Captured by the Amazons - A Jane Bot Tale

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Written by Princess Kay
Edited by Eve

WARNING: This story contains elements of noncon, dubcon, futa sex, and physical/mental transformation. If any of this disturbs you, or if you are under the age of 18, please do not read. If it excites you, and you’re eighteen or older, please enjoy!

Jack stood in a white room. The floor was white, the walls were white, the ceiling was white. Every surface pulsated with a soft white glow. It made Jack feel insignificant, a tiny pink creature in a vast white room, standing small and fat in his blue jeans and t-shirt. The shirt was white, too - or had at least looked white, outside of this room. Compared to the purity of light beside him, it seemed dingy and wrong.

Beside him stood a woman, Alysse. She was also pink, and small, and unattractive. She was tall and thin, built like a straight stick. A button-up blue blouse covered up the slightest outline of breasts. She had brown hair and watery gray eyes that hid behind thick glasses. She wore a tight black skirt that showed off her flat ass, and knobby knees. A pure white lab coat finished the ensemble, making her unflattering body seemingly disappear inside the room. Unlike Jack, however, Alysse looked like she actually belonged there. She didn’t tremble, as her guest did. She didn’t look back and forth, aching for some detail that wasn’t stark white. She stood in place, a small remote clutched in her right hand, with the left buried in her pocket. She had a bored expression on her face. She sighed.

Before both Jack and Alysse was a computer screen. It showed a white document, whose black text seemed to shimmer in the air. Beneath the pages and pages of legalese that Jack had skipped, a signature shimmered in a shockingly pink hue: Jack Bottowski. His eyes darted from the signature, to the corner - where a small pink square showed Jack’s accidental color choice. “I… um… I can sign it again, if you want. Better.”

Alysse, pushed her red-rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose. “It’s fine. You’ve wasted enough of my time already. This is why I told the company to send an assistant…”

Jack winced, but he didn’t argue. He hadn’t expected anyone so important as the head game developer to come sign paperwork with him, but apparently the company took this beta seriously. Only the scientist and the beta tester were ever allowed inside this room. He’d had to sign several nondisclosure agreements just to get this far, none of which he’d really read, but all of which looked fairly serious.

Security had been increased recently, after the first three beta testers had all decided to back out of testing the new game system. Jake thought they were all idiots. Visu-all was designed to let you fully immerse yourself in a game’s story. The nanotechnology allowed you to physically take the form of characters, from brawny plumbers to furry foxes. The solid light constructs of the game chamber itself allowed for everything from rocks to interactive human enemies, with literally thousands of interactive possibilities, allowing for infinite possible endings.

Not only would Jake be the first person to test it, but his adventures would be recorded and broadcast into homes across the world; for those willing to pay for it, anyway. He understood that his first adventure was to be somewhat pornagraphic in nature, actually - something about being captured by Amazon princesses whose only goal was sex and the creation of children. Since light constructs couldn’t get pregnant, it all sounded like a fine time to Jake.

He was less fine with the sudden sharp pain in his arm. His vision blurred at the edges, and his fingers fumbled when he reached for the needle that had been buried in his bicept. It looked like there were two of them, and he blindly groped at one of the… three? There was a burning sensation beginning to flow through his body. “What…”

“My project starts in less than an hour,” the brunette woman informed him. Her voice was flat, with no inflection, as if she were reading from a script. “We are in a sterile environment. Your transformation to the main character - listed in the contract as Jane Bot - will begin now. We will start your adventure, Captive of the Amazons, immediately afterward.”

“Whaaaaatt…” His voice sounded funny to him. High pitched and sweeeervy, dipping in the middle and then rising to a crescendo when he hit the “t”. “Whaaaat are you... are you… That’s a girl’s… naaaa....” He fell. His legs lost all strength, and his jaw went slack. He felt every muscle in his body go momentarily loose, and then suddenly seize in pain.

“Don’t worry, that’s only the sedative. The transformation starts… now.” Alysse pressed a button on her remote, smiling.

The injection site burned with sudden fire, and the feeling of something, somethings crawling around inside his veins, pulsing through his left arm. He could see the definition of muscle beginning to form, if he strained his eyes hard enough. He felt his skin tighten, his scrawny arms growing thicker as the muscles solidified beneath the surface.

He felt strong, a little manly despite the girly name his character had been given. Until he noticed his fingers, the bones shrinking inward, skin tightening even further as his hands changed to dainty little things. His entire body twitched, and he felt the nanobots squirming their way into his chest. Burning fire made his skin bubble up, little bite marks behind each nipple. Muscles formed behind the now ballooning breasts, momentarily visible before they were covered up by his growing mounds. Even his tiny nipples grew into stiff nubs that ached for a touch from his new, smaller hands. He wanted to reach up and grab them, and lose his hands in the swelling mammaries, but his fingers refused to move even slightly.

Instead he laid still, feeling the fire spread through his belly. He thought the excess flesh would be burned away in the waves of pain, but instead the fat of his belly simply moved, sliding down to thicken his rear and hips. He felt his bones moving, grinding and groaning as his hips widened, his ass swelling behind him until it had gone from a simple, hard, seat to a soft and supple cushion that would overflow in even the thickest of hands. At least his stomach was flat, other than the slight impression of muscles beneath the skin.

Jack felt his thighs twitch. Legs still askew from the fall, they began to straighten out, the burning heat still pouring through his limbs like molten lead. His thighs thickened, squeezing together to trap and crush the penis, while his long chicken-like legs grew more toned. Hair was detached from his lower body in a new flash of pain, and then the fires died down to a low heat, like sun shining brightly on his skin. He felt his cheek bones shift, rounding out his face, widening his eyes. His eyebrows narrowed, and whatever facial hair he had seemed to fall away. There was instead a slight tingling sensation on his head, as the hair there began to flow down, brown locks flowing all the way to his enlarged backside. For a moment, he dreamed it was over.

Then came the sudden sensation between his thighs. His cock, half numbed by the squeezing thighs, was writhing in its confined space. Leaking light liquid across his thick thighs, the last sign of Jack’s masculinity was deflated like a popped balloon, and slowly reeled inside his flesh. He felt the skin parting there, opening up to accept the offering of his masculinity, lips and folds blossoming as the tip of his penis became the entirety of his clit, and his nerves lit afire with sudden pleasure. His back arched, he screamed out in a high pitch voice, and she… she? Collapsed back to the floor. Knowing she was supposed to be a boy - but her mind declaring, without a doubt, that it was natural for her to be in this female form.

Alysse, above the now sleeping Jane, sighed as she closed out of the virtual program her document had been on, and tucked the remote into her lab coat pocket. The subject had been set to female, physically and mentally. Now, it was time to start the game scenario.


Jane woke in a forest, little drops of water falling from the treetops above and splashing across her face, rolling down the swell of her lips and off the point of her chin. Her fingers rose slowly up, small digits feeling along the smooth skin of her cheeks. Her cheeks. Hers. As in not his.

The brunette knew, without a doubt, that her name had been Jake Bottowski. She knew that she was a man, and that she had to return to being a man. She knew that she had to finish this story for that to happen - and that this was a story, not real life. A story that was being broadcasted live to millions of people. None of whom would have any interest in helping her, and none of whom she could message without angering the people who controlled her very environment and body.

The brunette also knew, without even the slightest hint of doubt or concern, that her name was Jane Bot. She was an adventurer, exploring the island of Falicrose: a mysterious island where no men were allowed, ruled by a race of amazon warriors. They had recently invaded the mainland, and carted off a small collection of young women from nearby towns. Jane’s job was to rescue them, even if it meant taking their place in whatever perverted scheme the amazons had planned for them.

Her first choice was to rescue them, preferably while finding out what was going on. To that end, she’d been given a small knife… and nothing else. Her clothes were comprised of a single damp leaf, plastered over her sex with sap, and a vine around her waist through which she’d tucked the blade. There wasn’t even support for her massive breasts, as the amazons refused to use bras or cover their bodies. Since her best route of rescue was to blend in with the warrior women, she’d taken nothing they wouldn’t wear. In fact, she had apparently burned her clothes the night before, in an attempt to stay warm - the charred remains of a shirt and pants were in the fire pit before her.

With no other choice, Jane stood up, placing one finger on her leaf to make sure it was in place. The very light pressure sent a wave of needy pleasure through her body, and the amazon-in-disguise resisted the urge to tear off her only covering. To spread her pussy and fuck herself right there in the forest. She licked her lips, and was surprised to find them sensitive red pleasure centers - her tongue long enough to taste her entire face. This…. This was going to be a difficult mission to survive, if she intended to keep her virtue intact.

Sighing to herself, Jane put an arm beneath her breasts for support, and began to jog her way through the thick forest. Vines slapped at her face, sticky with sap. Occasionally, one would slap against her sensitive nipples, leaving a trail of orange goop across her breast and dripping off of the erect nubs. She couldn’t help but notice how each hanging vine swelled to a bulbous tip, slick and wet and ready to slide inside. Jane blushed horribly at the thought. As Jake, she had never thought like that in her life; as Jane, the thought of pushing one of those vines deep inside her slit felt natural to her. She worried what other thoughts would now feel natural to her - but right now, she had a job to do, and so she pressed through the vines.

As if she knew where to go, she traveled purposefully through the trees. She wondered if she should maybe climb one of them, but the odd, phallic, vines that wrapped around them made her feel cautious about touching more than she had to. Instead, her eyes tracked the ground, searching out tracks. She found boar, rabbit, and finally - human. Small, delicate and bare feet had been pressed into the mud, leaving a clear path. A path toward the amazon village?

She followed the path, expecting to find more prints as she went, a crisscross of amazons going about their business or even a hunting party. Instead there was one path, leading deeper into the forest. The tree branches grew thicker overhead, the daylight becoming hidden beneath the lush canopy. It was almost dark as night when she finally heard a sound among the trees: a low grunting noise, followed by a moan of frustration.

Pushing aside a curtain of vines, Jane was greeted by her first sight of an amazon. She was smaller than Jane had expected, maybe five feet tall, with a slender build, and amber-colored skin. She had none of the muscles that Jane would have pictured on a huntress, but instead looked almost delicate. Her waist was thin, her hands tiny and free of any callouses. Her legs looked strong, at least. Her thick thighs were pressed around one of the vines, her hands clenching the bulbous tip as she desperately plunged it in and out of herself. From the sounds she was making, it wasn’t getting the desired result.

The amazon’s eyes were still closed, as she desperately tried to get herself off. Jane realized she had only a moment to slide back behind the vines before she was seen. With the girl’s vibrant skin tone, not to mention her silver mane of hair, there was no way that the pale adventurer could be mistaken as one of them, no matter how much she’d modeled her outfit after them. She’d obviously failed to gather proper intel before coming, and now she needed to rethink her plans.

Eyes locked on the frustrated amazon, Jane began to walk slowly backward through the curtain of vines again. Unable to see where she was going, her foot stepped on the bulbous tip of an extra long vine, releasing a squelching noise, and a stream of sticky white liquid from the tip. The amazon’s eyes opened immediately: pure round, golden orbs with cat-like slits that widened instantly at the sight of Jane.

The naked woman released the flaccid vine she’d been occupied with, and dropped to all fours. Crouched on her legs, her fingers barely grazing the ground, she traded stares with Jane. Neither of them moved for a long moment. Neither of them spoke. Then the savage whispered “...Is it true you can cum whenever you want?”

Jane was taken aback by the strange question. The girl wasn’t going to attack her? “You… can’t?” she asked, uncertainly. “You just… You know…” She had memories of dildos, pressed into her body by needy girlfriends. Tongues intermingling. Bodies tangled together in passion. She blushed fiercely, the false memories making her tremble in embarrassment. “You know… Play with yourself. Or others.”

The amazon shook her head. “That’s not how amazons work… I tried…” She gestured to the vine, grimacing. “Except for the queen, amazons are infertile… and we can only cum when we have sex with a human woman. It’s really inefficient…”

“It um. It sounds inefficient…” The amazon didn’t seem interested in attacking Jane, nor running to get the other amazons. Still, the savage woman’s pupils narrowed when Jane started to take a step back, and her legs tensed. She was obviously ready to spring forward.

“I’m Chita, by the way. Which you’d know, if you were one of the captives. Which you’re not, because I take care of them. Which means you’re here to rescue them.” The amazon rocked back and forth, biting her lip. “...And if I stop you, the queen will reward me by using your tongue to make me cum...”

“Or…” Jane tried to take a step back. “Or. I could take you with me. You, me, the captives - back home, surrounded by humans? Lesbians lining up to make you cum?”

The woman pounced, her light and lithe body soaring through the air to land atop Jane. Fingers clenched down on breasts, sending a surprising jolt of pleasure through the sensitive flesh as she was pushed back onto the floor. One knee shoved itself between the brunette’s legs, forcing them apart. The amazon casually

“”Or I could force you to make me cum right now… That way it’d be guaranteed, you know. Getting payment up front…” The girl licked her lips, and her body rumbled in a low purr. Her knee vibrated against poor Jane’s slit, causing it to drool a little. The adventurer squirmed on the ground. “Maybe I should even punish you for trying to bribe me…” She began to rub her knee in a slow circle, purring faintly. “...I’m a loyal amazon, after all. Unless you can promise me your willing tongue two… no, five… ten times! As soon as we get to the mainland.” The silver-haired woman was bouncing up and down, causing low moans to come from Jane. They were at once an old and lovingly-remembered experience, and a completely new sensation of warmth spreading through her entire body. Something she’d never felt in that… other, half remembered life.

“I-I promise…” the brunette whispered, trying to catch her breath. Her body was aching with need, but the amazon pulled away, and gave Jane a slap on the thigh.

“Good girl…” The amazon tugged the vine free from Jane’s waist, letting the knife tumble to the ground and tying up Jane’s hands. The pulsating tip of the vine was left sticking out between her palms, squirming faintly as if it might pop. The rest of it hung limp in Chita’s hand, until she gave a tug that dragged Jane half a foot across the ground and made her yelp as her naked breasts were pulled over twigs and branches. “Get up.”

“I’m getting up! I’m getting up!” She pushed her bound hands against the ground. She slowly gathered her feet under her, starting to rise, and then got tugged again straight into the amazon’s arms. She felt small, firm breasts and a hand around her waist, gripping her bottom until she blushed bright red. Then she was being released from the embrace, stumbling all over again as the amazon began to lead her.

“The village is this way,” Chita whispered, pulling her leash. She pulled it in the opposite direction as Jane had been walking, backing over her own tracks. It was a long trek, pushing through the vines and occasionally pausing so that Chita could bat at Jane’s breasts, or spank her on the ass. She seemed to enjoy playing with the girl’s body, fascinated by the little shocks of pleasure she herself couldn’t feel herself. As they walked, the branches thinned and wan light began to shine down again. It was still dark out, but now naturally so.

Eventually, they reached a small group of wooden huts, with thatched roofs. There were hides out drying, and a boar roasting over the fire, one amazon turning it slowly on the spit. Most of them looked stronger than Chita, with more built muscles - but less thick thighs. If Jane had to guess, Chita was meant to be some sort of scout, running ahead and hiding in small places. “Where are the captives?” Jane whispered, suspicious of her luck.

“There,” came the whispered response, and Chita pointed with her right hand toward one of the larger hunts. Her left hand casually reached back to pinch the brunette’s nipple, making her squeal. Which in turn got her a slap to the breast, and left a red handprint on her tit.

“Quiet, captive,” Chita called loudly. “I tracked you down fair and square, and I’ll be rewarded for it by the queen. For now, you go to the hut.” There was another tug at the vine, forcing Jane to walk forward toward the hut. The other amazons of the tribe turned and stared at the two of them walking by, but no one interceded. The captive disguise seemed to be working, and Jane felt a quiet thrill that she might actually pull this off.

Then they were in front of the hut. Chita was pulling the door open. Jane could hear the sound of moans and squeals coming from inside, but couldn’t see through the flash of light coming out of the tunnel and ruining her night vision. She paused in front of the door, until Chita placed one foot against Jane’s jiggly backside, pushing between the cheeks to shove the brunette into the hut.

The inside was lit by torches, and it took a few moments of heavy blinking for Jane to adjust to the light and take in the scene. There were girls, everywhere - human girls, blondes and redheads and brunettes. They were lashed across with vines, like from the forest, but longer. Each girl had a single one of the green plants laced between their breasts, wrapped around their hands, and then plunged into their sexes. They were squealing, pulling against the vines that seemed to have dug into the earth, trying to squirm their bodies in every direction. On a few of the vines, little buds had even pushed out, latching onto thick nipples and sucking the nubs as if trying to extract nutrients. Those girls had swollen bellies, their bodies straining with new life and a silver glow that pulsed with light.

Standing among them was an amazon - a true amazon. Not a tiny scout like Chita, but a large specimen of a woman. Six feet tall, her face was round and soft like a young woman’s - but her body was massive. Thick arms were crossed beneath her breasts, made firm by the muscles of her chest. Jane’s eyes traveled past the six pack of muscles, to thighs the size of tree trunks that could easily crack a woman’s skull. Between those legs, above the dripping pussy, was something that she truly hadn’t expected: An engorgedcock. Thick around as Jane’s wrist, and long as her forearm. It made the brunette’s mouth water, as an unbidden thought - most certainly not her own - pushed its way into her brain. I want that inside of me.

“The plants impregnate human women with our species,” Chita whispered from behind. She tugged the vine, forcing Jane to face her and turn her back on the muscled amazon woman. “But our queens can only be born by intercourse between a human and a queen. A queen I would never betray, of course. Your majesty.”

“I know…” The woman’s voice was sonorous, belaying her large body. “And as always, for bringing me a specimen worthy of birthing the next queen, you’ll have a reward. Bend the subject over.”

Jane was given no time to protest. Her leashed hands were pulled forward, and she was pressed into a deep kiss, lips sucking on her own. Fingers closed around her shoulders and bent her down, as hands grasped her ass. She felt something meaty pushed against her opening, the tip slowly circling around her sex. She squirmed, not sure if she wanted to lean back onto it or tug away. There was no room to move, though, the way both women held her. She could only stay still as Chita broke the kiss and looked pleadingly over Jane’s head. “May I, my queen?”

“Of course…” the queen purred, a rumbling vibration spreading down through her cock and shooting through the lips of Jane’s pussy. She whimpered in need, unhappy with her body’s betrayal but unable to escape it. If anything, it was as if someone was turning the attraction slowly upward, heat rising through her body and making her cheeks burn.

Her head was pulled down, down between Chita’s thick thighs, her lips pressed into the pussy. The musty scent of it filled her nostrils and made her feel lightheaded and weak. Her legs buckled, but she was held firmly up by the hands on her rear, almost lifted from the ground. There was pressure, and something forced its way slowly inside her, making her cry out as her body was split open. She felt it pushing through her, straining her inner walls and making her scream into the dripping pussy. Chita let out a loud moan of pleasure as the amazon queen began to thrust in and out, in and out, the slick muscles of Jane’s body screaming out in protest at the abuse. As her mouth worked, her sounds were buried in the pussy of Chita, little silver hairs tickling her lips.

Rather than being more gentle, the queen began to shove at Jane’s body, pulling her off of the rod and then pushing her back on, squashing her between the smaller amazon’s thighs. It made her squirm, made her want to cry out, and when she was momentarily pulled free from Chita’s pussy she let out a gasping cry. Then her lips were being pushed back in, open mouth on open lips, her tongue lashing wildly as Chita rocked back and forth.

Trapped like the pig on a spit, her body lifted off the ground entirely now as she was ridden between their two bodies, Jane cried in need and frustration as she waited for the cock to cum inside her. Cum that would explode inside her, fill her belly with hot warmth and need. With children. She screamed her desire, as the white liquid filled her womb.


Outside the white room, watching the screen with a smile, was Alysse. Soon, Jane would pass out from the pleasure and the pressure of the cum inside her. Soon, the scene would fade and she would be put into stasis. She would be returned to her male form, per their contract - but only until the next scenario began. A whole new story would begin to play, streamed into the homes of countless people; and they would pay to watch it. Again, and again, and again.


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