Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 17

August wakes-up feeling excited today. It was her sweet sixteen birthday. Butch was coming by to pick her up in the mustang and take her to the spa on Rebecca’s dime. Afterwards, they were going to a fancy restaurant for lunch. After lunch they were going to watch a movie. Then Butch was suppose to bring her back to the propeller club for her birthday party. Her mother and her half-brother and sister were going to be there.

She grabs her towel and heads to the bathroom to take a shower. When she goes back into her room, she notices an outfit laying on the bed with a pair of new shoes. It was the same outfit and shoes she wanted the last time her and Rebecca had gone shopping together. There was a silver necklace and matching earrings to go with it. Sitting next to the outfit was a small birthday bag was a bottle of fancy perfume she had tested and liked with a letter attached.

August opens the letter and a credit card falls out with her name on it.

“Happy sweet sixteen August.”
Rebecca and Lev
P.S. Don’t spend it all in one place.

August gets dress in the new clothes, shoe and jewelry. There was a matching purse that went with the outfit. She transfers all the items she needed from her old purse into her new one. When she left her bedroom, and headed towards the living room. She spots Rebecca and Lev in the kitchen having breakfast.

She walks over and gives each one a hug and a kiss on their cheek “thank you for everything.”

“Your welcome August. You go out with your boyfriend and have a good birthday. Just meet us over at the propeller club at six o’clock.”

“Yes ma’am.” August gives them another hug and kiss before leaving.

Just as she walks outside, Butch pulls up with the mustang. He gets out and runs around the car to open the door for her. Once she was seated and buckled in. He runs back around to the driver side and takes her into the city. They go to a nice restaurant to have breakfast. Then after breakfast, Butch drops her off at the spa her and Rebecca went to once before. He informs her that he was going to join her. So, the two of them do the Spa together.

August is given a flute of cider, while Butch is given some wine. He does share it with her. They spend some time at the spa. By the time they left, August felt like a new woman.

August does some shopping with the credit card she was given. She buys Butch a new tie. She buys a few items she’s been wanting, but
haven’t been able to get them. They stop to look at a few new cars. She knew Butch didn’t like new cars that much. He thought they were pieces of trash. He preferred the older cars.

They just walk around for a while, before ending up at a nice Japanese Restaurant for lunch. Butch knew August loved Japanese food and would enjoy the restaurant. Butch lets her drink some warm sake.

The leave the restaurant and go to the movie they had chosen. The movie was one that Butch didn’t care for, but he tried to enjoy it for August.
They shared a big bucket of popcorn and a large drink. August snuggled up to him as they kissed and enjoyed the movie.

Afterwards they go for a walk just holding hands and enjoying being with each other. When it got close to being six o’clock. Butch takes her back to the propeller club, where she is greeted by everyone. She meets her half-brother and sister and offer to help her sister if she has any questions.

Rebecca had planned a nice dinner for August.The crew at the propeller club big out a huge birthday cake for August with sixteen candles on it. Everyone sings happy birthday to her, which causes tears to leak from her eyes. She manages to blow the candles out and Rebecca helps her servers the cake.

Butch drags her out onto the dance floor and dances with her.They dance for a while and go back to open her gifts. She got make-up, clothes and an original leather bomber jacket from the owner of the propeller club. She got a brand-new laptop from Rebecca and keys to a Black 1972 Datsun 240Z car. August remembered that it had been sitting in the back among the other antique cars Rebecca kept around to restore one day.

She looks towards Rebecca “I thought you were selling this one.”

“I lied to you. That was meant for you. I just didn’t want you to know.” A smile appears on Rebecca’s face.

August hugs her “thank you sis.”

Rebecca returns the hug and just holds her. After a little while they break-up.

August mother gave her a nice gold necklace and matching earrings. They party till about midnight and Lev ends up carrying August back home. She had fallen asleep and instead of waking her. Lev volunteered to carry her home. Butch had volunteered at first, but Rebecca didn’t think that was such a good idea.

Rebecca with Pamela's help undresses August and puts her in her nightgown and tuck her in.

“Sweet dreams my little angel.” Pamela kisses her forehead and backs out of her room.

When Pamela turns around to walk down the hallway, she notices Rebecca waiting for her.

“You’re welcome to spend the night here Pamela. I know August would love to see you in the morning.” Rebecca knew August loved her mother.

“I don’t want to impose, Rebecca.” Pamela wouldn’t mind spending time with her daughter.

“You’re not imposing, Pamela. Here let me show you the guest room.” Rebecca escorts Pamela to the room next to August’s room.

Pamela walks in and noticed the bed was already made up. She turns back around to look at Rebecca.

“Thank you, Rebecca.” Pamela hugs Rebecca.

Rebecca hugs her back “you’re always welcome here Pamela. August loves you very much and I am becoming attached to you as well.”

“Well, she did pick a very good role model and a wonderful big sister. Thank you, Rebecca.” Pamela just holds Rebecca like a mother would hold their child.

They release and Rebecca leaves to get ready for bed herself. She was happy that August had a wonderful sweet-sixteen birthday. She wishes she had a mother like Pamela when she was younger.

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