Ginny's Story Chapter 37

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
All Rights Reserved.


It's funny how things happen


And so to bed, and off to work we went the next day. Ellen was so busy she hardly had a chance to sit down and I was chained to my desk, filing and typing invoices, payroll and keeping the individual item folders up to date.

Wendy had her head buried in the RMV rules of the road, occasionally coming up to play computer games. When lunch time finally came, I was glad for the break; to be honest, so was Ellen. Wendy wisely decided not to pester us for anything.

Later, I had caught up with my flurry of paperwork, so I asked Wendy if she wanted to practice driving again since we drove to work in the Honda, rather than Ellen's larger Explorer.

Dumb question!

I told Ellen we were heading for the parking lot of the Catholic church just up the street, five minutes away and to call me if I was needed.

We switched seats, and I had her driving around the mostly empty parking area. Today I focused on having Wendy parking in individual spots. When she was comfortable with that, I got several orange traffic cones from the back of the CR/v and had her try her hand at parallel parking.

If cones were cars, she would be paying for repairs until she was fifty!

Promising to come back tomorrow to practice parking, I gathered up the cones and headed back to work.

Pete's unmarked police cruiser was leaving as we entered. With a blip of the siren, off he went heading for Swampscott.

Ellen looked relaxed, so I guess the two of them had played tonsil tennis. Of course, I had to explain this term to Wendy!

“How did it go?” asked Ellen, “You were only gone a hour.”

Wendy began to tell all about her attempts at parallel talking, with her arms waving and gesturing. She made it seem like the cones kept running back and forth.

Ellen just looked at me and asked, “You used the motorized cones again Ginny? Remember how expensive they are.”

This stopped Wendy in her tracks. “Huh, what was that Aunt Ellen, motorized?”

When I started to laugh, she spun around to me and shouted, “Not funny, Auntie, not funny.”

Now Ellen burst out laughing! Finally it occurred to Wendy we were having her on. This made her even angrier. The madder she got, the harder we laughed, no giggling here.

“I saw Pete leaving as we returned, anything new?” I asked.

“Nothing really on Morales,” Ellen said, “But he did say something about a blue rat. Changing the subject, he and I are going out on Thursday for dinner and a show at Beverly Theater. I think he said it was the light opera “Der Fledermous”, or something like that. I'll pump him for information then.”

I thought for a minute, “That would be a good time for me to have Kevin over for dinner. Wendy, should I invite his nephew too?”

She jumped a foot, asking, “Would you invite him and not Billy?”

“Well, if the two of you behaved, he could take you to a movie, then eat at Burger King or Taco Bell afterwards.”

“You mean alone? Just us?”

“Yes, but you have to behave. You must protect your secret, unless you want to wear a thing I have in my dresser.”

“A thing? Aunt Ginny, what kind of thing?”

Ellen rolled her eyes and said, “Yes, Aunt Ginny, what kind of thing?”

Now my face reddened; oh darn, me and my big mouth.

“It's a gaff. You know what that is Wendy?”

“Yes, but how will that hide stuff, if he kinda reaches, well you know, right Aunt Ellen?”

“Tell her all of it Ginny, it's just us girls here.”

Taking a deep breath I started, “Okay, before I had my surgery, in order to appear completely female, and so I could even wear a bikini, I found on the internet a way to keep my 'stuff' hidden, and maintain a smooth profile so I could wear tight women's clothing.”

Wendy piped up. “You mean a gaff.”

“Well, yes. but gaffs are expensive and you need to have a few so you can do a wash and keep clean. All you need are some cotton gym socks cut in half with no toes and the elastic waistband from some pantyhose.”

“Pantyhose?” Wendy asked.

“Yes, all you do is slide the waist band through the sock and after tucking,slide it up your waist as far as it will go. The cotton sock is now in the crotch area, nice and comfy. It's easy to keep a few in your purse for emergency changes. No need to wash, except the elastic waistband. Then you wear your regular panties, putting a feminine pad in just in case.”

“In case what?” I was asked.

“In case, your date gets very amorous.”

“But Billy told me a lot of kids in his high school are having bum sex, and the girls are doing something he called 'BJs'. The kids don't consider this stuff sex, you know like that President, the old guy with white hair.”

“We'll talk about this when we get home, young lady.” I said.

Ellen just sat at her desk and chuckled for the rest of the day, not even stopping on the ride home.

“Here we are, home Aunt Ginny,” she said, “now what was Wendy asking, and can you show us what this thing of yours looks like?”

I knew when I was beaten, so after hanging up my jacket and removing my boots, up to my bedroom I went. After digging around in the back of my closet, I found the box I was looking for. Inside was several white sweat socks and several laddered pantyhose. Re-entering the living room, I opened the box and called Wendy over.

You could see she was fascinated. “Those things work?” she said, “Is it comfortable to wear, for a long time I mean?”

“This is your party Ginny,” Ellen said, “Forget I'm even here.”

“It takes a little getting used to, but it's not bad. This panty absorbs sweat too.”

“Okay then do you want to try it on? If you do, follow me to my room.

Wendy was right behind me as I closed my bedroom door.

“Off with your clothes, I literally have seen it all before and on me, so no being embarrassed, Kiddo.”

With a little hesitation, Wendy removed her boots and jeans, and quickly slid her panties down and placed them on the bed with her Levis.

“Good”, I said, “Now if you wish, you can shave and neaten things up a bit.”

Wendy shivered at the offer of a razor.

“Now carefully slide these on, tucking your peepee carefully. Look in the mirror, what do you see?”

Timidly Wendy walked to the closed door with the full length mirror.

“Aunt Ginny, I look like a girl down there!”

I gave the go-ahead, laughing to myself, 'Well she's not shy now.'

“Okay enough, now get dressed, but first look at yourself wearing panties, what do you see?”

Wendy just gasped, staring into the mirror, turning left and right, then stepping into her jeans. We returned to the living room where Ellen was patiently waiting.

“Young lady, what do you think, and how does it feel?”

“It's really comfortable Auntie, I love it! Can I keep wearing it tonight?”

We both nodded, suggesting that was a good idea, getting to know how it felt before going outside.

“Now, who wants cheeseburgers for supper? I have potato salad, and coleslaw from KFC's to go with them.”

Over burgers I asked if Wendy felt comfortable enough to go on a date with Billy alone.

“I did before, but I feel safer now,” Wendy said.

“Okay, after we do the dishes, I'll invite Kevin for dinner and suggest Billy calls you about a date, how does that sound?”

I took the shriek as an affirmative.

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, for without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and errors in puncuation, this story would not exist.

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