Eyes Finally Opened Part 15

Amy waits patiently for the tractor trailer that belonged to the HSl to drive by her location. They had gotten intel on a group of capture supernaturals being transported tonight at 2000hrs on this route. Her and a couple of warriors were waiting to ambush the security transport that was guarding the transport. Her aunt had gotten her through the trauma she was experiencing. Troy and her Uncle Cain had gotten her back into her normal fighting shape.

She waits and watches as 2000hrs comes by and spots the security escort coming towards their location. She picks up the spear she brought with her and take aim. She waits and when the vehicle gets closer, she throws the spear at the driver and through the passenger. She moves immediately with the other Were’s and runs as fast as she can towards the tractor and lunges on to the driver side.

She puts her closed fist through the glass window and connecting with the driver. She knocks the driver out. The security personnel riding up front tries to shoot her with his gun, but she keeps the driver between them.

“Hurry up and get up here Troy. I don’t know how to drive a semi.” Amy sent her thoughts towards Troy.

“Take it easy, cub. I’ll be with you in just a second.” Troy could see Amy hanging onto the side of the Tractor trailer hanging outside on the driver side trying to steer the vehicle.

Amy kept trying to keep the tractor trailer straight, while avoiding the passenger shooting at her. She shields herself with the body of the driver as she tries to keep the vehicle from flipping over.

“Will you hurry up, Troy?” Amy didn’t know how much longer she could keep the vehicle straight.

Troy drops on the passenger side and yanks the passenger out and slides in to take control.

“Get rid of that body, Amy.” Troy grabs the steering wheel to keep the semi from flipping.

Amy yanks the dead body out of the cab and tosses it on the road way, while holding on with one arm. She looks inside and notices Troy sitting there in his hybrid form steering the tractor trailer.

“I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this.” Amy had a smile on her face as she held onto the side as Troy drove the tractor trailer back to their staging area.

Amy looks back and notices the other warriors that had come with them. They were either hanging off the trailer part with their claws dug into the trailer or riding on top of the trailer. She just shakes her head as she held on.

They finally arrived back at the staging area. Troy pulls the semi to a spot where people could be off loaded with help. She jumps down and walks to the back and stands back with her Uncle as two enforcers opens the trailer doors. The first thing they see are a set of man size cages with a walk way between them. A set of mobile steps are brought over as Amy and Cain walk up the steps and inside.

Cain shakes his head as he notices how the shifters have collars around their necks with bags hooks to the collar. There was a young girl that had to be about six years old in a small cage. She looked to be in bad shape.

Amy recognizes the young girl and pulls one of her sai’s out. She uses it to pop the cage door open. She carefully lifts the girl out.
Cain spots that she has a broken leg and the bone was sticking through the skin.

Amy runs out of the back of the trailer and takes her to one of the pack healers to be healed. Amy stays by the young girl as the pack healer fixes her broken leg. Cain comes walking up with Lady April by his side.

“Do you know her sweetie?” Lady April looks towards her daughter.

“Yes ma’am. I let her parents escape me when I was sent to hunt them down. I knew where they were and peeked in when I could.” She brushes some of the girls matted hair aside.

“Do we know if her parents were aboard the trailer?” Lady April directs the questions towards her daughter and Cain.

“I didn’t see them, mom.” Amy continued to hold the little girls hand.

“I don’t know sis. Amy would spot them before I would. She seems to know the family.” Cain looks over towards his niece and notices how she wouldn’t let go of the little girl’s hand.

The pack healer tries to get Amy to let go, but she doesn’t budge. The pack healer knows from experience that the only three people who can make her do what they want, is her mother, Cain and Lady Joyce.

Once the pack healer is done helping the girl. Amy picks her up and carries her. She holds the little girl close to her body.

“You might have another daughter, April.” Cain and April could see how protective Amy was of the girl.

Cain supervises the removal of the rest of the prisoners. He makes sure their needs are taken care of. He had watched as Amy and Lady April went back to the vehicle she had arrived in with her mother earlier.

“Let me hold her, sweetie.” Lady April transfers the little girl from Amy’s arms into hers.

Amy just looks at her mother to see if she would want a normal girl for a daughter.

Lady April looks at her daughter “what type of Were are her parents?”

“Her father is a wolf and her mother is a Fae/Tiger hybrid.” Amy remembered the first time she met the little girl’s mother.

Her mother had sneaked up on her without her knowing. Once the two of them talked, she promised to keep their location quiet. She also promises should she come across her daughter and she was captured by the HSL. She would do all in power to free her. She knew that her daughter was normal.

Once they get back to the mansion, Lady April with Amy’s help. Gives the little girl a bath and once she is clean. Amy puts one of nightgowns on her to sleep in.

Lady April puts the little girl in Amy’s bedroom and let her sleep on Amy’s bed. After Amy and Lady April back out of her bedroom. Lady April turns to look at her daughter.

“Why do you feel so strongly about this young girl?”

“I made a promise to her mother. I promise I would look after her if something should happen to her mother. If she is here with us, then something has happened to her parents.” Amy lets her mother see the memory and when she made the promise.

Lady April just hugs her daughter and now understood everything. She’ll talk with Cain and let him know that she’ll adopt the little girl as her own.

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