time heals all wounds

Time heals all wounds.

My father and don’t get a long, but that wasn’t always so
in real life he isn’t really my father, he is my stepfather
I never believed he could replace my real father, but he made mom happy.

All that changed when Jake (my stepfather) and my mother got in a car accident
he walked away with only a nose bleeding, mother wasn’t so lucky
she broke her neck during the accident and died on the spot
the paramedics tried what they could but it was to late.

I was so angry at him that I didn’t see the pain he had
I on the other hand got into all sorts of trouble
to deal with the pain I felt
I lost track on how many times the cops arrested me
but since I was a minor they let me go again.

It was at one time Jake got a call from the hospital
he didn’t wait for the doctor to finish talking
he jumped in his car and raced to the hospital
he ran inside and yelled to see his son.

Since I waited in the next room I could hear all he said
the nurses managed to calm him down and asked him his name
ah, she said, your here for Brendan
is he alright he asked again, you could hear the fear in his voice.

Follow me she said, she guided Jake to my room
he ran inside and hugged me
are you OK, I mean your alright, please let all be OK.

I'm alright I told him, just a few bruises
thank god, he said, I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you honey
after hearing that I was lost for words.
He drove me in a wheelchair to his car
I could have walked but it was hospital policy.

When we drove home all I could think off, was I so wrong about him
so I asked him
dad? (this was the first time I called him dad), why don’t you ever look at me
it took him some time to figure out an answer, the he said
every time I close my eye’s I see your mother sitting in the car after the crash
and every time I look at you I also see her.

You look so much like her, your face, your mannerisms hell even how you walk
that’s why honey, it’s not your fault.

I took his hand and whispered” I'm sorry daddy”.

The next morning I woke up early to prepare for another fun day
I knew Jake had to work late again as usual.

After I showered I walked in the spare room where all of mothers clothes were, he couldn’t trow them away, I used them since mother died that way she’s always with me
mother and I were just about the same size so I picked up some silk undies
and matching bra and put them on, I filled the bra cups with some breast forms
which mother once bought for god knows why.

Next were some hold up stockings, I knew how to put them on thanks to childhood dress up
next I picked a silver floor length silk dress and put it on
I styled my hair and put on some make-up, I remembered how mother did it
when I was done I noticed I did a decent job
next came some jewels and some heels and I was ready to come down.

When I was down the stairs I heard something crash to the floor
I looked at the kitchen and there stood dad with his mouth wide open.

Carla? He stammered
he looked at me with disbelieve, I looked at him with anger
your not supposed to be home I shouted at him.

Your NOT supposed to be home, I turned and ran upstairs
as fast as the heels and long gown allowed me
I got in my room and slammed the door shut.

Some five minutes later there was a knock on the door
Carla!, Brendan he corrected himself, we need to talk
there was no response, Brendan honey if you’re ready to talk I'm downstairs.

An hour later I reluctantly walked downstairs
the clicking of the heels on the hardwood floor announced my arrival
when I stood at the bottom of the stairs Jake walked towards me
he gently took my arm and escorted me to my chair
please sit down he said, would you like a drink
I nodded yes, Jake got up and brought us a glass of wine.

As we drank our wine we both were looking for the right way to start talking
finally Jake said, ‘it’s spooky how much you look like your mother’
even your voice sounds like her
to be honest you nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw you
I mean, he continued in real life.

What do you mean I asked him
ever since the accident whenever I close my eye’s I see her in the car
on that fateful day, it drives me mad
for the last three years I prayed to god to take me and not her
instead I relive the accident every night I go to bed
so could you believe when I saw Carla, I mean you earlier today
in the flesh I thought my prayers were heard.

You were, or are mad at me, maybe even hate me
but I've been punished for my actions for the past three years
can you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Like I said before I prayed for Carla to come back
In a weird way it did, have you ever taken a good look in the mirror.

I'm not that beautiful I said to Jake
your so wrong Jake answered, he took my hand and guided me to a mirror
with the assistance of a photo of Carla he showed me the creepy
likeness there was between us.

Now you see what I mean
I can’t believe it Brendan said as he switched between me and his reflection
in the mirror.

Now what!, I asked Jake
with a big grin on his face he answered, now we go to diner
OK Brendan said let me go and change
no, Jake said, I like to go out with my mistress
no sooner then Jake said those words he knew he was in trouble.

I beg your pardon Brendan said
forget about it Jake answered, its not a big deal
oh but it is I told him and I like to see how my slave supposed to look like.

So it’s your turn to change and it better be good
please don’t Brendan, Jake begged
oh it’s Brendan now huh!, I only say it once, CHANGE, NOW.

It took him about 45 minutes to change, I thought to myself, this better be good
I in the mean time had changed clothes as well, I dressed in a blue leather skirt with a silver silk blouse with a matching blue leather blazer and high heeled boots
I was ready to hit the street.

then I heard the clicking of high heels and moments later he walked down the stairs
I couldn’t believe what I saw, Jake walked down the stairs completely dressed
in a pink PVC maids dress, an apron, cap, fishnet stockings
he even done some make up, reasonably good I must say
as he came closer I noticed something hilarious.

From under the dress I could see he was wearing diapers
I heard about it but never seen it up close and personal
I also noticed the dress had lockable collar, waist and wristbands
the locks were hanging there but not locked
I got up and with a swift move I locked all of them in place.

His wrists were now connected to his waist band via 20-25 cm chains
I did the same with his legs, the chains were long enough for him to walk
up and down the stairs, just!
he could do chores but only just, I now had power over him.

Jake asked permission to speak, I granted it
he asked how he is going out side
well you don’t, unless I take you, like that I added.

Oh before I forget, I said, the keys please
he knew what I meant and gave me a set of keys
I counted them and found there were a few short
he explained mistress (that is Carla) had a set on ice, just in case.

Well not anymore I said and headed to the fridge
within minutes a held all the keys so there wasn’t a chance
for him to release himself when I was gone, I had the power over him.

It was still early so I decided to go out, a bold call the way I was dressed
but I did it anyway
I ordered him to clean the kitchen from top to bottom
and if he’d done a good job I might take him with me next time.

That was something even Carla never dared to do, so Jake was in for a treat,
Jake considered if he would slip in some mistakes
so he wouldn’t have to come with his mistress
but quickly decided not to.

Yes he excepted Brendan as his mistress, what choice did he have
the way he looked he didn’t become his master.

My day in town was a blast, I found something I could use on Jake
for his day out, yes, I would bring him along next time I went out
on the way home I was approached by a nice gentleman
we started talking, when he invited me for a cup of coffee I accepted.

He complimented me on how good I looked, I think I blushed when he told me
he then got to the point.

He asked me if it was possible I'd showed him what it’s like to be a slave
I asked him why, he told his wife got the idea from her friends
who obviously feminized their friend or husbands.

I understand but why me
he told me the moment he saw me walking I looked like a mistress
I take that as a compliment, I told him.

Have you seen any of their slaves and how do you feel about it
you know you can’t force someone to become a slave
either some part of you wants to do it, or they have something to blackmail
you with and so you comply.

You don’t become a slave in a day, and then what kind of slave does she want
you to be, a male slave or maybe a sissy slave, does she wants to play kindly
or ruff, you set the terms on what you will or will not do
unless you want her to fully own you, in that case she can do anything with you.

Think about it for a while and if after that you still want me to show
you give me a call, I gave him my phone number and with that we said goodbye
before I left he gave me two hundred dollar, I asked him why
he said for your time and discretion.

I wanted to tell him this wasn’t necessary but he was gone in an instant
so I went home as well.

Once got home I couldn’t wait to show my sissy what I bought for him
I got inside and there he stood, waiting for me to return
I first inspected the kitchen, it looked flawless
I praised him for being such a good little maid and told him
I bought him a surprise, I opened the box and showed him what’s inside.

It was a complete chauffeur, no a chauffeuse outfit
it was an all red PVC outfit
it consisted of tight pants, white blouse and red jacket
a red tie, red cap and red high heels, not to forget white gloves
and there was a separate envelope present.

I said go and try it on, so after I opened the locks he went upstairs
when he returned I was pleased to what I saw
he was dressed to perfection, he had tugged his member between his legs
giving him a smooth feminine front.

Turn around I ordered him, at first he hesitated but then complied
as he turned it became obvious why
the back of the pants weren’t solid but a spiders web of thin PVC strands,
in the center, just covering his but hole sat a large PVC bow
with the ends hanging down his legs.

The bow was pleasing to the eyes but it was there for a purpose
because in place behind the bow sat a butt plug firmly in his ass.

I didn’t want him to be to comfortable.

I mockingly placed my hand on his front side and said
maybe one day we could make this for real.

The shocked look on his face was priceless, that one day he might
loose his man hood to his mistress
I added, ‘C'Mon’ like your gonna use it any time soon.

as he stood before me I handed him the envelope
with trembling hands he opened it
in it were two vouchers, one for a hair salon and the other
for a beauty salon.

He was send there and must follow whatever they wanted him to do
he wanted to get changed but I stopped him in his tracks
I said, what’s wrong with what your wearing
he said, but I, I mean, I'm.

For god sake stop babbling and get on your way
defeated he got in the car and drove to his first appointment
ones there he still had to walk to the hair salon
heads turned and whispers were heard
he was glad he made it inside.

He showed the voucher to the woman who greeted him
she took him to a seat right in front of the shop
so everyone got a good look.

She took his cap of and placed a barbers cape around him
she made sure he couldn’t look in the mirror.
She began washing his hair, after that she did several things to his hair.

If he had seen what she was doing he would have got up and run away.

An hour later his hair was dyed platinum blond and his hair styled
in a feminine way, she even styled his brows in this way.

When she made him look in the mirror he almost fainted
he was all girly and blond, he remembered a phrase he had often used
‘dumb blonds have it easy, now he looked like one.

He knew there wasn’t time to dwindle over it for his next appointment
waited for him, it was only a fifty meter walk to the beauty salon
but the way people almost stalked him it could have been a mile.

He got inside and luckily this time it was more private
she noticed he was a bit nervous, she reassured him nothing bad would happen.

Over the next 2 to 3 hours she put complete make-up on him
complete with false eye lashes.

He watched in the mirror how good he looked
he asked the woman if she would teach him how to apply it himself
she told him it wasn’t necessary since it was permanent make-up
it would last 3 to 5 years in all conditions.

At that point I got angry, I told her I was a man
what she replied shocked me, no honey you were a man, look at yourself
you wear a pretty feminine attire, lovely heels, your hair all girly
and your wear perfect make up, not to mention your butt plug.

Damn he thought, how did she knew, but she was right
my days being a male were gone, and I have no one to blame but myself
I could have refused all of this and left
but no, I just had to call Brendan mistress and that sealed my faith.

But then a little voice in my head told me this was what I always wanted
so I resided with my faith and I walked back to my car
surrounded by people, I didn’t care, I even swayed my ass a bit more
‘the feminine way’, ones I got home I reported to my mistress.

As I stood before her she inspected me from every angle
and she liked what she saw, she then looked up to me
and asked me if I had something to say to her
without looking up to her I said, ‘I'm yours mistress’.

As I turned towards her I heard her say, ‘oh no, we can’t have this can we?’
when I looked down I noticed my member had slipped from between my legs
I was shocked, how long was it like this, did people see this.

We have to fix this she said, permanently
but mistress I started, no buts she came back, we have to keep up standards
there wasn’t any reasoning with mistress, she made her mind up.

So the following week we drove to a private clinic to have it fixed
not to go in the boring details, I went home two weeks later
not only having a vagina but also perfect C-cup breasts.

As I drove mistress home she showed me something
it was my new ID, my name was changed from Jake to Jacky
the most troubling part was my gender, it didn’t say male or female
it said Sissy.

When we got home I noticed Jacky was sad, I asked her why
Jacky showed the ID and said why
well that’s simple, since your neither male or female
you have to be a sissy.

don’t be so gloomy is said, go upstairs and put on the purple outfit
I got something to lighten your day.

Half an hour later Jacky walked down the stairs
I praised her how lovely she looked when the door bell rang
I walked to the door and after I opened it a young man stood in front of me
all dressed up, I let him in.

I called Jacky to me, Jacky, I said, this is James and he wants to take you out
before she could say something I gave her a purse
as I gave it to her I made sure she saw me put some condom’s in the purse
you never know I whispered.

Before they left I told James, ‘the front is off limits’.

don’t worry she’s save with me, he answered and then they left
now they’re gone I could concentrate on my next task
the young man I spoke to some time ago would come around
he wanted further advise on what I told him the previous time
what I learned from the phone call, he was to put in or get out.

As I was waiting my thoughts went back on how easily Jacky handled
her transition, this was only possible if she wanted it to happen
so now I'm waiting for someone who might walk the same path as Jacky.

The doorbell rang, I opened the door and invited him in, his name was Jerry
we sat down and right away he spilled his guts
he told me his wife said I wasn’t big enough downstairs to satisfy her needs
he also told me she threatened to destroy me if a wanted a divorce
she had powerful friends and I will loose everything I had
my house, my money, even my identity.

I told him what I said the first time we spoke
the best and worse options, it seems she got you by the balls
or lack of them by what you told me.

Now what is it you want me to do because you obviously don’t have an option.

She said I'll be her girly girl, I don’t know what she means by that, he said
and you want me to show you, I answered
yeah, I guess so he answered.

Have you tried any other option, I asked him
she took my credit cards, blocked my bank account, sold my car
and I believe she switching all my male clothes as we speak
so I have nothing, have nowhere to go as my best friend are hers also.

I felt bad for him, but what could I do
I asked him to follow me upstairs where I had him remove all his clothes
as he stood there naked before me I had to admit, he was build rather small.

I picked a pink satin sissy dress for him to wear with matching panties
some stockings and heels
I made sure the heels weren’t to high so he could walk
he still looked like a man, but it was the idea what counted.

I knew I had to prepare him for what might come for him
not knowing if I did the right thing
so I suddenly grabbed him by the hair and forced him on his knees between my legs
I raised my dress and forced my rigid cock in his mouth
I made him suck it as I pumped in and out his mouth.

I then forced it all the way down his throat and I came, filling his belly with my cum
I didn’t gave him time to recover, I turned him around and shoved my still hard cock in his ass, at first he resisted but pretty soon he took the entire length
in his ass.

When I was done he fell to the floor, wasted I left him there while I got cleaned
up, when I had changed clothes and got back to my room he was still laying there
he’d been crying.

I walked up to him and picked him up, I'm sorry but I had to show you what might happen if or when you submit to your wife.

He didn’t say a word so I couldn’t tell if he was sad or mad (at me)
finally after the longest time he said without looking up, ‘thanks for showing me’
he asked what I would do, so I told him I would taser the bitch and get my life back, but, if it comes to it I deny everything I told you.

For the first time a smile formed on his face when he said, ‘i hear you’
I had him change clothes and almost had the impression he was reluctant to do so
when he left I stored the clothes he wore, when I came down there was
an envelope on the table addressed to me.

I opened it and in it was thousand dollar and a note which simply said
‘thank you mistress’.

As I was about to make myself a drink I heard some noises outside
I watched through the window and was just in time to see
James and Jacky kissing each other passionately.

I Was pleased as to what I saw, but also surprised
as to how easy Jacky embraced her femininity
I just might lose her in the near future.

As they walked to the door I quickly retreated to the living room
not giving them a clue I saw them kissing.

After they said their goodbyes I was sure James would ask Jacky out again
Jacky went upstairs to change, moments later she returned dressed in a
little purple PVC baby doll, she didn’t bother to put on panties
over the baby doll she wore a transparent kimono.

We had a little chat and a nightcap before we retired to bed
Jacky didn’t reveal much what happened between them
but when I asked if she liked James she just blushed.

From that day they dated regularly, and I think love was in the air
it was some time ago and didn’t hear from Jerry
and assumed all was well until one day the doorbell rang.

Jacky opened the door and there he stood, Jerry
he looked like he lived under a bridge
his clothes, or lack of them were dirty, so was he
Jacky initially wanted to send him away
but when I noticed who was there I ordered Jacky to invite him in.

he was to dirty to let him sit anywhere, so I told Jacky
‘Jacky, why don’t you make Jenny more presentable’
it’s Jerry, Jerry answered, but it was to deaf ears
as Jacky told him, C'Mon Jenny, let’s clean you up.

Firstly Jerry took a long bath
when he was cleaned sufficiently he stood before Jacky, naked
Jerry looked nervous without clothes
Jacky had anticipated that and walked in the room wearing nothing
but stockings, high heels and a clear apron revealing all her glory.

The first thing Jacky noticed how small build Jerry was
almost to the point of no existence
we don’t have any male clothes here and we can’t have you running naked
around the house, so this is what we do
she took his hand and guided him to the bedroom

there it lay, neatly displayed on the bed
a complete pink PVC maids outfit
Jacky started dressing Jerry
after Jerry was dressed Jacky styled his hair and applied make-up
some heels completed his outfit.

Jerry looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what he saw
a petite young girl was staring back at him
be it that it was he who was looking back at him
Jerry involuntary caressed his breasts (forms)
he couldn’t believe how they enhanced his change
Jacky took his hand and escorted him downstairs.

The clicking of his heels announced his arrival
as he stood before me I was pleased with what I saw
hello Jenny I softly said, it’s nice to meet you.

Thank you Jerry managed to answer, he was still overwhelmed by what happened
Jerry asked if he could ask a question
why sure I answered.

Am I, am I your slave?
I took him by the hands and told him ’no dear, you’re my guest’,
and as my guest it’s my duty to present you as best as I can
as we have no male clothes this it the best I could do for you.

Tomorrow we will wash your clothes and if you want to leave
when they’re clean your free to go.

But if you decide to stay, then I like to continue to see Jenny
you will be given the most feminine outfits to wear, and the perfect
make-up to go with them.

But for now as I mentioned your my guest, enjoy your stay in my house
with that I called for Jacky, Jacky then walked in the room
completely dressed in a black maids outfit
holding a tray with some drinks and snacks for the two of them
Jacky then retreated to the kitchen.

Jerry, or in this case Jenny asked why Jacky isn’t joining them
unlike you, I said, Jacky IS my slave and must obey my rules
she will eat separate from us
and during your stay she must obey you as well.

But, I added, during your stay you must obey me, just like Jacky
and I don’t allow any disobedience.

The weekend was like a dream, I enjoyed what I looked like
or at least what I could become, and yet the idea of walking
here out the door tonight as little old me had a slight overhand.

Although nothing was forced on me, they had make me do chores
like fix coffee, a little cleaning and more
a part of me accepted that life
but it was the part that wanted to leave had the overhand.

Then a man entered the house, James I learned
he was to take |Jacky out on a date, but before he did
he addressed mistress.

He got all formal and asked mistress or her permission to marry her daughter
mistress clearly caught off guard, she needed some time to collect her thoughts
but as she looked at Jacky she knew she felt the same way as James.

Mistress had a long talk with Jacky and reluctantly gave her permission
for the wedding to proceed
Jacky gave mistress a kiss and said ‘thank you mother’.

After James and Jacky had left I peeked down stairs and saw mistress in tears
somehow I knew I couldn’t leave as mistress needed help when Jacky was gone
I looked at my boy clothes, picked them up and threw them at the garbage
I then walked down the stairs, I didn’t wore my heels
so mistress hadn’t heard me coming.

I knelt besides her and placed my hand on her leg
unfortunately it landed on her crotch and immediately felt something grow
I didn’t dare to look up at mistress so she took the lead
she lifted her dress revealing her rock hard cock.

I kind of guessed what she expected me to do, but was I ready
ready to surrender my life to her
but I guess the decision already was made when I walked downstairs
I re-positioned myself between her legs and took her shaft in my mouth.

I took great effort in milking her dry, when she came I made sure
to swallow every drop of her seed as the servant I was
there was no going back for me, I had sealed my future
from that day forward I became her slave, driver
and most importantly her lover.

Well not exactly her lover, more like her play toy, but I'm OK with it
I was also given the same treatment as Jacky
permanent make-up, dyed hair and big breasts, but she kept my tiny dick
as a reminder of my submissiveness to her.

Three months later we attended the wedding of James & Jacky
she looked beautiful in her silk wedding gown
when the wedding vows were done there was an added bonus
in front of the vicar and everyone present I officially became mistresses slave
to make it official a collar was locked around my neck
I had become the property of my mistress.

What they say is true, ‘time heels all wounds’


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