The Lokian Way - Part 05 - Oh no, she didn't...

***** Monday *****

As Mercy neared the school on Monday she could see Victoria chatting with a few other girls. Deciding she liked Victoria a bunch more than she had thought she headed over.

*Who knows maybe we become really close friends for real,* Mercy wondered to herself.

Victoria introduced the other girls and they chatted a bit. Mercy knew them from passing but had never to do something with them. Catching a quiet moment in the chat she decided to do her "usual thing" for Victoria. Changing the butt plug that only she knew Victoria was wearing.

Earlier she thought a maroon color would be nice. To get it to pop a bit more against the black she wanted to add a small white line on each side. But as she scanned she came up blank. No buttplug today.

*Did I spook her? Is she on to me?!*

The first bell rung and Mercy used it to excuse herself.


A few hours later she stood before a door. One that frightened her. She stood now before it for one minute flat. Though if someone would have asked her she was pretty sure her answer would be "an eternity". She knew she could walk into the boy's room without trouble. Being it a prank made it easy for her.

However entering the girls changing room was no prank. PE was next on her schedule. Yet she stood like petrified. It was to be her first time doing PE as a girl.

Suddenly, to Mercy's shock, two hands on her back started to steadily push her towards the door. She barely managed to open the door before she was pushed through.

From behind her came a "You're welcome." Victoria's voice.

Still, Mercy wasn't moving. Her only reaction was to blush in an even darker shade of red. However, before she could decide to run out Victoria took her hand and pulled her towards an empty locker. "This is yours. Now hurry up or you'll be late."

Mercy quickly unpacked her sports bag and changed. All the time staring straight ahead. Finally done she turned around to head into the gym. Small claps and pats on the back found her instead.
"Wasn't that hard, right?" one girl asked.

Whatever Mercy had expected, this wasn't it. But she was grateful nonetheless. With a clearly lightened mood, they headed in.

Doing sports as a girl was quite different. Doing gymnastics was even worse. Mercy felt like a drunk newborn giraffe. She decided a bear in a tutu would be more graceful. On top of it were some breast issues. So far she hadn't minded them. Sure sleeping was strange and a bit limiting at first but she had gotten used to it. Now tumbling around they were more noticeable.

She had a sports bra of course but it often felt kinda off. She vowed to ask her mother to shop for a better one. Then she nearly face-palmed herself. She could, after all, adjust her own clothes. It took her a few tries and tests but it got way better. Not perfect. But Mercy was sure that goal was unreachable.

Changing back was still a small torture. Mercy still tried as best not to look at the other girls. Surely all her blood had cycled at least twice through her blushing cheeks. On her way out she was just courageous enough to look who had the lockers beside her.

To her left was Victoria's. Why wasn't she surprised? Lately, it felt that Victoria was more intrigued to her than the had been in the beginning the other way around. She also found herself answering the puzzle why Victoria wasn't wearing a plug today. After all, it might be a bit distracting in PE.

A curse made her look to her right. There, a cute redhead had the locker beside her. She was rubbing at some lipstick with a tissue. Someone had "kissed" the locker door dozenth of time with a still wet lipstick.

"Stupid cheerleader," the girl muttered under her breath.

It looked like Mercy wasn't the only prankster at the school. Not seeing a way to help the girl she made her way out. Glad to have bested another hurdle of being a newly made girl. Even if it was with help.


At lunch, Mercy was sitting, as usual, with Brian. Though changing socks was doing well for her she knew she needed some alternatives. Fast. By now, she guessed she changed about three hundred pairs and the number was climbing. Hence a brainstorming session was called for.

Suddenly cut short as Victoria placed her tray down beside Brian and opposite of Mercy. All she gave was an "Oh don't mind me" before she did something on her smartphone.

Brian gave Mercy a confused look but quickly changed their talk to one about games. To their both surprise Victoria would now and then comment or give a smart question. Mercy could see that Brian quickly warmed up to her. Which was strange in itself.


Mercy's list of strange things to figure out:

- not freaking out about new gender (body feels strangely familiar/no trouble with balance despite new center of gravity - unless sports; does not extend to social things!!)
- Magic (one big and one small natural spell; might have other spells; need to learn about limitations; don't go over 100% or below 15% or bad things happen)
- Spell 1 lets me change clothes (targets don't notice change unless I want them to; others might notice change; Mom, Dad, Al and Brian know my spell; 150 feet and line of sight limit; tiring if more than 90 feet)
- Victoria is wearing a Buttplug!!! (Is she forced?; That thing is huge!; other stuff too; at least three plugs; she is more deviant than I thought and she admitted as much!!)

***** Tuesday *****

Next morning Mercy was woken early by her mother. "Sweetie, did you do anything big at school?"

Mercy groggily shook her head. "Only the small stuff I told you about."

"Well, the principal called yesterday evening. Some parent has called him and complained about you. The principal wants us to come in a bit early and meet him and the parent in his office. Don't worry. I am sure it's a misunderstanding. Now. Get up and get dressed. We don't wanna be late right?"

Mercy quickly showered and dressed. After a hasty breakfast, they headed out. Mercy fidgeted the whole time. The only instance she used a bit more of her spell was Victoria. Had her parents found out? This might destroy the friendship she was slowly building with Victoria. She hoped not.

As they got to the principal's office Mercy was relieved but also got a new concern. It wasn't Victoria sitting there with her father. It was Mitchell Jenkins. Guilt tried to show on her face as she remembered that one week ago she pantied Mitch. His father was angrily scowling at her. Mitch himself only looked at the floor and avoided eye contact.

*He doesn't wanna be here any more than me,* Mercy realized.

Finally they were herded inside. Mitch's father quickly started his rant. "She did something to him. I found him yesterday wearing panties. Worse he had a secret stash! All stolen from his younger sister. You want me to tell it's a coincidence that my son starts to behave that way shortly after her, a trickster mage, starts to go to the same school? You honestly expect me to believe that?!"

All hell broke loose as the father ranted on while her mother, fierce like a mother lion defending her cub, argued against it. The principal tried to mediate but it was a lost cause. Mercy tried to make sense of it but she couldn't. Was Mitch's behavior explainable by her spell? She didn't think so.

"It couldn't be me," she murmured. Then she had to shout it again just to be heard.

Finally, the others calmed down enough that the principal caught a foothold to bring the discussion back on track. "Okay. I guess it's time to hear the accused side. Mercy I know that your ability is tied to clothes. But I don't know how. Mind explaining it and how you can't be responsible for this?"

Mitch's father wanted to start again. Obviously wanting to jump on the tidbit that she changes clothing with her magic. He was, however, quickly stared down Mercy's mother. Mercy felt quite proud of her.

"Ok. Uhm my natural spell is to change clothes. But it couldn't have been me. I need to see someone to change their clothes because I need to kinda see what they are wearing first. I mean even if I did that yesterday it wouldn't explain his stash."

Finally, Mitch said something too. "I told you it wasn't her. I have worn panties before last week."

The meek stature and the furious blushing was something Mercy wasn't used to see on Mitch. That did, however, take the wind out of Mitch's father's sails. Of course, now that it was out the principal had to ask.

"So you have to prank and that means changing clothes. Mind telling us what you usually do?"

Mercy hesitated a moment. After all, telling it would incriminate her a bit. "Uhm it's kinda silly. I change the color of socks so they don't match anymore. Just a little. But I kinda do it very often. It's the most harmless thing I came up with, but I have to do it a lot to satisfy the compulsion."

Noticing he was on losing ground Mitch's father took his leave. He didn't even apologize. He just stormed out in cold anger. Somehow Mercy doubted that this topic was done.

Mercy hugged her mother and told her she was proud to have her as a mother. After today's event, she had to admit she saw her in a whole new light. Finally, after promising the principal that she would inform him if her compulsions got stronger, she could leave the office.

Outside Mitch was waiting. "Sorry about that. I told him it wasn't you, but he didn't listen. Thank you too for last week. Even though it didn't help in the end."

"Thank me? For what?" Mercy asked confused.

"Last week you knew I was wearing panties, right? You could have told everyone, but you didn't even after I had been so terrible to your friend. In the end, it didn't matter anyway. Was found out by others."

Mercy looked away embarrassed. Sure enough, she hadn't spilled the beans on Mitch. Then again it had been her that put those panties on Mitch even without him knowing. Had she actually pantified a cross-dresser by accident? She needed to know more.

"So you wore panties before last week? I don't wanna pry, but how did that happen?"

Mitch blushed but told her anyway. Maybe relieved to finally have someone to talk to. "Well, it was about 5 months ago. I was buying a pack of shorts. The normal kind. But when I opened the package instead of 5 shorts there were only 4. But there was also this ruby red pantie. I should have exchanged the whole package at the mall but I didn't. It was probably a prank by some factory worker, right? A bit too strange for an accident. And then I don't know. I wore the panty once or twice a week. It wasn't like it felt thrilling or so. It just felt normal. Okay maybe a little better than normal. They are so much softer, you know? Nobody noticed before last week. God that had been humiliating. I threw them away you know. But I regretted that soon. Then, on the weekend, I stole some of my sister's panties. Older ones. I thought she wouldn't miss them. But of course she did and I was busted yesterday."

Mercy was shocked. It had been her. The ruby pantie must have switched out every memory of the original cloth. She effectively had turned Mitch into a closet cross-dresser. Now that she thought about it when she changed her mother's shoes last Wednesday her long-term memories seemed to have changed too. She needed to find out more. Could it be undone?

"If you could, would you go back before you first wore the pantie and never do it?"

"Mitch thought about it. "I should say yes but ... I kinda liked it. They were so soft compared to my normal boxers. I am kinda sad I won't be able to wear any in the future. My dad will now watch me like a hawk."

Mercy felt bad but also kinda relieved. But now she felt at odds with herself. For now, she had to find a way to ease her conscience at least a little. "Well, I tell you what. The last week was kinda nice. You didn't bully anyone right?"

He was first hesitating but soon nodded.

"Good. Well, I happen to be a trickster that can change clothes. And having met your dad I kinda want to prank him. Even if he won't know it. So as long as you behave you can come to me each morning and I will change your undies to panties. Then after the last class, I change them back. Deal?"

Mitch's face brightened. "Deal. I don't know what to say. Thank you. Even after I was such a pain in the ass for you, you help me out. I wish I was such a good person as you are."

Mercy looked away blushing. Hoping he wouldn't spot how guilty she looked and felt.

"Uhm wouldn't you mind... " Mitch started.

"Mind what?"

"Changing my boxers today too?" Mitch ventured forth.

"Sure. Any wish?" Mercy asked. Relieved that she could at least something to make up her mistake.

"Well, you remember the ones from last Tuesday? Those in royal blue?"

Mercy just grinned and granted the wish. Without altering the mind or memory of course. Very untypically Mitch hugged her. After a quick but heartfelt "Thank you" he took off.

By now the hallways were filling with students. Mercy decided to head to class. All the way she was however worried. This new part of her spell scared but also excited her. It left her quite at odds with herself. The trickster wanted to find out just how much she could do and get away with it. Her reasonable part, however, was scared what trouble she might cause. Her thoughts distracted her for quite a while.


By lunch, she felt better. She was sitting again with Brian, but Victoria quickly joined. She also had, as it turned out, an agenda.

"Say Mercy, we had fun last Saturday, right?"


"So I thought we could have a bit more fun this weekend. Ever had a slumber party?"

"Yes, but not as a girl."

"Well, it's time to change that. Don't worry I'll go easy on you. Just us the first time. I already asked my parents so if yours agree we could do it this weekend. Friday to Sunday?"

Mercy was stunned but finally agreed to ask her parents later that day. Before the break ended she decided to do her usual to Victoria. Bemused however as she noticed that Victoria wore the first plug, with the neon pink spirals. Unwilling to change her own work she decided to just change some more socks instead.

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