To Complete The Circle (Rewrite) - Chapter 7

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I'd been seeking the perfect moment to change pronouns but today I was like "Fuck it". I hope you enjoy this chapter. Lets talk down below

Emma wakes up sharply, panicking as she remembers the events of the last time she was awake. She takes a long deep breath as if trying to hoard all the air she can. She coughs and her body responds with a sharp pain in her chest.
The first thing she notices is the familiar room, Harriet’s. When she realizes she is safe, she lets herself relax. The room is empty and the windows and blinds are closed leaving the room very stuffy and dull. She moves her legs off the bed and the next thing she notices is the weight on her chest. Not unfamiliar, but more. She takes off the loose white t-shirt to examine the difference.
Looking down at her body, Emma notices that the breasts that she had slowly gotten used to seemed gone. In it’s place, a larger, heavier pair. She feels like screaming but thinks better of it.
She wonders how this was possible since they’d never grown so much in such a short time. The new weight also delays the realization that her light brown hair is now longer than it had ever been.
She walks up to the mirror to get a better look. She doesn’t think her face has changed. She turns to examine her larger butt when she notices she’s wearing Harriet’s pajama pants.
“Emma?” Theresa calls out.
Emma turns around just in time to see the woman enter the room.
When the woman sees Emma, she ups her pace as she closes the distance to hug the confused girl.
“I didn’t know if you were going to wake up” Theresa says during the hug.
“What happened?” Emma asks as she breaks the hug “What happened to me?” She gestures to herself.
“When the girls brought you back, I didn’t know what to think” Theresa is only just losing her distressed state.
“I’m fine, aunty” Emma manages a smile “But I don’t understand what happened to me”
“Get dressed. We'll talk downstairs” Theresa replies finally before she guides Emma out the door.

“Emma!” Harriet shouts as soon as Emma and Theresa are in view. Harriet hurries and hugs her and the other girls are on their way over.
“That was very stupid, Emma” Stacy says but with compassion in her eyes.
Jenna doesn’t say anything, she just takes the girl’s hand and squeezes it, letting out a smile.
“That was stupid, young lady. What were you thinking?” Magnolia asked
“That was very dangerous” Delia chimed.
“I know. I’m sorry. I just…” Emma starts but then pauses as if wondering herself. “What happened? He had me”
Theresa turns to face her sharply, “Who? Who had you?”
“The man in the black cloak” Emma replies shivering at the memory “I tried to…” He voice trails off
The room is silent until Magnolia speaks “Please, everyone sit”. There are no replies but they acknowledges by finding a seat. “Can you describe him?”
Emma nods before beginning “He was hurt. His face burned badly but despite that, he didn’t look too old” Emma thinks again before continuing “He called me princess” Emma has a questioning look on her face.
Magnolia takes a breath, taking it upon herself to explain “There was a time when the vessels were royalty. They were queens and their husbands, joint kings and elders. Their daughters, princesses. But they didn’t rule until death. Only until the next ceremony”
“Why are we only hearing about this now?” Jenna asks her mother.
“It isn’t common knowledge. And frankly, it is a time we’d rather forget. People were only allowed to have relationships within the families to preserve the secret. Countless crimes were committed for the same reason. It was a dark time.
“Is the person Emma encountered one of them?” Harriet asked. “The darkness?”
“Probably” Magnolia replies “Did he say anything else?” She turns back to Emma.
“Yes uh” She tries to remember “He said something about a timeline was destroyed and that I was powerful. That my mother taught me well. He also said it will be easier to kill me this time”
“Does any of that make sense?” Delia asks.
Magnolia shakes her head “Frankly. there is much we don’t understand”
“What happened to me?” Emma asks gesturing to herself “Or does no one else notice—“
“That you’re now a D cup?” Stacy laughs “Trust me, we noticed. Hard not to”
Emma looks around for an explanation.
“Harriet said that when they found you, you were very warm” Magnolia adds.
“Hot” Harriet corrects “The ground was also scorched around you. And we watched your boobs grow right in front of us”
“That was freaky” Stacy adds laughing
“Yeah” Jenna chimes “But it was also kind of cool, right? Her body changing like that?”
“Why did that happen?” Emma asks again.
“You said he had you. Why did he let you go? There is a lot we don’t understand but you can’t run off like that ever” Magnolia looks directly at Emma waiting for a confirmation of understanding.
When Emma nods, Magnolia stands to her feet “It’s almost dark. We should begin”
Emma is confused “How long was I out? Begin what?”
“Come on” Harriet stretched out a hand which Emma took “We’ll fill you in”

Emma confirmed that it was almost dark when the group opened the back door and were greeted by the evening breeze.
“I've been meaning to ask. Where are the boys”
“Mum sent them away.” Jenna was the one to reply. “Said it was too dangerous for them to remain here. No powers and such”
Emma nods. 'It really is a beautiful evening' she thinks. The breeze blowing softly, the setting sun giving the sky a reddish hue.
“This spot will do” Emma hears Theresa say.
“What are we doing?” Emma asks.
“I may have found out how the seer can track us, and see inside our heads” Theresa replies smiling as she sits in the dirt in a meditative position “And I may have found a way to do the same”
“What? That’s amazing” Emma exclaims.
“Maybe. If it works.” Theresa says as she places a hand on each knee.
The world is increasingly getting darker and with it, the same unnerving feeling of the previous night.
“All magic is linked. I think what the seer is doing is they’re using one of their own as a link to us. If I’m right, I should be able to do the same to them” Theresa explains.
“I don’t understand, why haven’t they done this in the past to find us?” Emma asks.
“See that’s where the story comes in. I think what is meant by ‘the vessels are hidden’ is simply the vessels’ magic is not linked to the others. I think the ritual also serves to sever that link"
Emma smiles as she begins to understand “So that means—“
“Yes” Theresa interrupts “They found us because you all became the new vessels and the link wasn’t broken in time”
“So, what are you about to do?” Emma asks.
“I’m going to use one of you to find them”
“Wait, why didn’t we do this during the day?” Emma asks again.
“We tried. I think the sun not only weakens their bodies but also their magic. I couldn’t detect anything”
Emma nods “Do you think it’ll work now?”
“Well, we’re about to find out”

Not long after that, everywhere is dark and everyone is nervous as Theresa is about to begin.
“You ready?” She asks Harriet who had volunteered.
Harriet nods forcing a smile.
“Just try to relax” Theresa takes the hand of the girl kneeling in front of her. “Breathe”
A few seconds after both women have their eyes closed, Theresa speaks up “Nothing’s changed. I can feel everyone.. every witch in the world but no one else in Erie”
“Just keep at it, Theresa” Magnolia says trying to offer some encouragement.
“It’s only a matter of—“ Delia starts but is cut off.
Theresa laughs “I can feel them” She’s smiling “Four others in Erie”
“It worked?” Hilda asks reminding everyone of her presence.
Theresa is nodding and smiling “Yes. I can… wait.”
“What is it?” Magnolia asks.
“They’re moving but they’re separating. Two groups in different directions.”
“Where are they going?” Delia asks.
“I don’t know but they’re moving fast. They have to be in a vehicle or something”
“The ‘darkness’ drives?” Stacy asks chuckling.
“No, they don’t” Delia replies not catching her daughter’s mock tone.
“Two of them… they’re coming this way”
“Here?” Emma asks.
“I think so”
“Harriet, Emma, flask and torch now” Magnolia says with urgency.

They stand waiting another five minutes before they see two figures exit the bushes behind the Creighton residence. The tension in the group skyrockets.
No one says anything. They just stand readied.
The two figures walk until they are partially in view. Their shape illuminated by the yard lights. They don’t say anything. They just stand there.
The much smaller figure, a woman, is the first to speak “They are ready for a fight, brother”
“That they are” The other figure replies. A deep voice belonging to a man. A large man.
“Should we give it to them?” The woman asks.
“No need” He says simply before taking a few more steps forward. The woman follows. “Greetings, my name is Gregory”
That sends shivers down Emma’s back. She opens the cap of her flask
“This is my sister, Lily” The man continues. They both walk forward until they are clearly in view.
The man is imposing. Large and muscled under the full suit. His hair is combed back and his beard is clean and neat. The woman is beautiful but is dressed very differently from the man. She has her black hair in a low ponytail. She is wearing a leather jacket over a bustier, tight leather pants and ankle boots.
“We are here for the vessels.” The man speaks in the same authoritative manner he did earlier “I initially thought you would be sensible and turn them in but I was wrong. That doesn’t happen very often”
“You’re not getting them” Magnolia shouts.
The man seems to visibly get angrier. He sighs.
“By now, two of our brothers will be at the general hospital. They have been ordered to kill every single person in there if I don’t call in--“ The man checks his watch “5 minutes unless you hand us the vessels"
He paused to let that sink in. Emma felt her knees get weak.
“There are over a hundred people in that building. Are you really willing to let them die?”
“We hand them over, you’ll kill everyone at that hospital anyway“ Delia says “If you haven’t already”
“Brother never lies” Lily says.
“I give you my word” Gregory adds.
“We give you the vessels, you’ll come back and kill us anyway” Hilda says “They’re the only ones that can defeat you and you know it”
“They can’t defeat us. They are children” Gregory replies.
“Why don’t we just kill them, brother?” The woman asks.
“There isn’t a point to it. They will come to their senses”
He turns to the group “Clock is ticking”
Everyone is suddenly frustrated, not sure what to do.
The air is silent for a few seconds before the girls start looking at each other. Harriet nods. Emma blinks a few times taking deep breaths before she nods. Jenna nods next followed by Stacy.
Theresa recognizes this exchange “Girls, no”
“We’ll do it” Harriet says out loud.
“Absolutely not” Hilda replies.
“We can’t let them murder all those people” Emma says agreeing with Harriet.
“They’ll do it anyway” Magnolia says
“We can’t let it be on our conscience” Jenna tells her mother.
“What they said” Stacy adds finally.
The man smiles. “Wonderful. I told you they’d come around” The large man says to the woman.
“Harriet, don’t do this” Hilda begs
“I’m sorry mum, we have to”
The girls leave their positions by their mothers and begin walking towards the two strangers. Each step harder than the last.
Gregory removes a knife from his pocket and begins making cuts on his palm “I’m sure you understand that we’ll have to knock you out” He says calmly.
He nods to Harriet who walks over to him slowly. “Don’t worry princess. This won’t hurt a bit” He places his palm on her forehead “Bind” He adds and almost instantly, Harriet drops to the floor. Seemingly lifeless.
Hilda gasps as Lily picks the young girl and tosses her over her own shoulder like she weighed nothing.
“You” The man nods to Emma who steps forward slowly. He raises his palm and as soon as he touches her head, a bright light explodes out of her. The surroundings are lit by light so bright, it’s impossible for anyone to keep their eyes open.
This goes on for a few seconds before it stops and Gregory and Lily are on the floor screaming. Emma is lying there unconscious with the ground below her scorched. The two strangers keep screaming as their faces and hands sizzle.
“What just happened?” Stacy is the first to speak.
“Quick, get them!” Magnolia shouts.
Before anyone can make a move, two people appear out of thin air near the other two who are still screaming loudly. The man in the black cloak and another place their hands on the other two and just as quickly as they appeared, they are gone.
Theresa rushes to Emma and Hilda to Harriet who lay there unconscious.
Hilda holds her daughter’s head up “Somebody get me a knife!”
Jenna rushes through the back door into the kitchen and retrieves one. Hilda makes cuts on her palm before placing it on Harriet’s head “Unbind”
Harriet wakes up sharply looking around frantically. When she manages to calm down, she hugs her mother crying.
“She’s so hot. I can’t even touch her” Theresa says panicking as she looks at Emma's inanimate body on the floor
“Leave her. She'll be fine. Can you still track them?” Magnolia asks.
“I.. I.. Yes. I think so”
“We need to go after them. Whatever just happened has given us an opportunity. They are weakened”
“Wait, look at Emma” Jenna calls out.
“Her hair is growing” Stacy says
“We need to go after them” Magnolia says again.
“Well we can’t just leave her here!” Theresa replies with a raised voice.
The group goes silent, again no one sure what to do.
“We’re wasting—“ Magnolia begins to say but she is cut off.
“Something just happened” Theresa says wide-eyed looking at the group " I just sensed a seer. A powerful one. In Denver”

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Since You Asked... first thought was that Emma from the other, supposedly dead timeline was breaking through. (If anyone here could accommodate someone from there, it would be her own "vessel", which after all is supposed to interact.) But if so, I'd have expected this Emma to get knowledge from the other one as to how to use her power, so that she could use it efficiently rather then by accident. Then again, she's still changing, so there's very probably more to come here.


I have no idea, that is why I

I have no idea, that is why I am reading the chapters as they are presented. :-)
I do have a feeling, wrong as it may well be, that Emma has more powers than the others all combined; they just have not all manifested thus far.
This could just be the beginning of their appearing to her.

I was thinking Emma's mother

I was thinking Emma's mother joined with her back in the alley.

Bad guys getting burned

Jamie Lee's picture

Every time the bad guys make a try for Emma they get a hot foot for some reason. It's as though she's being protected by someone or something.

Whatever is keeping her out of the hands of the bad guys is really making it a bad idea for them to touch her.

Emma has changed each time the bad guys touched her, so what if they are actually transferring power from another time to her. They knew the other her so perhaps because of that they unknowingly are transferring the power of the other her to Emma.

Wonder how much more she'll change?

Others have feelings too.

Do we get anymore?

I was quite enjoying this story and it grinds to a halt!
6 years and no more!
Stay safe