Shadowsblade: Summertime has to end?

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

In this chapter

The summer has to end and other happenings go on unnoticed



Tuesday, August 14, 2007 11:40AM
Dunwich, New Hampshire
Bill and Jineen's Townhouse

Bill plodded down the stairs of his home more than groggy from being up all of the last two days, he yawned out slowly as he did a huge stretch of his arms at the bottom step leading to his kitchen and once again overheard both Drow teens arguing in their native tongue, this time the discussion seemed to be a hotter debate then the last one he caught them having!

"Hey you two keep it down to a low roar or less than a train wreck!" he warned both teens sitting on the living room couch not watching the now on TV, Both did not even notice his presence for several seconds of continued yelling then they stopped. So he walked into his kitchen to grab that first great cup of coffee his machine offered only once each day.

"Sorry Bill..." the one twin he knew as Rohanna said sadly and more than upset at herself he could tell by the tone of her voice. Bill could tell the twins Drows apart with ease now, especially now that Rohanna had the mostly calm human part in her and Rehanna certainly was mostly the more angry Drow part of the pair of twins.

"Ohh she is upset by what we had to do Sunday night is all!" Rehanna chuckled out evilly, as she spilled the beans on here more human half.

"Shut it Drow!' Rohanna hissed back at what was her sister or other half?

That is when both started arguing in Drow once again! Bill strolled over to the living room cradling that hot cup of coffee close to his face letting the aroma wake him a bit more and thought to get a spray bottle of water to tame the two teens down like he used to do his mom's cats when they went at it!

"Hey enough of that fighting and bickering both of you. This blend of you two is going to have to last for thousands of years and you both better start getting used to it?" he reasoned to both teens, then sat on the tall back of the couch to talk to them farther.

"Sorry..." Rohanna sighed to him again, were as Rehanna only crossed her arms in defense.

"So what are you sorry about and you need to stop moping around here all day. The both of you did that all day yesterday after we got back from Tampa and here you are watching...or not watching that crap Bionic woman TV show off the DVR? At least put on the old one from the seventies, it was far better than this new age crud!" he laughed the fact the renewed show sucked so bad!

Rehanna pointed at her twin almost daring the other to say a word, "She thinks maybe...just maybe we should have let that gang boss live the other day and took him to the cops for punishment. Those darn human memories and her second guessing things are going to get us killed! You should have just stabbed that one girl and be done with it...or did she scare ya?" the Drow taunted her human part once again.

Rohanna tossed a pillow at her twin that was instantly snatched from the air and tossed right back! Then both resumed the shouting at one another and cussing in Drow. That shouting gained an angry shout from upstairs where Jineen was trying to rest up at, "Hey shut it!" she barked from the main bedroom that both she and Bill shared.

"Sorry..." both twins droned out in stereo.

"See now, Jineen is awake and mad at you!" Bill said at a whisper hoping that his wife might go back to sleep, but he then heard foot falls going to the shower and that meant she was getting up now! An angry wife in the morning was bad thing, but Jineen was Irish and a fiery red headed woman on top of that!

Bill shook his head in defeat to the twins, "About the other night, the gang boss needed to die. Or he would have been chasing after Alex forever and the rest of the gang was arrested for sure by what we saw on the news that night. But...what or who is this girl, you never mentioned her till just now?"

Rehanna started to explain, while Rohanna got up to get the coffee pot started again so Jineen had a fresh pot to start the day with. Besides lunch needed to get started cooking, so she tossed a family sized meal in the oven to cook, "The girl surprised Rohanna or the both of us really? She looked just like our illusion we wore for this 'event'," Rehanna, the Drow part of the twins smiled to Bill.

"So she looked just like that five foot...three girl illusion you made up out of nowhere?" Bill questions both teens with a head tilt of wonderment, that a random choice of disguise would be so close to resembling a mutant kid already in the city.

"Yep!" Rehanna nods and Rohanna agrees from the kitchen with a nod of her own as she pull a cup out of the cabinet and several plates for lunch, "She was almost a third one of us...she could have been a sister or a clone!"

"Well that has to suck for her, you kind of left a few bodies at each place and if there are pic's of you there too? The cops might try and pin all of this mess on her!" Bill concluded.

"And she was a mutant too! This girl could teleport via some smokey way and she was an she had fighting skills." Rohanna said just handing a fresh poured hot cup of coffee to Jineen that had just wandered into the kitchen in a daze of interrupted sleep.

"Ohh don't forget the sword she used!" Rehanna added.

"Yes she had a very, very good blade. One that took a beating from one of my best blades and did not snap!" Rohanna added in next.

Now that Jineen had a few sips of bean juice in her, she could think clearly now and added to the ongoing conversation with a warm smile, "Well if she shows up, we should help her out for all the trouble we might have caused her?"

Rehanna huffs out loud at the suggestion, then barks out her next words more than a little mad, "She, this girl should have not interfered in the mission we were trying to accomplish, a few of the deaths are on her head for alarming all the guards and besides she actually thought she cold take us to the cops for the crimes we might have done!"

"That was silly of her, but why don't you two go over to the market pick up a cake and some ice cream for lunch? That lunch you tossed in the oven will take an hour to fully cook and then some time to cool off, so it tastes better!" Jineen suggested to us Drow.

"Cool!" Rohanna shouts and starts to run up stairs to dress.

Rehanna was right behind her yelling, "Dibbs in the mustang!"

"NO MUSTANG!," Bill shouts his disapproval, "You can take the Mini, Jineen's car."

Jineen stares daggers at her husband, "Gee thanks honey, she will run my car to death!"

"STU" both Drow bark back hearing the downgrade in car to use on this trip.

Ten minutes later we twins bounced down the stairs, grabbed the keys off the hook and started to run down to the garage to the car. Jineen's car was a Mini Cooper 'S' model, a small...heck very small two door hatch with a turbo!

We were on our way till Bill stopped us, "Ahh were is that charm you two wear out all the time?" he questioned us.

"I am going out without it this time, it's about time humans became used to seeing Drow and besides after the movie comes out I will not have any peace is my bet! Especially after that A-hole photog invaded the house was a first sign of it?" the Rohanna twin said as Rehanna nodded her agreement at the same time.

"Be safe honey..." is all Jineen said as she stared Bill down into not complaining farther.

"I will!" Rehanna sang as she closed the door leading down to the garage behind both of them.

We both hopped into the car and Rohanna, or I took the drivers seat. I felt that was best, since I really have the driving experience 'in' my head for the most part and Rehanna seems to 'lean' more towards Drow things in life anyway.

The little ones took a spot on Rehanna's shoulders to give me room to drive and hung on for life!

The car started instantly, I let it warm up as the garage door opened to the alley passing down the row of town homes and as I thought the engine was warm enough? I tore out of the garage as Rehanna slapped the door remote button to close it behind us.

Holding the wheel in a firm death grip, we swung out onto the main road and towards the only shopping center nearby us. Luckily this strip of shops had a larger supermarket as it's centerpiece or we would have to drive all the way to Berlin to get anything to eat!

I whipped the car down the somewhat curvy road for a few miles, but the end of the fun short trip came far too fast and we drove into the parking lot of the market. This one was a more family owned one, than a chain run one...and had far better food to choose from!

We found a spot on the main row leading up to the main entrance only a few slots off from the doors themselves, I parked the car in one swift move and jumped out. Both of the Pixies landed on the shoulder of the one twin they personally claimed, Violet always seemed to choose mine knowing the difference between us Drow somehow even when I could not at times?

We entered the store almost unnoticed and grabbed a shopping cart to carry our wants. It seemed what I had seen of the small town of Dunwich was true even here, the shoppers and store staff took our strange looks in stride, there were no gasps or stares our way at all.

One of the first things that I did notice about the store was that back in the late 70's when I was last a human most grocery stores were just row after row of shelved food. But now the store was sectioned off into almost boutiques that sold baked goods, meats, and deli!

First stop was the bakery, where we found a great big chocolate cake and a carrot one for the house. Next stop was the ice cream aisle, that trip netted us a half gallon of mint chip and some new chocolate fudge one that looked real good. Before we left that aisle, Rehanna grabbed the hot fudge and a few toppings to be safe and happily tossed the lot into the waiting cart!

"Chocolate overload! You are thinking like a human more and more? I giggled at Rehanna to her pain.

"Maybe I should sneak some of that chocolate Ayla found on to this sundae tonight?" she grinned evilly to me.

"Ohhh no Bill and Jineen never find out about that slice of heaven! Or they might take it from us?" I offered a reason not too.

I spun down the cereal aisle next wanting some oatmeal for tomorrow and to see what else was around. This time down the aisle, a stock boy was just cutting into a stack of newly arrived goods and took out the first of many cereal boxes.

When the teen spotted us both, he did a quick double take of the box in his hand and then back to us walking down the aisle "Is this you on this one?" he questioned me and handed the box to me.

I took the offered box of Lucky Charms, that is when I noticed the new format and it was from the movie 'Lord of Thrones' I just worked on! Gone were the clovers, diamonds, horseshoes, stars and hearts made out of marshmallows. In their place was silver thrones, green Fae, black swords like mine and magic wands in rainbows?

A huge silver throne covered the front of the box and the back was covered the movie's cast in our best action shots. The prize advertised inside the box grabbed my attention right away, it was a set of collectable shinny metal magic charm coins or medallions that could be hung on a necklace or bracelet. There were several to collect, two per box and one was the large one, then one smaller one for a movie themed bracelet you could send away for?

"How long has this been out for sale?" I had to ask and handed Rehanna a box to study for herself.

"This is the first day, we just got the load this morning...So that is you then?" he asked and I nodded to him, "Ohh cool we have a famous kid shopping here!" he nearly shouted across the whole store.

"SHHHHH!" I flailed the air wildly between us to quiet him down.

"Okay, but sign one for me!" he grinned like a nut at me.

"Fine?" I said, as I pulled a marker off his work smock.

I added my signature to the box's front, then handed the box to over to Rehanna to add her's beside mine and she handed the beaming boy the box that he just grinned at in joy. While he was placated for now, I grabbed five boxes to take home and dropped them in the cart...all with my face DOWN!

Before he could ask for even more, we slipped away and walked down the aisle to grab a few boxes of my favorite instant oatmeal, then vanished into the store.

Rehanna laughed at me mentally, ~"Humans and their strange ways? They put faces of famous people on boxes of food to sell them to kids, that is so very strange!"~

~"Having actually been one in the past Rehanna? I agree fully, we are or I was strange!"~ I nodded her way.

We slowly passed down a few more aisles to see what else we could find, I really had not done any grocery shopping since my change yet and Whateley really did not have one on campus. But I found a few more things to add to the cart on this trip, some chips, pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? I found that last item cool and strange at the same time.

At checkout I had to ask for paper bags instead of plastic for my new allergies and the checker noticed the back of the cereal box to my displeasure, "Is this you?" she asked as her free hand shoved the box down the conveyor belt so a kid could bag it for me.

"Yep, that was my summer job." I sighed...I can't lie and she asked me a yes or no question.

"Good to see one of you kids from 'W' get out and gain some good press. I hope it all works out for you and the other kids?" she said implying her support for us mutants in general I am sure.

"Thanks, each bit helps." I said.

The bagging boy placed my purchases back in my cart and asked me, "Can I help you out?"

I said a quick, "No thanks I have it." but I could tell the kid wanted to talk to me and ask me out... I could feel it off him. Nice kid, but I have two if not three others in my life right now and adding a fourth would be a bad idea at best!

We all walked to the door out and as it slid open the Pixies spotted something before us Drow even did. The Girl Scouts had set up a table selling those famous cookies at the door and the Pixies dove right at it like missiles fired at a fighter jet, all while doing barrel rolls of joy... while shrieking out, "THIN MINTS!"

Both Pixies land on the table and start tossing boxes into my cart one by one and even fight over a few! I went the simpler route to fix the mess they were making, "How much for all of them?"

Buying the whole table outright was the fast and easy choice in my mind, both of us Drow get some, the Pixies get some, Bill and Jineen get some and I have some left over for school in two weeks or I take them to the grove as a treat?

Well when I pulled a large stack of folded bills from my pocket, I was very quickly out foxed by two crafty scout mothers, they had a large car filled with boxes and decided to sell them all to me! SO at their combined insistence, I bought dozens of boxes of cookies and filled the back of the Mini to the gills! The young girls spent most of that time gushing over the Pixies, while we adults for the most part loaded the car up with box after box of cookies.

The girls loved the two Pixies for the zany stuff they did and the Pixies loved the sudden fame, plus attention they gained today. Yep it cost me few hundred in cash, but well worth it. The kids had fun meeting a real Fae creatures and us elves, plus the Pixies had fun too with younger kids for a change. Ones in younger age they don't usually get to see up at school.

"Hey now," I had to warn one girl as she tried to puck up Violet like she was a doll, "That is a Pixie...not a plastic Barbie and she is alive just like a kitten! So no being rough on them, ask them both first before touching or one might find out how nasty a Pixie is!" I warned with a mean funny face and feigned claws.

I knew a Pixie never would hurt a kid, but make or warn one not to harm them is within the rules and some children need reminding to 'be nice' or else! Once the car was full, we backed out of the spot to the waves of happy kids that said bye to all of us and the Pixies were very busy on Rehanna's lap munching their way through the first of many boxes of cookies. By the time we got home, we Drow would have very wound up, sugar high Pixies on our hands no doubt!

When I got back home, then ran up stairs with the first of many bags. Jineen spotted each of the Pixies flying into the house still holding onto their very own box of 'thin mints'! Jineen instantly sighed out knowing far more about Pixies and their love of minty sweets than I thought she did, "So how many boxes did they make you buy...or is that cases!" she cried out in surprise as I dropped two bags full of cookie boxes on the countertop.

"I filled the car...that's all. Apparently the semi-truck full of them is safe for now?" I joked to her.

Bill came down stairs ready for lunch, then found several bags full of girl scout cookies on the counter instead of the cake and ice cream he had expected. "So let me guess, the small ones did this and the cake is out?" he grinned taking a box of Do-si-dos or Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies from the first of many bags.

"Wait till after we eat lunch boy!" Jineen barked as she slapped his hand free of the box.

Bill feigned a hurt hand and a whimper, "!"

I on the other hand laughed at him, after I tore open a box of Lucky charms. Jinnee instantly barked at me too, "Hey that can wait too little lady!"

"Jineen I am not eating them right now, I just want to see the prize in here, "I said digging an arm deeper towards the bottom of the box, "The metal charm toys on the box in here looked strange to me and I have to know something more about them?"

"Know what honey?" Jineen asked puzzled that I cared about a toy form a cereal box.

"Well the writing...the sigils used on one looked very familiar...TOO familiar to me and besides when I was working on movies back then. The art departments usually went way overboard being TOO authentic when making prop copies for historic movies! That might be bad idea in this case and I hope not?" I said just as my hand finished fishing the plastic bag out of the box and closing the box's top.

I quickly ripped the bag open and tossed the trash into the nearly full can. When Jineen spotted the filled can, she smiled at me. "Trash time and you know it." Rehanna grabbed the bag promptly and ported to the trash bin, dropped it off. Then came back to line our can with a new bag.

I was really lucky and this coin was the same one shown on the box art of the ten sets you could draw from, each set had a different smaller medallion and a larger one. The larger one intrigued me so much I just had to see it right now and what I read from it shocked me.

This child's toy had a very well done magic spell written in early Sidhe sigils of the time and it should work, thus making an invisibility spell...and a very good one too! I studied the large coin for several minutes, heck I even pulled out an old instruction book of mine from my academy days to compare that text to what I found on the coin.

When I was done with my examination, I placed some essence on the coin and it glowed with magic fire right away. So much so, that Jineen reacted instantly to it's magical glow, then shoved Bill who was sitting at the counter off his stool and then pulled him around the corner out of the kitchen out of the way of potential harm.

"Rohanna, what is it...Jineen?" Bill asked Jineen and me at her sudden reaction.

"Don't burn down my kitchen RO!" Jineen warned me.

"It's fine, the spell is a high-quality one and not dangerous at all." I said fishing some string out of a junk drawer in the kitchen.

Both husband and wife walked slowly back into the room as I knotted the string around the hole the coin had just for doing that on it's outer ring. Then I asked Bill, "Can I put this on ya to test something and no there is no danger with this one."

"So far!" smiled Rehanna, she just had to go there!

Bill just stared at her, then me in turn "Is this safe or not?"

"It's safe for you, the other coins...that matters on what others do with them?" I answered as best I could, with what I knew so far.

He bowed his head a little to me and as the coin laid on his neck and settled down. Bill vanished from sight with a slight shimmer of his form! Vanished so well even my well trained and enhanced eyes barely saw him and if I was moving fast, plus not paying attention...I would have missed his being there for sure!

"Where did he go!" Jineen shouted at me in surprise, then leaned towards where Bill should be with an outstretched hand only to bump into his body and dispelled the magic with her touch.

"Was I gone?" Bill asked as he kept Jineen from falling over from the errant bump.

"Nope, just invisible Bill and that silly kids prize with a little essence powering it. That did it!" I said while pointing at the medallion slung from his neck.

Jineen lifted the coin around Bill's neck with a finger, "This coin did that, a simple kids toy is magical?"

"Who ever made them, they used an ancient Sidhe spell for the sigils and they seem to work with a very small use of essence, very small indeed." I said to her.

"Hey can I keep and use this when I want too?" Bill smiled back to me.

"I don't see why not, I can certainly add more essence to it very easily and the spell already has an 'on and off' switch...just simply run your finger around the edge like this from the hanging eyelet." I said, as my fingers showed him the simple trick.

Bill stepped out into the dining room and did exactly like I had showed him with a silly grin covering his face. His form rippled for a second, then nothing stood in it's place as the spell did it's magical work on him.

"Am I gone?" nothing in the room asked us in Bill's disembodied voice

"Honey...I only hear ya, but can't see you at all!" Jineen admitted to the bodiless voice.

"Rohanna can you see me?" he asked both of us Drow in the room.

"We can see you, only because we Drow are used to spells like this and Drow are made to track those that would use them. But if we did not pay attention or you moved very fast past us, we might miss you all together?" I had to admit to him.

"Cool!" Bill said as he reappeared to us, "What do the other medallions do?"

"Well the small one in this pack will never work, its flawed and stamped out wrong. But it was supposed to be a shield spell of a sort? One that might stop even bullets, but without a prefect string of sigils and a constant supply of essence powering it, I doubt it would work?" I explained to him.

Bill said very excited that maybe he could do magic spells by himself now, "So we keep searching and find out what the others are in the four boxes we have left!"

Jineen shook her head to the sight of Bill tearing open yet another box of Lucky Charms, "Now I understand why you are worried Rohanna! Magic in the hands of untrained kids, that only have to open a box of cereal to gain that power?"

"Yes I am a little worried..." I stopped myself from saying more, I was worried! Really worried, because Nikki panted that world tree seed in July, there would be far more essence in the world just floating around freely in a few decades and maybe essence in abounds for all in a few hundred years?

"But any of the kids that play with these would still have some control of essence or be able to gather it?" Jineen asked me again because she noticed I had stopped being there all together and drifted off in thoughts of my own.

"Yes, but if they have any essence under control, charging one of these medallions would be...literal child's play!" I warned again.

"Well that might not be too bad?" Jineen said to me.

"I have to call Art about this after we eat." I mentally made a note as I said it.

Bill pulled out the plastic bag from each box quickly and that roll of luck? It gained us two more of the exact same set, one that had a 'light' spell and the 'shield' spell medallion minted in the larger more usable size.

Bill handed the packs to me more than excited at what we had found as Jineen shook her head to her husband, "Bill calm down, you do understand that you are playing with fire and besides we need to eat not play with magic spells right now?" she said in a more motherly tone of voice.

While Jineen placed the hot meal on plates for us, I told Bill what I had found as I opened and discarded the plastic bags one at a time, "The other Two are invisibility and I can add essence to those so you both have one, just incase? The 'light' one is a simple and fun, non-dangerous one. The shield spell medallion, is a little harder to use. But I will fix it, so it's more useful for you Bill."

"Fix how?" Jineen had to ask and Bill was about too.

"I can add one of my gems to the back with a simple mount and add essence to the gem that will power it for about an hour of someone shooting most of that time." I mentally figured the essence to spell load off the top of my head.

"How much?" Bill asked thinking more machine gun in his mind and not BB gun!

"Ahh think an M16 rifle round, one shot per second, not an hour at full auto! A shield holding up to that much incoming damage is hard to maintain, as there is no real 'rest' cycle to let it recharge." I informed him as both of us Drow started to eat.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007 2:30PM
Across the nation, Cleveland Ohio Area
near where Josh lives with his dad and goes to school

Ellena Blackwood exits the large mansion that the headmaster of the very exclusive private school called his home and this was the very same school that Josh escorted Rohanna in attending his Prom Dance. Ellena had spent hours inside the home with Dr. Jeff Keldener and his wife May. Both of whom had doctorates in Fae creatures and knew how to actually speak many of the Sidhe languages, both were the only humans in the whole nation and the only other ones that could besides these two, where in all the way over in Europe!

Ellena had gained an introduction to these two great sources of Sidhe knowledge from ARC, today's visit was the best one of the last three she had done this week! This time she had completed interpreting that hidden message that she had found in a book sent from Homestake HPARC.

She drove back to her hotel as quickly as she dared to, then ran up to her room, ordered dinner to be sent up and laid out all of her vast notes on this one message from the book. Hours later she rolled over on the bed just finishing up with her translation and she grinned triumphantly, "Now I know what to say and how to say it...that Drow is mine!"

She knew there were other parts to ordering the Drow, but with this one part she could garner that information out of the Drow easily and very permanently! She was going to run ARC very soon or maybe aim for a higher office and who knew what she could accomplish controlling the twins?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007 11:10PM
Dunwich, New Hampshire
Bill and Jineen's Townhouse

I called Art's number knowing it was only eight or so over in LA and from our shared past I knew he would stay up late on nights that he had no work coming up. So I called him about this Lucky Charms magical toy deal?

"What's up buddy?" Art asked his re-found friend on the phone line, who they both had agreed to talk just like it was old times and nothing had changed about either one of them.

"Well Art I have this little issue I need you to look into, so can I come over and maybe we go eat out while we talk it over so that Linda does not worry about it?" I told him.

"Get on over here already, the back door is always open and your brand of 'pop' is in the fridge like always!" Art said and I could hear him smile over the cell phone.

"I will be there in two....One" and then Art heard the rest of the joke from his back door, "TWO!" the Drows shouted while opening the door of his home in LA.

Art laughed at the now getting long in the tooth joke, "That is old, but still very cool!"

I closed the door while Rehanna tossed me two cold bottles of orange pop from the fridge, "I love that joke and I have to buy Linda a case of soda to replace what I am drinking some day!?" I said entering Art's large living room.

"Why replace what you already paid for! You know darn well the only reason I took this job doing your films...was you...or should I say stuck to it? Because if you were not there, that one week of test shots was all I was going to do for that film." Art admitted to the teens just now flopping onto his couch just like Jack would have back thirty long years ago.

I tapped a pop bottle to his import beer in toast, "To us old folks in the movies, may the stars fade and the crew retire in comfort!" I said the old toast of us crew members.

"So what brings out the Drow tonight and Linda is upstairs watching TV, so no need to be quiet right now?" Art hinted that we were alone.

"Let me drink this pop and we can go get a meal if you're still a bit hungry?" I smiled as started to tip the bottle up to finish it.

"Ohh I get it, you want something good tasting from LA tonight, well I have just the place and I am sure you will find something you love there!" Art said as he bounced up to his feet, he might be old? But not down yet!

Art went towards the door leading to the garage, then snatched a bag off the counter as I stopped at the kitchen counter to leave Linda some boxes of the girl scout cookies we had bought. I knew she loved the darn things too! Once in the garage we Drow followed Art over to a large Mercedes Benz he had, one that was set-up for more comfort than the blinding speed of his GT40 in the other bay.

A short time later, Art turned the large MB into a small parking lot in the well lit section of upscale downtown LA and stopped in a short line of three cars waiting for the valet. I had noticed on the trip down, that LA traffic had vanished for the most part as the huge monorail projects had eased up the traffic even here in downtown LA!

Art glanced over at me in the passenger seat, "Ahh you going to get that illusion charm out?"

"Nope Art, I am not. Humans have to start somewhere with accepting me as I am and I don't really feel like hiding anymore." I said hopeful I did not have to hide my Drow appearance tonight!

"I understand that, if they give you an trouble...we leave right then!" Art said rather sternly, I knew that angry timber in his voice from years past...get in his way and you got hurt.

"Thanks Art!" I had to say to him, I was really happy that we knew people like him that stood up for others around them.

"It's nothing, besides you are going to find out the more time you spend in LA, that San Fran might be known for Gay pride, but LA is known for protecting it's mutants and protects them very well. Heck even the vaunted MCO takes a backseat to the LAPD or country sheriffs around here!" he said to me.

Art smiled over to me emphasizing his last words with a short nod, while rolling the car forward to a stop at the building that was trying very hard to look the part of a small english pub blown up in size to utterly HUGE and the car door was opened by a valet who helped both of us Drow stand up one at a time like a gent should and said, "Good evening ladies, have a good meal." I only noticed a short look of surprise on his face while he helped us up, he just had to take a mental second to adjust to seeing me for the first time is all and the second thing I really noticed was the line-up of top of the line expensive or collectible cars that filled the small parking lot.

We walked slowly to the front door and as we did I noticed three people, two men plus one younger girl jumping out of their cars parked on the street. All three quickly ran across the street, then right into the parking lot with cameras already out and I could hear the sound of shutters working furiously in my direction, as pops of light flashed all over us both.

"I told you it was the Leigh twins!" I overheard one say in excitement, as a valet placed his whole body between us Drow and the oncoming man and body blocked a man from getting closer to me.

"I gotta get this shot!" the one nearest me shouted excitedly and tried to jump in front of me and Art past the brave valet staff that was coming fast to our aid. Then the single closet photog seemed to trip on nothing, in mid step plus mid leap he fell right onto his face and my enhanced eyes easily saw that nothing was a evilly grinning Violet who finished her work with a jab of her insanely sharp spear to the fallen photog's leg that instantly sent it asleep...numb for hours at best.

But the crazed young girl from the pack of photogs made it past everything, or everyone laid out to stop her and was standing right in front of us three trying to make it to the safety of the open door, "So are the young teen twins going out with a older man?" the girl photog questioned us all with a knowing wink of thinking she had us in a bind.

I laughed wildly at her, "You are either very young or the stupidest paparazzi in all of Hollywood! And saying you are the stupidest paparazzi in LA is quite the title!"

"What?" she drooled back rather dimly to me, the light was never 'on' inside that vapid head of her's!

I waved a hand at Art standing next to me introduction like a model would do on stage at 'the price is right' "This is FX god Art Bassett of 'Art of EFX studios', the person behind all the EFX work actually IN my film...little girl. So get out of my way or get..." I growled at her angrily till Art stepped in between us both and gave her a good firm shove of his growing displeasure of being bothered on his night off. Then he guided us twins over to the waiting door and out of trouble.

"Sorry about that Sir and Miss. We usually don't have them waiting around on weekdays?" the matradee apologized as he guided us all to a nice booth near the far wall and out of sight of the doors or the crowd of people trying to sneak a look inside.

The restaurant was a upscale place that was trying very hard to appear to be a small town pub or bar in Europe or back on the east coast and was keeping to a Scottish theme for the most part. The place used older looking wooden furniture and tried to hide how large it really was with several walls sectioning off the bar/pub from the eating area.

The waitress showed up instantly, so fast I thought she walked out of the wall! She took an order for drinks to start off with and at Art's instance, a large plate of meal 'starters'

"Art I am not so sure about trying fish out? When I tried a hamburger that first night, I barfed for an hour!" I warned him.

"I know, I know...Gwen told me all about it and so did you many times. But this time try the fish, you might be able to stand it better than red meat?" he asked.

"Have a bucket on standby!" I grinned trying not to show I was not so sure about this experiment working out for me?

"But while we wait, their is no one around? So tell me what is wrong Ro." Art said checking the area near us again.

I slid him one of the medallions we pulled from a cereal box, "We it's this, we found this inside a box of Lucky charms as the prize and by the way...our pics are on the box too!"

"So what of it, don't like leprechauns do ya?" he laughed to me.

"Ahh they are really nasty little things and Unseelie like me, or some call us 'the dark court' for other reasons."

"Ohh they are real?" he wondered out loud while examining the coin closer.

"Yes, very real and so that silly toy is very real too! Did someone at the studios make them, because I remember those guys always going overboard when trying to make props as real as they could?"

"Yep, it was one of the smaller companies and this was or these were to be used in the film. But the shot got cut from this part and will make it into the next one of the three we do or will do?" he said handing it back.

"Well find out who made them and have Timothy John, my agent ask them if all the sigils came from a book and if they still have it or access to it?"


"The darn things actually work!" I pointed to the sigils on the medallion, "this is a Sidhe spell and an ancient one. All you need is a little magical essence and the medallions will work as intended."

"Really?" he had to say.

"Yes, one of the LAWS of magic is 'intent' and when you intend on something working does. I tried empowering the spell out on one of the larger ones and out of five we have at hand, it worked every single time!" I warn him.

"Ohhhh shit! What spells worked so far, nothing dangerous I hope?" he asked taking the medallion off the table again and looked at it closer.

"So far...all we have is nothing dangerous, a Invisibility spell and a good one. A simple light spell and lastly a shield spell that could work, but will take someone that knows basic magic or is real lucky or magical to begin with?" I shrugged to the question.

"Ohh I will talk to him in the morning about this and maybe we can have the next batch recalled before packaging, then alter the next batch so it fails?" he asked me.

"Yes, one small notch or hole added to each master mold will keep them from working at all." I suggested.

"So anything else?" Art asked as the first tray of starters came.

"Nothing really, just trying to get by day to day and fix any messes along the way."

"Humm sounds like you had an issue this last week or so?" Art said as he knew the old Jack was very good at hiding what bothered him and now he was even better at it as a Drow.

"Nothing we can talk about Art...please?" I told him, as well as hinting that the question be dropped. What could I tell him about what happened to Alex down in Tampa?

"Well the food is here, come on try out some battered fish and lets find out what you can eat?"

"Where is the bathroom incase my stomach rebels on me?" I had to wonder out loud remembering that first burger that Bill gave me and that it ended up being barfed into a toilet.

"It's right over to your left, just a few yards behind that door." Art pointed out for me and handed me a plate of snack samples.

At his instance and the fact I really wanted to try something out besides pizza or nachos for many years to come! I tried the bear batter cod and that worked out fine to my surprise! Next came other selections of fish, the tuna was a no, the other pacific ones were a nope too and the salmon was an out right reject from my tastes. But I could eat trout and found that all the shrimp or lobster, plus crabs was just fine! I ended up trying some oysters, clams and other things like them, most were just fine.

Eating a whole new selection of fish was great, the change of tastes was just fanatic after months of almost boring pizza or nachos and other routine meals I had at Whateley. But us Drow being able to eat most of this suddenly made sense to me, the more 'bloody' fish was out, but what I would call clean fish was okay and lobsters or grandpa called them 'sea bugs' so us Drow being able to eat one made real sense!

Art ordered more of what us Drow seemed to like on the spot and when the waitress was clearing the table for dessert we were stuffed, truly full!

"Well while she gets that cake sampler for us, I have to show you these." Art said pulling that bag from his coat pocket laying besides him.

"I wondered what you grabbed off the counter when we left the house?"

Art unwrapped a box from the bag and opened the top up for us to see, then handed it over to me with a evil laugh. Inside the bit larger than hand size box was three human like figures, one was a prototype was my best guess and the other two were fully painted and detailed plastic figures of ME! All three measured about six inches tall, had a few accessories, swords, bows, little things clipped to hands to simulate spells at work and a magical shield spell that was a clear plastic dish with spells drawn on it that fit over one figures hand.

"Ohh shit this is me!" I giggled at the action figure.

"Yep that they are and if you approve those will be out in stores by Christmas." Art laughed as the picked up a little sword to swish through the air playfully.

"They are perfect, I guess? I have only seen a few of these since I changed!" I told him.

"Well those are yours and hold on to them. They are very collectable prototypes...that if the movie is popular among theater goers...they will be worth a whole lot of money someday?" he smiled at me.

"Is this all they are making?" I just had to know.

"There is a Barbie style doll coming out and a playset that has the whole cast in it. Then a few play swords based on the movie prop ones made for you and there is talk of a video game too!" Art said as he pulled out a few pic's and some hand drawings of them all up on his phone.

"Ohh e-mail those to me!" Both of us Drow very excitedly yelped out at the sight.

Art did as I asked and after my phone received the forwarded e-mail, we Drow spent most of the next several minutes, either eating dessert or looking at all the photos or drawings of the coming products and we loved them all!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007 12:10AM
Art Bassett's home Los Angeles

I waved 'goodnight' to Art from his backyard as I ported away and back home at Bill and Jineen's place near Whateley. Once back in my room, we Drow dressed up a little better than our normal jeans and t-shirts and went for nice slacks with silk tops, that we coved up with either a leather jacket or the trademark hello kitty death's head denim. The last touch was some of our Sidhe jewelry, a set of ear covers and wrist guards or bangles.

Tonight was going to be the last of my first summer fling, were we Drow got to 'cut loose' and have fun before the madness of school began yet again. We kind of wanted someone along like Josh maybe or Rascal? I really wanted to see Sara again, but that was not happening tonight!

Since the night was still young in our opinion, us Drow wanted to check out a bar called SuperBad that Jadis had told us about in school. It was an all accepted villains bar in New York city and that sounded like fun to me!

After checking our notes, getting our illusion all set, then getting the bunny phone to pull up the address we Drow ported off and ended up just outside of Hell's Kitchen Manhattan at a dark alley.

We followed a small sign down some stairs and paid attention not to grab onto the very old iron railing so we don't get burnt like the last time I did at Whateley! The bar had a old door with a nice sign that read on it 'SuperBad' in gold script, the inside of the place was a well done sports bar motif, slightly off because the photos on the walls were all of superhero's having bad days...very bad days in a fight or very funny compromising positions! sometimes your spandex just does not cut it during a fight!

The flat panel TV's lining the wall up high, all had news shows playing like CNN or GNN (Goodkind News) on them and a few were dedicated to playing the old news stories I am sure in long loops about hero's losing fights or funny outtakes just like the photos covering most of the walls.

A barkeep looked at us come in and as we walked up to the bar, "Aren't you a little young to be in here?"

"We are older than we appear sir," I said not lying one bit and I turned off my illusion charms to prove a point, that I was not human at all

When twin Drow replaced the 'Barbie school girls' the barkeep blinked at us and asked, "What will it be then?"

"Some of that new hard lemon ale I just heard of please and make that four bottles to start." Rehanna said for us.

"Add a plate of snacks to that Sir, and no meats please?" I added in next.

He pointed at a table that was open for me, "I will have someone drop that off to you over there be about ten for the food, here are the bottles and I need a credit card or cash to start a 'tab' for you both?" he said handing me four unopened bottles.

Rehanna pulled out a 'C' note for the 'tab' and he pushed the bottles over to us after checking the bill out with a machine, I am sure he gets lots of forgeries in here!

I started sipping on my second bottle when the food arrived, that is when a girl with red skin just passed by us and did a second take on us both. I could tell she was staring at my bracelet, a rather nicely decorated and intricate one. It was made by a long dead Sidhe jeweler that worked for the queen and I 'obtained' it 'on the job' so to say? The bracelet covered my full hand plus wrist and some of my forearm, there were several linked chains going to rings on each of my fingers and each ring was a piece of art by itself. What most would not know, is that each ring held a spell that the bracelet powered via the gems set on it and each spell was activated by very certain finger gestures and that is why I choose it, the extra defense plus firepower it contained.

The red skinned girl strolled slowly over to us and now I really noted how old she really was...about twenty maybe? She had nice horns on her head and some scales showing, then add a spade tail whisking back and forth behind her gracefully.

"Is that Elvin? she asked, then really noticed my ears and eyes now as her face looked up to mine, "Ohh yep it is! I can see why you have or are wearing that now!" she added in.

"It's not Elvin, it's Sidhe like I am or Drow is the best reference to one of us." I corrected her reference.

"Okay I understand," she nodded over the table to me, "You do know how old and valuable that is?" she asked me farther.

"Yes I do and I am sure it's worth far more than you think. Besides, it was given to me as a reward when it was almost new." we Drow chuckled back to her.

"You can't be that old, can you?"

"Sorta and that is a very long story to tell in one night and most of it is secret to only me." I told her the simple facts of my new life.

"You look like a are you going to a school north of here?" she smiled to me.

"If I was, would I be able to tell you or not?" I suggested the fact that going to Whateley was not something you told just anyone.

That is when she yanked another tall chair from a table next to mine and took a seat, "Well I know this person that might be teaching at a certain school north of here?" she suggested.

"Ohh and I know a few students that might be going there too?" I said back to her with a evil smile, not really lying as no one I knew was going there...till they actually GOT there!

"I heard it was run by a late night TV show host or someone named very close to an old one?" she hinted at Carson's name without saying it.

"I would say that my friends know them well and might see yours next term?" I winked to her.

"Well I have to go and keep safe for a few weeks...kid?" she joked to me with a short giggle and left us alone with a small wave of possible friendship.

We polished off a few more hard ales, plus a larger plate of snacks on top of that and left the rather nice bar behind for the time being. We Drow wanted to walk around New York as the sun started to come up on this lovely morning, so we ported over nearer to Times Square and placed our illusions back on before we found a place that served a nice breakfast sandwich with coco for the Pixies.

Both of us sat on the newer steps near the square's center to watch the sun come up, while Violet and Lilac hid nearby and drank their warm treat slowly. The morning sunrise just coming up, shining streams of warm light through all the tall towers was just as I remembered it from the many times I had been here in the past and one of those times I had been on a crew filming right here in this very spot!

As one of the beams of sunlight stretched towards us, we Drow basked in it's warmth and sipped at our coco and ate our sandwiches.


Saturday, August 18, 2007 9:10AM
Dunwich, New Hampshire
Bill and Jineen's Townhouse

I had spent the last few days relaxing, but with one exception and that was going over to Whateley to get another helmet all set-up for Rehanna since I forgot to get one with the new bike coming months back. At the same time as the teacher of the gearhead classes Mr. Donner was programming one of the devisor machines to make us a twin of the helmet we had on file, he had the automated tailor make us one more set of these nice riding leathers for Rehanna.

While we crossed the campus, I spotted the redo of Poe nearing completion and to say it was looking nice was an understatement! The building was now at least three times bigger than before and so modern in it's features. To me it had lost all of the 'charm' that the old building had and lost most of the natural 'feelings' it once had. To the humans that loved 'new' things, they will love it and us Drow will not like it too much. At least they could not change the Grove any!

Both of us wiggled our way into our tight riding leathers and donned our helmets as Bill came down the stairs to the garage. "What are you to up to this morning?" he asked Rehanna standing closest to him with a huge smile.

"We are going out for a ride, then over to Kent's for lunch and you can come if you want too? But I am VERY sure that the mustang can't keep up with us...especially with you driving granny!"

"You know I will carve up a few canyons along the way with Jineen and meet you there for Lunch?" he said and then called to Jineen still upstairs.

While she came down, we started the bikes and let them warm-up for the ride. Then we did a quick final check of everything and hoped on the waiting machines. Jineen bounced down the stairs with a coat and slid into the passenger side of the already waiting mustang.

"All set Bill honey!" she said over the roar of three high tuned engines.

"Hold on, I am going to try to keep up with them." Bill grinned to his wife like a maniac.

"Bill, the twins are insane and you are driving a car...please be real?" she warned as both bikes squealed off in twin clouds of tire smoke and the huge mustang lurched forward trying to keep up.

We both flew up into the hills surrounding Dunwich, I choose one road that ringed the area and Rehanna took the other path. Bill was right behind my tail and was trying hard to keep up with me.

This ride was a little test to see if both of us Drow could ride vastly different paths at the same time and try to beat our old times on the same stretches of road. Bill seems to be keeping up pretty well with me for now, but as the next set of curves comes into view ahead I winked back at him over my shoulder and leaned down into the curve as my bike speeds away from the mustang.

"Darn she is loosing me!" Bill sighed out as he drove on at high speed.

"Well honey, she is riding a bike that is set-up for this and I am happy she choose not to do that Island of Mann race this year?" Jineen told her husband as he wrestled the car around each curve.

After two hours of hard riding, we Drow meet up at Kent's and roll straight into the parking lot. Kent's main parking lot was empty of all cars and the only ones there were out back in the 'special section' we students or mutants parked in, I had to wonder why? On this ride I made a mental note, there were no cops on the roads this time and maybe they only really patrol this area on weekends when the 'city slickers' come on up here?

At the gate to the special section, I pulled out my bar ID card and swiped it to open the gate, then lower the bollards into the pavement. Then we both rode into the fenced parking lot and shut the bikes down.

As we Drow walked to the back door of the bar, a crew cab pick-up truck came flying into the parking lot in a cloud of tire smoke and the passenger leaned out of the window towards us, "You two look sexy in that tight ass leather, want a ride with some real men?" he drooled out like a moron.

I could tell by the truck these guys where not from around here, this was no 'hillbilly' ride at all! It was certainly owned by a city guy that thought he was 'mountain tough'...because no real hill dweller would do this much crap to a nice truck, all the extra lights for nothing, the way too big tires and the totally f-ed up suspension that only guaranteed a rollover accident someday, was only the start of a vast list of things wrong with it!

All us Drow could do was laugh at his question and keep walking towards the door, it was best not to encourage them at all. The passenger must have taken so much offense at my laughing so hard, that he hopped down out of his seat and was quickly joined by two others from the rear door of the crew cab truck.

"Now that was not nice little girls, we were inviting you to a party and you should come?" he tried to grin menacingly our way.

All that grin did was make me laugh even harder, then turn back to our walking towards the bar and that is when the bar's door flew open as Dozer stepped out into view. "You gents might want to move on?" he warned them as he stepped farther into the parking lot.

Right then is when Bill and Jineen drove into the parking area, then rolled to a stop when they spotted a mess of bad luck for the truck guys just beginning to start! "Bill stay in the car honey, The twins can handle themselves and you going out there will distract them." Jineen told Bill as she patted his arm to keep him calm.

One of the back seat passengers pulled out a gun from his belt, but did not wave it around he only used it as a holdout card or a show of force in this game so far. I spotted the move instantly and it grated on my mind...that Drow part of me want to slit his throat now for even thinking to threaten me!

Dozer spotted that instantly and warned all of them, "You should have just left and not done that."

When Dozer finished growling that warning with his booming voice, the door to Kent's swung open again and this time there was not just one person exiting but eight. Those eight were nothing to mess with, I instantly recognized both of Wallflower's or Lilly's parents Tabby Cat and Falcon. Just behind both of them was most of their Star League team, Soldier of Fortune, Lightwave and Red Archer, plus her husband, Linebacker.

The last two were from the Sioux Falls League, Tractor and his wife Vanity girl. Both of them easily recognized from the huge poster of the whole team on Kayda's wall all semester.

Tabby spoke to me next, "Girls get on in here, we have this from here on out?" she waved at me to go into the bar.

"Awww but I will miss the fight and all the cool fun!" I sighed, but knew she was right. As long as a hero team was here, I or we Drow should stay out of potential trouble. My Drow part might not like backing down from a battle, but we had too. Mentally I had to shove Rehanna at the waiting door and even I wanted the fight...fighting was so natural to me now or natural to us Drow it hurt to leave one.

I slid into the door with Rehanna right behind me cussing a blue streak in Drow and right past the huge men almost blocking the doorway. Once inside, our helmets came off and our magically held long white hair fell onto our shoulders. We both stopped at the window to watch the show!

Bill took the pause in the action to roll through the now open gate and into the parking lot. The men from the pick-up truck stood there looking like they did not know what to do next, until Tabby Cat changed instantly into her full 'hero' uniform via some devise along with her husband and then the rest of the Star League team in turn.

"Why don't you just leave before the police get here and arrest you all for intimidation of a minor and brandishing a weapon?" Falcon asked the men nicely, him being the more calm part of the Turner family. Tabby Cat his wife, stood by his side ready to act and seemed to be angry at the men to say the least!

One of the men whispered to his gun toting buddy, "That is the Star League and we should get going!"

Those two from the rear seat came to their senses and jumped back in the truck, thus leaving the leader and head moron alone. He saw that his back-up was now gone and chickened out by jumping into the truck with them, then the truck drove off as Vanity Girl snapped a few pic's of the license plate to hand over to the cops that would be certainly coming soon.

With the truck long gone in cloud of dust and tire smoke. Dozer held the door open for the restaurants guest to enter, then stood guard till Bill and Jineen came in. All of the 'superheroes' were laughing it up at the men's expense.

"Did you see that last one out of the back, I think he pissed his pants when he saw Tractor come out and then stood next to Dozer!" Vanity Girl laughed with her husband.

I sat down at a table away from the adults and a very reluctant Rehanna joined me, "We had that, I could have taken all of them and twenty more of those disrespectful humans!" she growled out mad as hell at being denied a fight by the 'heroes'.

Mrs. Turner or Tabby Cat must have heard Rehanna growling and she came over to our table while Bill and Jineen were busy greeting the heroes at the other table. "You need to calm down Rehanna, the both of you need to stay out of trouble."

"We Drow don't back down from fights..." Rehanna said through her clinched teeth and even I felt that way myself!

Mrs. Turner reasoned with us in a more than motherly tone, "You do now, Lilly talked about both of you more than once this summer, since all of you are housed in Poe and she is dating Hank. She said you never really keep a fight bloodless, unless it's against kids in training and most of the students on campus think you have killed others past that event in Boston."

We Drow just stayed silent, our only defense against lying to her right now.

She sighed to us both as she whispered to us both, "Lilly told me you get uncomfortable when someone discuses a subject that might lead to you feeling trapped since you can't lie any? So I will drop that hurtful subject, I understand that sometimes things need to be done and you have encountered this issue in life more than I even have or hope too!"

"Yes ma'am...thanks." Gave back to her.

"Get up from the table and grab something to eat off the buffet already, I have heard how hungry Drow can get!" she smiled to us now as her hands pulled at both of ours to get us up and headed over to the long table filled with hot food.

This time unlike the hundreds of times we normally stuck to pizza or hot potato meals when eating out, but I decided for both of us to try the fried fish here and will try it later up at Whateley in a few weeks!

Both of us sat back at our table and took tentative bites of each new food item we choose. Bill even noticed the change and had to speak up, "You sure about that, last time you tired meat you tossed cookies?"

"I or we tried some eating out with Art one night this week and all was great except some species of fish our stomach can't stand for some reason?" I said as I took a nibble of the fried shrimp and it stayed down...AND tasted great!

A heavy sigh came out of me as I thought about what just happened in the parking lot, "You know Rehanna, we are growing separate more and more each day and I think I will never be free of that old Drow part of us. I felt that 'scratching...itching' for a fight out there and that want or need was very hard to ignore?" I sighed to her in Drow.

"Well I will tell or offer you this warning, hold on to those human memories of being free. Because sooner or later someone will USE us in a fight and then I will yearn for those childhood memories of yours." she said back to me across the table and I could feel her drift off into that mentioned part of our shared memories to wonder about and relive them.

"I don't think our friends will let that happen to us?" I had to insist to her dark train of thought.

"They may or may not be around to stop it, time ends all friendships, or family ties...remember that one and you know what I mean. As long as the book exists, so do our chains and all it takes is for someone to find the other end of that chain, that last link...and yank on it for us to obey their orders like a dog!"




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Angels Peril a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Tormented by the past, Angel is struggling between light and dark.

Melvin a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
They say old soldiers never die, Melvin is about to learn that the hard

The Way of the Dragon a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Born for eternity but vulnerable like a child, dragons shouldn't leave
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Every Rose has it Thorns a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Watch what you say around rose, could give you more trouble than you ever
asked for.
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Kelly a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Struggling with fate, Kelly has to deal with love and loss.

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
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Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about
flunking Freshman English? Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the
lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named
Dunwich... (Mythos jokes purely intentional).
This is the Whateley Academy Universe, a shared universe with over a dozen authors and more than a hundred stories (and counting). The stories range in size from vignettes to novels. It's a Mutant High scenario with both a strong transgender theme and a slightly watered down Cthulhu Mythos theme.

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