Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 14

Theia makes a towel appears and wipes the sweat from her forehead. She makes that disappear and make a cold bottle of water appears in her hands.

“Does anyone want one?” Theia was holding up her bottle water.

“I’ll take one.”

Theia tosses him the one she had in her hand towards him “catch.”

Daigh catches it.

“Thanks!” He takes a big swig of it.

He hands it to his wife.

“Thanks.” Sparrow takes a swig and enjoys the taste of the water. She hadn’t tasted water this clean in a long time.

Titanis had made one appear for Shayla and for herself. Leonid had a bowl in front of him as he drunk some water.

Theia walks over and picks up the pieces of the headdress “what should we do with these?”

“Toss them in a volcano so they can’t be repaired and enchanted again.” Sparrow walks over to where Theia was standing.

“May I?” sparrow was holding her hand out for one of them.

“Sure.” Theia hands one piece to Sparrow to look at.

As they are all standing there in the room. The sand on the floor starts to swirl into a cloud and Anubis himself appears. He looks over towards Theia and Sparrow as they held the pieces to a head piece that looked like his head. He was a little angry over the destruction of his head piece.

“Don’t even think about it, dog face.” Titanis was looking at him with her hand on her sword.

“Why are you in one of my temples?” He could sense Titanis nature and the sword she had. He knew that sword was god crafted and he knew which god made it.

“Because, you were careless and left one of your magical items laying around.” Sparrow walks up close to him. She was an agent of Death
and since Anubis was a god of death. He had to listen to her.

Anubis looks down at the young teenage girl with long blood red hair standing in front of him. He felt death’s touch on her and knew she was an agent of death. Standing behind her was a powerful Alpha Were-Wolf and could see the mate bound that bind them together. Which mean he was her mate and protected by her. He glances at the young girl dressed in Greek style armor still holding one of the pieces of the headdress.

“Who are you?” He stares at her.

“I’m the younger daughter of Athena.” Theia smiles at him sweetly.

He turns his head and look at Titanis “she’s your sister?”

“Yep, my mother wanted another daughter. So, now I have a younger sister.” Titanis didn’t mind.

“If one of you weren’t enough.” He knew how Titanis was. His worshipers had encounter her a few times and she sent them on their way. Now he had her sister to worry about. He wonders if she is anything like her older sister.

“So, why are you here?” He looks directly towards Sparrow.

“The person that was here using the power in your head piece. He tried to control and stop me and several other reapers from doing their job.
He managed to send three reapers on their way.” She was sent because of that reason and because he tried to summon her.

“You know, you really need to do something about all these magical items you guys make and leave laying around.” Theia was looking around where the guy had been standing.

She finds an interesting necklace that looked like it was made for a woman. There were a few other times laying with it. Theia picks everything up and brings it to Anubis to look at.

“I know this is your temple, sir. However, I was wondering why these were hidden?” She held carefully dangle the necklace and showed the wristlets and other times she found.

“They belonged to a priestess of mine.” He holds his hand out.

Theia puts the items in his hand and watches as they disappear. Theia had felt his power and shivers as goose pimples form on her arms. Other than her mother and a few other people she met on Olympus.

“Well, I think we better head back home.” Titanis opens a portal and steps aside to let her wife and Leonidas step through first.

“It’s been nice meeting you Mr. Anubis.” Theia walks through next followed by Sparrow and Daigh.

“Your sister is a lot nicer then you are, Titanis.” Anubis looks at Titanis with a grin on his face.

“She’s still young and haven’t been back stabbed by any of you yet. Once she learns Gods and Goddess can’t be trusted, she’ll change.”
Titanis walks through and closes the portal behind her.

Theia and Titanis makes their armor disappear, along with their swords. Titanis walks over and helps her wife out of her armor.

“Thanks sweetie.” Shayla gives Titanis a kiss.

“Well, thanks for helping me Titanis, Theia and Shayla.” Sparrow felt it was time for her and her husband to get back to the pack.

“Any time Sparrow. I do have something for you.” Titanis walks up to Sparrow and wrap her arm around her and pull her tight to her body, making sure their abdomen where touching. She leans down and kisses Sparrow passionately for a while.

Sparrow didn’t know what to make of this. She’s never had another woman kiss her before. It did bring up unusual feeling for her. She knew she loved Daigh, so there was no way she wanted to leave her husband. She does feel a tingling sensation after a few minutes that seemed to gather in her lower regions.

Theia couldn’t believe her sister just did what she did. She did feel something pass from her sister to Sparrow. What it was she had no idea, but she knew it felt weird. She could see a slightly glow in Sparrows lower region.

Titanis stops kissing Sparrow and lean close to her ear “I’ve just given you a onetime gift. Make it count.”

Titanis steps back and let go of Sparrow.

Sparrow had some idea of what Titanis meant.

“Thank you.” Sparrow steps back to her husband and feel as he wraps his arm around her waist.

Titanis opens a portal to Sparrow’s house and watches as Sparrow and Daigh step through into their bedroom.

Once the portal closes behind Sparrow and Daigh. Daigh quickly removes Sparrows clothes and tosses her on their bed. He joins her and starts kissing and nibbling on her body.

Sparrow felt extremely sensitive and horny. She wonders if this is what Titanis meant, but she didn’t think so. All she knew right now was that she wanted Daigh inside her body right now. She could feel his need and lust to take her through their mate bound. She wraps her arms
around him and start kissing him passionately. For the rest of the night she does everything she had always wanted to do to her husband and let him do whatever he wanted to, to her as well.

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