The Adventure Begins Chapter 9

Angela felt that Kadyn was more alert then normal. She had noticed it early this morning when she was getting ready for school. Kadyn was sitting at her windows looking outside, which was unusual for Kadyn.

“Is something wrong, Kadyn?” Even though she couldn’t see Kadyn, she could feel her.

“Nothing to concern yourself with, Angela.” Kadyn looks towards Angela.

Angela just stare at her for a few minutes. She wonders should she be worried or is Kadyn just being weird? She grabs her back pack and head towards the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Cassandra was putting Kadyn’s favorite food down as she got Angela’s breakfast ready. Kadyn had informed her about what happened last night. She also showed her how to redo the magical alarms and protection on the house to keep the person she encounters out of the house.

“Mom, is Kadyn acting a little more alert then normal?” Angela cuts up her waffles.

“She’s just being cautious, sweetie.” Cassandra didn’t want Angela worrying while she was at school today.

“Are you still going to the mall after school with your friends today?” Cassandra had to work late and had given permission to Angela to go to the mall with her friends and do some shopping. Gloria’s mother was going to pick them up from the mall.

“Yes ma’am, if it’s still okay with you?” Angela looks in the direction of her mother’s voice.

“It is. Just be careful and stay with your friends.” Cassandra knew Kadyn would be with her.

After breakfast, Cassandra drives Angela to school.

Angela gives her mother a hug and heads to meet up with her friends. Gloria and Carol had introduced her to some more people they knew and were friends with. Ashanti was one her new friends and then there was Gary her sidekick. He was gay and a major practical joker. They have known each other since elementary school. He was the joker of their group and teased Kadyn a lot. She got even with him one time, marking him with her claws.

Cassandra just watches as the group heads inside to school. She was happy that Angela made friends and they were willing to look after her while she was in school or when they went out. Cassandra heads towards her shop to meet a client. She knew Vince was looking into the mysterious disappearance of five people and an abandon ambulance that had been found.

Angela giggles at a joke the teacher told the class. She could hear Kadyn moan at the joke. She thought the joke was lame. Angela reads the pages her teacher wants her to. She felt Kadyn walk away from her and around the class. Angela’s teacher has gotten use to Kadyn patrolling around the class. She didn’t bother the students she walked by and if nothing else, she was having a calming effect on the students.

During lunch, Gloria spoils Kadyn and gives her some fresh tuna she brought from home for her. Angela didn’t mind Kadyn being spoiled. She knew Kadyn loved the attention she was receiving from her friends. Angela pets Kadyn when she is done eating.

“Angela, what type of cat did you say Kadyn was?” Gary did some research to learn more about Kadyn. He liked her and wouldn’t mind having one just like her.

“She’s a pixie-bob. They are extremely rare, especially her type. I was lucky to get her, instead of a seeing eye dog.” Angela was stretching the truth.

“I didn’t know they were able to train cats to be just like the seeing eye dog.” He looks at Kadyn and wonders what her true breed is.

“Some cats can be trained, but most cats are to independent.” Angela strokes Kadyn’s back.

Kadyn purrs when Angela strokes her back and arches her body from the enjoyment of it.

Gary watches Kadyn and when the bell rings, everyone heads towards their next class.

Outside of the school:
Hunter sat and watched the school he saw the blind girl and the cat go into. The motorcycle he was riding was stolen from a house that he killed everyone in it. He didn’t care any more about who was innocent or who was guilty. The only thing he wanted to do now was enjoy the hunt and the kill.

The woman and her child didn’t put up much of a fight. He did both and made husband watch as he did it. He made the husband watched as he killed the daughter first, after using her for his pleasure. Then he made the wife watched as he killed the husband in front of her. He used her one more time and then drunk her blood afterwards.

He knew trying to grab the girl while she was at school wouldn’t work. He kept watching the school all day and then he spotted her leaving with some other kids and getting in a van. He follows the van to the mall and watches as the teenagers get out and head inside the mall.

He parks the motorcycle he stole and heads inside. Maybe, if he could separate her from her friends and guardian. He could take her and kill her. He didn’t care what the Viscount wanted. The girl was too much of a liability with her gifts and she needed to die.

The Mall:
Angela couldn’t wait for school to be over with. Gloria’s mother came and picked them up and dropped them off at the mall. She told them she would be back at five o’clock to pick them up. Gloria and Carol take charge as they bounce form one store to another. They use Angela as their dress dummy and Kadyn chuckles when she sees the clothes they get Angela to try on.

“You girls have no sense of style.” Gary steps in and starts picking out clothes for Angela.

Kadyn just shakes her head as she watches her human is used as a doll.

“You should see yourself, Angela.” Kadyn let’s Angela look through her eyes.

Angela saw herself and the clothes Gary had chosen made her look cute and stylist. She liked what she was seeing through Kadyn’s eyes. She twirls around in place in front of the mirror, which startles her friends.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say she likes how you dressed her Gary.” Angela stops and looks towards Ashanti’s direction.

Angela blushes and tries to hide the truth “I never did that before, so I thought I would try it.”

Kadyn had shifted her gazed towards Angela’s friends, so she could see their reactions.

“Makes sense.” Gloria could see that for her friend. She had seen Angela shopping and she never did anything unusual like she just did.

The teens do some more shopping and finally take a break in the food court. As they are sitting there talking, Kadyn gets an uneasy feeling. She looks around and she detects what got her attention. She notices The Hunter taking aim at Angela.

Kadyn jumps down under the table and turns invisible and run across the space to surprise The Hunter. She can’t use her flame ability, but she did have other abilities she could use at her disposal.

Inside the Mall:
The Hunter had spotted and discreetly followed the teens throughout the mall as they went from one store to another store. He finally got his break when they stopped at the food court. He had taken a spot where he could see them and strike without them knowing. He had seen the
familiar, but now it had disappeared. He looks around for it, but couldn’t find it. He was about to shoot his target in the back, when he feels a set of claws slice the back of his legs. He accidently fires the gun and misses. It hits a nearby table.

“Angela, take your friends and head towards the front of the mall.” Kadyn was still hidden, but had her claws ready to strike.
She could tell The Hunter was looking for her. She had jumped under a nearby table and was ready to strike again. She keeps an eye out for Angela.

“We need to head towards the front.” Angela was getting up from the table.

“Where’s Kadyn?” Gary was looking for her.

“She’s probably mooching food from another table. She’ll find us.” Angela hopes she’ll be alright.

“Here, hold onto me Angela.” Gloria holds out her arms for Angela to grab onto. She escorts Angela towards the front of the mall.

The Hunter couldn’t believe he missed. He was still looking around for that dam familiar. He uses some of his newly discovered ability and feels a present under a nearby table.

“You might as well come out form your hiding spot. I know you are there.” The Hunter watches as Kadyn comes walking out from a nearby table.

“You do know, it’s against the rules to let normal know there are creatures like us.” Kadyn smirks at The Hunter.

“I don’t fucking care about these normal’s. As far as I’m concern they are sheep.” The Hunter wanted to kill everyone in the mall right now.

“I think something happened to you when you were brought back from the dead.” Kadyn could see blackness in The Hunter’s soul.

Security Officer Harrison had been doing his rounds when he spotted a bald head man pointing a gun at something on the floor. He couldn’t see what he was pointing at.

“We have a suspect with a gun in the food court. Send back-up” Harrison pulls his gun and points it at The Hunter.

“Freeze and drop your weapon.” Harrison had his gun pointed at The Hunter.

The Hunter takes his attention off Kadyn and fires his gun at Harrison. He hits him in the shoulder. He feels his pants catch fire as tries to put the flames out. He strips out of his ants and run while firing at people.

Kadyn follows behind him to make sure Angela does get hurt. She catches up with Angela and gang as Gloria’s mother picks them up.

“There you are kitty cat. We almost left you behind.” Gary picks Kadyn up and put her on Angela’s lap.

“Why do I smell cinnamon?” He sniffs his hands and smells cinnamon on them.

“Did you knock over a spice rack again?” Angela looks down at Kadyn.

“Meow!” Kadyn just grins at her.

“Are you going to tell me?”

“When I tell your mother.” Kadyn looks towards the van window as sirens and police cars approach the mall.

Gloria’s mother drives the teens home. She drops Angela off first and once they were inside the house. Kadyn informs Cassandra about the situation at the mall.

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