What a long strange trip it’s been.

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What a long strange trip it’s been.
By Princess Pantyboy

Hi to all,
I thought I would do a little something different for my 100th story I have put on-line. This is a little blast from the past, I hope and pray you enjoy my story. The name of this story comes from a song from the Grateful Dead in case you’re wondering.

Me/ Kelly 10-years-old boy
Miley 6-year-old little sister
Aunt Meghan

I was transferring files from my old laptop to my knew laptop and found some stories I started writing back in 2007-2011 and never put online. Here is another one of them, the 5th. I'm calling them my missing basement tapes.
I hope you enjoy it, like always please forgive any of the spelling or grammar mistakes I didn’t catch I hope there aren’t many. I am trying.
Hugs, Princess.

The year is 1969 and flower power is in the air here in Southern California. My parents are just like any other young couple living in Southern California with mommy having flowers in her hair and daddy with long hair down his back.

Being a boy I want to follow in my daddy’s footsteps, so of course my hair is also very long going half way down my back just like my daddy. My parents have their music hero’s in a band called The Grateful Dead, and they all have long hair too. My parents are known as dead heads whom do everything they can to go to Grateful Dead concerts.

Looking around you have to just smile, my parents are dancing around in a circle slowly in the living room, I walk out of the kitchen with a cup of water. My little sister Miley is playing on the couch with her Barbie's. I walk over seeing how happy Miley is and how our parents are laughing and giggling aloud.

“Hey Miley what's going on?” I see her put down one of her Barbie's and starts to stare at me with my long hair which is all messy. I turn away and see mommy and daddy still dancing with their hair flying around, playing their music real loud. I can't help myself seeing how happy our parents are dancing. I start to tap my foot and start to smile watching them enjoying themselves.

Miley taps me on the shoulder holding one of her brushes and smiling at me while she is still holding her Barbie. “Kelly you want me to brush your hair so it stays out of your eyes, its going to be really hot today it will also make you feel better?”

“I guess so it is already starting to get warm out. Don’t ya just love watching mommy and daddy dancing, they always look so happy.” Miley looks at them and smiles also. “I wonder if everyone's’ parents are as happy as our mommy and daddy?”

Turning back to Miley to hear her thoughts. “I don’t know but I hope everyone is happy like us and our parents. Since you are watching them dancing turn around so I can brush your hair better okay?” I turn around on the couch and I have my back now to Miley, I continue watching the love my parents have for each other. Both my parents are smiling and giggling at each other while they are dancing.

“Yea there is no doubt that mommy and daddy love each other. Kelly hold my Barbie so she doesn’t get lonely.” I don’t pay any attention to Miley's request, I take her Barbie and hold it with two hands in my lap watching them dancing.

Oh, yea that feels so good having my hair brushed out. “I think I heard you moan Kelly you must really like having your hair done.” Miley says while I am smiling.

“Yes little sis I do like having my hair done, or brushed is a better term. You brush my hair almost as good as mommy.” Miley looks at me smiling.

I feel Miley tap me on the shoulder. “Here Kellie.” I ignore her calling me by the female version of my name. “Ya know you really need to practice brushing your long hair so it still looks so pretty, I mean nice like daddy's so you can keep long hair.” Thinking to myself she is right because mommy said I can have long hair like daddy as long as I take care of it.

“Take this brush Kelly, and you can practice on my favorite Barbie's long hair then you will know how to brush your own hair better.” I guess that makes sense I wonder if that is why Miley is always brushing her Barbie's hair, to practice how to brush her long hair.

I take the little pink brush in my hand and stare at it like it is an alien weapon that landed here on earth not knowing what to do with it.

“Just start at the bottom of the Barbie's hair and work your way up and down until it brushes easy with no knots. I brush her hair out every day so it should be easy for you to brush her hair.”

I listen then look at the little girly Barbie. “Okay I guess, but let me know if I am doing it right okay Miley?” I hold the Barbie with one hand and I put the little tiny pink brush near the Barbie's long hair and I look down and start to brush it slowly. “How is this Miley am I doing your Barbie's hair okay?” I see in the corner of my eye Miley watching me brush her Barbie’s hair out.

“Yes you are doing a great job if you mess up my Barbie I will tell you you’re doing it wrong.” What her Barbie is going to talk to me? She must be crazy. I put the Barbie closer to my face hearing something than I ignore it, I go back to brushing her pretty Barbie.

Miley is smiling at me for some reason. “Oh yes you are doing much better now Kelly.” I feel her positive comments making me feel better. “I am going to put your long hair into a ponytail so it isn't laying on your back okay? It will feel much better in this heat Kellie.”

I don’t respond while I am still brushing the Barbie's hair. Miley is brushing my long hair and putting it in a ponytail. I cannot see how she is doing it as she just puts the ponytail on top of my head. My long hair is starting to bounce around, just like the TV show I dream of Jeannie. Her hair is on top of her head and it is always bouncing around as she moves.

“Hey kids you want to go to your first Grateful Dead concert? Your Aunt Meghan called this morning that they are having a free concert and it will be outside and be a bunch of fun for you girl's, I mean kids.” We both see mommy and daddy smiling; even though they seem to be just smiling at me as they giggle and laugh.

Miley and I stop brushing and look at mommy and daddy smiling at us both. We look at each other and smile. “Yea that will be great; we will love it and promise to be good.” I hear Miley answering for both of us even though I am the oldest child.

“Good now you two run upstairs and pack some clothes so we can get ready for Aunt Meghan and her new boyfriend we will meet them on the way.” Mommy says

Miley and I look at each other wondering why we need to bring clothes for. “I guess your mommy didn’t tell you that it is up in San Francisco so it will take us at least all day to get there from here in Huntington beach. So, we will be camping the whole weekend.”

“So we are going to see your favorite music band The Grateful dead, and go camping too mommy?” Miley says which is funny because she said exactly what I was thinking. I see mommy looking down into my lap and I don’t notice I am still brushing the Barbie's hair as we talk.

Mommy smiles, she sees me playing with the Barbie. “Yes sweetie and there is another band playing called Jefferson Airplane and another band called Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the holding company and lots of other great music.”

“Now you two go upstairs and pack some clothes for the weekend and Kelly make sure you go potty first because we don’t want to have any more accidents okay sweetie?” Mommy says as she comes over to me bending down looking at the Barbie in my hand and staring me in the eyes. “Are you having fun sweetie?” Before I can respond Miley starts in again.

I feel the couch move; Miley climbs off and has her hand on mommy's shoulder. “Mommy can me and Kellie bring our Barbie's so we have something to play with us for the long trip and for camping?” Miley's says; mommy and I look at Miley’s big blue eyes asking mommy.

“Yes you both can bring your Barbie's to play with if you want. Kelly is this you’re favorite Barbie that you have been brushing her pretty hair while we are talking?” I hear mommy and look up into mommy's eyes.

Miley burst in again, and doesn’t give me a chance to respond. “Mommy SHE is playing with my favorite Barbie but I think I will let Kellie have this Barbie and that Barbie can be HER favorite Barbie okay Kellie?” I am like what does she keep referencing me as a SHE and a HER for. Again, before I can respond mommy starts to talk again.

“Well that’s really nice of you Miley giving HER, I mean him your Barbie so SHE can have a favorite Barbie too.” I look at Miley not sure what is going on there both talking so fast. “Well Kellie you should thank your little sister for giving you her favorite Barbie so now you can have a favorite Barbie too.”

I hear mommy and I look over at Miley smiling from ear to ear. “Mommy I don’t want to have a favorite Barbie or any kind of Barbie's. I am a boy not a silly girl who plays with Barbie's.” I say and look around because I feel silly still holding the pretty Barbie.

“Well sweetie while your daddy and I where dancing in the living room you were playing with your new Barbie. I noticed you brushing her hair very well if I may say so myself. I think it would be real nice to thank your sister for giving you that pretty Barbie okay little Kellie?”

I look up at mommy, I get off the couch and turn towards Miley smiling at me. “Umm thank you Miley for letting me have your favorite Barbie she is very pretty, I mean nice.”

“Okay you two upstairs and pack some clothes for the weekend and Kellie you go use the bathroom this very second we don’t want any more accidents like the last time we drove a long ways okay sweetie?”

Miley is smiling because she knows I get way too relaxed in a car when we drive long ways and I had an accident the last three times we went to grandma’s house which is only an hour away and now this trip will be like 8-10 hours away. I walk away from smiling Miley and I go into the bathroom closing the door while she goes to get clothes for the trip.

“Mommy I have all my clothes in my bag, I even brought a few extra dresses, and panties in case of an emergency. The last time we went camping for a weekend we ended up staying for over a week. So, mommy this time I packed enough panties and dresses for over a week. I even brought both my swim suits hehehe.” Miley's says.

“You are such a big girl. I think you are growing up way to fast young lady. You are a very good girl preparing for every fun possibility sweetie.” I hear mommy from the bathroom telling Miley. “Come to think of it I am going to pack some extra clothes too once we get into the music and the three-day concert time will fly by. Can you do me a big favor sweetie and pack the diaper bag for the trip too?”

I try to listen from the bathroom because they are both standing right next to the bathroom door in the hallway. “But mommy I haven’t had any accidents in a long time, and when I did last summer it was just at night.”

“I know sweetie the diaper bag isn't really for you it’s for your big brother. He sometimes has accidents at night, during the day when we drive long ways.” Mommy says.

Miley is giggling, I try to hear better what their saying but still cannot. I think mommy told her I am the one that needs the diaper bag, which is so messed up. “Kellie are you done in there? KNOCK, KNOCK.” I hear mommy saying as she knocks on the bathroom door.

“Now hurry up Kellie when your done go out to the Volkswagen van and make yourself a bed for you and your big, I mean little sister okay?”

Before I can respond I hear Miley giggling and then talking again. “Mommy I should be the big sister and Kellie the little brother or I should say the little sister because his hair is so long, and he is so small even though he is way older than me.”

“I know sweetie you are the taller one and you are much more mature than Kellie, and you are the big sister and he or she is the little sister between the two of us.” I hear mommy saying as the both of them are giggling.

I flush the toilet even though I couldn’t go potty. I open the bathroom door hearing the both of them giggling and staring at me. “Okay are you ready Kelly?”

“Yes mommy I am ready for the trip.” I decide to ignore all the stuff mommy said to Miley while I was in the bathroom. “Do you want me to get blankets, pillows, and stuff to put in the can mommy?”

Mommy and Miley are still smiling as they stop giggling hearing my comments. “Yes sweetie you can go make a bed in the van for you and Miley I want you both to take a nap when we leave and Miley you go get that Ummm, that extra bag of stuff I told you about, okay sweetie?”

“Mommy I know your talking to Miley but do you still want me to grab the pillows and blankets off of my bed and little Miley's bed?” It feels good to be helping, I bet I can make the best bed in the world in our VW van/camper.

Miley walks up to mommy with her bags and the pink diaper bag. “Mommy is there anything else you want me to get?” I walk by them both carrying all my blankets and pillows, or I should say dragging my stuff out to the van.

“Yes sweetie get yours, and your brothers pajama’s because you’re both going to change into them when we get on the road okay sweetie? Keep in mind it is hot outside and it will be getting even hotter later.”

Miley smiles at mommy. “Okay mommy.” Miley runs down the hallway. I move out of the way so she doesn’t knock me over.

“Mommy what's up with her? Miley almost knocked me down again like yesterday?” Mommy seems to be ignoring me, she continues with packing a cooler with drinks and making sandwiches. “Do you need any help mommy I already made the bed in the van?”

Our van is one of those typical hippy Volkswagen vans from the 60’s with crazy paint all over it with tie die and rainbows. “Yes sweetie you can help me make some sandwiches okay?”

“Sure mommy I will do whatever you want so we can get on the road to our first concert together. How many concerts do you think you and daddy went to mommy?” I ask smiling at how pretty my mommy is.

I can see mommy is in deep thought. “I really don't know sweetie your dad and I have been to dozens of Grateful dead concerts. I could not even tell you how many other concerts like this one that has lots of bands playing that we have went to.”

“Wow you guys sure have been to a lot of dead concerts. I want to go to as many as you and daddy went too when I get big mommy.”

I smile seeing mommy smiling as she looks down at me. “Wow mommy.” I feel her put her hands under my arm pits and pick me up putting me down on one of the bar stools in the kitchen.

“Okay sweetie I want you to put mustard on all these pieces of bread I have out for ham sandwiches. Only a little bit and then you can put one piece of cheese and three pieces of ham on each sandwich okay?”

I look at mommy like she is crazy, I mean that is the easiest job on the planet. “Of course mommy I can do that, I am not a baby you know.” I start to try to open the mustard jar but it is too tight. “Mommy can you help me open the mustard so I can make the sandwiches?”

“Here let me help.” Miley comes up beside me and takes the mustard jar and opens it up like it is no big deal. “Here ya go LITTLE Kellie.”

I look down at the open jar and I cannot believe she was able to open it and so easily too. It is like she didn’t even have to try hard or nothing, she just walked up to the counter took the jar and opened it, and walked away. “Well I guess your sister did it for you little Kellie so you can make the sandwiches okay, now right?” I ignore her and Miley calling me little so they won't tease me.

“Yes I am good mommy. How many sandwiches you want me to make?” I start to put mustard on the bread still not believing my little sister seems stronger than me, man that is so embarrassing.

I turn wondering why mommy hasn’t responded to me and she is standing next to me with her hands on her hips. That is never a good sign, I wait for her to say something. “Okay your hair has mustard on it Kelly, look see?” I feel mommy take a paper towel and wipe mustard off my hair.

“Miley grab the basket of hair stuff so I can fix little Kelly’s hair please.” I hear mommy yell up the stairs, Miley runs down with the wicker basket piled with all kinds of hair stuff with scissors on top. “Didn’t I tell you not to run in the house and especially with scissors on top of the basket what would happen if you tripped and fell on the scissors it would be all over sweetie so be more careful okay?”

I smile hearing Miley getting in a little bit of trouble, I stick my tongue at her. If I did what Miley was getting in trouble doing, mommy would of probably have spanked me. Miley always seems to get away with everything. “Mommy Kellie is sticking his tongue out at me again like the baby he is because I got in trouble.”

“Don’t call me Kellie again Miley that’s not my name you know. Tell her mommy that’s not my name.” Everyone seems to just be ignoring me today.

I feel mommy start brushing my hair out and it feels nice. “Stop it both of you, Kellie is a pretty name and I call you that all the time too. Now both of you relax and Miley hand me a hair tie so I can put your brother’s hair in a ponytail to keep the hair out of his eyes.”

“Mommy these are all my hair ties there aren’t any boy color ones in here.” I roll my eyes with it sounding like little Miley is whining trying to complain about something as normal.

I hear something about hair ties but I ignore it, I stick my tongue out at Miley being a smart butt. “Hand me a hair tie Miley just pick a color it doesn’t matter.”

“Okay mommy here.” I turn fast to see what color it is but I was too slow. I guess mommy is right what is the difference if it is black or blue or green no matter. The thing is I didn’t notice that she gave mommy I bright pink hair tie and neither one of them told me.

I feel her pulling my ponytail around the back. “Mommy your pulling my hair to much are you trying to kill me?”

“No I'm not trying to kill you Kelly I am just trying to make your ponytail straight on the back of your head so it lays down right against your neck.”

I roll my eyes just wanting this to be done. “Don't role your eyes at mommy, she is just trying to help you Kellie. Mommy you should put his ponytail towards the top of his head you always said that is better in these hot temperatures.”

“Yes that is true Miley, but only girl's keep their ponytails high up on their head. Boys just keep their hair tied so it hangs on their backs.”

Miley turns and gives be another dirty look for some reason. “That is perfect than mommy because Kellie is a girl's name and he is such a sissy anyway always trying to get me in trouble.”

“I'm no sissy, Miley is always picking on me because I am so small for my age.” I want to cry but then I will act like the little sissy Miley is calling me.

I look up at mommy rolling her eyes at me this time. “Okay you two knock it off. You both were playing so nice with your Barbie's so just relax and get in the van and go back to playing with your pretty Barbie's.”

“Mommy why am I the one that always gets in trouble when Miley and I are arguing it isn’t fair?” I look down sadly knowing I am going to be in trouble again.

Oh, know now mommy is giving me that look that is known all of the planet. She is standing with both her hands on her hips tapping her foot staring at me. In English that means I am in deep trouble and I should probably stop talking and breathing is the best thing to do.

“Kelly we all know you are small for your age but sweetie you are still older than little Miley so you need to be more mature okay?” I hate it when mommy calls me sweetie like a little girl. She is always calling Miley sweetie I wonder why she started calling me sweetie to.

I see a mean look on Mileys face. “Mommy I am not the little one and I am much more mature than LITTLE Kellie. He is the one that should be called little since I am taller and stronger than the little sissy boy.”

“Enough arguing you both are not starting this trip off very good.” Miley and I look at mommy and I know I am in trouble but she even looks pissed at Miley which is extremely rare.

Speaking of rare Miley is actually being quiet now. We start walking out to the van while we see daddy checking the tires and all that for a long trip. “Baby did you make some coffee for the road trip so we can stay awake better?” Our daddy says looking at mommy.

“Yes baby I filled both thermos up with black coffee I was thinking after I have a cup I would run along the side of the van for a while and race you hehehe.” Mommy says to daddy then giggling like mommy was a little girl. “Okay girl's I mean kids let's hop up in the van take your shoes off and get comfortable it is a long trip and we will probably drive through the night unless your daddy gets tired.”

We are driving and driving and we started out going up PCH Pacific Coast Highway then we got on Interstate 5 and headed north. Interstates are so boring for scenery. PCH is so beautiful seeing the ocean on one side and all the people either enjoying the beach or going to it with everyone smiling and laughing with flowers in their hair several people playing guitar on the beach sitting in a circle.

I always loved when we were on the beach with mommy and daddy, and of course little Miley. I have to admit it was one of the only times Miley and I didn’t argue we just played in the sand having fun all day. I better stop calling her little or she will hurt me since she is taller, and stronger than me now somehow.

It was also fun watching daddy playing guitar and mommy dancing hitting her tambourine to the rhythm of the music, with everyone around us just dancing to the music and smiling and with the sound of the ocean right in front of us.

Yea life is good; I look over seeing Miley playing with her Barbie's and looking at me smiling. “Kellie you look so relaxed looks like you are going to fall asleep any second.”

“Yea I am getting relaxed; I was thinking about when we drove by the beach all the fun times we had there together.” I rub my eyes yawning and stretching.

Miley smiles hearing me. “Yes we always had a good time with the sun and all the fun we always had there. Kellie your ponytail is coming out I can see it is bothering you with it on the back of your head you want me to fix it so you can relax better and it will be more comfortable in this heat too?”

“Sure Miley but if I fall asleep wake me up it's too early to fall asleep okay?” I watch as Miley puts both her Barbie's on my lap then picks the two I was playing with earlier. Miley puts them in my hands so she can reach behind me and brush my long hair. “Why did you put the barbies in my hands Miley I don't want to play with them now, I am way to relaxed?”

Miley starts brushing my hair. “I put them in both your hands so I don't sit on them and break them while I am doing your pretty hair, I mean brushing your hair.”

“I guess that makes sense, I am going to close my eyes while you brush my hair you are making me even more relaxed Miley.” I am feeling Miley brushing my hair. I remember mommy brushing my long hair, mommy always hums while she is brushing my hair and that always made me fall asleep. I can still hear her humming as I fall asleep.

The last thing I remember is Miley brushing my hair on the right side then on the left side, thinking to myself how relaxing this is hearing Miley humming and the sounds from the van.

“Wake up what are you doing Kellie.” I twist and turn continue to sleep. “He is out he must have been tired. Miley grab the diaper bag then your brother’s clothes bag so I can change him, he peed in his shorts again.”

Miley hands mommy the diaper bag as I feel all my clothes being pulled off me because I fell asleep and peed my pants again. “I wish I knew he fell asleep I would have put a diaper on him then, look at these shorts there soaked in pee and they look like they should have been thrown out they are so beat up and his underwear is so stained too.” Mommy says while I am still sleeping.

“Baby can you toss these in that dumpster? These should have been thrown out even before they were soaked in pee.”

Daddy takes the peed-on shorts and underwear holding them as far away as he can. “Wait baby looks look his tee shirt needs to go in the dumpster too no sense smelling pee all weekend when it's not worth saving.” Mommy says

“Yea he sure peed a lot on his underwear and shorts.” Daddy says and takes the peed-on shirt from mommy.

Miley comes back up by mommy who just took a diaper out of the diaper bag to put on me while I am still sleeping. “Miley are there any other diapers these are all pink barbie diapers? Your brother is going to be surprised enough when he wakes up wearing a diaper.”

“Sorry mommy those are the only diapers that we have. There are a bunch of them too.”

Mommy starts putting the Barbie diaper on me and she tapes it shut. “Well at least they fit him good but I better put some plastic underwear over them. Miley, can you grab a pair out the diaper bag?”

“Yes mommy there are only three in here, one is solid pink, one that is solid pink with white Pokka dots, and one that is pink with Barbie pitchers on them. These are the ones I wore when I was a baby and needed to wear a diaper like Kellie is now.”

Mommy reaches her hand out to Miley. “Oh well no one will see them under his clothes anyway so just hand me the matching pink ones with the Barbie's on it sweetie.” Miley hands mommy the supper girly pink plastic panties. “You are such a big helper Miley thank you very much sweetie.”

“Your welcome mommy, I love to help you do stuff. I am glad we pulled over to get gas and Kellie didn’t pee all over the blankets and pillows that would have been disgusting mommy. I am glad he is wearing a diaper now so he won't pee on me when I fall asleep.”

I can feel mommy pulling the girly plastic panties up my legs and tucking the diaper in all the way around so it doesn’t leak. “Sweetie why did you put his hair in pigtails Miley? Kellie looks more like a little toddler girl now with pink plastic panties and pigtails and no clothes on hehehe?” I still sleep ignoring everything around me.

“He was having a hard time with his ponytail going into his back so I told him I could move his ponytail so it wouldn’t bother him.” Mommy shakes her head smiling at me sleeping. “Yes Kellie does look like a little toddler girl now especially with no clothes on mommy. Speaking of clothes, I don't see Kellies bag anywhere, I don’t think he brought his clothes bag.”

Mommy shakes her head. “Well that is not good we need to put some clothes on him. The last thing I want to see is when he wakes up seeing he is wearing pink plastic panties and a diaper. If they are hidden under his clothes he won't whine about them until he sees them sweetie. If he wakes up now seeing what he is wearing he will whine and cry the whole trip.”

“He can wear some of my pajamas mommy I was going to get into them anyway because I am getting so tired too. I brought an extra pair and they will match his plastic panties hehehe.” Miley says and giggles.

Miley takes both pairs out and they are both supper girly. “Okay I guess it doesn’t matter which one you hand me they are both girly.” I feel mommy lift me up pulling the silky pink Barbie nightgown over my head. Mommy pulls it down and it is short about mid-thigh. “Wow she, I mean he really looks like a little toddler girl now wearing your pretty nightgown.”

“Okay are we ready to go girl's, is Kelly is all changed and ready?” our daddy says and sees what his only son is wearing.

Mommy smiles seeing the look on daddy’s face as he is in shock. “Well Kelly forgot to bring his clothes so I put him in one of Mileys nightgowns.” Mommy lifts up the front of the nightgown showing daddy I am now wearing pink plastic panties and a diaper underneath.

“Well he sure looks like a little girl now with his hair in pigtails and pink nightgown baby.” Daddy says. “So he has no clothes and he peed in his panties, I mean shorts so it serves him right forgetting his clothes and to not tell us he had to go potty and peeing himself.”

Miley puts her nightgown on smiling at me knowing I am in trouble when I wake up. “Well I don't see any way around it we don't have enough money to go buy him new clothes so I guess he will be sharing clothes from Miley for the weekend baby.” Daddy says to mommy.

“I know there is no other choice but he is not going to be too happy when he sees what he is wearing and what he is going to wear all weekend.”

Daddy shakes his head hearing mommy. “We have no choice baby and it is a fitting punishment him peeing on himself again to have to wear diapers and the clothes are all we have so I guess that will be part of the punishment to wear girl's clothes all weekend.” Daddy says looking at mommy with Miley smiling.

“Okay dear that will be the plan, Miley you heard your daddy. Can you get Kelly, umm Kellie some socks too? Something to match his, umm her nightgown please?”

Miley continues to smile. “Okay ladies are we ready to get back on the road?” Mommy smiles at daddy’s comment and looks at me sleeping.

“Mommy I found these pink lacy socks they match my nightgown; well I guess it is Kellie’s nightgown now while he is dressed up as a girl hehehe. I can put them on her so we can get going if you want?”

Mommy smiles down at little Miley. “Isn’t little Miley getting so grown up and mature baby?” Mommy says to daddy but looking at Miley smiling.

“Yes she is, but Miley really isn’t the little one anymore since Kelly, Kellie is the one being punished for forgetting her clothes and she went potty in her pants. Plus Miley is much taller than Kellie not to be mean.” Daddy says kissing mommy on the cheek and starts the van up and we are on the road again.

Several hours go by and I wake up as we are getting back on the freeway. “Wow I must of fell asleep Miley.” I turn and see Miley sleeping next to me with the covers and blankets all around her.

“Oh you are awake Kelly?” I look up in the front hearing mommy, she is smiling from ear to ear looking at me weird for some reason. “We hit a bunch of traffic I guess our last gas fill up must have waken you up sweetie.”

I smile rubbing my eyes. “Yea where are we mommy?” I put my head on my pillow looking back at mommy.

“Oh we are only about half way there so try to be quiet and don't wake Miley and go back to sleep sweetie.” I hear a car beep the horn and I look out the window and see another cool looking VW van like ours. “Wave to Aunt Meghan that is her new boyfriend’s van isn’t it cool like ours sweetie?”

I sit up and can see the van better with someone’s head lights on it. “Yes mommy it is cool.” I wave to them and I see two people inside waving back.

“Okay back to sleep little one hopefully we will be there by morning sweetie.” I lay back down feeling still very tired, listening to the sound of the motor and the sounds of the road I fall back to sleep not noticing what I am wearing.

The next thing is I can feel the sun against my face. I look outside and mommy, daddy, and Miley are making breakfast on our portable Coleman gas stove. The door is open on the van and I push my blankets off, mommy walks up to the doorway.

“Well you must have been awfully tired little one because you slept most of the trip and through the night. Let me help you out so you don't trip.”

I take mommy's hand and she helps me out of the camper van and the second I am out of the van I see what I am wearing. “Why am I wearing Mileys nightgown mommy?”

“Well sweetie you fell asleep on the way here and had an accident and you went potty in your shorts again. You didn’t bring your clothes and this is all we have for you to wear sweetie. You will have to wear Miley’s clothes for the whole trip.”

I start to feel tears going down my face. “Before you start to cry there is no way to fix this we just don't have any boy clothes for you. You have a choice before Aunt Meghan comes back with her new boyfriend Dave.” I calm down since I don't know what to do.

“Okay you can make believe this is acting and you can act like the little girl you look like and we will have two little girls’ you and Miley for the concert. Or you can be yourself and everyone will see one little girl Miley and a boy wearing girl's clothes and that would-be you sweetie.”

I don't think that is much of a choice either way I have to wear girl's clothes. “But mommy I don't want to wear Mileys girly clothes isn’t there some other choice?”

“I am sorry sweetie either way you are going to be wearing your sister’s clothes. Speaking of your sisters clothes you look very pretty in her nightgown. I was thinking she had out grown it but it fits you perfectly little one. You went pee in the only boys clothes we had since you didn’t pack a bag like you were told.”

I look down at myself wearing the short nightgown. Speaking of wet clothes mommy, I think I am wet again so I won't be wearing these clothes again.”

“Let me see you sweetie.” I feel mommy pick me up and lay me down on the blankets on the van floor. Mommy lifts up my nightgown I am wearing for some reason. “You are right sweetie you are wet again, you went potty again but I put a diaper on you last night when you first ruined your boy clothes.”

I look down between my legs I can see pink plastic panties between my legs. “Here let me get you out of that wet diaper sweetie.” I can't believe I am wearing my little sister’s nightgown and her old diapers. I watch as mommy pulls the pink plastic panties off as she puts them next to me.

“Good your plastic panties are still dry, so we can use them again before we have to wash them. You definitely soaked your diaper sweetie, you must not be able to hold it very good since we changed you when we had our first break and gas fill up.”

Miley walks over to the van seeing only mommy's back to the van then she sees me wearing the diaper with the panties next to me. “What ya doing mommy?”

“I am changing your brothers diaper sweetie?” I look and see Miley smiling at me. The sound of the disposable diapers tape coming un-done catches my attention, I look back to mommy taking my diaper off.

I am now naked from the waist down. “Mommy do you have to take my diaper off while Miley is watching me being naked?” Mommy puts her hands on her hips which is never a good sign for me.

“Mommy I know you said you are changing my brother’s diaper, but he is wearing a girl's nightgown and pink socks and a pink diaper. I think he is more my little sister than brother, don't you?”

What I look up at mommy for support but I guess I won't get any. “You are right Miley and if I push this back up inside his body.” I feel a little pain between my legs. I sit up looking between my legs, I don't see my balls anymore. “If I push his little thingy in like this.” I watch while mommy gets her index finger and pushes my little penis back inside my body.

“Oh yes mommy SHE looks much better now without that stuff hanging between HER legs.” Miley says while she turns to me smiling.

I am in shock looking between my legs seeing just a hole were my penis used to be. “Mommy how am I going to go pee now without my pee pee?”

“Well sweetie when you’re not wearing a diaper you will have to sit down to go potty like your sister and I go potty. Just like you and all girl's go potty silly.”

What do I say to mommy to change her mind I have to think of something fast maybe daddy will help me, guys stick together he has said in the past? I look down seeing another diaper being pulled under my bottom.

“Mommy why are you putting another diaper on me I know I had an accident when I was sleeping. I haven’t had an accident while I was awake in a long-time mommy.”

Mommy looks at me but is still sliding the pink plastic Barbie panties up my legs. “Yes that is true but like your daddy said it was his idea this is your punishment for going potty in your shorts to wear diapers. You forgot to pack your clothes for the weekend and your punishment for that is to have to wear your sister clothes like a little girl.”

“To be honest you would have to wear your sisters clothes any way because we don't have anything else for you to wear sweetie.” Man, she said it was daddy's idea for me to wear girl's clothes and a diaper this is not good. “Have you decided that you want to be a little girl, or do you want to be a little boy wearing a dress, and diaper sweetie?”

I feel so scared I am actually glad I am wearing a diaper because I think I just peed a little bit into my diaper. “The reason I am asking you again we told Aunt Meghan about what happen with you not bringing your clothes and having to wear a diaper from peeing in your shorts so she will treat you like a little girl if you choose that.”

“Plus her new boyfriend never met you so he will think you are a little girl also unless you want to be teased about a little boy wearing a dress. So, what are you choosing sweetie.”

I am so screwed. I guess I won't be teased if I act like a girl, if I tell everyone I am a boy wearing a dress everyone will tease me for sure.

“Okay mommy I will be your little girl, I don't want anyone teasing me wearing girl's clothes.”

Miley and mommy are both smiling. “Sounds good sweetie and a lot of people say you look like a little girl anyway, so I am sure no one will be able to tell you’re really a boy.”

“Yea even if he is naked mommy he looks like a girl so no one will know that you were a boy before. But is a little girl now forever hehehe.”

I want to smack Miley for teasing me but unfortunately she is right I even look like a little girl naked now. What does she mean I am a girl now forever? “Okay GIRL’S let's get some food in you both then we will get you both dressed and out of your nightgowns.” Great that sounded so messed up being counted as one of the girl's now.

“Yes mommy.” Miley says smiling at me. “Answer mommy little Kellie.”

I hear Miley and she is right I better answer before I get in more trouble. “Yes mommy I am hungry too.” I move my long hair out of my eyes, I didn’t even notice that Miley put my hair in pigtails while I was sleeping making me look even more girlie and more like a toddler.

“After you eat Kellie I will fix your hair your pigtails are getting loose okay sweetie?” Mommy says while Miley and I sit down at the picnic table and have cereal and apple slices and some milk.

Looking around while I wait for Miley to finish I see mom, and daddy and Aunt Megan standing around in a circle around the fire passing around a cigarette. I wonder why they don't smoke their own cigarettes instead of all sharing the same cigarette? Oh, well maybe they are saving money by sharing the same cigarettes. I watch as they laugh at each other smiling and dancing while they stand in place.

“I hope everyone’s parents are so happy and full of love like our parents Miley ya know?”

Miley finishes her breakfast and turns and stares at our parents smiling and laughing passing around the one cigarette. “Yea I hope so too Kellie mommy and daddy are always so happy that makes me happy seeing them having fun dancing and laughing.”

“Yea I feel the same way Miley.” We both see mommy talking to Aunt Megan and pointing over at us and then Aunt Megan starts walking over to us smiling.

We smile looking up at her. “I just talked to your mommy and she asked me to fix your hair Kellie, while you Miley get some pretty clothes for you and your little sister okay?”

“Hey I'm not the little sister, I mean brother, well you know what I mean Aunt Megan.” I say hearing Miley giggle when I counted myself as a girl before I corrected myself.

Miley runs off back to the van to get clothes. “Miley make sure you get dressed before you come back with your little sister’s clothes.” I hear her call me the little sister again. “Okay Kellie you are smaller than Miley so that makes you the smaller sister so don't worry sweetie.”

“Your mommy asked me to do your hair since she said she wanted to get your hair out of your eyes and I love your pretty hair in pigtails like it is but I have to un-do it really quick.”

What my hair is in pigtails like my little sister. I pick up the hand mirror on top of aunt Megan’s hair doing stuff. I see scissor’s and brushes and combs and all kinds of hair ties.

“Why do you have so much hair stuff Aunt Megan?” I see my refection in the hand mirror and sure enough my hair looks just like Mileys except my long hair is all messy and coming out of the ponytails.

I shake my head watching her taking both my ponytails out of the hair ties and she starts brushing my long hair that goes down halfway down my back. “Wow I didn’t realize how long my hair had gotten Aunt Megan, I always keep my hair in one long ponytail like my daddy and never seen how long it is until now.”

“Yes your hair is very long but don't worry when I finish with your hair it will be much better. The way I do your ponytails and fix your hair won’t go in your eyes okay sweetie?”

I hear Aunt Megan and I'm not sure what she means. “I don't want my haircut short like a lot of boys have Aunt Megan okay? I like my hair long like my daddy okay?”

“Oh don't worry sweetie I am not going to cut your hair hardly at all. Your mommy's hair is very pretty and Mileys hair is very pretty. You will look pretty like your sister and your mommy okay?”

Thinking to myself I don't want to look pretty but maybe she wants me to look pretty because I am making believe I am a girl so I guess that is better than looking like a boy in a dress.

“Oh that feels nice Aunt Megan brushing my hair.” I smile relaxing looking around at all the other people standing in small circles passing around cigarettes sharing them. All of them are smiling and having a good time like my mommy and daddy are.

The feeling of Aunt Megan brushing my hair is just like my mommy and my sister doing it. It must be a girl thing because when I brush my hair I never feel so relaxed. “Okay sweetie I am going to comb your hair over your eyes so close your eyes sweetie I would hate to get hair in your pretty blue eyes Kellie okay sweetie?”

“No problem Aunt Megan.” I close my eyes relaxing. “I really like how you comb or brush my hair it is very relaxing. “Snip, snip, snip. I open my eyes and all the hair that was in my eyes is gone, I look down into my lap seeing hair a foot long sitting in my lap. “Aunt Megan you said you weren’t going to cut my long hair.” I want to start crying.

Aunt Megan comes around and leans over a couple inches looking at me in the eyes. “I am sorry sweetie I just got rid of the hair that was in your eyes. I am not going to cut your hair at all, on the sides or in the back.” I start to relax hearing her.

“You still have the same long hair you always had sweetie. I am just making the front so no hair goes in your eyes you still have long hair like your daddy. You will look pretty like your mommy and Miley do sweetie so don't worry and no crying okay, I am almost done with the scissor’s.”

I guess that is a good thing my hair will still be long like my daddy's but she said my hair will look pretty like mommy's and Miley's I wonder what that means. I guess it's because like I was thinking before that I am going to pretend I am a girl since I have no boy clothes.

“Snip, snip, snip.” I hear the scissors and small pieces of hair maybe am inch long fall down in front of my eyes. “Oh yes that is so much better sweetie and you won't have to worry about your pretty hair getting in those big beautiful blue eyes of your anymore. I am done with the scissors.”

Watching Aunt Megan putting the scissors down was very relaxing knowing no more of my pretty hair, I mean my long hair was going to be cut anymore. Darn why did I think in my head that my hair was pretty? I guess Aunt Megan keeps saying my hair is pretty so I guess that is okay.

“You are almost done sweetie than you can go get dressed, all I have to do is put your hair back with these hair ties and you will be done.”

I sure wish she would stop calling me sweetie like mommy has started to do. I hope it's because I am making believe I am a girl because I forgot to bring my clothes like I was asked to do by my mommy.

“Great I can't wait to see how my hair looks now Aunt Megan.” I feel her brushing my hair on the right side than the left and she moves in front of me.

We both turn seeing Miley running up to us. “Oh I love how you did Kellies hair that is so much better than the way she had it before. You will be much cooler in this heat Kellie. Mommy said it was going to be in the upper 90’s today for the concert.”

“Yea it does actually feel better in the heat.” I look over at Miley and she has already gotten dressed and is wearing a mini mouse dress that has a red sash around her waist with a large red bow in the back. The puffy sleeves, and rounded collar make her look so childish. I remember her wearing it a while ago I am very surprised she fits into it still since she has grown so much this year.

I tell you Miley is the picture-perfect example of what a little girly girl should look like. Miley has long hair brushed into two pigtails hanging on the sides of her head with short bangs just above her eyebrows. I remember when she was a baby wearing that same dress with her diapers she looked the same except her bangs were even shorter maybe like an inch above her eyebrows.

“I guess you’re ready to get dressed so come on I will help you.” I remember mom saying she had baby bangs which made her look younger like a baby. I guess if you think about she was a baby, I mean she was wearing a diaper too. Damn I'm wearing a diaper now I wonder if that makes me look like a baby? “I love your hair like that I remember when I had short bangs like yours they always made me feel even more pretty.”

Wonder what she means short bangs like mine. I think I need to look at my hair since she just trimmed it. “Do you like my outfit Kellie? This is my favorite dress I loved it when I wore diapers like you I even had mommy buy me this bigger size dress the same as the smaller size I wore when I was a baby.”

“Oh so that isn’t the same dress you wore when you were smaller? I was wondering how you fit into it when you wore it so long ago and before you had your growth spurt.”

I wonder why Miley is smiling at me like that. “Yea I actually fit into it but mommy only lets me wear it as pajamas because it is so tiny on me and she can't button the backup either. I am glad you remember my old favorite dress now it will be good to get more use out of it.” What is she talking about getting more use out of her old dress, I guess she means because she wears it as pajamas too.

“Here let's climb inside the van and get you dressed so we can play Frisbee your favorite game Kellie ok?” I smile at the thought of showing everyone how good I am at playing Frisbee. “Okay take your nightgown off so we can get you dressed okay?”

I get inside our van and start pulling my nightgown off or I should say the nightgown sis is letting me barrow. “Ya know Miley this isn’t my nightgown; nightgowns are for only girl's and I am your big brother.”

“Yes you are right nightgowns are only for girl's. Since you left your clothes at home you will be wearing girl's clothes and you will be a girl while you are here so that makes it YOUR NIGHTGOWN. Oh, and you saying you are my big brother, well you are wearing a diaper and I am taller and stronger than you so I am the big sister and you are the little sister. Or I can tell everyone we meet you are my brother that wears diapers and girl's clothes hehehehe.”

I look at Miley and think that is the worst thing I would want to happen. Like mommy said I can act or make believe I am a girl so no one thinks I'm weird wearing girl's clothes, which I am stuck wearing know matter what anyway. Guess there isn’t a big deal being the little sister too.

“You do look so cute like I looked when I was your size little Kellie hehehe.” I hear Miley giggle smiling at me after my new nightgown is pulled over my head and I stand almost naked wearing only the Barbie diaper, and plastic panties.

I feel so embarrassed but Miley is right I am sure I look like a little toddler just wearing a diaper. “Can you find me some clothes Miley I don't want to stand here almost naked I am supposed to be making believe I am a girl and if anyone sees me dressed like this they will know I am a boy with no clothes on except my diaper I mean this diaper I'm wearing.”

“I hate to break it to you little sister but you standing there naked only wearing a diaper and your long hair you look just like a little girl no one would ever think you are really a boy or I should say a sissy boy since you act like a girl anyway.”

I hear Miley and I am ready to tell her off. “Now arms up LITTLE sister and let me get you dressed unless you just want to wear only YOUR diaper LITTLE sister.” I see the look on Mileys face that she is serious and she is taller and stronger than me so I might as well just listen to her while we are here and I am stuck making believe I am a girl.

“Ok, I'm not a baby.” I lift my arms over my head and I can feel sis pulling my arms through the puffy sleeves and I look down wearing the tee shirt which has the same minnie mouse design as Mileys dress. “You can stare at your pretty outfit later let's finish getting you dressed LITTLE sister so we can play Frisbee okay?”

I lift my foot up before Miley gives me a chance to respond and she is pulling my white shorts up my legs and they look kind of girly with large red spots, all over the mostly white shorts.

“Stand still little sister let me pull these up over your diaper so no one can see your diaper okay? Lift your arms over your head so I can straighten them out for you.”

I lift my arms over my head and I notice Miley didn’t say ‘little sister louder like she did before I guess she is seeing it doesn’t bother me. I hope she loses interest in teasing me and stops calling me little sister because it does bother me a lot but I don't want her to know that.

“Oh yes that is much better.” I feel her finish pulling the weird little shorts up my legs and I look down at them and they feel like plastic and they have elastic around the leg holes and around my diaper.

I turn around seeing our reflection in the van window and I notice I am wearing the same clothes as my little sister but the difference is now I am the one that looks like the little sister and I am the one wearing a diaper.

“Oh your dress looks so pretty on you sweetie.” Momma says to me as she takes both my hands and we starting dancing in a circle smiling and giggling to the music.

Miley takes mommas other hand and takes mine as the three of us continue to dance. Dad, Aunt Meaghan then her boyfriend join in and we are all dancing to the music smiling and singing to the music. I look around us and I notice a bunch of other people joining in in their own little circles as we laugh and giggle watching everyone around us dancing and jamming to the music.

We continue to dance and laugh for the rest of the concert me not even caring that I am wearing a dress and diaper. We just laugh and giggle for the rest of the day.

The End
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