Sky Lynx

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“Woohoo!” Katie was enjoying the wind rushing by her as she fell to the ground after jumping out of the airplane. She does a few stunts for the camera man that was falling with her as he filmed her movements.

They were filming stunts for a movie she was hired to do. It was about a female agent working for the United States government. She does a few more fancy stunts for the filming crew. Once she reached the minimal height she could safely pull her chute, she pulls it and glides the rest of the way in to the landing spot.

“That was kind of showy, Katie.” The director of the movie loved what Katie did and would more than likely use most of it in the movie.

“I know, but what do you expect? I’m the best there is.” Katie was bundling up her parachute.

She loved jumping from airplanes and pushing the limit of her aircraft. She loved flying the most and never regretted punching her commanding officer out for drugging her drink, before she passed out.

“Well, you gave us our money’s worth. We have one more stunt for today and that’s it for today.” Kevin knew the next stunt Katie would love.

It was a high-speed car stunt. Katie does the next stunt for the movie. She gets to show off her driving skills as she evades the bad guys and does a few spin outs. When they finish filming for the day, the poor car she used has a few more dents and dings in it, where she misses judged a tight power turn or struck an obstacle that shouldn’t had been on the mock-up town they were using.

The director was fine with the work she did. So, she heads home for the day. Katie stops at her favorite Mexican restaurant and has dinner along with a few glasses of wine. By the time she leaves the restaurant she has a slight buzz going on. She makes it back to her adobe house and park her Jeep Wrangler in the garage where her air car is parked.

As she walks into the place from the garage area. The lights come on automatically as she heads into the kitchen and pours herself a glass of wine. She heads towards her home office and sits down behind her desktop and start checking her email and bills. She spots an email from the engineers that built her aircar. They wanted her to come in and test fly a newer version they design and was thinking about producing.

She sends a response stating she would be more than happy to fly the new model. Her air car was doing fine and wouldn’t mind seeing what improvements they made to the newer model. Once she finishes answering her emails. Katie heads towards the bathroom and takes a nice relaxing soak in her huge jacuzzi tub.

Her body felt more relaxed as the jets of the hot water circulated the water against her sore body. She listens to the soft music playing as she relaxed against the back of the tub. The bath beads she added had helped her muscles to relax. She laughs as she watches an old A-Team episode. She loved some of the crazy stunt scenes Murdock does with an airplane. She watches the rest of the episode and when they get to Col. Hannibal’s favorite tagline “I love it when a plan comes together.”

A smile appears on her face. Reruns like the A-Team, Blue Thunder, Air Wolf and Knight Rider were what encouraged her to join the military. Before she went into the military she had plastic surgery to look like the actress Patricia Helen Heaton after having her SRS surgery. The only difference between her and the actress. She had breast surgery to have a full C cup bra size, compare to the actress who was an A cup.

She loved the service and would had done a full twenty, if she hadn’t punched her commanding officer. She caught the prick drugging her drink. She had spotted him slipping a white powder into her glass from the corner of her eye. They had gone to a party together hosted for their squad’s safe return after completing a bad mission.

They had bad intel on how many hostiles they were up against. Her and the other pilot of the second Blackhawk had to do some fancy flying to pick their teams up and get them out of danger. Most of her team knew how much of a hot shot she was and how she could make a helicopter dance for her. She rubs the upper part of her right shoulder where a bullet had gotten her. A lucky spray from a machine gun caught her as they were evading enemy fire.

She couldn’t believe the man she trusted the most, tried to drug her. She had saved his sorry ass. When they went before the board for her slugging him, he managed to stay in, while she was given a choice to either face charges or be honorably discharged from serve. She had been serving since she was seventeen years old. She flew everything the Army and Marines had.

She learned how to fly a fighter Jet from a retired fighter pilot. He used to be an instructor at Top Gun. He owned two fighter jets and would take her up and teach her how to fly and dog fight.

While she waits for the next episode of the A-Team to start. She thinks about the conversion she had with George just the other day. He had approached her and said that he might need her services with a case a friend of his was working on. She figured it was the same woman she had transported to the hospital a month ago.

She had been on duty that day when the call had come in. She had been dispatch out to pick George and someone else up and fly them to the hospital. The person she saw that day looked like someone had done a number on them. They left her out in desert to die among several other bodies. She transported them to the hospital and had to fly back out to pick-up some injured hikers in the south end of the Grand Canyon.

She had so many different jobs she performed. She was a stunt pilot and test pilot. When she didn’t have any work from those jobs. She worked part time as a helicopter pilot for the hospitals and at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. She had her helicopters stored out there and did tours of the Grand Canyon part time.

The theme song of the A-Team breaks her thoughts as she watches a second episode. When the episode was done and the bottle of wine she had been drinking from was empty. She gets out and dries off as she stumbles towards her bed. She slips her night gown on and lays down to sleep the effects of the wine off.

There was a bang noise coming from Katey’s front door that woke her from the stupor she was in. Her head hurt as she stumbled out of bed.

“Alright, I’m coming.” Katie stumbles towards the front door.

She peeks through the peek hole, but her vision was blurred. She unlocks the door and shields her eyes from the morning sun.

Ralph had been sent to fetch Katie. They needed her right away and she wasn’t answering her cellphone. He had been banging on her front door for the last ten minutes, trying to arouse her. He knew she was home. Her aircar and wrangler was still parked in her garage. He jumped when the door opened. Standing in front of him in a short light blue night gown was a short blonde hair woman with lightly tanned skin. Her short blonde hair was a mess and she had one of her hands shielding her eyes.

“What do you want and who are you?” Katie was looking at a tall young man with short brown hair wearing a dark blue t-shirt and faded blue jeans. He had a pair of old cowboy boots covering his feet.

“I’m Ralph McGee and Sera down at the airport sent me to get you. She needs your help in locating a missing hiker down in the canyon.” Ralph had to admit that Katie was nice looking. Even with the way she looked now.

“Come on in. I’ll need to get changed.” Katie steps aside to let Ralph in.

As Ralph walked pass Katie, he could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. He kept his eyes from drifting down to her private area.

Katie shuts the door behind him as she walks towards her bedroom to slip some clothes on and go to the bathroom.

“Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready to go.” Katie doesn't bother to shut her door and starts getting dress.

Ralph looks around Katies living room while he waited for her. He notices her collection of family pictures, some of her with her military buddies when she was in the military. He liked the ones of her with the Apache helicopter. She had a bunch of awards and medals. She had a few articles of her doing the highest HALO, HAHO jumps and a very low LALO jump as well.

She had a few pictures of actors she had stunt double for that had their signatures on them. There were pictures of her helicopters and a few she had test flown, like the aircars.

“Alright, lets go.” Katie comes walking out of her bedroom dressed and ready to go to work. Her head still hurt, but she took some Aleve for the pain. She grabs a bottle of orange juice from her refrigerator.

“Would you like anything to drink?” Katie looks over towards Ralph.

“No ma’am, I’m fine.” Ralph escorts Katie to his car.

Ralph races down the highway to get Katie to the airfield as quickly as possible. His boss has already called him twice already. On the second
call, he told his boss they were on their way and to have the helicopter ready for her.

Katie felt a little uneasy with Ralph’s driving. He drove just like her cousin Bart did when they were younger. She hasn’t seen him since he got married to his wife. They had invited her to their wedding while she was still in the Army. She’ll have to look him up and see what he has been up too lately.

By the time they get to the airport, her helicopter was already out on the landing pad. Ralph pulls up as close as possible and parks.

“Come on Ralph, you’re going to be my helper today.” Katie rushes towards her helicopter and starts it up.

Ralph hesitate before going closer to the helicopter. He’s never been on a rescue mission before.

“Come on Ralph, we need to get going.” Katie had spotted him just standing and staring into the helicopter.

Ralph moves his feet and finally climbs into the helicopter and hangs on as Katie lifts off the tarmac. Ralph puts his ears on and sits back on the bench watching as they fly from the airport and over towards the Southgate entrance of the Grand Canyon.

Katie was getting a description of the lost hiker from the rangers. She enters the canyon and flies near the path he would had started on and followed it. She had a feeling where the hiker might have gone off the establish hiking path. She flies over the area and Bingo! There he was sitting on the ground with a broken ankle.

“Okay Ralph. I need for you to lower the vest down and pull him up.” Katie kept the helicopter study as she watches Ralph do as she told him.

Ralph follows Katie’s directions and lower the rescue vest down. He watches as the hiker puts the vest on. Once the hiker gives the okay, he starts bringing the hiker up to the copter. Once the guy was aboard the helicopter and secure. Katie heads back to the airport and informs them they are going to need the paramedics there.

Katie couldn’t believe the stupidity of some of the hikers. She can’t recall how many people she has rescued from that spot in the last few months. The next meeting, they have she’s going to bring it up. They land at the airport and the paramedics come and take the injured hiker.

“Alright, I’m going up and doing a patrol of the area, Ralph. You can come up here with me or stay here at the field.” Katie was talking to Ralph through the headset.

Ralph moves up and takes the passenger seat. He watches as Katie lifts off again and checks with the tower as she heads off to patrol around the canyon. He glances towards Katie and notices she enjoys being able to fly like the birds.

“You really enjoy this, don’t you?”

“If you mean flying, yes. I love flying of all sorts. The best is when I am gliding down in my squirrel suit.” Katie loved the feel and rush of gliding through the air with her suit on.

“How long have you been flying and parachuting?” Ralph was curious.

“I’ve been skydiving since I was twelve years old and I flew my first glider when I was fourteen years old. I was flying ultralights since I was ten years old. My father was in the Airforce and was a pilot. My mother flew the air ambulance for our hospital.” Katie remembered going up with her mother in the helicopter ambulance when she was little.

Her parents didn’t freak out when they discovered that she would rather be a girl, than a boy. Her grandparents had the hardest time adjusting to the idea. Some of her aunts and uncles had a hard time dealing with it, but they got over it with time. School was where she had the most problems with being herself.

The bullies she had to defend herself from and the religious nuts that protest near the school or try to make her feel ashamed of her identity. It wasn’t too bad when her father was stationed overseas, but when they got back to the states, it became a problem. She never let what other people said to her to bother her.

“Why do you like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into open space?” Ralph has never been skydiving.

“The freedom and rush I get when I jump. It’s like a massive orgasm as I fall through the clouds.” Katie smiles when she tells him that.

“Do you have any sisters and brothers?” Ralph had seen her pictures. One was a family picture.

“I have two older brothers and one older sister. My oldest brother is a Los Angeles police officer. He’s a member of SWAT. He’s also a former Marine. My next older brother is a conductor for Union Pacific. He’s been working for Union Pacific since he got out of college., My older sister is an English Professor for University of Southern California. She sometimes babysits for our older brother. His wife works at the hospital that my mother use to fly for.” Katie enjoyed spending time with her sister and brothers.

“Who was the cowboy I saw you standing next to in one of your photos?” He remembers seeing a picture of Katie in her uniform, standing next to a young man dress up like a cowboy.

“That’s my cousin Bart. He used to work for the CIA, but now is in the cattle and oil business. He’s married to a well-known doctor.” Katie remember meeting his wife at their wedding.

“Why did he stop working for the CIA?” Ralph was curious about that.

“Don’t know. All I do know is, he’s in the cattle and oil business. I know I don’t want to get in a shooting contest with him. He’s deadly with his old fashion six shooters.” Katie has seen him shoot before. He had a pair of .45 Peacemakers once owned by a legendary lawman. She couldn’t remember who he was, but he had papers to prove it.

Ralph just sits back and watches as Katie flies and as their fuel starts getting low. Katie heads back to the airport to refuel and call it a day.
Katie does a check on the helicopter, before turning it over to the next pilot. She follows Ralph in and turn in all her paperwork and show Ralph how to fill in the paperwork for the hiker.

“You owe me a ride home Ralph.” Katie had to remind him she rode with him.

“Sorry about that. Do you want to stop anywhere on the ride home?” Ralph was hoping for a date.

“Nope, you can drop me off at home, please.” Katie was thinking about just making some tacos when she got home. She had everything she needed.

The rest of the ride home was quiet. Katie wonders what her cousin is up too. She should contact him and ask. She also wonders how things went with George and that person he rescued that night. She’s been so busy with her different jobs, that she hasn’t talked with him.

She watches as Ralph pulls up in front of her place.

“Here you go my lady.” Ralph couldn’t believe how quiet it was around Katie’s place.

There were no street lights or other homes near her. Her place was out here all by itself.

“That’s Ralph. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Katie climbs out and heads inside her house.

Ralph watches as Katie walks in and shuts the door, before driving off.

Katie heads towards her bedroom to change her clothes. She slips on a nice oversize t-shirt and a pair of sweats. She heads into the kitchen and start cutting up lettuce, tomatoes, onions to add to the meat while it cooks. She pours herself a glass of wine and open a box of taco shells and heat them up.

Katie grabs her IPhone and plays some music from it as she cooks. She dances to a few of the songs as she continues to cook and enjoy herself. She looks at how much she is making and set some aside to take as lunches during the week or to have when she gets home. She fixes herself a plate and head into the living room and find a movie to watch while she eats.

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Looks to be another excellent

Looks to be another excellent story from the "vaults" of LadyDragon 623. Now waiting for the next chapter.

I wonder??

Christina H's picture

I am wondering how this will tie in with the other stories I think I have an inkling - or if it will become merged with them.
How Lady Dragon does it I am in awe


How it ties in

WillowD's picture

I have long given up trying to keep track of the people and stories in LadyDragon's writings. I just read and enjoy.

But I do think one of the serials started with a native finding a transgendered lady left in the desert to die. A rescue helicopter was called in. This is probably the pilot. My hunch is that the pilot is much too interesting a character to not appear prominently again.

You had me at skydiving!

Great start to another para military story. Just love your insights to things military. I started skydiving in '64 using round chutes and when I gave it up I had around 550. Even got my jump wings when I was in the Navy. So thanks LD for taking us back down memory lane.