Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 17 Final Chapter

Annabelle stood before the full-length mirror and admire herself in her wedding gown. The day her and Dawn had set aside to get married had arrived. All of Dawn’s relatives had arrived for their marriage. Some of their favorite customers and friends that they had invited had shown up.
Derick was dating a nice girl he had meet online. She was the daughter of one of their customers. She knew about him and heard what he had done for her. She knew Derick liked this girl.

“Are you nervous, mommy?” Gina had come to check on her mother. Her sister was checking on their other mother.

Annabelle turns around to look at her daughter. She couldn’t but help to smile as she looked at Gina all dressed up. She was wearing the dress Dawn and she had picked for their daughters to wear.

“Yes, I’m very nervous, but not as nervous as I was when you came into my life.” Annabelle hugs her daughter.

Gina hugs her mother and tries not to hug her to tightly. She was happy that she had two mothers that loved her very much. Gina has come to think of Annabelle as her birth mother.

“How’s your sister holding up?” Annabelle releases her daughter and looks down into her face.

“She’s excited and can’t wait for the wedding to start.” Gina and her sister Cyra had helped their grandparents and Dancing Deer decorate the area of the yard they were holding the wedding.

“Well you two did a beautiful job decorating the yard. Go ahead and go and take your place sweetie.” Annabelle kisses her cheek gently and watches as her daughter head down stairs to join her sister.

She heads downstairs and out the back door to join her wife. Dawn’s Uncle was walking her down the aisle and Sam was walking her down the aisle. Gina and Cyra proceeded them dropping flower petals as they walked towards the front. Once they stood before the preacher, who happened to be a council member and was willing to perform the wedding for them.

Each of them had written their own wedding vows and Dawn said hers first to Annabelle before everyone and by the time she got to the end of her vows, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Annabelle looked directly into Dawn’s eyes and said her vows. She got choked up halfway through them.

Gina got up and grabbed her mother’s hand and held it. Cyra grabbed Dawn’s hand and Annabelle could finish her vows with their daughters help. Each girl stayed by their mothers as the preacher pronounce them wife and wife. The girls released their mother’s hands, so they could kiss.

There was a lot of noise coming from the backyard as music played. Certain people congratulated the married couple and wonder what took them so long to tie the knot?

Dawn and Annabelle let the girls have one glass of champagne each. They party late into the night and by the time reception broke-up. Both girls were tired, but didn’t want to go to bed. Annabelle and dawn both tucked their daughters in and gave them a kiss on their forehead.

Annabelle and Dawn didn’t get much sleep as both ladies pleased each other. By the time they did manage to fall asleep. Dawn was spooned against Annabelle and held her tight.

A few months later:
Dawn and Annabelle found out that Dawn was carrying twin girls. Annabelle had gone to Canada and had her surgery, but not before preserving some of her semen. This way if Dawn wanted more kids. They would have her semen to make Dawn pregnant.

Annabelle was still recovering from her surgery and Dancing Deer was helping around the house. The girls were thrilled that they were going to have baby sisters. Annabelle promised Gina that as soon as she was old enough to have the surgery they would get it for her.

Sam had found a nice lady that worked at City Hall in the Mayor’s office. He loved his new position and ran the store during the week while Annabelle and Dawn had gone to Canada with the girls. He knew why they went, but didn’t care. He knew Annabelle was a nice caring person and if he had her body, he would want to be whole as well.

They did find a doctor that would tuck Gina till she was old enough to have the surgery. This way she could pass as a girl better.

Annabelle had informed her doctor that she wanted to help Dawn breast feed the twins when they were born. He increase her medication. He gave her additional medicine to take so she could prepare her body to produce her own breast milk for the twins.

He knew how much Annabelle cared for Dawn and being a mother. Every time there was a field trip or an event asking for parents to help out. Annabelle always volunteer. Dawn did too, but she needed to stay and run the store, where Annabelle could take the time off to help out.

Nine months Later:
Annabelle and Dawn welcomed two new additions to their family. The twin girls were born during a thunderstorm raging outside and late at night. Dawn had been in labor for twelve hours before the babies decided they wanted to join everyone. The girls were excited that their little sisters had been born. They name one girl Bella Lee Running Rabbit, the other twin was named Della Elizabeth Running Rabbit.

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