Snow Baby

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Harley takes a deep breath of cold air as he enjoyed the ride and all the snow they were passing. He had managed to talk his foster parents into giving their permission to allow him to go skiing with a few guys from school. They brought their girlfriends with them. He was the only one that didn’t have a girlfriend. He was also smaller than his friends. He had flown from Florida to Canada with his friends.

He had worked hard all year long and saved every penny to be able to go with them. He was still underage, so he had to get one of his friends to reassure his foster parents him and his girlfriend would look after him. His foster parents were okay and were open minded people. His foster father was a mailman and his mother worked as a bartender. They had taken him in when his mother abandoned him on the side of an interstate.

“Just think Harley, you’ll be on the slopes in a few hours.” Landon had waited all year long for this trip.

He had his fiancée and her sister with him. Besides Harley, he had three more of his friends and their girlfriends with them. All of them had been on their school football team, except Harley. Harley had been his tutor and on the school drama club. He also played well on the piano and guitar.

Before long the cab pulls up in front of the ski lodge they were staying at. All the bags and ski gear are unloaded and everyone heads into the lodge. Once they get their assigned rooms. Everyone takes their bags and gear to their room. Harley, was sharing a room with Kay, Sherry’s kid sister. They have known each other since elementary school. Plus, they were in the drama club together and on the swim team.

Harley puts his suitcase on his bed. He pops the latches and opens it. Right in front of him was a pink ski suit.

“What the? Where’s my suitcase?” Harley turns the suitcase upside down and nothing but young girl clothes fall out of it.

Kay was walking in still dressed in what she wore to the ski lodge. When she saw Harley emptying his suitcase and a bunch of girl clothes fall out onto the bed.

She had a smirk on her face “I didn’t know you wore girl clothes.”

Kay walks over and picks up a jumpsuit and notices it was a younger girl.

“They aren’t mine. What happened to my suitcase?” He checks the ticket on the suitcase with his ticket and it was the right ticket.

Kay comes over and looks at the ticket. She notices that only half the ticket was there.

“Harley, someone in luggage must had accidentally put your ticket on here. Only half of it is here. Whoever, this suitcase belongs to has yours.”
Kay picks up a few more items and look at them. She figures the girl that own these clothes must be at least twelve or so.
“Look, Landon and the other guys are way bigger built then you. There’s no way your mother will be able to get you some clothes here by the time we leave. So, just wear these girl’s clothes and I’ll help you act like a girl.” Kay figures she can get the rest of the girls to help her with Harley.

Harley picks up a pair of kitty boo boo panties to wear. He looks at Kay.

“Go ahead and put them on in the bathroom. I’ll put together an outfit that you can wear under your ski clothes. Oh, you’re going to need these as well.” Kay pulls a set of pink thermal wear out for Harley and a training bra for him to wear.

Harley heads into the bathroom and uses it. He then gets dress in the training bra and thermal underwear. He couldn’t believe he was going along with this crazy idea. He brushes his short hair out and walks out into the bedroom.

“Ah, Harley you look so cute in that pink thermal wear.” Kay uses the camera on her Iphone and snapped a few pictures of Harley.

He looked like a little girl dressed in the thermal wear he had on. Kay puts her Iphone in her back pocket and help Harley put the rest of the clothes she picked out on.

“I checked the snow shoes and her snow shoes against yours. You should be able to wear them without any problem.” Kay hands the ski boots and snow boots to Harley.

Harley puts the snow shoes on “I wonder if the guys are going to tease me?”

“Don’t worry about the guys. Me and the other girls will protect you from them.” Kay has her shoes on.

Harley stands up to get use to the snow shoes. The shoes fit him pretty good and he could wiggle his toes.

“Here, put some cheap stick on your lips and keep it in your pocket. Also, only keep twenty dollars on you. Here’s a hair band to keep your hair out of your eyes and ear muffins.” Kay puts the hair band on and push Harley’s hair back.

Harley looks at himself in the mirror and couldn’t believe how much of a girl he looked. All that he had done was put on some strange girl’s clothes and a hair band to push his hair out of his eyes.

“Stand still for a second.” Kay saw Harley looking at his reflection in the mirror and spotted that his eyebrows needed some trimming.

She trims his eyebrows and put some eyeshadow on his eye lids. She looks at him one more time and spritzes a little perfume on him.

“There, that should do it.” Kay steps back so she could see Harley’s expression.

Harley couldn’t believe how much of young girl he looked. He was fifteen years old, but he looked like a twelve-year-old girl in the mirror. He shakes his head and double checks how he looks and still couldn’t believe it.

“Come on Harley. Let’s go meet up with the others if you want to get some ski time in.” Kay grabs her gloves and ear muffins. Along with her ski top. She slips the room key into her pants pocket inside her suit.

Harley follows Kay downstairs where the rest of the guys and girls were. Kay weave her hands at her sister and walks over with Harley following behind her.

Sherry saw her sister Kay wave at her and spotted an unknown young girl following behind her. The young girl looked somewhat familiar to her, but she couldn’t recall where she saw her before.

Sherry turns towards Landon “I wonder where Harley is?”

“I don’t know. He was all excited about coming with us and hitting the slopes.” Landon was worried as well. He pulls his cellphone out and dials Harley’s cell.

He hears the ringtone Harley’s has for him go off. Not two feet from him. He watches the young girl behind Kay pull her cellphone out.

“Harley?” Landon couldn’t believe it.

Kay looks at all of them “it’s a long story, but the bottom line is. Harley’s suitcase got mistaken for someone else’s and he got theirs. So, the only clothes he or she has to wear is what is inside the suitcase.”

“Are you okay with this Harley?” Landon didn’t want his friend to be embarrass about dressing like a girl while they were here. Even though Harley did make a cute young girl.

“We’ll look after her Landon.” Sherry and the other girls there were going to look after Harley. They each have had Harley tutor them in one
subject or another and a few liked the way Harley sung. They heard her sing one night at a talent show.

“Thanks guys.” Harley knew the girls and her friend Landon were nice people.

Especially Landon. Whenever one of the bullies at school gave him a hard time about his size or the fact he sucked at sports. He always protected him. He was a good swimmer and enjoyed acting.

The group heads outside and put their ski’s, gloves and goggles on. Landon and Sherry keep him near them as they head towards the slope. Landon had promise to show him how to ski. Sherry and Landon had signed up to be trained as instructors in Switzerland in October. Landon and Sherry show Harley how to stop, turn, pivot left and right while skiing and take him on a few bunny courses so he could get use to the ski’s. When they are satisfied with his progress. They take him on a beginner’s course. Kay comes with them as they ski down the course. Harley only falls once. They go down two more times, before progressing to the next level.

Harley was enjoying himself as his friends stayed with him. By the time they stopped for the night, Harley was tired and cold. They have a nice dinner consisting of a hearty stew and fresh baked bread. Harley notices all the guys and father’s he encountered today treated him like the young girl he appeared to be.

While they were sitting around the fireplace the lodge had. Kay leans in close to whisper to Harley.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Kay had a smile on her face.

Harley just blushes as he tucks his feet like he has seen some of the younger girls do. After an hour or so, Harley starts yawning.

“Come on little sister. It’s bedtime for you.” Kay takes Harley’s hand and escorts her up to their room.

She helps Harley’s out of her clothes and fixes a bath for her.

“You’re going to love this bath, Harley. I added some bath beads I brought to it.” Kay loved her bath beads.

“Thanks Kay.” Harley walks into the bathroom and could already smell the fragrances of the beads.

Harley lowers himself into the hot water and sigh as he leans back against the tub. Harley looks up and notices Kay looking down at him. He watches as she comes walking into the bathroom and sits down on the toilet lid.

“Did you like dressing as a girl today?” Kay was curious.

“It felt weird at first, but I started to like it. Does that make me weird?” Harley looks up Kay and didn’t care shew as in the bathroom with him.

He always thought of her like a sister.

“No, I don’t think it makes you weird. If nothing else, you seem to be happier than I’ve ever seen you.” Kay didn’t like boys. She was into girls and her parents already knew her choice.

Kay liked Harley and wanted to help him explore his female side. She was already jealous that he had such nice skin and beautiful eyes. His eyes were a nice ice blue color. He just watches Kay as she sat on the toilet and talked with him.

“When you get out of the tub, I was thinking we could paint your toes and finger nails. If that’s okay with you?”

“I don’t mind.” Harley just smiles at Kay.

“Oh, let me get you my shampoo to use. You’ll like it better then what we have here.” Kay gets up and heads back into their room and grabs her shampoo and conditioner for him.

By the time he is done with soaking and drying off. Kay has already laid out a girls’ Disney Princess nightgown for her to wear to bed. There were a pair of bunny slippers for her to wear. Kay shows Harley how to put the nightgown on and how to sit and move around in it.

Harley and Kay sit on Kay’s bed and she does Harley’s fingernails and toenails. Kay plays some music from her Iphone and get Harley to sing along with the music. She helps her to sound more like a young girl. By one in the morning Harley is so tired, she can’t keep her eyes open.

Kay helps her to her bed and tucks her in. She places a kiss on her forehead.

“Sweet dreams my little angel.” Kay tucks a teddy bear next to Harley.

When Harley wakes up in the morning. Kay helps Harley get dress, but puts her in clothes that make her look younger then she is. During the day, the other girls treat Harley like a little girl and keep reinforcing it. Harley just lets them. She didn’t mind that much.

When they go to bed that night, Harley notices that Kay is wearing a baby diaper to bed.

“Kay, I don’t mean to pry, but why are you wearing a diaper to bed?” Harley has never seen Kay wear a diaper before.

Kay acts a little embarrass as she looks at Harley.

“I sometimes have accidents during the night. So, I wear diapers to bed and sometimes during the day as well under my clothes.” Kay acted like she was embarrass admitting that.

“What does it feel like to wear one all night?” Harley wonders what it felt like. He couldn’t remember ever wearing one when he was little.

“It was strange at first, but I got used to it. If you want to see what it is like. I could put one on you. I won’t say anything to the others.” Kay reaches for her baby bag.

Harley sits there and thinks about it and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do this, but if Kay had the courage to wear one. She could do it for one night.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.” Harley figures it couldn’t hurt.

Kay gets up and walks over to Harley’s bed. She sits the diaper bag on the bed. She takes a changing towel out and lay it down on the bed.

She looks at Harley.

“Okay, young lady. Take your panties off and come over here and lay down.” Kay points towards the changing towel she laid out.

Harley slides her panties off and lays down on the changing towel. She looks up at Kay’s face.

“Now spread your legs open for mommie.” Kay takes a wipe out and wipes Harley’s crotch area.

Harley shivers from Kay wiping his crotch area. He’s never had any one touch him there before.

“Okay lift your bottom up for mommie.” Kay takes a diaper out of the diaper bag and open it.

“Yes mommie.” Harley giggles as she lifts her butt off the changing towel.

Kay slips the diaper under her butt and watches as Harley lowers her butt back down. Kay rubs some baby oil to Harley’s crotch along with some baby powder. Kay secures the diaper.

“That was a good baby. Now, for being such a good baby for mommie. You get a treat.” Kay pulls out a baby bottle and give it to Harley.

Harley takes the baby bottle and drink the warm milk inside it. She falls asleep after drinking all the milk.

Kay comes over and removes the baby bottle and tucks Harley in. So, far the plan her and the other ladies had put together was working. The guys didn’t mind this if Harley wasn’t hurt. She takes all the panties they had packed and hide them. She’ll make sure Harley wears a diaper in the morning.

There is a light knock on the bedroom door. Kay gets up and walks over to check to see who it was. When she opens it, Carla was standing there in a white babydoll nightgown.

“Please come in mommie.” Kay steps aside as Carla comes walking in.

Carla had a smile on her face when she hears Kay call her morning.

“I see you managed to get her to wear a diaper. Good girl.” Carla goes over and sits down on Kay’s bed.

“Thank you mommie.” Kay shuts the door and walks over towards the bed.

Carla reaches up and guides Kay down so she is laying across her lap.

“You may have your reward.” Carla removes one side of her nightgown exposing her milk filled breast for her baby.

Kay latches on and suckles from Carla’s breast as she feels Carla stroke her gently. Kay felt comfortable in Carla’s arms. They were preparing Harley to be Lisa’s baby girl. She would had been Sherry’s, but her and Landon were going to Switzerland to be trained as Ski instructors.

Kay breast feeds from both of Carla’s breast.

Carla felt relief from Kay breast feeding from her. She had been working at producing her own breast milk with the exercises her doctor suggested. If that didn’t work, she could take certain medication to produce her breast milk. She slips her fingers under Kay’s diaper to see if she needed to be changed.

“My little girl needs her diaper changed.” Carla had felt wetness in the diaper.

She waits till Kay was done feeding and changes her diaper. She tucks Kay in and places her baby doll with her.

“Sweet dreams little one.” Carla places a kiss on Kay’s forehead.

Carla fixes her nightgown and heads back to her room where her husband was waiting for her. Carla and Jackson had gotten married in secret. The only one that knew was Kay, because Kay was their little one.

For the next three days, Kay and the other ladies condition Harley to be a girl and get use to wearing diapers. Sometimes, they let her wear panties, but mostly she wears diapers when she goes skiing and such. On the third day of Harley’s training. Lisa Jürgen comes in to tuck Harley into bed. Lisa decided instead of bottle feeding Harley like she has been. She was going to breast feed Harley tonight.

Harley didn’t know what to make of Lisa when she came into hers and Kays bedroom. She gave her a bath and put a diaper on her. Now, she was going to breast feed her. She was hesitant at first. She didn’t know what to make of Lisa wanting to breast feed her. Lisa came from a rich family and such. She’s been going steady with George Harris.

“It’s okay, Harley. Me and George are going to take care of you. You are our little one.” Lisa had a motherly look on her face.

“Why me?” Harley wanted to know.

“Well, George and I have been watching you. We have seen how difficult it has been for you in school and around your foster family. We’re willing to take care of you and support you Harley. If at some time you want to call it quits. Just let me and George know and we’ll make some sort of arrangements for you, okay?”

“Will I be living with you?” Harley didn’t know if they meant what she was offering.

“Of course, little one. You’ll be living with us and all your needs will be taken care of. All we ask in return. Is for you to be our little one and do your best. We’ll even pay for you to have corrective surgery.”

“You mean to turn me into a full girl?” Harley has been enjoying being treated like a girl. It felt natural to him.

“Yes, to turn you into a full girl. However, we’re going to make sure this is what you want and that’s means seeing a specialist to make sure.
We don’t want you to regret your decision.” Lisa leans over and stroke Harley’s cheek.

“I guess I can try it to see if I’ll like it.” Harley moves closer to Lisa.

“Come mere baby girl. Lay down on mommies’ lap.” Lisa helps Harley lay down on her lap.

Lisa opens her blouse and then the maternity bra she was wearing. She lifts Harley’s head to her breast and press her nipple against Harley’s lips.

Harley opens her lips and start suckling from Lisa. She feels herself stroked on her head as she sucks on Lisa’s nipple and warm milk sprays into her mouth. She could hear Lisa moaning some and holding her closer to her body. Harley just relaxes and enjoys the warm milk. When she doesn’t get any more from the first breast. Lisa moves her to the other one and holds her as she drinks.

“That’s my good little girl.” Lisa just strokes Harley’s hair as she holds her tight against her breast.

Harley slowly drains Lisa’s other breast as she falls asleep in Lisa’s arms.

Lisa looks down at Harley and smiles. She tucks her into bed and places a kiss on her forehead.

“Sweet dreams little one.” Lisa caresses Harley’s cheek and fixes herself.

Lisa walks out of the room with a smile on her face.

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An odd story

WillowD's picture

This is definitely one of the odder stories that LadyDragon623 has written. And given the rich variety I've seen in the stories I've already read, this says a lot. Thank you, my Lady Dragon.

I thought I would try something new.

Not one of my better ones. Still, thank you.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

All I can say is Harley has

All I can say is Harley has some really interesting girl friends. I left wondering if Lisa isn't the one who switched out Harley's suitcase for the one with all the young girl's clothing? She does seem to have a much more indepth interest in Harley becoming a girl. Even to allowing her to nurse on her breasts.

All I can say is Harley has

All I can say is Harley has some really interesting girl friends. I left wondering if Lisa isn't the one who switched out Harley's suitcase for the one with all the young girl's clothing? She does seem to have a much more indepth interest in Harley becoming a girl. Even to allowing her to nurse on her breasts.

Lisa and Harley

Actually, it was Sherry and Landon that switched Harley's bags. Harley trust Landon, so with Sherry's help, they changed her bags. Originally, Harley was suppose to be Sherry's and Landon's little one,. but they were going to Switzerland to be trained as Ski Instructors. So, Lisa and her husband was going to make Harley theirs. Lisa just helped in converting her to becoming a girl and helped in reinforcing it.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Part 2?

Will we see a part 2 to Snow Baby, I wanna see more.....Kinda interested to see what happens next to Harley. Will we see Harley & Kay get regressed mentally?