Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 15 Final Chapter

Theia had gone to bed early after Sparrow and Daigh had gone home. Her sister and Shayla had retired to their bedroom and locked the door. She knew that they wouldn’t be leaving the bedroom any time soon. She was happy and tired from the fighting.

When she wakes-up, she feels a cool breeze lightly blowing by her face and the sound of crashing waves. She sits up and notices she is dressed in a white silk nightgown. She looks around and discovered she isn’t in her bedroom back at Titanis’s house. The place looked like an old Roman Domus.

On one side of the bed she was laying on, was an opening. She gets out of bed and steps outside. There was a nice patio set-up for her and she could see the ocean about two hundred feet from the patio with waves crashing against the shore. She explores the rest of the house. She finds the place fully stocked and furnished. The Atrium had a large pool in the middle of it if she wanted to go swimming. In the bathroom, it had a nice wading pool steam chambers.

There was no electricity anywhere in the place, but she figures the place didn’t need it. She hears soft music coming from the atrium. She heads towards the atrium and spots her mother sitting out there.

“Mom.” Theia runs up to her and hugs her.

Athena returns the hug and holds Theia to her. After a few minutes she release Theia.

Another chair and a table had appeared.

“Why don’t you sit down, Theia.” Athena motions to the chair behind Theia.

Theia sits down and notices a table had appeared with drinks and fruit on it. Theia takes an orange start peeling.

“How do you like your place so far?”

Theia looks at her mother “are you saying this place is mine?”

“Yes, I figure you might like a place away from your sister and some place to spend some down time at.” Athena had done the something for Titanis.

“Where is it located?” Theia was curious.

“You’re in Skiathos, Greece. You come back here any time you want too. I made a permeant portal in your room. All you have to do, is think
about where you want to go and walk through the full-length mirror in your bedroom.”

“Can’t people see this home?” Theia was wondering how she was going to protect it.

“Nope, its invisible to everyone else. Only people who are god touched or have god blood in their veins can see the place. So, your place is safe.”

“Thank you, mom.” Theia couldn’t believe it.

“Your welcome. Now, I have a very important question to ask you Theia. Do you have seconds thoughts about asking to become my daughter?”

“No ma’am. I have no second’s thoughts about asking to become your daughter. I don’t know if you realize how my other life use to be, but I don’t think I could had survive any longer in that life.” Theia would had committed suicide if Athena hadn’t accepted her.

Athena just looks at Theia and holds her hands out for her. When Theia takes Athena’s hands, she is pulled onto her lap. She holds her tight and places a kiss on her cheek.

“I was wondering if what you went through might had changed your mind.” Athena held Theia on her lap.

“That was fun mom. I wouldn’t want my old life back. I love being Titanis little sister and being your daughter. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
Theia relaxes against her mother and just enjoy being held.

Athena and Theia spend the day at her place and Athena teaches Theia how to cook the old way in her kitchen.

By the time night falls. Athena tucks Theia in and places a kiss on her forehead.

“You can go back to your sisters place any time you want too. She knows where you are. Why don’t you spend a few days here at your place? I’ll pop in to see you when I can.” Athena hugs Theia one more time, before putting her asleep.

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