A Bit of Filthy Lucre Perhaps?

Some Filthy Lucre Perhaps?

I thought that the world situation required a bit of insanely comic relief, and I'll admit to having had some very "head banging" things happen to me; all, erm mostly, without drugs or other intoxicants.

Years ago, perhaps in 2007, a friend asked me to go to a "Kink" festival with her, and being completely ignorant, I agreed to go. We drove to a place about 25 miles from home and pulled into the barnyard of a farm. I was astonished to find that the admission was $25 or free if we took off all our clothes. I was pre-op at the time and begged to keep my panties, which they allowed. So, we walked around, and I saw things that I had never even suspected could occur. There were people in chains being led about by their Masters, and a few "pony" people, and many other such like expressions of individuality I had never seen before. I was "bigly" impressed.

We happened upon a stark-naked man standing in front of a table who offered free spankings, and while my friend was not interested, she managed to convince me that I should try this. “It will do you good”, she said. Feeling very guilty due to several personal failures, I did not require much persuasion. Some of you have perhaps had such an experience?

I got up on the table and he proceeded to give me a very oily massage that was delicious. Later he started tapping me lightly with something he called a flogger, and then changed to a bamboo switch. It was so pleasant that eventually I lightly dozed. Suddenly, one of his taps felt quite harsh, vicious even, but then he changed back to the taps and then came more rubbing. Not even close to what was shared in “50 Shades …”, yes much better than that.

Not to bore you, I felt quite surprised to find that he’d been at it for over an hour when he finished! Yallah !!!

He informed me that I would have pleasant, giggly, thoughts about his spanking and the feeling of euphoria would last about two weeks. And, YES, I would be sleeping and waken in the middle of the night giggling, or be doing dishes and stop to giggle. Thankfully, I did not own a car at the time because I might have wrecked it during one of these episodes. Can you imagine driving along at 75 Miles Per Hour and suddenly being seized by a fit of the giggles?

Later I tried to find this man to purchase a “refill”, but to no avail. He had, sadly, disappeared completely.

Skip ahead to yesterday.

Unneeded distraction removed

I was sitting at my computer, working on a very intense Dragon story, when an unexpected stirring in my front bottom intruded. Yes, a complete surprise. I will admit to um self-pleasuring perhaps once a year, or perhaps twice, but no more mind you. Most certainly not!!!

This unbidden session went on for quite a long time, whilst I attempted to put rational words on paper; actually, the computer screen. Suddenly my body quivered uncontrollably. My eyes rolled back in my head, and perhaps I might have fainted for a moment, as feelings of divine euphoria flooded my synapses. I wakened as I was about to fall out of my chair. Perhaps it needs a seat belt should this happen again?

Today, I am cooking and cleaning to prepare for a visitor, but periodically being forced to stop and hold onto something as completely overpowering giggling washes through me.

At some time in the future, I might try that again, but right now I’m concerned I might break it or wear it out. Is that possible? If it did break would it be possible to ask a Doctor to like fix it? What is happening so reminds me of my previous experience in 2007.

Might I have another please?

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