Alexa B-Side: #22 - The Christmas Card

Alexa B-Side: #22 – The Christmas Card

Katie tugged at the short hem of the dress. “How did I let you two talk me into this?" she asked as she shook her arms, trying to get comfortable in the red, fur trimmed elf dress.

"Oh, come on Kate, it's fun!" Alexa said.

"Besides, they are damn sexy!" Jenny added as she said her hand up the back of Alexa's thigh. A surprised look came over the blonde girl’s face while Alexa's smile grew wider and more mischievous.

"Oh God! Knock it off you two." Katie said as she turned and left the room. Jenny took her fiancée in her arms. "Has someone been a naughty girl?"

"Not yet" Jenny and Alexa shared a long kiss before strolling out of the make shift dressing room, large smiles across their faces. As they neared the gigantic Christmas tree that sat in the Thompson Family’s great room they once again encountered their roommate. “I hope you two got that out of your system.” Katie asked. The couple looked at each other and began to giggle. Katie shook her head, no matter how crazy the two of them drove her with their affectionate ways and dress up games, she was happy for the couple and realized the love they shared was something special.

The roommates had decided that a Christmas card was needed from the apartment. More like Jenny had decided and Alexa had willing followed. But this was not going to be just the three girls, there was one more person in the picture. Jenny asked where Danny was. “He will be out in a minute. He is having a hard time with the belt.” Katie said. Just as she finished saying this, Katie’s boyfriend appeared, ready for the picture. Jenny had chosen the outfit Danny was to wear, a simple Santa suit and hat with no beard. And by no means was Danny excited by the choice. Instantly the Quinn siblings were at each other, as only siblings can be.

“Oh look, it’s the Santa Ken doll!” Alexa said to her brother. Jenny slapped Alexa on the arm but couldn’t stop giggling as her future brother-in-law walked in, grumpy as ever. “Shut up Alexa. Jen, why do I have to wear this stupid thing?” Danny asked. Jenny informed him it was fun, and he made a good Santa. “It will look great and you have to be in the picture because you are basically live at our place.” Danny harrumphed his way over to the large straight back chair that had been set up next to the tree in the Thompson’s main room. He was finally in a better mood as one of the ‘elves’ took her place on Santa’s lap. The two shared a large smile and a deep kiss.

“I don’t know who’s worse. Them or us.” Jenny said. Alexa answered that question immediately. “Us” she stated as the two shared another deep kiss.” Danny was annoyed by the actions of his sister and her fiancée. “Knock it off you two and let’s get this done.” An anxious Danny said. Alexa looked at her brother and pointed up.

“Mistletoe. Just following rules.”

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