

“The thing of it is…”

Now I could see that Peter was having trouble saying whatever he needed to say. He took a deep breath and continued.

“You will definitely need to be there and the old man is expecting Andrew?”

Ooopsies…! I had absolutely no boy clothes anywhere. And I really wasn’t disposed to dressing any way other than the way I was most comfortable. I definitely needed to speak with Susan!

“Peter…” Peter held up his hand and stopped me before I could say anything.

“I don’t expect you to be or do anything that you’re not comfortable with. You know that I will go as far as I can for you should it become an issue. I don’t expect it to but…you never know.”

“Well…? I do have an attorney working on that situation.”

“I realize that sweet heart. But these things go slowly when a corporate bureaucracy is involved. And certainly the uptown crowd is aware of your…transitioning? There is some resistance to that entire thing. But it’s more envy over your getting two major accounts with virtually no effort.”

Well…there goes that ‘happy today’ feeling. I mean I expected some resistance to the way I dress? But because everyone here was more than accustomed to my sense of style it never occurred to me that I might need to go ‘uptown’. Peter leaned forward and put his arms on the desk top.

“How far along are we in the packaging redesign and new logo?”

“I bet ‘what’s his name’ is gone.” I gazed off into space as I spoke.


“Susan’s husband…’what’s his name’.” I said under my breath. “This might be good for us.” I looked back at Peter. “If Susan is now running things, Mister Scoville might simply want to see what she’s buying from us. What does he look like anyway?”

I had an idea. Peter, bless his heart, knew me well enough to simply do a search. In no time at all he had numerous pictures of Mister Scoville and even a few viddies. I got up and walked around to his side of the desk. I stood at his right as we both looked at the pictures.

“Your scent…”


“It’s very distracting you know.” He laughed.

“It’s supposed to be.” I giggled. “There… That one… And those two…” I said pointing to several pictures. “Can you e-mail them to me?”

“Of course… Anything else boss…?” Peter chuckled.

“Yeah… Let’s watch a few of the videos. I’d like to get an idea of how he moves and what he looks like aside from promo shots.”

We watched several videos and it was easy to see the resemblance between Susan and her father. He was a tall wiry distinguished looking gentleman whose physical movements were forceful, powerful, directed and without wasted energy. His eyes were the same amazing deep blue color and, of course, he had the same piercing stare that was quite evident in Susan. I knew could do something with that image; that personage.

I knew that the current logo for Scoville Industries was very industrial; an ‘S’ and an ‘I’ in kind of an iron work steely grey with rivets linking the parts forming the letters. This was on a field of red. It was…well…industrial.

I immediately thought of doing something to personalize that image. It might not fly as a logo but it would certainly work for a segment of the industrial division’s products; particularly the ones that a person used like the hand tools.

My mind drifted off deeply into the idea, as it often does when I have one, which is almost all the time, because the next thing I realized was Peter was gently trying to draw my attention.

“Where are you sweet heart?”

I looked into his gorgeous eyes and smiled. Normally one would think of that sort of appellation as being…sexist? But I didn’t feel that way with Peter. I guess it was one of the connections we seemed to have with one another which sometimes made working with him a breeze and staying faithful to Allie such a challenge.

“I just had an idea I think I’d like to play with. I don’t think it might make a difference as far as the overall package of work we’re doing? But it might be just the thing to show the Scovilles to let them know that we’re looking at more than just one or two areas…and ideas. People love to have choices.” I smiled.

Peter sat back in his chair and kind of moved slightly away from me. He grinned as he leaned back and stretched out his legs.

“You know… I love the way your face lights up when you have something; an idea. I could almost feel the energy when it hits you.” He smiled and chuckled. “It’s like watching genius at work.”

“You know… Flattery will get you everything.” I giggled.

I laughed and felt the terror of having to appear uptown in person melt away a bit.

“When can I see something?”

Peter’s expression turned serious. He must really be concerned with next Monday’s meeting. Certainly the image that ‘Andrew’ would cast is enough of a worry in itself. Accounts have been lost for sillier reasons then simply the manner of dress…literally…of one of the ‘team’ members.

“Oh God Peter… I really am not sure. This is going to be a lot of work. I have to get it just right. If I do…it’ll really make the day. I promise you that.”

I folded my arms beneath my boobettes, it was really nice to not have to wear the fakes ones anymore, looked down at my shoes and noticed I scuffed one of them. Crappers… And I thought about a time frame. Finally I smiled and looked up at him. I would have to put in a lot of extra time on this one.

“Certainly the concept drawings will have to be done before Friday so that if you think they’re missing something, or are off the topic I will have a couple of days to revise or change them completely. Let’s say before Friday morning?” My smile definitely radiated. It reflected in Peter’s grin.

“Good… That sounds like a plan to me. If you’d prefer to work at home…that’s fine too. I know that there are distractions here from the staff. Oh… By the way… Your bonus check finally came in.” Peter handed me an envelope.

“Doesn’t it go straight into the bank?” I never got one of those before.

“Well…” Peter chuckled. “They think seeing the check makes a bigger impression. I must tell you that I think it could have been more. But we’ll see what kind of billing the Scovilles bring in. Then I can argue with authority.”

I stuck the check into my purse. I needed to remember to hand it over to Allie.

That was true. One artist or another was always at my desk about something. And then there was Rhona. It wasn’t that she was a distraction as much as every time I passed her desk I could barely resist sitting for ‘just a minute’ and talking with her. And then there was the main event, so to speak, the boss himself!

I felt myself committed to Allie in every possible way except…well…there was still this little physical thing that still existed between Peter and me. To deny it was only to deny something very powerful within me. Ever since I began sleeping with Allie I began to look at Peter less and less as a ‘partner’ or mate and more as an object…a very handsome, genteel, walking and talking penis!

Indeed I even began to gaze upon women with a new perspective. Perhaps that very first, and only, experience was simply a case of ignorance on both our parts and a lack of hygiene on hers. I would walk down the street somewhere and suddenly I would notice a particular woman and I’d wonder…you know? What would she be like in bed?

But then I’d notice her shoes were awful or her hair color was all wrong or something. Or perhaps I’d be standing gazing into the same window and then she’d open her inviting mouth and…ewww…the whiney voice!!! Allie was simply too perfect in my mind to even seriously think about any other woman.

However, that didn’t help me with a totally new problem; the chubby-stiffy thing. I mean I had them from time to time but not with enough frequency to present a problem? And I could usually rid myself of the ‘situation’ rather quickly by thinking of a project I was involved with.

But ever since Allie and I began to seriously cohabitate, she would immediately ‘jump’ on the situation…well…not literally…and not all the time anyway. ButI began to associate a stiffy with her ministrations. The result was that they no longer simply disappeared with the onset of other thoughts.

I began to wear more blazers and traditionally cut women’s suits. Cardigan’s that fell to mid-thigh, or even vestment length, also became a part of my wardrobe. I really needed a solution and had to speak to Allie about this situation.

All of these thoughts were running through my mind as I sat down in my cubicle and picked up my phone to call Susan. My mind was still in another place when I heard her voice.

“Andi… What a delight to hear from you.”

“Hi Susan… How are you?

She must have heard something in my voice. Though we didn’t speak that often, I was usually jumping out of my skin with excitement over something to tell her.

“What’s up sweet heart? You sound a bit out of sorts.”

“OH my God Susan…so many things are happening all at once and maybe I’m a little bit overwhelmed?”

I can’t believe that I actually said that to a client. But truly she was more of a friend and didn’t hesitate or feel put off.

21-3 IMG_1841.jpg“Well then… Let’s have lunch…

…or dinner if that’s more convenient.”

“When would it be good for you?”

“How about Friday…we can have lunch and make it a long lunch and a short day.” Susan laughed.

“Oh my God… That would be so great. It won’t be any trouble?”

“Not any more dear... I have a few tidbits for you as well.” Susan chuckled. “We can dine at my private club. I think you’ll find it an interesting experience.”

We spoke for a few more minutes about nothing in particular. It was more to simply feel the presence of a ‘kindred soul’ on the other end of the phone; the knowledge that we were not alone. I went to immediately let Peter know.

“You…” Peter said as he took me by my arms and shook me slightly. “…are amazing. She actually invited you?”

I nodded my head. I wasn’t that surprised…at least not as much as Peter.

“I have never had a client invite me to lunch unless they expected something in return.”

“I think she simply wants to talk…you know? We each have lots of goodies to relate.” I smiled and giggled.

“‘Girl talk’ I suppose…?” Peter chuckled.

“Yeah… I guess.”

Peter laughed. I mean who wouldn’t. I mean I am a guy…sort of… And Susan, for some reason, felt comfortable enough with me to tell me the most intimate things.

“Where are you two going to meet?” Peter returned to his desk and sat.

“Well…” I clasped my hands behind my back, shrugged my shoulders and kind of rolled my eyes. “I’m not sure? She said she’s a member of some private club and I think we’re meeting there? It’s uptown somewhere in the eighties on the East side…in a townhouse or something?”

Peter stared at me for a moment. Then he broke into a big grin. “If it’s the place I’m thinking of, you should have a really great time. In fact my mother was a member of a sorority club up in that part of town. It would be something if it was the same club.”

“What should I wear?”

I was clueless. If this was one of those fancy clubs I would really need to plan everything. I would certainly need a trim and I should have my nails done anyway.

“Don’t worry sweet heart. Whatever you wear will be fine. You always look great and it is a working day so you have lots of leeway. Just be you and it won’t matter at all.”

I couldn’t wait to tell Allie so I called her on my way home. I decided that there was no way I could get any work done on such short notice at the office so I opted to work at home. Allie was really excited about everything; the lunch date as well as the big meeting on Monday. Of course she offered to take some time off to help me if I needed an extra hand.

The moment I got home I changed into something more comfortable and went into the office; my former bedroom. I downloaded and printed the pictures I needed as well as the videos of Mister Scoville. I began to sketch out several poses and gestures using his face as my model. I also downloaded and printed their current tool catalogue? I had no idea of what kind of tools they made.

Next step…wardrobe... I downloaded and printed pictures of people working at construction sites to see how they were dressed. Then I searched to see if Scoville Industries made such clothing. Fortunately for me they did. I could present Mister Scoville wearing his company’s clothes, a hard hat, and handling his company’s tools. I think that would be a nice surprise for him. At least it would show that we were thinking of new ways to present their products.

Now all I had to do is create something to give to Peter and to present on Monday. What was it that guy said; ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration? I had to get the scale right and of course the coloration had to be perfect.

I didn’t even hear Allie come home. She simply let me work undisturbed. It wasn’t until I smelled an outrageously aromatic aroma coming from the kitchen did I even realize the time! I had worked nearly seven hours without a break. At least I had a few drawings that were to my liking and ready for some color. I lined the sketches up along the windowsill and stood back to view them all.

“Hi baby…” Allie walked in and hugged me from behind. She kissed the side of my face and I caught a whiff of her cologne. “How are you doing?” She rested her cheek against mine and gazed at the work I’d done.

I melted back into her. My hands quickly found hers and pulled them even a bit tighter around me. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent deeply. Allie was also in her comfort clothes and I could feel the terry cloth of her robe against my arms.

“What are you doing baby doll? Who is that?”

One of Allie’s hands went beneath my sweatshirt to cup my boobette and slowly massage my nipple. Her other hand went down the front of my sweat pants and into my panty. Allie firmly cupped my scrotum and, with her thumb, rubbed my dick. I could barely hear her question let alone answer it.

“Andi…? Sweet heart…? Who is that?” She asked again with a giggle.


The sensations had me totally paralyzed…and she knew it! Allie tugged at my eye lobe with her teeth and then slowly ran her tongue around the edge of my ear only to plunge it deep into it.

“Why Andi…”

21-4 IMG_1848.jpg“Am I getting you all wet and excited?”

Sure!!! She could giggle as I felt myself leak onto her thumb and she rubbed it onto the very tip of my dick.

“Maybe it’s time for a dinner break?” Allie snickered as she left me...unabated?

“Uhhh… Okay…” I would have agreed to anything at that point anyway.

I spun whilst still in Allie’s grasp and I hugged her to me as her arms went around my back and I kissed her on the lips. It was a very ‘lippy’ touch; very full. Though we had been together for some time now…nearly two and a half months as…us…I never failed to be surprised at her desire for me; or mine for her.

Women like her, attractive, successful, doing things in life, always seemed to have these very macho types of guys in tow. I was far from that. Indeed I couldn’t be much farther from that. Even Allie’s false love was a big macho kind of guy. So when I think about being able to touch her, kiss her, and taste her and, at day’s end, sleep next to her, I thought of the entire thing as nothing less than a miracle.

Allie had set out an assortment of ‘easy’ food on the coffee table in the cave. She had scented candles aglow and piano music playing softly. Chopin I think. The ambience was quite romantic. We sat at our usual ends and I surveyed the feast before our eyes. Allie had purchased Italian sliced meats and some cheeses. I was acquiring a taste for these foods. The trick for me was getting past the odor.

Allie prepared a plate of different things including some of the salad she put together for me and for herself. She poured a goblet of red wine for each of us. We put our feet up so that our soles were touching and we began to dine and speak about our workday. Of course I had the more interesting day even though it was mostly spent at home.

“Do you think you’ll have any…you know…trouble?”

Allie was referring to having the meeting with the account executive and Mister Scoville dressed in my ‘normal’ attire.

“Well…Peter doesn’t think so. In fact he thinks I can look quite…stylish?”

“I’ll bet he does.” Allie sounded just a bit catty as she spoke.

“And Susan…”

“Susan…?” Allie sounded incredulous and clueless.

“I did a portrait of her with her three children? I’m using her face as part of a logo for the household divisions?”

I rattled off two or three other things but nothing seemed to register. Allie usually remembered everything.

“Peter and I had that dinner with her husband?”

“Ohhh… That Susan... That was the night you almost…”

“Yes…” I was quick to say because I knew what was coming next. “…but I didn’t.”

“So… Why are you having lunch with her?”

Allie set her plate down and sat up. She moved closer toward me and wrapped her arms around my knees for support.

“Well…” I lilted as I felt Allie’s fingers touch the back of my knees. “Peter wanted me to get an idea of what to expect Monday. So he had me call her.”

“But why you…? I mean… Shouldn’t he be the one to call? After all, he is the boss.” I didn’t understand what Allie was getting at.

“Well…I do speak to her from time to time…you know…to kind of give her updates? So he felt that I should be the one to call.”

“From time to time…?” Allie’s grin belied her growing…consternation?

“Well…” I felt myself suddenly on the defensive. “Maybe once a week…?”

“Once a week…? Do you text her as well?”

“Text her…?” Clue…less…!

“She’s the one who showed you her boobs in the lady’s room…right?”

Allie removed her feet from mine and got up on her knees. She rested her arms on my knees and her chin on her arms. Her smile was similar to that of the spider just about to jump all over the proverbial poor fly. Her amazing blue eyes were fixed upon mine.

“Listen… She was letting down at the table and didn’t notice it. I simply went along to help her.”

“Help her…? Did she have nice boobs? Did she turn you on?”

Oh…my…God…! Allie’s jealous?

“I mean it’s bad enough I have Peter to worry about. Now this…this…” Allie was sounding more exasperated by the moment. “…this Susan…? It’s bad enough I have to fall for a guy in a girl suit…”

Who…me…? No way…!

“…who happens to think he’s also a lesbian…maybe...”


“…who would love to spread them for his boss…”

Well…not really… Okay… So maybe a little bit…?

“… and who happens to look better than me in a skirt!”

Now that’s definitely NOT true…at least I don’t think so. I had to put an end to this. I pulled my feet up disrupting Allie’s pose and I reached out, putting my arms around her neck.

“There is nobody…nobody…I’d rather be with at any time than you. You are just so…amazing, wonderful, warm, gorgeous, giving…I can’t even think of enough things to say AND…” I had to make this point. “…you have the most amazing boobs.” I had to say it: The ‘L’ word. “And I do love you so much that…”

“I’m pregnant.”


I was stunned. I was shocked. I was…stunned and shocked! I never dreamed that this would ever happen to me. As the news slowly penetrated my brain I began to smile so broadly that my face actually hurt. Her words echoed in my ears as I stared at her totally amazing countenance. I should have expected as much anyway. Allie threatened to bless us in such a manner but for some reason her ‘warning’ never sunk in.

I couldn’t hold her or kiss her or praise her greatness enough to fully express the joy I felt. I was in tears. She was in tears. We both were in tears. When we calmed ourselves enough to finish up our meal, we literally worked side by side, me giving way only at the doorway to the kitchen. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body as if it would bloom before my very eyes. Allie would notice me staring at her and giggle with a blush.

I normally fell asleep in Allie’s arms snuggled up tight against her body. But on this evening Allie fell asleep in mine. She felt needy I’m sure. She wanted my unconditional assurance that having this child was the only thing to do. I hardly slept. The aroma of her natural scent and the warmth and soft plushness of her body kept me awake. I gazed at her, asleep, her mouth slightly open, and purring like some large kitten, and tears of thanksgiving flowing from my eyes.

The next several days were intense. I noticed every little thing Allie did, or didn’t do, with wide-eyed wonder. From the moment she got up and barfed, to the moment when she would rest her head upon me, I was in awe of her…condition?

Allie was now totally made of awesomeness! She blossomed and bloomed from moment to moment and every action she took, no matter how minor, became a four-movement ballet. She had turned from mere muse to art itself; personified by her very being. A tiny piece of me had joined with a tiny piece of her and now we were truly one.

I hadn’t really had a chance to tell anyone and we decided that with the exception of Jillian and Peter, and maybe Rhona, the news would remain private for a while. I think Allie was looking for a chance to really absorb what we were embarking upon. And, to be quite honest, I needed that time as well.

I found it very difficult to keep my mind focused on my project and I found myself outside every so often simply trying to air my brain out. When I managed to get downstairs to the studio, I discovered that my work was changing as well. I seemed to be transfixed upon curves and, well, roundness? And size was becoming an issue. I was looking at progressively larger works using panels rather than mere canvasses. I chuckled when it occurred to me that perhaps my work was pregnant as well.

21-5 IMG_1827.jpgI began a new series of sketches.

I wanted to portray this entire pregnancy thing. I started a new sketchpad specifically for this purpose. I wasn’t sure of what medium I would finally be using or even if I would translate these sketches into something more formal but I felt this was going to be very important to both of us.

Thus began my toughest week as an artist and our most wonderful week as a couple. Bob and Jill came to visit on Tuesday evening. I was too involved with coloration of my drawings for the Scovilles to spend more than a cursory few minutes with them so Allie acted the part of tour guide and showed them, Bob actually, what I’d done.

Within a few minutes Allie and Jill returned. Bob was taking more than quick glance at the works. They went downstairs where I assumed dessert was being unmasked. Allie didn’t seem to crave anything unusual; just more of whatever the flavor of the day was. I had completely lost track of time when the ladies returned nearly an hour and a half later.

“Where’s Bob?” Jill looked around the area she could see.


I’d actually forgotten he was there. I get that way when I’m working on something; anything.

“I thought he was downstairs with you.” My eyes never left the drawing I was working on.


Jill crossed her arms with a slightly sour expression on her face and stomped off to the other areas of the studio in search of the elusive Bob.

“What do you think?” I asked Allie; my eyes still of the work.

“I kind of like the muted colors? It’s sort of like… Hmmm… The New Yorker cover…?”

“Yeah…” I said turning to face her. “I wanted something that gave the feel of the product longevity; kind of institutionalized from father to son. You know?”

Bob suddenly appeared looking a bit paler than his usually tanned personage. He sat down and gazed at me with a look of wonder upon his face.

“What do you think Bob? This is for a hand tool logo.” Bob looked at the drawing, now on an easel, and turned back to gaze at me.

“The colors are too muted. Go cartoon; make the shirt pop out. Your logo needs to compete with simple designs featuring bright colors. Muted will fade into the back ground.” Bob spoke rather softly. He was definitely distracted. “I believe you have some pieces that I might be able to get close to six figures for.”


Allie was obviously stunned. I barely heard him. I was still engrossed with my work.

“I think there are at least a half dozen I could sell…hmmm…maybe this week? Privately of course…” ‘Of course…’ I thought. “The rest…well… I could build an entire show around them but I would rather give you just the main room. Anything remaining I can always take for the small room later on. I don’t think we need to unload so much of your work at one time. You’re almost too productive and I don’t want to flood the market with your work.”

“Ummm… Okay….” I smiled innocently.

In truth, I wasn’t half as interested in what he was saying about the completed stuff. I was mulling over his criticism of the logo thingy and considering that he might be correct in his assessment.


Allie was taking this all in with Jill who also had a stunned look on her face. Bob looked at Allie.

“Yes dear…”

“How much do you think you might get for what you’ve seen?”

“Honestly… I don’t know? I’ve taken photos of everything, including some of the pottery. I’ll have to really look at them at greater length and match them up with some of the collectors I know. I would say that it should be a few hundred thousand dollars to Andi. At least for starters...”

“What…?!” Allie and Jill spoke simultaneously.

Bob inched his glasses up a bit on his nose and again turned to gaze at me.

“I have never seen such work out of someone so young before.”

21-6 IMG_1828.png”I am truly stunned.”

“Several pieces are unusually original in style; particular the more modern themed pieces.” Bob turned toward me. “Your use of space and form is amazing, simply amazing. And the use of color is…well…amazing?”

Bob removed his glasses and, taking a linen handkerchief from his pocket, began to wipe the lenses.

“I hate like hell to use the word, but, some of this work is pure genius.”

Bob exhaled on one lens and began the wiping process again as he stared intently at me. He turned toward Allie and Jill.

“He didn’t hear a single word I said…did he.”

“He’s thinking.” Allie said with a giggle. “Sometimes he gets like that.”

“You need to speak with Allie and me about money…or arrangements…or anything else that involves Andi.” Jill said with a chuckle as she turned to look at me. “Andi is simply not with us; at least at the moment.”

That was so very true. My mind was on the color red. Was it too standout? Spacing out of the world often happens to me. It was my thinking time. I simply let the world slip by, especially when I walked home and I focus my mind on something at hand; usually a project or an idea. Fortunately Allie often took up my slack.

The ladies took Bob upstairs to continue talking about the showing whilst I tormented myself with coloration. I wondered if Mr. Scoville had a favorite color. That would be the one thing I had to be sure to ask Susan when we met.

That evening in bed Allie simply couldn’t contain her excitement. As she sat upon me beneath the covers, bent over and caressing my face, her smile was so very radiant as she spoke of the showing and what Bob had planned. Art as a living was one thing, but art as a business was a complete mystery to me. In spite of my success at the first showing and the critical reviews that followed, I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay the kind of money Bob was speaking about for something I did.

We made love that night with Allie taking the lead…as usual. But this was different then our sexual activities in the past. There wasn’t that frantic frenetic feel to it. I understood this to be due to the fact that Allie was now pregnant and her very basic desire, being fulfilled, was sated. That night she did say something that puzzled me greatly…though not for very long.

“You know…” Allie lilted and grinned as once again she rested in my arms. “Now that this baby thing is in the works, so to speak, we can really have some fun.”

Will Bob's show cause Andi to leave his job? Is Allie busy charging the batteries on her power tools? If the baby is a boy...will they name him Sue? Will Susan have Andi for dinner? Or will she have Andi for dinner! And, foremost in all our hearts and minds, will Froggy plunk his magic twanger??? For the answers to these pervasive and penetrating questions be sure to catch the next privately funded chapter of ‘Andi and Allie’!!!

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