Thundering Force: Chapter 26: “The Coming of the Storms: Part Five: Epilogue: A Sunny Day After The Storm.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Twenty-Six: “The Coming of the Storms: Part Five: Epilogue: A Sunny Day After The Storm.”

By Paul Cousins.

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In the Senate District of Coruscant, on the morning after armistice was declared for both the Republic and Confederacy ending the Clone Wars, and Sheev Palpatine was deposed from power by the Galactic Senate, the Galactic Senate held the ceremony to swear in Padme Amidala as the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

While the vote the previous night officially made Padme the new Chancellor of the Republic. The swearing was ceremonial, but needed for public perception of the matter.

The moment Padme was made Supreme Chancellor, she went to work to root out Palpatine's sycophants and cement the peace that she and Loki had begun in stopping the fighting between the Republic and the Confederacy.

Though, by that morning, Padme and her friends has been up for over twenty-four. All of them had been very busy the previous night and into the morning.

For Padme's friends, they were all health and as long as they paced themselves they would be fine. While Padme was healthy, she was pregnant. But, Padme found if she allowed herself to take a few short naps throughout the day to make up for the lost sleep of the previous night, that she would be fine.

During this sunny, warm day, several events took place that would also effect the course of the galaxy.

That morning, at the Jedi Temple, Grandmaster Yoda was trying to deal with the fallout of the Jedi High Council's actions the previous day, which lead to the Jedi High Council supporting an illegal coup of then Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. While the Jedi High Council was morally correct, they were not legally correct. Though, of the Jedi High Council, it was noted that both Yoda and Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi were against taking such actions before looking into the legal ramifications of doing so. The rest of the Jedi High Council ignored their warnings.

On the other hand, before Padme, as Thor, with Mjolnir, when to confront Sheev Palpatine, Padme took precautions to make sure her actions in confronting Palpatine were legal.

After Padme defeated Palpatine and was appointed Supreme Chancellor, Padme spoke with Yoda. She informed Yoda that there would be no blowback from the Republic government over the previous nights actions by the Jedi Order, except for members of the Jedi High Council. Though, due to Mace confirming that Yoda and Obiwan opposed the plan, they would not face charges.

In addition, Anakin, whom had been assigned as Palpatine's representative on the Jedi High Council, would not face any legal repercussions over this situation for a few reasons. He was not present during the Jedi High Council meeting to plan the coup against then Chancellor Palpatine. Also, Mace, Obiwan, and Yoda, all stated Anakin was put into that position against his will, and he was trying to get out of that situation. Anakin was instrumental in alerting Padme, whom was able to handle matters in dealing with Chancellor Palpatine in a more legal frame work by having the Senate impeach Palpatine, along with appointed Padme as the new Supreme Chancellor, while Padme fought Palpatine and defeated Palpatine. Finally, Anakin was able to convince Loki not to attack Coruscant while this situation with Palpatine was being handle.

But, there would likely be political issues for Obiwan, while Yoda would be allowed to remain with the Jedi Order, as the leader of the Jedi Order until Yoda could reform the Jedi High Council.

During the previous night, after Yoda's conversation with Padme, Yoda contacted Battlemaster Cin Drallig to end the alert at the Jedi Temple.

Also, due to Cin being Chief of Security, he would likely becoming the same most powerful member, Yoda explained the situation to him.

Cin let Yoda known that he understood the situation, and because Cin personally knew Padme, he trusted Padme's judgment on this matter. Cin had known Padme for years. Cin found out that Padme was Thor soon after Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker passed his trials of Knighthood. He has spared with Padme on occasion, both as Padme and as Thor. And like many in the Jedi Order whom knew Padme. From Cin's experiences with Padme, he trusted her not to betray the Jedi Order.

In addition, that morning Yoda retrieved the proper equipment and he sent the recall melody and orders for the Twilight Protocols to be broadcast on the channels the members of the Jedi Order used. The melody was a different piece of music than the run melody.

The Twilight Protocols run melody has been used yesterday to signal all Jedi members away from Coruscant to run an hide.

The return melody was to confirm that the orders following the melody were genuine.

The orders were for the members of the Jedi Order to return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Though, Yoda realize the Jedi would not return for a while due to the Twilight Protocols stating that the Jedi members in hiding should wait a month before returning to the Jedi Temple, in case it was a trap.

Yoda set the transmission to play on a loop. He would check on the equipment on occasion to make sure the equipment was functioning. He would not stop transmitting the signal until all the Jedi had been accounted for, no matter what state were in.

The Jedi would wait another month, and then send search times for any stragglers, whom were still missing from the Jedi Order.

On a related matter, the previous night, hours after Padme had defeated Palpatine, Senator Bail Organa, whom was falling the orders of Chancellor Amidala, had arranged for the Senate Security, known as Blue Guard, to work with the Coruscant Security to review the video recordings of the North Senate Plaza during the early part of the battle between the Jedi and Palpatine, when Palpatine used the force to send five members of the Jedi into the air and away from the plaza and Senate Building.

Once the Blue Guard and Coruscant Security had tracked down the trajectories the five Jedi were thrown into the sky, groups of Coruscant Security took their speeds to go find the five missing Jedi.

Within hours, Coruscant Security officers had found all five of the missing Jedi.

One Jedi died when he slammed into side of a building. The other four other Jedi were able to use the force to land. But, three of the Jedi injured themselves during their landing. While one of the Jedi landed in one piece. The three Jedi whom were injured did not have life-threatening injuries, and they did not stop Coruscant Security from helping them, even though they had been informed they were being arrested. The uninjured Jedi returned to Jedi Temple, where he was detained by Coruscant Security, but this Jedi also did not resist being arrested.

When the five Jedi had landed, no one else had been injured and damage was minimal to the five areas where the landings had taken place.

Of the five missing Jedi whom were found, their lightsabers were accounted for.

During this time, the Coruscant Security had collected the corpses of Jedi and lightsabers which littered the North Senate Plaza.

Once Coruscant Security was finished with this retrieval, in a dignified manner, Coruscant Security officers turned over the bodies of the dead Jedi they had found and the lightsabers to the Jedi Order for save keeping. This included the lightsabers of the five Jedi whom had been thrown from the plaza, along with the body of the Jedi whom had been throw from the plaza and died on landing.

Though, among the four Jedi whom were arrested, those that needed medical treatment received aid. The three injured survivors would recover. But, all four of them would be part of the Jedi whom would be detained and tried for their attempted coup.

While Chancellor Amidala was merciful to the Jedi Order. She still required justice for what had happened the night Palpatine was deposed and the Jedi Council decided to take the law into their own hands.

Though, instead of issuing warrants for the arrest for the Jedi High Council. Chancellor Amidala allowed Mace, whom was under arrest, along with Yoda and Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi, to quietly contact the other members of the Jedi High Council and convince them to surrender themselves to the Republic authorities.

This was fortunately easier than some would expect. Within the Twilight protocols the off world Jedi High Council members had secret encrypted channels they could use to communicate with each other. So, while it might be a month before all the off world members of the Jedi Order came out of hiding.
Though, with most of the of the Jedi High Council members

Mace, Yoda, and Obiwan, were able to contact those council members that were off world. And they convince them that for the good of the Jedi Order and Republic, to turn themselves in.

By the middle of the first day of Chancellor Amidala's reign, except for Yoda, Obiwan, and Anakin, the surviving Jedi High Council members on Coruscant had been arrested for their parts in the attempted coup.

It would take time for all these Jedi council members to reach Republic authorities and then having them be transferred to Coruscant.

Though, there were other measures concerning this matter that could immediately take place.

While in custody, Mace Windu gave statements that cleared Obiwan, Yoda, and Anakin of wrong doing. That the two Jedi Masters were against the rest of the High Council's plans to stop Sheev Palpatine while Palpatine was Supreme Chancellor. That the rest of the Jedi Council instituting those plans without the approval of Obiwan and Yoda. In addition, Anakin had no part in the their coup attempt.

With the new Chancellor's help, Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, while cleared of charges.

As such, the only three living Jedi High Council members not arrested were Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker.

Though, after Anakin Skywalker spoke to Yoda, Anakin stated that he would be resigning from Jedi Order within the week.

But, due to the political fallout, Obiwan would also be required to resign from the Jedi Order within the week. This meant Yoda was the only member left on the Jedi High Council.

The consideration of allowing Yoda to remain was to prevent a power vacuum within the Jedi Order.

Also, to help politically protect the Jedi Order, the Jedi High Council members that were under arrest also willingly resigned from the Jedi Order.

With no one else on the Jedi High Council but himself, Grandmaster Yoda went to work to reform the Jedi High Council by calling in Jedi Masters he knew would be able to do a good job serving on the Jedi High Council.

Due to only the Jedi High Council members, and a few other Jedi members being involved in the illegal coup attempt, the most of the other three Jedi Councils that were below the main Jedi Council remained intact. The exceptions being the few members of these councils quietly asked at the last minute to join Mace's strike force, with the members being killed in battle.

The rest the members of these councils were not informed of the coup plot, so they were in the clear. As for these members that were killed. These councils would quickly replace their fallen members' positions on said councils.

Of the three councils, there were the Council of First Knowledge, the Council of Reconciliation, and the Council of Reassignment. These members of these three councils were not effected by the actions of their superiors in the Jedi High Council.

Yoda felt that except for the members of the Jedi High Council off world, whom had not yet been arrested, and they would be when the returned to the Jedi Order, within half a year, Yoda would have finished his goals and life would return to a more normal routine for those within the Jedi Temple.

As for Obiwan. After Obiwan resigned from the Jedi Order, Chancellor Amidala had informed Obiwan she had a future position for Obiwan that she felt Obiwan would like. Though, this would come later, after things settled down.

Anakin's resignation coincided with Obiwan's resignation from the Jedi Order. Anakin was not worried about his future, considering his wife was now the Supreme Chancellor.

Given the armistice and political situation, both Anakin and Obiwan were able to resign from the Jedi Order without any serious difficulties.

Yoda did his best to expedite the resignations of both Obiwan and Anakin to help the Jedi Order move on and rebuild from their scandalous problems due to the Jedi High Council decide to attempt an illegal coup against then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

In resigning from the Jedi Order, Obiwan and Anakin had their rank in the Republic military withdrawn.

Though, Yoda did not ask them to turn over their lightsabers, because he knew they would only build new lightsabers.

Obiwan and Anakin had no problems collecting their personal belongs and leaving the Jedi Temple.

This included Anakin taking R2-D2 and C3-PO with him to Padme's apartment, which was where Anakin moved into with his wife and Ahsoka.

Anakin, Padme, and Ahsoka, helped Obiwan find a nice place to live.


Throughout the various events of the day after Padme fought and defeated Palpatine, Padme had contacted Yoda.

Padme had already spoken to Yoda the previous night, after the battle, on various matters. During that conversation, Yoda had agreed to come see her. When Padme contacted Yoda that morning to come see her. Yoda has been expecting Padme's call.

Padme set up the time for Yoda to come meet with her for private reasons. The location was Padme's apartment. Padme and Yoda would meet in Padme's veranda and go inside Padme's home.

Yoda agreed to come to Padme's home at the appointed time.

Padme found an excuse to return home. That excuse being to get cleaned up and change her clothing. Which was the truth.

Padme brought Mjolnir with her, as she returned to her home by speeder.

Padme arranged for Anakin and Ahsoka to run an errand for her, so they would not be present while Yoda came to visit. Anakin and Ahsoka agreed to meet with Padme later that day in her senatorial office in the Senate Building.

By the time Yoda arrive, Padme had gotten cleaned up, with her wearing a light green sleeveless grown and light green slippers.

When Yoda arrived at Padme's apartment by one of his Jedi subordinates flying him there in a speeder vehicle to the front of Padme's veranda. The speeder was pointed with the right passenger side of the speeder facing the veranda. The speeder had an open top.

Padme met Yoda on the veranda. While the Jedi subordinate waited in the hovering speeder by the platform at the end veranda.

Padme escorted Yoda inside, with Yoda walking with his cane in his right hand.

When Padme and Yoda reached the inside the living room of Padme's home, Padme explained that she wished for Yoda use the force to check on her and her unborn children. That Sidious tried to drain her, and then he tried to infuse her with the dark side of the force.

While Padme was able to use Mjolnir's power to shield her and her unborn children, Padme wanted to make sure she and her unborn children were fine.

Yoda did as Padme had requested. Yoda used the force to check Padme and her unborn children. Yoda found that both Padme and her unborn children were fine.

Padme was revealed to hear this.

Yoda even checked Mjolnir with the force. Padme had placed on its pedestal in the corner of the room, by the display case of the bone sword. Yoda found Mjolnir to be fine.

Padme and Yoda agreed to keep the matter a secret between them. They did not want to unnecessarily worry their friends.

After which, Padme and Yoda said their goodbyes. Padme walked with Yoda back to the veranda. When Yoda reached the platform at the end of the veranda, by the hovering speeder, he used the force to jump into the right front passenger seat.

The Jedi subordinate then drove Yoda back to the Jedi Temple.

Padme was the speeder fly off into the distance. Once the speeder had entered a nearby skylane, Padme head back into her home.

Once Padme was in her home, she retrieved Mjolnir and she headed to the elevator. From there, she would take the parking level. After she reached the parking level, she would take her speeder, with Mjolnir in the vehicle, to the parking area halfway up the Senate Building.

While Padme was now Supreme Chancellor, she headed to the senatorial officer she had been using while a Senate.

Padme was not planning on using the Chancellor's office and quarters until those areas had been cleared for any electronic bugs or traps left by Palpatine or Palpatine's Red Guard.


While Padme and her allies were making many important political decisions on the future of the Galactic Republic and the galaxy as a whole, repairs on the Senate Building and the surrounding plaza has been completed. The plaza statues had been replaced, flooring has been fixed, and the large pillars in the alcove were repaired, and in one case a pillar was replaced. Fortunately, barring a few exceptions, none of the damage had caused structural problems for the Senate Building and the Senate Plaza. This allowed for the repairs to be completed more quickly.


During the next few days, many of these events were publicly disclosed to the populations of the galaxy.

On the day after Palpatine was deposed, the Galactic Senate of the Republic released information to the galaxy that Sheev Palpatine was really Darth Sidious, whom was responsible for starting the Clone Wars.

To no one's surprise the media in the Galactic Republic immediately reports this in length. Some those this was because the media was doing their job. But, those than understood the media realized those of the media were distancing themselves from Palpatine before people began to make connection as to hope much support the media in the Galactic Republic gave Palpatine during Palpatine's tenure as the Supreme Chancellor.

On the other hand, the media in the Confederacy, the media in Hutt Space, and the media in other locations picked up this story on Palpatine being Sidious due to how scandalous and embarrassing this information was for the Galactic Republic.

While the current political situation prevented Padme from doing anything about the support the members of the media of the Galactic Republic gave to Palpatine. Padme and her friends would not forget who Palpatine's sycophants were, no matter what stations the sycophants held within the Galactic Republic.

With Palpatine machinations being suspected to at least go as far back as the Invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation. It was highly suspected that Palpatine engineered this crisis to allowed him to use the Galactic Senate to depose Form Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum in a no confidence vote, thus giving Palpatine the opportunity to rise to power as the next Supreme Chancellor.

In addition, at the time of the Invasion of Naboo, Palpatine was the Senator representing the Chommell Sector, which included the planet, Naboo. So, Palpatine could act at an injured party over the invasion, this helping garner sympathy votes among otherwise undecided Senators, to tilt balance for a majority vote to make him Supreme Chancellor.

Then, Queen Padme Amidala of Naboo even supported Palpatine's appointment to the Chancellery, in the hopes Palpatine would send the Republic military to stop the Trade Federation from taking over Naboo.

But, to add insult to injury, after becoming Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine declined Queen Amidala's request to give military aid to Naboo to force the Trade Federation to leave the planet. And in the end Padme and her allies had to pull together a militia army to repel and drive away the Trade Federation from Naboo.

This was only the first major action in Palpatine's galactic schemes to become ruler of the known galaxy.

Over the next several years, Palpatine used a combination of penalizing economic laws on the Outer Rim Republic worlds, along with Dooku and other agents to sow dissension of those Outer Rim Republic worlds, to convince those worlds that the Galactic Senate was treating them unjustly, to divide the galaxy, to create the Separatist Crisis, which lead to the Clone Wars.

That is not to mention the questionable origins of the clone army on Kamino. And whom really ordered the clone army to be made. No one was sure if it was Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas whom really commission the clone army, or if it was Count Dooku, or even if it Palpatine whom placed the order. What had become clear that after the death of Sifo-Dyas, Palpatine had taken indirect control of the clone army project.

When the Clone Wars officially began, Chancellor Palpatine controlled both sides from the shadows, while appearing to be a peacemaker in public. Such as before the Clone Wars, as Chancellor, Palpatine supported the creation of the Loyalist Committee, whose goal was to prevent a war and drive out separatist sympathizes from the Republic government.

In truth, Palpatine had created the Loyalist Committee made things worse, and hardened the lines because the loyalists and the separatists.

It was learned that Palpatine had completely loyalty clones and the shutdown codes to the droid army. All Palpatine had to do was wait for the opportune time to turn off the droid army, he would win the war by default and his clone army take full control of the known galaxy.

Palpatine's ultimate goal was to turn the galaxy into his personal Empire, with him as the Emperor of the galaxy.

Unfortunately for Palpatine, Dooku had disappeared and the Confederacy had both charged the droid code and added people into their military ranks.

At the same time the information on Palpatine's crimes were released, both the Galactic Senate and the Parliament of the Confederacy informed the Galaxy that the new Supreme Chancellor, Padme Amidala, and the Confederacy government had agreed to a armistice that had been immediately implemented on both sides. Thus, the fighting between the Republic and the Confederacy had stopped.

In addition, Chancellor Amidala let it be known that she was also Thor, the Storm Caller and Enforce of the Republic, whom had gained the ability to look different along with having very powerful physical abilities and control of the weather. Though, Padme declined to mention how she had this power, as she had decided not to mention Mjolnir as the source of the power she wielded.

Also, it was disclosed the way Palpatine was deposed was while the Galactic Senate was voting to impeach Palpatine and strip him of his Chancellorship, Padme, as Thor kept Palpatine busy and Padme had defeated Palpatine in battle, outside of the Senate Building, on the northern part of the Senate Plaza and plaza level alcove of the Senate Building.

Though, it was noted that beforehand the Jedi had weakened Palpatine in battle. But, the way the Jedi went about their course of events had called in the legality of their actions.

Due to this, the Galactic Senate pointed out that as Thor, Padme had the right to arrest Palpatine, once Palpatine was exposed as being Darth Sidious and Palpatine impeached by the Senate. While Palpatine's impeaching was taking place while Padme battled Palpatine, the fact Padme had Bail call for the impeachment before she took action to either arrest or otherwise stop Palpatine allowed for Padme's actions to be viewed as legal.

Padme's actions were seen to be in a line of procedure as a security officer detaining a belligerent suspect to a crime while the security officer was waiting for an arrest warrant to be issued to formalize the detainment.

While security video of Thor's fight with Palpatine was released to the public. The videos of the Jedi's fight with Palpatine were not released to the public.

Detailed information on the Jedi's part in the battle against Palpatine were not made public due to an ongoing investigation by Coruscant Security officers.

Though, Coruscant Security officials made it clear the rank and file members of the Jedi Order were not suspected of any legal wrong doing. Only the members of the Jedi High Council were being investigated.

Chancellor Amidala still retained the vast political authority and power that the previous Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine, had amassed. This gave Chancellor Amidala the authority to allow the investigation by Coruscant Security of the Jedi Order.

Chancellor Amidala made it publicly clear that she was already looking into ways she could strip the Chancellorship of many of its powers. Just in case the Senate replaced her, no one else would able to have the borderline dictatorial authority and power Palpatine had while Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

Once Padme had convince Anakin to agree to the information release, Padme made her marriage to Anakin Skywalker made public. Though, Padme decided to keep her pregnancy secret from the public for a few more months. Also, while Padme and Anakin's marriage was now public, Padme chose to continue to use, Amidala, for official government and public functions. Instead of Naberrie or Skywalker. Such as, Supreme Chancellor Amidala.

Fortunately, because Anakin resigned from the Jedi Order before the publicity of his marriage to Chancellor Amidala had become public. This helped keep the situation from becoming a major scandal for Padme.

To Padme's surprise, she found that most of the population of the Republic, at least on Coruscant, were okay with her, the Storm Bringer Thor, being the new Supreme Chancellor, and that she had married a former Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, the hero without fear. That many in the public welcomed having war heroes ruling them.

Padme had mixed feeling about this, but she kept her opinions on the matter to herself.


The following weeks after Padme became Supreme Chancellor was a very busy time for Padme. Padme found her pregnancy was the least of her worries. Though, she made sure both herself and her unborn children growing inside her were healthy. Still, she had to clean out the Republic government of corruption in several ways.

In cleaning out the Republic government of Palpatine loyalists, Chancellor Amidala first had the Chancellor's office, the Chancellor's private quarters, and much of the Senate Building searched for any wiretaps and traps that Palpatine may have left behind.

Padme even had her senatorial office searched.

Given Padme was in the process of weeding out loyalists, she could not trust the Blue Guard, nor Coruscant security perform this job.

Padme asked Yoda for help. Yoda had Battlemaster Cin Drallig send Jedi security teams to do the sweeps for wiretaps and traps. Though, these sweeps would take a month to complete. Until then, Padme used her senatorial office, along with the senatorial offices of her trusted allies in the Senate Building. Such as Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and the other members of Padme's political inner circle.

By allowing Jedi to do the security sweeps, this also allowed the Jedi Order to reclaim some honor by showing that even after the actions of the members of the Jedi High Council, Chancellor Amidala still trusted the Jedi Order. Thus, with Chancellor Amidala being the leader of the Galactic Republic, this showed the galaxy that the Galactic Republic still trusted the Jedi Order. This went a long way in helping to heal any divisions within the Jedi rank and file whom were upset about the arrest of many of the Jedi High Council members.

Through all of this, most members of the Jedi Order still considered Chancellor Amidala to be a trusted ally of the Jedi Order.

One of the first acts Padme did as the Supreme Chancellor, on her first day in office was to assign the Blue Guard back to their proper roles as bodyguards for the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor. Though, Chancellor Amidala waited for background checks on each member of the Blue Guard before the Blue Guard members begin protecting herself, as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

The reinstatement included Chancellor Amidala transferring the headquarters of the Blue Guard back to the Senate Building, instead of a building across the Senate Plaza from the Senate Building.

The Blue Guard were thankful towards Padme for giving them back their authority and allowed them to return their base of operations back within the Senate Building.

The Blue Guard remembered that it was Padme whom had fought for them in the Senate to keep Palpatine from destroying their organization. The Blue Guard were still grateful to Padme for her help while she had been as both a Galactic Senator and as the new Supreme Chancellor.

Also, on her first day in office, Chancellor Amidala gave orders that the Coruscant Guard members and the Red Guard members to be put on paid leave until further notice.

With the Coruscant Guard being removed from active duty, Padme reassigned the 212th Attack Battalion, which had served under Obiwan command during the Clone Wars, to be stationed on Coruscant.

Padme had served for years along side the 212th Battalion, she knew they were loyal and they would do this job.

Though, the 212th Attack Battalion was much small than the Coruscant Guard, Padme was not that worried. She knew the reason Palpatine has such a large force was to create a police state.

Palpatine even had the Coruscant Guard Forces function as law enforcement with Coruscant Security on Coruscant.

The personnel of Coruscant Security Forces felt relief when Chancellor Amidala turned over all law enforcement matters outside of the government on Coruscant to Coruscant Security.

When Chancellor Amidala reinstated the full authority of the Coruscant Security Forces, Chancellor Amidala also rescinded the declaration of emergency that Coruscant and the Galactic Republic was under. This allow much to return civilian rights to be reinstated Coruscant and across the Galactic Republic.

Padme only wanted the 212th Battalion to be on Coruscant to help keep anyone from taking any foolish actions.

Padme placed the command of the 212th under Commander Cody, until a replacement could be found.

Though, during this time, Padme had learned there was some military programs that were being talk about in the military hierarchy about clone officers whom had distinguished themselves in their leadership abilities. Commander Cody was on the list for the program.

Chancellor Amidala let it be known to the upper ranks of the Republic military that she supported such programs and she would not stand in the way of Commander Cody and other clone officers from having a chance to be acknowledged for their excellent service records.

Fortunately, the Coruscant Guard had been assigned to Coruscant itself. The defense fleet were actually a different branch of the Republic military. While Palpatine was allowed to pick his clone soldiers to guard

During the Clone Wars, the upper ranks of the military did demand that Palpatine allow them to pick whom would guard Coruscant from orbit.

Palpatine did not argue with his military officers on this matter because he knew they assign the best personnel to do the job of defending Coruscant from orbit.

This meant that Padme did not have to reassigned any members of the defense fleet in orbit around Coruscant.

While the Blue Guard were happy to be back in their job in protecting the Supreme Chancellor, Padme did not make things easy for the Blue Guard.

Unlike most Chancellors whom upon their appointment to the Chancellorship moved into the private quarters of Chancellor high up in the Senate Building, with the Chancellor's quarters being directly to the Chancellor's office, Padme chose to remain living in her apartment elsewhere in the Senate District.

Due to Padme living with two former Jedi. Her husband Anakin Skywalker. And Ahsoka Tano. Along with Mjolnir being near her at all time. No one argued with the new Chancellor on his decision to remain living in her current home.

While the Senate Building was built to withstand orbital bombardment. Anything or anyone with the ability and power to defeat the combined might of Thor, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano, would likely have the power to destroy the Senate Building in the process. As such, having the Chancellor Amidala living outside of the Senate Building was accepted as a wise idea.

In addition, after resigning from the Jedi Order. Obiwan Kenobi collected his few belongings and Padme helped Obiwan get an apartment in the same building as his Padme, Anakin, and Ahsoka. Padme even helped with Obiwan's bills until he had gained employment. Padme already had some ideas on Obiwan's employment.

Anakin and Ahsoka helped Obiwan move into his new home.

Obiwan lived a few floors down from Padme, Anakin, and Ahsoka. With Padme helping to fiance Obiwan's new home.

The Blue Guard was happy that Obiwan had moved into an apartment a few floors below Padme's penthouse home. The Blue Guard felt this was another layer of security for Padme's safety.

While Obiwan moved his belongings into his new home, Anakin moved his belongings into Padme's apartment.

As for C3-PO and R2-D2. They moved in with Padme, as well. Though, when the droids found about found out about Padme and Anakin's wedding, and Padme's pregnancy, they were not happy. But, they did not complain about the matter.

On the matter of security, Blue Guard did make Padme agree to a few concessions on this matter of her security. Once she would have to report her when she was coming and going from her home and office, to allow the Blue Guard to help

Also, Padme had to agree to have force field generators were added to the top parts of the apartment building Padme was living in. The force field generators were left on all the time. Though, the generator could be turned off. Having the energy shields on all the time provided protection to the apartment. This allowed Padme to not have to worry about covering the windows of her home, or not walking out on the veranda.

The force fields around the home were invisible unless something hit on of the field, in which case the field would glow a rippling blue hue for a few seconds.

With the energy shields on the only way to get into the apartment was by the elevator. The individual assigned to guard the elevator was R2-D2. R2-D2 was one of the best software slicers that Anakin knew of. Anakin wirelessly plugged R2-D2 into the security system of the apartment and elevator system of the building to help protect Padme.

Padme, Anakin, and Ahsoka all trust R2-D2 with their lives.

In addition, a background check was done on everyone living in the apartment building Padme occupied the penthouse level of. With everyone being checking going down to the surface level floor of the building.

This was a formality since the company that ran the apartment building already such background checks before renting an apartment to their tenants.

The executives of the apartment company that owned the apartment building Padme lived in were thrilled to learn the new Supreme Chancellery and the executives did everything in their power to cooperated with the Blue Guard in maintaining Padme's safety. The executives did not complain about the shield generator. All they requested as the the Blue Guard make dedicated power lines to the generators, with the Blue Guard responsible for maintenance of the generators, and the Republic government would handle the power bill for the force field generators.

The Padme and the Blue Guard agreed to these very reasonable terms.

Due to Padme's accession to the Supreme Chancellorship, she was no longer the Galactic Senator representing Naboo and the Chommell Sector.

Usually, when a Galactic Senator, for whatever reason, could no longer remain in their position, one of said Senator's Junior Representatives was selected by the planetary or sector governments of the representative senatorial seat.

A Junior Representative was usually selected as the new Galactic Senator. but no always.

Unfortunately, with the disgrace and death of Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks, Padme did not have any Junior Representatives under her authority.

After Jar Jar has been killed, Padme has stated that given the danger she has been facing that she would not take on any other Junior Representatives. The Naboo planetary government and the other governments of Chommell Sector agreed with Padme on this matter.

While recently, Ahsoka Tano has been hired Padme as an aide, Ahsoka was only considered an aide, and a young aide at that. So, she was not considered for an appointment as the new Senator for Naboo and the Chommell Sector.

Though, within a week of Padme becoming the Supreme Chancellor, and with all the scandals about Sheev Palpatine coming to light, the government of Naboo and other governments of the Chommell Sector had decided on the person whom would be the new senator representing them in the Galactic Senator.

Before being the Supreme Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine had been the Senator of the Chommell, then Padme Amidala has become the Senator of the Chommell Sector and then the Supreme Chancellor.

Both Sheev Palpatine and Padme Amidala were original from Naboo.

This was one of the few times in Galactic Republic history that one politician from the same planet followed in the direct footsteps from Galactic Senator to Supreme Chancellor as another politician from the same planet, with no one in-between the two appointments to the Supreme Chancellorship.

Though, there has been a few people appointed Galactic Senator of the Chommell Sector between Sheev Palpatine's appointment as Senator and Padme Amidala's appointment as Senator.

Also, this was the first time that the subsequent politician openly deposed the previous politician in gaining power of the Supreme Chancellorship.

The members of the planetary government of Naboo felt due it being Padme Amidala whom deposed Sheev Palpatine, that the virtuous acts of Padme Amidala canceled out the corrupt actions of Sheev Palpatine when is came to the political standing of Naboo on the Galactic Stage. And in most respects, the planetary government of Naboo was correct on this matter.

Still, the planetary government of Naboo pressured the governments of the other members of the Chommell Sector to make sure the next Galactic Senator to be selected to represent the Chommell Sectors had an honorable background, whom Chancellor Amidala would welcome to enter the Galactic Senate, and whom originated from the planet, Naboo.

Padme was not involved of whom was selected, and due to everything going on, Padme was too busy to concerning herself over the matter.

Still, Padme did greet the new Galactic Senator when he arrived on Coruscant.

When Padme and her friends met with the new senator in the Senate Building, they were surprised to find that the new senator was Gregar Typho, whom had been Padme's chief of security up until the beginning of the Clone Wars.

After Padme released Gregar from his job as her chief of security, he returned to Naboo. For the last six years, Gregar has been working as a part of planetary security on Naboo on helping to protect government officials and foreign dignitaries.

The only difference to Gregar's appearance was that he had only since replaced the left eye he lost with a artificial eye that looked like his natural right eye which had a brown iris. While Gregar had lost his eye years ago, and he has been wearing an eyepatch over that eye. Due to the dangers happening around the galaxy because of the Clone Wars, and his job as part of the security on protecting high profile government officials on Naboo, he decided to replace his left eye with an artificial eye that allowed him to normally see and also scan nearby individuals for possibly have weapons on their person.

While Gregar was not a politician, his experience in security and government allowed him to have the knowledge to do the job of being a Galactic Senator.

Privately, it was rumored that Gregar took the job as Senator because he was worried whom they would pick next if he turned down the offer for the position.

Gregar would never state his feelings on the matter in public, but he felt that the Chommell Sector governments were insane to allow Jar Jar Binks of all people to be their Junior Representative in the Galactic Senate.

Padme found out the reasons for Gregar's appointment to the Galactic Senate from her contacts on Naboo.

The reasons were that due to the threats on Padme's life while as a senator, Chommell Sector governments wanted someone whom had an honorable background and whom understood security.

While as senator, Padme had several attempts made on her life during the years leading to the beginning of the Clone Wars, with a number of deaths caused by those attempted assassinations against her, Gregar was able to keep Padme alive and relatively unharmed.

Thus, Gregar would be able to arrange for his own security and he would be able to protect himself from various possible threats, as he did while protecting Padme Amidala, while Padme was a Senator.

Also, due to Gregar's past in working with Padme, and that Padme has trusted her life to Gregar, the Chommell Sector governments wanted to remain in Padme's good graces, as she began her career as Supreme Chancellor, with the possibility that Gregar might be able to gain favors from Padme due to their history of Gregar working for Padme.

Padme privately admitted to herself that was a bold, cunning move on the parts of the Chommell Sector governments.

Though, Padme knew that Gregar was to honorable to attempt to use their previous working history for such gain.

Padme publicly let it being know she gave blessings towards Gregar's appointment as the new Senator for Naboo and the rest of the Chommell Sector.

Also, Padme made some recommendations to Gregar on whom Gregar should contact if he had questions on being a Senator.

Padme was to busy to help Gregar, but Padme's friends were not so busy.

Gregar was grateful for the help. Fortunately, Gregar seen found that being a Senator was much easier than arranging the security for a Senator.

As things settled down on Coruscant, there were other matters across the galaxy which needed to be handled.

While there was an armistice on all sides of the Clone Wars, before negotiations could begin, the new Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala had to clean out the Republic government of Palpatine's loyalists

Padme began a massive reshuffling of Republic government posts. This included cleaning out loyalists of Palpatine. Especially, in Galactic Senate, those within the government bureaucracies, the government intelligence branches, military branches of government, and propaganda government branches.

Since Padme still retained the powers of the Supreme Chancellor which Palpatine had amassed, she the authority to do this with no one, not in the Senate, nor the Courts, being able to stop her.

While Padme would have loved to charge a number of these individuals for crimes. Most of the Palpatine sycophant loyalists had not broken any laws within the framework of their jobs.

Palpatine was even so braze that he did not actually bribe his subordinates. Instead, he gave them bonuses for doing good jobs, with those bonuses being completely legal.

In addition, given Palpatine had been able to fool everyone, from the Jedi, to Padme herself, for years, it would be very hard to prove in court that anyone, not even those close to Palpatine, knew he was Sidious.

When it came to accessory crimes, where the accessories were taken orders that were in a legal gray area, it was considered a valid legal defense for those accused of being accessories to a crime to claim that since the prevailing criminal was able to fool a Jedi how could the accessories to the criminal know the truth.

Since the burden of proof was on the prosecution, all the defense had to do was create benefit of the doubt.

Though, Jedi could not use this legal defense.

As such, in most cases a resignation was ordered in exchange for nice pensions, with this being enough to convince these individuals to leave their posts and Coruscant behind.

Padme did not want any of these Palpatine sycophants she had fired to remain on Coruscant.

Padme realized to do anything else would risk creating witch hunts that could tear the Galactic Republic apart and claim everyone involved, including her friends and herself.

Padme kept most of the clone forces under Palpatine in place, due to the Confederate army still existing. Padme was not foolish. She trusted Loki and those currently in charge the Confederacy to keep the armistice. But, that was today. Padme did not who would be leading the Confederacy tomorrow.

Due how close the Coruscant Guard, the clone troopers assign to protect Coruscant and be part of the Red Guard, whom Palpatine had picked to guard him, on the day Padme became the new Chancellor, she declared the Coruscant Guard members and the Red Guard members to be on paid leave until further notice.

A month after Padme had become the new Chancellor, she finally ready to implement her plans to abolish both the Red Guard and the Coruscant Guard, with the members of the two organizations being given honorary discharges.

With the Blue Guard in place the Red Guard was not needed. With the 212th Battalion on Coruscant, the Coruscant Guard was not needed.

Both the Coruscant Guard and the Red Guard were mostly composed of clone troopers. But, given how close these clone troopers were to Palpatine. With Palpatine even hand picking the Red Guard clones for their skills and loyalty to him. Padme had to make sure these personnel would not become a future threat to the Republic and herself.

Though, Padme's methods were peaceful.

The clone troopers within the Red Guard and Coruscant Guard were honorably discharged from the military.

The clone were offered nice paying government civilian jobs in other parts of the Republic, away from Coruscant. Though, these jobs would not be in law enforcement, defense, nor leadership careers.

Most of the clone troopers took Padme's offer. Though, a few decided to take their chances in civilian life.

Given these individuals did not do anything illegal while in the service of the Republic, Padme allowed them to leave and go about their lives, as long as they obeyed the laws of the Republic.

The other personnel within the Red Guard and Coruscant Guard, mostly officers assigned to over see the clone troopers, were offered nice pensions to resign and retire away from Coruscant.

These military officers were not the only ones offer nice pensions to resign and retire away from Coruscant.

This was how Padme purged the Republic military and naval forces of Palpatine loyalists. It was not hard to find out whom most of the loyalists were. Most of the loyalists were fast tracked for promotion by Palpatine.

Though, Padme was not happened with all the officers she had to convince to retire.

While these retirements included officers like Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin whom were only interested in climbing the ranks to leadership positions, these retirements also included officers like Fleet Admiral Wullf Yularen, whom were loyal to the Galactic Republic, but their connections to Palpatine prevented them from continuing their military careers.

It was no secret that Wilhuff Tarkin's rise in the ranks was due to him being favored by Palpatine for his strategies in battle.

While Wullf Yularen was an old friend of the Chancellor Amidala, Wullf realized that due to his promotions by Palpatine during the Clone Wars, that if he had stayed at his post his presence would likely cause problems for Chancellor Amidala and the Republic military as a whole.

Chancellor Amidala understood Wullf's reasons and Chancellor Amidala allowed Wullf to retire with full honors for his loyal service to the Galactic Republic.

Wullf appreciated this political gesture by Chancellor Amidala.

While Chancellor Amidala wanted to purge the Republic government of Palpatine loyalists, she wanted to avoid political witch hunts. Padme had seen the damage witch hunts had done to people lives, when Palpatine clandestinely had his loyalists in the Senate launch witch hunts as a way to demonize various political rivals as separatist sympathizers, or guilty of other various accusations which lead to scandals.

The only reasons Padme and her close allies in the Senate were not caught in these witch hunts was that Padme and a few other members of her small group had been part of the Loyalist Committee, created by Palpatine, during the Separatist Crisis. The groups collapsed at the beginning of the Clone Wars. Also, as Thor, Padme was useful to Palpatine as part of the war effort. In addition, Padme's allies did their best to stay politically clean and avoid taking any actions which could be considered scandalous.

Years after the Loyalist Committee had collapsed, Padme had to admit to herself that Palpatine had used herself and others in the Loyalist Committee to create political witch hunts that helped make the Separatist Crisis worse, leading to the start the Clone Wars, instead of stopping the Separatist Crisis.

Chancellor Amidala felt deeply saddened that the only highly placed political officials whom would be charged with crimes over the events of the Clone Wars, and would likely be sent to prison, would be the members of the Jedi High Council. Though, their actions were so overt in going against the laws of the Galactic Republic, Chancellor Amidala had not choice but to have them arrested, and have charges brought against them in court.

Though, that Chancellor Amidala did make sure the Jedi High Council members service records, their years of aiding the Galactic Republic, and the extenuating circumstances were factored in the charges that were brought against the former Jedi High Council members.

Chancellor Amidala wanted justice. She did not want to create political examples.

Padme was also happy that these powerful force users willingly to peacefully surrendered to Republic security officers for trial on Coruscant. This went a long way in making sure that as prisoners, these individuals would be treated fairly and no abused.

Though, there were other political prisoners and war prisoners on both sides of the war. Chancellor Amidala started work to help and give aid to these political and war prisoners, including whole populations. Such as the population of of the planet of Balmorra.

Chancellor Amidala did keep her promise. She checked on what was happening on Balmorra and since the last time she visited that planet.

Chancellor Amidala found that Commander Talia Brownstone had improved condition for the Balmorra people since the last time Padme had visited Balmorra as Thor, where Thor killed Governor Odus Denival.

Chancellor Amidala considered this a start, but only a start.

Palpatine had put Commander Brownstone had been push in charge of Balmorra after Governor Denival's death due to Commander Brownstone being the one overseeing the mining and industrial operations happening on Balmorra for Governor Denival.

Due to this, Chancellor Amidala worked towards having the various governors and commanders whom Palpatine had assigned control over various planets, moons, asteroids, spacestations and even whole star systems, were either reassigned or given honorable discharged with nice pensions.

Chancellor Amidala made sure their replacements understood this was a temporary position until the local government had been reformed and was up and running.

Chancellor Amidala made sure the replacement made sure the people of those planets being freed, with services being sent to aid these people to get them back on their feet, with proper government services being put in place and implemented.

Padme knew this would take years to repair the damage Palpatine had done, and likely decades for the Republic to regain the trust of these victimized people. Padme turned to the Jedi to lead and organization the operations to help these people.

The Jedi had a long history of helping oppressed people, without having this people turn into rebels against the Republic for actions taken by the Republic against these people.

Chancellor Amidala made it clear that the Republic military personnel station on these Republic occupied planets, moons, asteroids, spacestations, and whole star system, including the leaders Chancellor Amidala put in place to replace those leaders Palpatine assigned, were to fully cooperate with the Jedi she was sending to oversee helping these oppressed people.

Among these locations the Jedi were sent to Balmorra. Commander Talia Brownstone was given a honorably discharged with a nice pension to leave the Republic military and live a quiet life, so she would not cause trouble. Chancellor Amidala send Commander's Brownstone at the same time she sent the Jedi to help the people of Balmorra.

Many of these oppressed people did not know the galactic events of what had happened while they were enslaved. These people found it odd one day the Republic military was oppressing them and the next day the Republic military was helping them. These people had been so burnt out by being overworked, they were to tired to even contemplate why this had happened, let alone try to attacking their former oppressors for the actions committed against them.

Chancellor Amidala did wonder what happened to the Odus Denival's surviving family, but she had other more immediate concerns to focus on.

During communications with the Confederate government, Chancellor Amidala found that Loki and several high ranking Confederate government officials were openly lenient towards political prisoners and prisoners of war. This included those worlds, moons, asteroids, spacestations, and other locations the Confederacy had under martial law.

While Chancellor Amidala had purged the Republic government of Palpatine loyalists, and she began to start the process of helping Palpatine's victims, Chancellor Amidala started to fill her political cabinet. Chancellor Amidala remembered those whom had been loyal to her. Including, her close friends. All of whom gladly accepted Chancellor Amidala's offers for positions within her administration.

Fortunately, due to the Senate foolishly handing the Supreme Chancellery so much power under Sheev Palpatine's reign, this included changes in the appointment of government ministers, whereby Supreme Chancellor did not have to have the Senate confirm the various ministers for the administration of the presiding Supreme Chancellor. All the Supreme Chancellor had to do is pick the person to be minister and for said individual to accept the job.

The one exception to this being the Lord Speaker, which still required the Senate to confirm. This was due to the fact that the Lord Speaker's main job amounted to playing referee between Senators during Senate sessions.

Padme planned to have the Senate change this back to having appointments of ministers needing to be first confirmed by the Senate after Padme had all of the positions filled in her Administration.

Padme took a direct hand in picking whom would be in her Administration and in what role those individuals would perform in her Administration.

Padme placed her friends in jobs she knew they would be able to accomplish without any serious difficulties.

Padme appointed Bail Organa as the Minister of Treasury. Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan had always been skilled in financial matters. At one point in Bail's political career, he had been a member of the Financial Appropriations Committee. Bail had helped in creating a number of budgetary projects which the Senate which were so finally craft that very few of the budgets had cost overruns of their project cost.

Before the Clone Wars, it was rumored that Bail occasionally aided and advised the government of Alderaan, including his wife, Queen Breha Organa, ruler of Alderaan, in the creation of their government budgets, with those government budgets not running any deficits.

Mon Mothma was made the Minister of Interior. Mon understood the inner workings of government. Also, she was the planet Chandrila, a core world that was not an ecumenopolis, a city planet. From her upbringing on Chandrila and her time living on Coruscant, Mon understood that vast differences various Republic worlds and populations required to function. Padme felt Mon's point of view on this matter would help her in offering a balanced approach to what was needed now from the Republic government to the various populations of the Republic.

Bana Breemu headed up the Minister of Economic Affairs. Bana was from the core world of Humbarine. As Bana grew up, she learned much on how various economies worked. Both from her teachers and from her personal experiences.

Lexi Dio was appointed as the Minister of Agriculture. Lexi from was from the planet, Uyter, in the eastern Mid-Rim. Most of the economy of Uyter was done through production of agriculture. As Lexi grew up, she learned the finer points of what was needed to create, maintain, and transport food across the galaxy. Padme felt that putting Lexi in this role would greatly decrease the amount of famine which was ravaging a number of star systems in the galaxy, due to the Clone War.

Nee Alavar was given the position of the Minister of Culture. Nee was from the northern Outer Rim planet of Lorrd. While the Lorrd system was close to the western border of the northeastern part of the Confederacy, during the Clone Wars the people and government of the planet Lorrd were loyal to the Galactic Republic. Fortunately, Lorrd was a small world, and the planet had been overlooked by both sides during the fighting.

Nee understood how some worlds could be forgotten by the Galactic Republic. As such, Nee always supported preserving the history of various cultures of the Republic, and she would continue to do so in this role.

Chancellor Amidala appointed her husband Anakin Skywalker as Minister of War in Padme's new administration. Anakin happily accepted the assignment. Any accusations of nepotism died when Chancellor Amidala pointed at Anakin Skywalker's war record made him one of the most qualified individuals for the job of heading the Ministry of War.

Also, those whom personally knew Anakin, saw that over the years Anakin had emotionally matured into a responsible adult, whom wisely weighed the power under his command in measured actions, whom treated his subordinates well, whom was not petty towards his enemies, and whom would show his enemies mercy, should they surrender to him with employing any trickery toward Anakin and those under his command.

As for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chancellor Amidala chose Obiwan Kenobi to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The position oversaw almost all diplomatic issues between the Galactic Republic and other nations within the galaxy, save for issues concerning the military and military intelligence. As such, Obiwan would be the voice of the Galactic Republic towards the Confederacy, Hutts, and other organizations outside of the Galactic Republic.

Given Obiwan enjoyed negotiating and his track record of successful negotiations, including having the Hapans and Zeltrons make peace, most of the Galactic Senators supported Obiwan's appointment.

Though, Chancellor Amidala made it clear to Obiwan that Obiwan could not resort to lightsaber diplomacy. That should Obiwan do so, such actions would look badly for the Galactic Republic. Obiwan agreed to Chancellor Amidala's request.

When is came to appointing the second most powerful position in Senate to the Supreme Chancellor, which was the Vice Chair, also known as the Lord Speaker, Chancellor Amidala gave that role to Senator Garm Bel Iblis.

Among political affairs within the Senate, after Mas Amedda sudden, and quietly requested resignation from the Senate, of which Mas Amedda returned the Speaker's Staff to Chancellor Amidala before Mas left Coruscant, with the political support of the new Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala being very high, Senator Garm Bel Iblis was quickly elected within the Senate as the new Lord Speaker of the Senate. Which was the second most powerful position within the Senate, next to the Supreme Chancellor.

Due to Garm's boisterous personality, Garm had never been happier in his life, as he shouted down the rest of the Senate into silence to maintain order within the Senate Rotunda, with no one being able to say anything about the matter because Garm was doing his job.

Through, given it was found that Lord Speaker Garm had come to develop a habit of slamming the bottom of the ancient wooden Speaker's Staff down on the floor of the Chancellor's repulsorpod beneath him, as he called for order within the Senate Rotunda, Chancellor Amidala decided it was best to give Garm a two meter long black metal replicate staff, before Garm accidentally destroyed the actual Speaker's Staff.

Garm liked the black metal staff, which also had red cloth wrappings around the middle of the staff, to give a better grip for his hands.

It was Nee Alavar, in her first act as Minister of Culture, whom came up with the idea of what to do with the original Speaker's Staff. Chancellor Amidala and the other members of Padme's cabinet liked the idea. This included Garm supporting the idea.

The original and mercifully undamaged wooden Speaker's Staff was placed in a clear display case in the small, public tourist museum within the Senate building. This was so the staff could be seen by visitors as not only a relic of the Old Republic, but also as a symbol of what should not be forgotten within the history of the Galactic Senate.

Mas Amedda was not the only resignation among the Senators. A number of Senators whom were expected of being part of Palpatine's inner circle were pressured to resign in exchange not being charged with treason in their part in Palpatine's plans.

Though, Padme was careful about this. She did not target Senators based solely on voting record of bills put before the Senates. Padme based her list on those senators that had spent a lot of time with Palpatine and whom each also submitted a number of bills to the floor of the Senate which increased Palpatine's power.

When all was said of done, about twenty senators were forced to resign due to connections to Palpatine, including Mas Amedda.

These Senators were allowed to keep their wealth and not face prosecution if they agreed to leave Coruscant forever and to not take any leadership, or law enforcement roles.

Also, each of those whom accepted being appointed a minister in Chancellor Amidala's administration, they had to resign their previous positions. This included resigning from either the Senate or Jedi Order.

The one exception being Lord Speaker Garm Bel Iblis, whom retained his senate seat while being lord Speaker.

Those senators whom resigned were quickly replaced by the respective representative governments their senate position representative.

Strangely, some Senators, such as Rush Clovis, were able to keep their positions due to not having anything to do with Palpatine.

While Rush was suspected of having Confederate leanings, nothing was proven and he had otherwise stayed out of trouble during the Clone Wars, except a few situations that were completely legal on his part, but other parities wished to do him harm. Such as the time a corporate executive had hired Cad Bane to kill Rush over a corporate deal, with Thor saving rush from Cad Bane.

As for Chancellor Amidala's Senior Administrative Aide.

Soon after Palpatine was defeated, Padme had her subordinates catch up with Palpatine's Senior Administrative Aide, Sly Moore.

A deal struck between the new Administration and Ms Moore, that in exchange for her freedom and a generous severance package, she would resign from government and divulge all the information she had on Palpatine's dealings. Given Sly Moore was in charge Palpatine's day to day schedule, she held a lot of information about Palpatine's public and secret dealings.

Sly gladly agreed to the deal. After she gave all the information she had on Palpatine, she was let go. Though, under a few conditions.

Sly would immediately leave Coruscant and never return, unless brought their by Republic officials, or members of the Jedi Order. Since she was given plenty of money to live on for the rest of her life, she would stay out of trouble. She would not get involved in politics anywhere, save for voting in elections. She would stay silent about her deal with the new administration and what she knew about Palpatine.

Since Sly was force adept and a servant of a Sith Lord, she was warned if she ever was caught studying about the force, the Jedi would hunt her down and kill her.

Sly did not argue with the conditions. Sly knew it was the best deal she was going to achieve. Once her deal was concluded with the Chancellor Amidala, the Blue Guard escorted Sly to a passenger ship on Westport, where she left the planet for whereabouts unknown.

When is came to Palpatine's advisers, Padme found out that the moment the advisers learned that Palpatine had been exposed as Sidious, the advisers split up and they had escaped off world.

Padme knew that to try to track them down and drag them back to Coruscant would be too much trouble. Also, Padme realized that with her identity as Thor, and her political connections, Palpatine's advisers would not dare make problems for her. So, she allowed Palpatine's advisers to get away.

Supreme Chancellor Amidala's choice for her Senior Administrative Aide did raise a few eyebrows. Padme chose Anakin's droid, C3-PO as her Senior Administrative Aide. C3-PO's job would be to help Padme with her schedule and to speak to the press.

It was not unheard of for a droid to preform such a job. Some planetary governors and monarchs had droids assigned to function as staff aides.

Though, Padme did pay C3-PO, which was rare for a droid to be paid. But, given Padme helped bring peace and Padme defeated the Dark Lord Sheev Palpatine, no one argued with her on this matter.

To everyone's mild surprise, C3-PO performed its job admirably as Senior Administrative Aide. It was as if C3-PO was built for its new role.

Though, there were several posts in Chancellor Amidala's administration which needed to be filled. For those people Padme did not personally know, she had the Blue Guard and the Jedi Order both do background checks on the individuals before offering them the jobs she had selected for them.

Within a month of becoming Supreme Chancellor, Padme found honorable people whom could perform the jobs to filled the rest of her cabinet posts. By then, the loyalists of Palpatine having been removed from power at almost all levels.

Around the time Chancellor Amidala had filled all her positions in her administration, the Jedi had finished their security sweeps of the Senate Building, with Padme and her administration being able to begin using the Chancellor's office and the rest of the Senate Building without serious worry.

The Chancellor's secretary droid, located outside of the Chancellor's office, near a interior hallway, was replaced. Just in case Palpatine lift any programming, or bombs in the droid. The replacement droid was Padme's own senatorial secretary droid, which had been previously located outside her senatorial office in the Senate Building. Though, Padme did have her secretary droid checked for any hidden programming, or bombs. No hidden programming or bombs were found in Padme's secretary droid.

With the administrative jobs of the Amidala Administration filled, the armistice between the Republic and the Confederacy holding, and the Palpatine loyalists being purged from the Republic government, Chancellor Amidala was able to convince the Senate to rescind the restrictions on travel and trade within the Galactic Republic.

While Chancellor Amidala had rescinded the declaration of emergency within the first week of her administration, Chancellor Amidala still required the Galactic Senate to act in lifting travel and trade restrictions in the Galactic Republic.

The Senators gladly lifted these restrictions, mainly because doing so increased their personal investments by allowing the economy of the Galactic Republic to grow.

Though, Padme had her reasons for lifting these restrictions, as well. By doing so this helped politically sooth worries the parts of the Republic populations whom still had concerns over Chancellor Amidala's new administration.

Three months after becoming the Supreme Chancellor, Padme Amidala announced the 'political clean out', as the Amidala Administration had called it, was complete. Chancellor Amidala could then focus on a number of other issues.

These issues ranged from rebuilding the Republic infrastructure, to treaty negotiations with the Confederacy, transferring powers from the Supreme Chancellery to their proper stations, restoring civilian rights, including the right to peacefully protest, to lowering taxes and deregulation of government polices. Specifically, removing very tax policies and burdensome government regulations that then Chancellor Palpatine instituted to create the Separatist Crisis and later start the Clone Wars.

Most of the Galactic Senators balked as passing some of these policies. But, the political winds were with Chancellor Amidala.

Chancellor Amidala was able to get most of her policies passed through the Senate and into law and put into law by the beginning of fourth month of her administration.

These polices would help restart the economy of the Galactic Republic, creating jobs, while repairing and rebuilding the Republic infrastructure.

Also, within these bills that were passed into law, Padme was able to slip a bill into law that officially declared that in the name of peaceful relations, the Galactic Republic would from henceforth refer to the Separatists as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or simply as the Confederacy.

Loki and the rest of the Confederate government were flattered by this move. The populations of the Republic were okay with this as long as it helped bring about a lasting peace. While the Senate and Jedi wished for the Confederacy to rejoin the Republic, Padme found that the people of the Republic did not really care either way as long as the fighting would stop. Which was exactly what Padme had been able to accomplish with the armistice.

Padme hoped that her administration with the help of others would be able to create a workable

Though, Padme realized that such a treaty would likely take years to finalize. But, given the leadership on all sides were open to a treaty between the Republic and the Confederacy, Padme believed that reaching an agreement to a treaty was very possible.

Also, Padme had a more personnel growing concern to worry about, her pregnancy. Padme had been able to keep her pregnancy secret from the public since her return to Coruscant five and a half months ago.


Four months after Padme became the Chancellor of the Republic, over five and a half months into her pregnancy, after much discussion with her husband and her close friends, Padme decided to make her pregnancy publicly known. There was some political fallout to this disclosure. Though, the fallout was minor, given all that Padme and her allies had accomplished in the previous months. From defeating Palpatine, exposing him for what he was, and driving him from power. To the armistice. To helping the victims of the Clone Wars. To how the policies Chancellor Amidala were championing through the Galactic Senate to become law were creating economic prosperity for the populations of the Galactic Republic.

Given all this, most people did not say much when Padme made her pregnancy public. Only a few Galactic Senators dared to publicly complain about this matter. Those that did have a problem also remembered that Padme made it very clear within the Galactic Senate that she kept Mjolnir, her husband, and her other former Jedi friends close to her. As such, most people realized how politically foolish it was to question Supreme Chancellor Amidala, because she did not need the Republic military to have the power to back up her words.

With Chancellor Amidala's Administration completed, all her major personal issues were settled, a number of her policies passed into law, some of the authority the Palpatine had amassed for the position of Supreme Chancellor returned to their proper stations, and with the public being behind her, Chancellor Amidala immediately ordered that negotiations begin for a permanent peace treaty between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Padme placed her new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Obiwan Kenobi, to lead up negotiations. Padme had ordered Obiwan to negotiate from the position that the Confederacy would be allowed to remain independent, and that the Jedi would likely have to allow the Confederacy to create their own group of force users.

Padme made is very clear to Obiwan that she would not allow the Clone Wars to restart on the grounds the Jedi should have authority and control of all things dealing with the force throughout the galaxy. This was the main sticking point the Jedi Order had in allowing the Confederacy to be an independent nation from the Galactic Republic. That if the Confederacy was independent of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order would have no authority to regulate the use of the force in those areas which were a part of the Confederacy.

Obiwan was not happy with Padme's orders, but Obiwan did understand Padme's position and he complied with Padme's orders.

Obiwan assistants were members of the Republic government whom had experience with treaty negotiations. While Obiwan found his assistants to be competent at their jobs, he did request the Chancellor Amidala allow the Jedi Order to send someone to be officially part of the Republic negotiation team.

Chancellor Amidala refused Obiwan's request on the grounds that having an official Jedi presence at the negotiation table would tempt Obiwan with likely siding the interests of the Jedi Order over the interests of the Galactic Republic and the rest of the galaxy.

Chancellor Amidala stated that she realized Obiwan still had strong feelings for the Jedi Order, that Obiwan would not betray the trust of the Jedi Order and that the Jedi Order would respect the treaty agreements because Obiwan was heading up the Republic side of the negotiations.

Obiwan was forced to admit to himself that he had no thought of the situation that way and he agreed with Chancellor Amidala denying his request for a official Jedi presence at the negotiation table.

Chancellor Amidala was later proven correct when Master Yoda told Chancellor Amidala the Jedi Order would not petition a complaint for being denied a seat at the treaty negotiations, and the Jedi Order would respect the outcome of the negotiations due to Obiwan heading up the Republic side of the negotiation.

Master Yoda told Chancellor Amidala that if Obiwan had still been a member of the Jedi Order, that Obiwan would have been the person the Jedi Order would have sent to be a part of the treaty negotiations.

Much to Obiwan annoyance, when the Republic requested the Confederacy to send their negotiators for treaty talks, Loki headed up negotiations for the Confederacy.

Loki's second in command on the Confederacy side of the negotiations was Parliament Representative Mina Bonteri. In addition, Mina had her teenage son, Lux Bonteri acting at her assistant. Lux Bonteri was part of a Confederate political program similar to the Legislative Youth Program that Galactic Republic had.

Fortunately, the leader of the Neutrality Alliance, Duchess Satine Kryze, also was allowed to have a seat at the negotiation table. Both Obiwan and Loki welcomed Duchess Satine and the Neutrality Alliance to the treaty negotiations.

The location for the treaty negotiations vary and were kept secret. The security was tight when and where the negotiations were being held.

When the leaders of the Hutt Cartels learned of the treaty talks, they petitioned to be a part of the treaty negotiations. The Republic, the Confederacy, and the Neutrality Alliance, all denied the Hutt leaders' petition. In addition, all three parties made it clear if there were any attacks on the treaty talks, the Hutts would be considered the prime suspects.

Fortunately, no one attacked the meetings for the treaty talks.

All parties that were part of the negotiations agreed that they would try to allow those worlds and systems which wished to be a member of the Republic or Confederacy to do so. This included members of the Neutrality Alliance.

Though, the negotiators realized this would not always be the case. The Republic and Confederacy both wanted clearly defined borders, not a patchwork of worlds and star systems across the galaxy. A patchwork situation would create border problems which would eventually restart the war.

This membership issue would have to be handled on a case by case basis.

In addition, the Duchess Satine made it clear that once the treaty had been agreed upon, that like many of the members worlds of the Neutrality Alliance, and the world that Duchess Satine ruled, Mandalore, wished to rejoin and remain with the Galactic Republic.

Loki was more than willing to agree to this request.

As negotiations continued, Obiwan found that Loki had chosen well with having Mina has her second in command. Mina was both attentive, astute, and knowledgeable, about the various details and nuances of the issues that came up during the treaty talks. In addition, Lux conducted himself well in his role as his mother's assistant.

Also, during the breaks between treaty talks, Obiwan and Satine Kryze enjoyed spending time together. Though, so far they kept their relationship professional. They did not wish to cause an scandal that could jeopardize the treaty talks.

Barring sensitive information, the peace negotiations were mostly made public to a allay worries that could harm the economics of the galaxy and restart the war. Though, the location and times of the treaty talks were kept secret.

Though, the Republic, Confederacy, and Neutrality Alliance was not able to keep identities of the negotiators secret.

This caused much discussion. While Duchess Satine and Representative Bonteri were respected by their member governments, mostly of the debates dealt with whom was the better negotiator, and this discussion mostly centered around Minister of Foreign Affairs Obiwan Kenobi or Lady Loki Laufeyson.

The general consensus was that this debate would be answered what the details of the agreed upon treaty would be.

Both Obiwan and Loki kept each other honest at the negotiation table. Obiwan would be able to use the force to immediately sense any mystic trickery by Loki, and Loki would be able to tell if Obiwan secretly using the force to gain an advantage in the treaty talks.

Though, while negotiations ran smoothly in most ways, there was a lot of issues to cover and all parties knew it would take years to work out a lasting peace treaty between the Republic and the Confederacy.

In addition, during treaty negotiations, as a sign of good faith, Loki released some information to the Republic. Padme found that Loki did as she had promised. Loki had sent the genetic information on the clones. Data that would slow the aging of the clones by half, to a normal rate, and also fix a genetic flaw that would have ended their life in their physical seventies or eighties, their thirties to forties.

After the information was verified and proven safe, Padme started to have the clones be treated for these genetic defects.

Padme announced this information was given by Loki. This went a long way in helping the clones get over their feelings against fighting the Separatists. While the Separatists harmed and killed many of their brothers, the clones realized that Loki had effectively doubled their lifespan, thus giving them hope for a better future.

Also, Loki released information on control chips in the brains of the clones and medical procedures to safely remove the control chips.

These genetic treatments prompted more detailed medical exams of the clones, where control chips were found in their brains.

Fortunately, Padme found that Loki's information on the removal of the chips were safe and easy done, with a short recovery rate for the clones.

These chip removal surgeries were done at the same time the clones were undergoing the genetic treatments.

Padme made sure all clones troopers, including those whom had left the military, were offered these medical treatments and the chip removal for free.

All the clones took the Republic government's offer for the genetic treatments and control chip removals.

In other related issues dealing with the clones, Padme had the Galactic Senate institute regulations that allowed clones to begin a process that would allow them to leave the military within a month of requesting release from service.

In addition, Anakin made sure that Padme helped set up organization to help clones that wished to leave the Republic military be able to do so. With counseling and guidance, to help the clones adjust and fit into civilian life.

As Loki showed good faith, Padme did as well. Chancellor Amidala had the Galactic Senate pass a bill that while the Republic fleet and army would be maintained at current levels, the Republic military would not be enlarged any further. would not longer be built up.

The Kaminoans would creating any more clones. Those clones whom were still being grown in cloning tubes would be grown to the point they could be removed from their tubes.

The clones being grown in cloning tubes and the clones still on Kamino would have the gene therapy to slow their aging to where it would have been if their aging had not be accelerated, the genetic defect that would kill them would be repaired, and they would having any control chips that were implanted in them safely removed from them.

In addition, Padme made sure these clones that were to young to take care of themselves would have found homes for them with adopted parents whom would love and take care of them. Though, while this would not be a problem for the young clones whom just came out of their cloning tubes, the young clones that had been trained to be a soldier required counseling before being adopted.

This counseling was to make sure the young clones, whom lack emotional maturity to fully understand their actions, did not accidentally use their military training to try to solve their problems. This could create countless tragedies.

Padme made sure these young clones received this counseling. And these young clones would be checked on from time to time to see if they were doing well with their adopted family.

The Kamino would still be paid by the Republic government until all the clones under their care had been found a home, and the matter had been settle.

This would likely take a few years. The Kaminoans were more than willing to help in these matters. The Kaminoans saw this was a good end to a very lucrative long term contact.

Those clones on Kamino whom were either close to adulthood, or adults, that had not yet been inducted into the Republic army would be handled on a case by case basis. Some would be allowed to join the Republic army, while other clones would be aided into helping them adjust to civilian life with stable jobs. Though, either way, it was the choice of each clone as to how they wished to go about their lives.

Padme found that to her surprise. While the clone cadets in cities of the stormy world of Kamino that were either close to completely their training, or whom had completed their training to be soldiers. Along with the clones that were part of the Republic army. All of whom had been trained to be soldiers. When directly offer a chance not be a part of the military, they chose civilian life.

Padme found that many of the clones viewed that long with a sense of loyal, that it was the challenge in battle that appealed to them. Since the war was over, and after their medical treatments gave them a new lease on life, that civilian life might offer better challenges than military life.

Padme realized this mind set might lead to many of the clones becoming mercenaries or outright criminals. Padme took steps to prevent this from happening, both otherwise, she wished them the best of luck in their future civilian lives.

The clones leaving the military did not harm military personnel numbers too much. Padme had the Galactic Senate increase pay and benefits for soldiers, this increased the rate of volunteer soldiers from the populations of the Republic.

And so, as peace negotiations continued, the armistice held, with the clones were being treated and offered a much better future than anyone would have predicted at the start of Clone Wars, Padme Amidala settled into her role as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


A month later, as Padme Amidala continued her role as Supreme Chancellor on Coruscant, elsewhere on the Coruscant, the trial of the former Jedi High Council members had concluded.

The former Jedi high council members were tried together.

The trial was held in a court room in the Senate District in Coruscant. The courthouse where the trial was held was not far from the Senate Building.

The trial was closed to the public. The name of the judge, the defendants, the prosecutors, and the legal defense members were disclosed to the public. But, the identities of the jury members selected for the trial was kept secret.

The charges against the former Jedi council members were sedition against the Galactic Republic government. A serious crime, but not one that carried the death penalty.

It was rumored that the new Supreme Chancellor was the one behind having the lesser charges of sedition being presented against the former Jedi, instead of the former Jedi being tried for treason. The rumor being that Chancellor did this because without the Jedi first fighting Palpatine. Thus weakening him. Right afterward, the Chancellor, as Thor, might have not been able to defeat Palpatine in their duel.

In addition, the new Chancellor made sure that Mace and the other former Jedi high council members received the best legal council she could find. The Chancellor even made arrangements for paying the legal council.

Also, it was rumored the new Chancellor made sure the trial was held in a civilian trial and not a military tribunal. As such, the former Jedi council members were tried by a single Judge and a jury of twelve Republic citizens to determine their fates, instead of a three judge panel.

The reason it took so many months for the trial to be held was that they had to find a judge and jury on Coruscant. Most of the judges in Coruscant did not want to anything to do with the case. Most matter the verdict, the judge and jury would always be questioned about the verdict.

After much work, a judge was found to oversee the case, whom was viewed by both sides of the case as fair and impartial, with a history on the bench to back up their fairness and impartiality. Also, the jury was wisely pooled form the population.

The trial was held so that the prosecution presented its case first. Then, the defense presented its case. Then the prosecution could offer a rebuttal. After which, the defense could offer their counter to the prosecution.

Once this was done, the judge would instruct the jury and then the jury was go into a private room to deliberate on the verdict.

The one oddity of this trial was that there were no witnesses called to the stand to give testimony. Both the prosecution and the defense had decided to allowed the trial be judged based solely on the evidence and their arguments before the jury.

At the beginning of the main part of the trial, the prosecution first laid out the timeline of events. Then, the prosecution leveled the charges towards the defendants.

After which, the defense did a fine job of presenting their side of the case. That as Supreme Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine had corrupted the Galactic Senate to the point that went the Jedi learned the truth there was no one they could turn to, outside the Jedi Order, whom they could trust.

Unfortunately, the prosecution used their rebuttal to point out that the Jedi Order had a long history of not trusting people and groups outside of their Order, and this distrust had caused problems in the past. This distrust went all the way back to before the Galactic Republic even existed. Also, it was not the Jedi whom defeated then Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, but the new Supreme Chancellor, Padme Amidala, with her hammer, Mjolnir, defeated Palpatine in battle. While at the same time, Padme Amidala's allies in the Galactic Senate were able to expose Palpatine as Sidious, impeach him, and instate Padme Amidala as the new Supreme Chancellor. Thus, if the Jedi had contacted Padme, they would have been able to accomplish their task in a more legal manner. This negated the defense's arguments.

The defense attempted to continue the distrust angle to the point of creating benefit of the doubt. But, everyone could see this was a weak argument.

After the evidence was shown and the arguments concluded, the judge instructed the jury, and the jury retired to a private room to began to deliberate in private.

Though, the jury deliberated for three days, with taking breaks to head to a nearby high quality hotel, that was paid for by the court, for the night, and to return in the morning. On the morning of the fourth day the jury found all the defendants to be guilty of sedition.

It was mid-morning, in the court room where the trial was held, when the verdict was declared by the jury.

The prosecution was present for the verdict, on the right side of the room, when facing the judge.

When the verdict was read, the prosecution stood up from their seats behind a table.

On the left side of the room, when facing the judge, all the former Jedi were in their formal clothing and robes.

The defendants and legal defense members stood stood up from their seats behind a table.

As the verdict was read by the jury foreman, the former high council members stood in a row, with their legal council by them to the defendants right side.

The lawyers in the room were in wearing formal clothing.

The judge then dismissed the jury from their seats, which had been to the left where the judge sat in his chair, near the middle of the far back wall, behind his desk.

Soon after, the sentencing began.

A few meters in front of the former Jedi was a the judge whom presided over the court trial. The judge sat in a chair behind a desk.

The Judge was an older Zeltron in good shape for his age. Like most Zeltrons he still handsome even at his age. He had red skin and short blue hair. He wore a fine gray suit under a closed, black robe.

The judge's name was Zane Harlock. Judge Zane Harlock was one of the least gullible individuals on the Coruscant circuit bench. He was also one of the most respected as being fair and impartial. His Zeltronian passions were tempered by a lifetime of age and experience.

Judge Harlock calmly looked at the those awaiting his pronouncement of their sentencing. He stated, in a solemn tone of voice, “It is never easy to see the selfless being presented before my court. It is harder when the charges are so dire and the guilt is so apparent. It is clear your actions were rash and not well thought out. And due to your foolishness, a number of your brethren were killed and we find ourselves here.”

“Though, I will not ignore your records of service. For years, each of you have aided the Galactic Republic. Both before the war and during the war. This has not been forgotten. But still, with heavy heart I sentence each of you to five to ten years confinement in the penal colony on the moon, Neborn Six, in the eastern Mid-Rim. You will serve five years before being eligible for parole.”

“Neborn Six is not a harsh penal colony. There will be no hard labor. You will be transferred to the mid-level security of the penal colony.”

“Should you conduct yourselves in an honorable manner, as I expect you to do so, you may be released on parole in five years, due to good behavior.”

“Do you have anything else to say on your behalf?

Mace had already been elected to speak for the group.

Mace calmly answered, “I speak for my associates when I say that we will accept your judgment.”

Judge Harlock said, “I wish you all the best of luck. I will make sure the judiciary checks on all of you from time to time.” Judge Harlock turned to the bailiffs standing on the room. He ordered, “Escort them to holding.”

Then, a bailiff near the Judge Harlock walked over to the guilty and the bailiff lead the guilty out of the court to a holding area, where they would then be sent to a nearby prison to await transfer to penal colony Neborn Six, in the eastern Mid-Rim.


Meanwhile, nearby in the Senate Building, inside the Chancellor's office, inside the Senate Building, Ahsoka was attending a scheduled meeting with Chancellor Amidala in private, with the Chancellor making time to talk to her long time friend.

The layout and paint scheme of the Chancellor's office had not changed much since Sheev Palpatine has been Supreme Chancellor, with the last remodeling of the Chancellor's office being during Sheev Palpatine's reign.

Padme had to admit that while Palpatine was evil, Palpatine was an incredibly talented interior decorator.

As such Padme kept the office the way Palpatine had left the office. Except for the Jedi sweeping of bugs and bombs, then droids removing the furniture and items in the quarters being removed for storage in a warehouse elsewhere in the Senate District, the Chancellor's personal quarters had not be disturbed since Palpatine was impeached.

Padme preferred to live in her own home elsewhere in the Senate District.

Padme did not have Blue Guards assigned inside the office like Palpatine had with his Red Guards. There were two Blue Guards standing right outside the hallway double-doors to the Chancellor's office, near the island desk where Padme's secretary droid was located.

Also, for added security, Padme had a force field generator installed to project a force field to protect the exterior side of the curved windows of the office. Like the force fields installed in Padme's apartment, this force field was invisible unless something hit it, in which case the field would glow a rippling blue hue for a few seconds.

While the Senate Building had large force field generators for the entire building, Padme wanted extra protection for the Chancellor's office.

Padme had the office doors, chairs, furniture, artwork, the desk, electronics in the desk, and other electronics in the room replaced.

Padme kept Mjolnir set on its side on to of the right side of the desk, with the head facing towards the hallway doors, and the curved axe blade facing to the right, away from the desk.

While Padme was pregnant, with Mjolnir nearby, no one worried to much for her safety.

Still, Anakin office's was a few rooms away on the same level at the Chancellor's office. And Anakin made it a habit to use the force to regularly check on Padme.

Since Palpatine's defeat, while other people had been busy, Ahsoka found herself in a position of being the odd person out. Padme had assigned other people Ahsoka knew to various duties within her administration, to perform tasks that Ahsoka had been doing for Padme, while Padme had been a Senator. Due to this, Ahsoka was neither Padme's personal assistant, nor bodyguard.

Except for Ahsoka having the occasion lesson in lightsabers and the force, by Anakin, Ahsoka had spend much of her time in living in Padme's apartment.

Still, Ahsoka did what she could to assistant Padme where she could. Ahsoka knew when things settle down that Padme would find a place for her.

Chancellor Amidala was sitting in a armchair behind her desk, with Mjolnir set on top of the desk.

Ahsoka and Padme were the only two people in the room.

Less than a minute ago, Ahsoka had just entered the office. She walked up the center right steps to the upper level of the room and between the row of four guards chairs. She came to a stop in front of the desk, with the row of four guest chairs behind her.

Ahsoka could see behind the desk and Padme, at the vista the large windows provided. Ahsoka could clearly see the cityscape in the clean morning daylight. Though, Ahsoka only glanced at the windows, with her attention focused on her longtime friend, whom was like a second mother to her.

Padme considered Ahsoka like a adopted daughter. Even with Padme expecting to give birth to twins in a few months.

Ahsoka wore a brown pants with a red short sleeve dress shirt which was not tucked in and went down to her below her waist line. Under her shirt she wore a brown leather belt in the waistline of her pants She wore boots were were a lighters shade than the brown pants. Her pants covered the top of the boots to her angles. Ahsoka had left her pair of lightsabers back in her bedroom, in Padme's apartment.

Padme wore a dark blue dress with purple trim dress with purple slippers. Over her dress she wore a speckled green and blue Chancellor's robe which was open to reveal her dress.

While it tradition to wear a robe of similar style from one Supreme Chancellor to another, the individual chancellor show the color schemes of the robe that Chancellor wore.

Palpatine preferred to wear either a red or black robe while in office. The Chancellor before Palpatine, Finis Valorum preferred to wore a speckled green and blue robe.

From Ahsoka's vantage point, she could see that Padme's stomach was now more pronounced due to Padme's pregnancy.

Though, except for her stomach, Padme had maintained a healthy diet and moderate regiment to maintain her figure. Also, Padme had regular medical check ups to make sure she and her unborn children were doing fine.

Ahsoka and Padme looked at each other.

Padme said, “Ahsoka. Please have a seat.”

Ahsoka sat down in the middle guest chair to Padme's right.

Padme commented, “I want you to know. A few minutes ago, while you were coming to my office, I was informed that Mace and the others former Jedi members have just been found guilty of sedition. They have been sentenced to five to ten years in prison.”

Padme thought, 'Due to the politics of the situation, I cannot pardon them. They did commit the crime and this is a fair sentence. But, I will make sure they are fairly treated in the penal colony they are sent to.'

Ahsoka responded, “I admit, I have mixed feelings on the mater. But, I can guess this is not why you wanted to meet with me this morning.”

Padme stated, “You are correct. I have been busy for the last few months. But, I was finally able to pull some strings. I would like to offer you entry into the Youth Legislative Program. I checked on your age and you are still a few months before the cut off age for your species. I wanted to talk to you here, instead of at home, because should you agree to do this, I can immediately call in those people we need to start the process.”

Ahsoka commented, “I have not been doing much since you became Chancellor. I was wondering what you had in mind for me.”

Padme thought, 'While Anakin resumed your force training and lightsaber sparring a few months ago. For the most part, this has just been refinement of the skills that you have already mastered. Like an exercise regiment to continue to remain sharp with those skills. But, such skills have little practical value outside of the Jedi and mercenary work. As such, what I am offering will be good for your future, not matter how you decide to use these skills I am planning to teach you.'

Ahsoka inquired, “What does the program entail?”

Padme answered, “Much like when I first hired you. Though, no bodyguard work. You would learn more about government, with you spending time in my cabinet as an assistant. I am sure you will do a fine job. I believe this will be a good step for you. And if you later decide you desire to do so, this could be your foot in a door to becoming a politician.”

Ahsoka stated, “I agree. This would be a good step for me. I would like to enter this program.”

Padme smiled, as she responded, “Good. I will make the calls and arrange a meeting with the officials to fill out the proper forms for you to formally enter the program.”

Ahsoka commented, “Thank you. I wondered how your vision years ago of me being a Senator would happen.”

Padme dropped her smile. Padme pointed out, “I remember that vision. Though, my visions are is not set in stone.” Padme thought, 'Considering the dark visions I also head. Thankfully, that is not the case.'

Ahsoka smiled, as she stated, “I have nothing better to do. It is going to be fun to see if I can achieve this goal.”

Padme returned Ahsoka smile, as she replied, “I fully agree.”

Padme pulled the electronics in her desk to up the holo-comm install in the desk to make the calls she needed to help with getting Ahsoka into the Youth Legislative Program.

Less than a week later, Ahsoka was formally part of the Youth Legislative Program. Ahsoka was assigned to assist and learn from Chancellor Amidala's Administration. All signs pointed that Ahsoka would do well in her assignment.


A few months later, the time had arrived for the birth of Padme's twins.

As Padme's due date approached, her parents, Jobal and Ruwee Naberrie, came from Naboo to Coruscant to visit with Padme and help her during the later parts of her pregnancy.

Padme sister, Sola, and Sola's husband and children were still on Naboo.

Given a number of reasons, including security, and that Anakin and Obiwan were both very busy at their new jobs, Padme's only personal assistants were Ahsoka, C3-P0, and R2-D2. As such, Padme welcomed the helped from her parents.

While Jobal and Ruwee were surprised to learn about the marriage from the news. They were just happy that Padme was okay after her battle with Palpatine.

Also, Jobal and Ruwee were happy Padme had rose to become the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and end the war with the Confederacy.

Both Jobal and Ruwee let Padme and Anakin know they gave Padme and Anakin their blessing on Padme and Anakin's marriage. Padme and Anakin were happy to receive Jobal and Ruwee's blessing on their marriage.

Sola and her family also welcomed the news of Padme's marriage to Anakin.

Padme did share the news of her pregnancy with her family before making her pregnancy public.

Jobal and Ruwee were happy for Padme and Anakin. Padme's older sister Sola, and Sola's husband Darred, and their two daughters, Ryoo and Pooja, were also happy for Padme and Anakin.

Padme, Anakin, along with their family and friends, had talked about names for Padme and Anakin's children.

Everyone supported Padme picking out the names.

Padme found out that she was having a girl and boy. From learning this, Padme had picked out the names for her children.

A month before her due date, Padme took a two month leave from the Chancellorship. With Lord Speaker Garm Bel Iblis temporally taking over the Chancellorship during this time.

This was not the first time a female Supreme Chancellor has been pregnant during their term of service. There were political procedures in place for temporary transfer of power to the Lord Speaker around the time the female Chancellor was to give birth.

Similar political procedures were in place for any medical surgery or medical treatment said sitting Chancellor had to undergo while in office.

Given how powerful Padme's allies were, no one was going to try anything while Padme had to focus on the birth of her children.

Once Padme had recovered from giving birth, with arrangements made for the care of her children, she would have the authority of the Chancellorship transferred back to her, and she would soon resume her role as the Supreme Chancellor.

When Padme went into labor, a day after her due date, Anakin rushed her to one of the best hospitals in the Senate District on Coruscant. The hospital already had a room reserved for Padme.

The area of the hospital that Padme was taken to was one reserved for politicians, diplomats, and other government officials, whom needed to be in a protected area that had around the clock security. In addition to the hospital's usual security staff.

All the medical individuals assigned to that part of the hospital had passed a very thorough background check.

Padme was in her normal form. Padme wore a light blue medical gown.

Padme laying on her back, on a medical bed. Her legs were spread open, with her lower legs and feet were placed in medical stirrups. Padme had a pillow under her head. She had wireless medical instruments on her chest and stomach to monitor her vital signs. The instruments sent signals to monitors on the wall, behind Padme's to her left side.

There was also a call button on the left side of Padme's bed.

Presently, everything was fine for the given situation. Padme was not in danger of dying from giving birth to her children.

Padme had brought Mjolnir with her and she set the hammer on top of its head in a corner of the room, behind Padme, to her right side.

The medical room was a windowless room. But, the room was large enough to accommodate those present.

The room was fully illuminated by the ceiling lights

Padme had requested an actual doctor to help her deliver her children. One with experience with and successes with difficult births. The hospital assigned Padme with such a doctor.

Padme's doctor was blue skin Twi'lek woman. The doctor wore a white doctor's coat, with her having a shirt, pants, and shoes underneath.

Anakin had convinced Padme to accept a Jedi Healer to help with the births. The Jedi healer was personally recommended by Yoda.

Padme accepted the Jedi healer.

The Jedi healer was a brown skin Zabrak woman with short red hair. The Jedi healer wore simple pants, shirt and shoes.

Because the Jedi healer could sense if something was wrong, the doctor allowed the healer to take point in being the midwife, while the doctor stood close by in case the doctor needed to act quickly.

The healer stood in front of Padme's spread legs, with the doctor standing to the healer's left side.

Behind the Jedi healer and doctor stood Anakin and Padme's mother, Jobal, with Anakin to Jobal's left side.

Ahsoka, Obiwan, Bail, Yoda, R2-D2, C3-PO, and Padme's father, Ruwee, were in a nearby waiting room.

Padme had been in labor for the last several hours. Now Padme was ready to give birth.

Jedi healer held a small blanket in her hands. She stated, “Padme. Give me one big push.”

Padme groaned in pain, as she pushed.

Padme then gave birth to one of her children.

The healer caught the child, and gently held the child in the blanket. The healer looked at the child. The healer stated, “It's a girl.” The healer used a medical instrument to clear the fluid from the newborn's mouth. And she made sure the baby was breathing, which the baby was.

The healer took a step back, to allow the doctor to step. With the doctor stepping in to tie and cut the cord. Once the doctor was done, the healer gently wrapped the baby in the blanket.

The healer walked around to Padme's left side. She handed Padme her newborn.

Padme took the child. Padme held her daughter in her arms. She looked at her daughter. She stated, “Hello Leia.”

The doctor turned to the Jedi healer. She asked, “So, you are the one with the force. How long until the other one is born?”

The Jedi healer turned to the doctor. The healer answered, “It could be minutes. It could be hours.” She turned to look at Padme. She continued, “But, I feel this will likely be closer to minutes.”

Padme groaned in pain as a contraction hit.

The healer immediately picked up the newborn. The healer turned and walked over to a table by the wall, to Padme's left. The healer placed the baby on her back, in a clear plastic box, with a cushioned box. The box was large enough for the baby. There as another clear plastic box set to the right of the first box. With the same box have cushioned bottom, which was the same size.

The doctor stated, “The afterbirth of the first child just came out.” The doctor quickly cleaned up the mess. She also check Padme to make sure she had no tears. With Padme appearing to be fine.

The healer walked over to stand by the doctor, as the two women helped Padme deliver her second child.

A few minutes later, Padme gave birth to her second child.

The healer caught the baby's in a blanket, she cleared the baby's throat with a medical instrument, and she made sure the baby was breathing.

The healer check. And she announced, “It's a boy.”

The doctor tied and cut the cord.

The healer than wrapped the baby, and walked over to Padme's left side. Then, the healer handed the baby to Padme.

Padme gently held her son in her arms, as she looked at him. She stated, “Hello Luke.”

A minute later, Padme passed the afterbirth of the second birth. The doctor cleaned up the mess. And the doctor checked for any serious tears. The doctor saw that Padme was fine.

Once the doctor found that there was nothing wrong, she helped Padme's lower legs and feet out of the medical stirrups.

Once Padme was was legs were laying on the bed, the doctor slid the medical stirrups under the medical bed. With this done, the doctor leaned up.

Anakin turned to the doctor. He asked, “How are her vitals?”

The doctor looked over at the monitors on the wall. She turned to Anakin. She answered, “Her vitals are fine. She is stable.” She turned to look at Padme. She commented, “But, the Madam Chancellor needs her rest.”

Anakin looked at Padme, with Luke in Padme's arms. Anakin asked, “What about the children?”

The Jedi healer turned to Anakin. She stated, “The children are fine. But, they need to rest, as well.”

Anakin walked over to stand by Padme's right side.

Padme looked up at Anakin. Padme stated, “I heard.”

Anakin said, “I will watch over the children.”

Padme smiled, as she replied, “I know you will.”

Meanwhile, the Jedi healer gently picked Luke up from Padme's arm. The doctor walked over to the table and gently picked up Leia.

Jobal looked at Padme. She stated, “If you need us. We will be right outside.”

Padme turned to her mother, Jobal. Padme said, “Thank you.”

Anakin commented, “Rest well.”

Jobal turned and walked over to the door to the room. She pressed a button on the panel by the door. The door slip open. The doctor and the healer then exited the room, as they carried the twins into the hallway.

The doctor and healer headed to a nursery down the hallway, where the twins would be monitored and taken care of.

Then, Jobal walked out of the room.

Anakin was the last person to exit the room. Before Anakin left, he used the panel on the interior side of the door to dim the lights to help Padme rest. Once Anakin had exited the room, he used a panel on the other side of the wall, by the door, to have the door slide closed.

In the dark, with the ceiling lights barely on, after everyone else left, Padme laid the back of her head on her pillow. Padme relaxed, as she thought, with relief, 'I guess Loki is wrong, and I am going to live, after all.'

Padme closed her eyes and she rested after surviving her latest trying ordeal, and her achieving the accomplishment she was most proud of. That accomplishment being her living through the birth of her children to finally have a family with her husband, Anakin.

Now, Padme had to bring lasting peace to the galaxy, which seemed like a much easier task to her than the ordeal she had just went through.

But, peace would be a goal for tomorrow. Today, Padme intended to rest and heal.

Padme know she was safe with Mjolnir beside her, and her friends right outside the door.


“But you know. Success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.” Wizard of the Mounds, Conan the Barbarian 1982 film.

To be concluded.


Author's Notes:

Yes. I reversed the order of the births, with Leia being born first in this story, and Luke being second. This is part of the “realities rhyme” narrative for this story.

There were two reasons I wanted Padme to get pregnant. One reason was because I wanted to include Leia and Luke in this story.

The other reason is that it threw the readers for loop in guessing what would happen next in this story.

I ended this chapter right after the birth of Leia and Luke to show that Padme lived to see her twins born and she has a future afterward.

Though, Leia and Luke were conceived and born a few years later than their counterparts in the original timeline.

Given the time skip between the above scene and the next scene, I believe this was a good place to break the story up into two chapters, with the above chapter taking place over a series of months.

The next scene takes place a few years later.

Now, the ministers. I did some research on Padme's inner circle and I assigned the jobs to those in the group whom I believed would do well in those roles.

Such as, Garm's personality and skills seemed to fit for the job of the Lord Speaker.

I even found useful roles for R2-D2 and C3-PO.

Also, as a way to show the contrast between reality counterparts, I put Anakin in a similar job in Padme's Administration, as Minister of War, as the job Darth Vader had under the Emperor. But, as stated, this Anakin is more emotionally mature, he wisely to weigh his actions, and he treats his subordinates well.

In addition, Anakin's family and friends are also there for him, if he needs them.

Also, I showed Ahsoka beginning her path to becoming a Galactic Senate by enrolling in the Youth Legislative Program.

I know the court term is “reasonable doubt”. But, I prefer the term “benefit of the doubt” because it is a much more clearly defined concept.

One more chapter to go to wrap things up and then the Thundering Force story is done.

I have had a fun time writing this story. I hope you enjoyed reading this story.

Until next time. Have fun.

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