Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 16

August couldn’t believe how much money was left after paying Rebecca back the loan she gave her to have all the items made. She donated part of the profits to the airstrip so they could do improvements and build new builds. She still had items left over that they didn’t sell, but she would advertise on Ebay. August inputs the final figures into the accounting software Rebecca used for the garage and saves it.

“How did you do?” Rebecca comes walking into the office with a drink in hand for August.

“We did good. Here is the money back you loaned me, with a little interest attached to it.” August hands a bank envelope over to Rebecca with the cash in it.

“Thanks.” Rebecca accepts it and drops it into the drop box. She’ll gather money up tomorrow and take it to the bank.

“Here is our donation for the airfield. You can give that to Freddy tomorrow. I know he will be happy, so we can get more up-to-date firefighting equipment.” August hands another envelope over to Rebecca.

Rebecca takes that and drops it in the safe as well.

“I’ve updated the books and made a check out for a deposit tomorrow.” August was just waiting to print the check out tomorrow.

“Have you decided what you want for your sweet sixteen dinner, tomorrow?” Rebecca knew that Butch was going to come by tomorrow morning and take August out for breakfast.

Afterwards he was going to take her to the spa and pick her up. He was bringing her back to the propeller club for the surprised birthday she planned for her. August’s mother and her half-brother and sister were going to be there.

“So, what are yours and Butch plans for today?” Rebecca knew Butch was going to come by and take August to Wichita for a while today.

She made sure to remind him to have her plane and August back home by 2100hrs. She was going to spend the day with Lev getting presents and cake for August’s birthday party tomorrow. Rebecca remembers her own sweet sixteen birthday.

“I was wondering if Butch and I could use the Cessna today to go to Wichita today?” August hopes Rebecca says yes.

Rebecca just smiles “yes, you use the Cessna today. Just be home by 2100hrs. I don’t want Butch flying you at night till, I can certify him myself.”

“Thanks sis.” August jumps up and hugs Rebecca.

Rebecca returns the hug and slips a few dollars in August’s pants pocket.

“Have fun on me today. Now, get going. Butch is waiting for you out on the tarmac.” Rebecca slaps August ass as she heads out the door.

August couldn’t believe it. She adjusts her purse as she runs towards Butch who was waiting for her by the Cessna Rebecca said he could take. A friend of his and his wife were going to pick them up and spend the day with them in Wichita.

“You ready to have fun today, sweetie?” Butch looks over towards August as she buckles herself in and put her headphones.

“Yep, I can’t wait to meet your friend.” August was excited as she felt the Cessna move forward and speed down the airstrip, once Butch got clearance from the tower.

An hour later they are met at the airport by Butch’s friend Thomas and his wife Tammy. They head into town and go to The Museum of World
Treasures, then they go to Old Cowtown Museum and have lunch at a little hole in the wall that Thomas swear had the best Kansas City barbeque around. August loved the homemade coleslaw and homemade onion rings.

Butch and Thomas got the biggest sandwiches she had ever seen. While her and Tammy got regular sized sandwiches. August found out that Tammy was a secretary for a lawyer, while Thomas worked at Cessna itself. The four of them go to Wichita Art Museum.

August found out that Tammy loved art. The two of them took their time exploring and talking about the different pieces. August could tell that
Butch was half interested in the pieces, but he stayed by her side as they toured the museum. August loved art and wouldn’t mind going to Paris, New York or England and seeing the art pieces there.

Thomas and Butch take the girls to a real nice upscale restaurant and have a nice meal. Thomas and Tammy drop Butch and August back off at the airport, so Butch can get back before 2100hrs. Just before they take off. August leans over and places a kiss on Butch’s cheek.

“I had fun today.” August had a big ole’ smile on her face.

“I’m glad you enjoy yourself today. Tomorrow I have something even more special planned for you.” A mischievous smile appears on his face as he takes off and heads back to the airfield. He knows Rebecca and Lev will be waiting for them to land.

When they land, he spots Rebecca on the side of the airfield waiting for them to come to a complete stop. August glances at her watch and notice they still had thirty minutes.

Butch taxis the plane to where Rebecca parks it and shuts the engine down. He could tell Rebecca had a smile on her face as he exists the plane.

“Good timing.” She just stood there and watches as Butch helps August out of the plane.

August had a smile on her face as gives Butch one more kiss, before walking off with her sister.

“Be ready by seven tomorrow, August.” Butch goes about securing the plane.

"I'll be ready." August just follows her sister home.

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