What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 10 (updated)

Sasha was tired when the plane landed. She was barely able to keep her eyes open by the time she was dropped off at her apartment. She would had gone to Siren’s mansion to see her daughters and sleep with her wife, but she was just too tired.

By the time she got out of the elevator and used her key to open her apartment door. She was dragging her feet. She starts taking off her clothes as soon as she was inside her place. She walks into her bedroom and notice someone was sleeping in her bed.

Sasha looks at the sleeping form and noticed it was her older sister Janius. She crawls in next to her older sibling and wonder why she was at her place. When she goes to hold her sister, she notices bruises on her sister’s arms. Sasha brushes some of her sister’s hair aside and notices someone had punched her in the face. She wonders if their mother knew.

Janius stirred when she felt someone lay next to her. She knew it could only be one person. She turns and notices her little sister lying next to her. She snuggles close to her sister and feel Sasha wrap her arms around her. She buries her face against her little sister’s shoulder and let the tears flow.

Sasha just holds her sister close to her and let her cry. She’s never seen her older sister like this before. Something must had been traumatic to affect her sister like this. She just holds her, till she falls asleep from crying. Sasha slowly closes her eyes and just hold her sister as the of them slept.
Nothing could touch them here in her place.

Sasha wakes up in the morning with her sister still snuggled close to her. She slips out of bed, and head into the bathroom to relieve her bladder. When she walks into the bathroom, she notices that the sink had blood in it and her emergency medical kit was spilled all over on the floor. There were towels with blood staining them. She rushes to the toilet and pee. Her bladder was ready to burst.

As she is sitting there on the toilet doing her business. She spots the bloody foot prints on her tile floor. They were her sister’s size. Once she is done doing her business, she cleans the bathroom up and put her medical kit back together. She peeks in on her sister and notices she was still asleep.

Sasha walks into her living room and notices the bloody footprints on her carpet. She pulls her cellphone out and dial her mother’s phone.

Wolfhart Mansion:
Janet was in the kitchen fixing breakfast for their newest son. He still had nightmares from the repeated rapes, but was slowly adjusting to being treated like a boy. He didn’t feel right being a girl and felt more comfortable as a boy. Janet didn’t mind, because she already raised a male to female child.

After everything he had been through, Janet was surprised that Miles was adjusting like he was. She had him seeing a good friend of hers for the trauma he suffered. He was also seeing her for his gender identity. She watches Miles as he sat at the kitchen table with her husband. He was becoming more and more like her husband and older brother. As she is standing there, her cellphone starts ringing. She knew it was Sasha from the ring tone she assigned her.

“Gooding morning sweetie. How are you doing?”

“Gooding morning, mom. I’m doing fine. Are you busy this morning?” Sasha was keeping an eye on her sister.

“Not really. I was going to do some shopping for your brother. Why, what’s up?” Janet was getting a feeling that something was wrong.

“Mom, Janius has been hurt and I don’t know how bad. She’s asleep right now in my bedroom.” Sasha saw her sister shiver.

“Do you know what happened, Sasha?” Janet was heading towards her medical room to grab her doctor’s bag.

“No ma’am. I came home late last night and found Janius in my bed. There was blood and my emergency medical kit was all over the floor in my bathroom this morning. There were bloody footprints on the carpet as well.” Sasha watches as her sister sits up in bed and hears her screaming for someone to stop.

“Mom, you better get here fast. I think she might have been raped.” Sasha hangs up on her mother and rushes to her sister.

“Leland, I’m heading towards Sasha’s place. Janius has been hurt.” Janet rushes out toward her car.

Leland watches as his wife rushes out towards the garage. She didn’t even give him a chance to respond.

Sasha’s place:
Janius had woken-up from a flashback caused by the men that raped her. She had been ambushed coming out of her law office by several men wearing black outfits that her father and his crew wore. She tried to fight them off as she was pulled into the van. She felt a needle stuck into her neck, that knocked her out. When she came too, she was completely naked and surrounded by five nude burly men wearing mask. She tried to fight them off like her father and mother taught her, but she couldn’t hold them off as they overwhelmed her. They beat her so badly, she couldn’t fight back as they started to take turns with her. She passed out as they raped her repeatedly.

When she came to, she found herself in her sisters parking garage hurting all over and covered in blood. She could barely move as she crawled towards the elevator. She managed to make her way up to her sister’s place. She knew where Sasha kept her spare key and let herself in. After that everything was a blur to her. She feels arms wrapped around her and tries to pull away from them.

“It’s me Janius, it’s your little sister.” Sasha tries to get her sister to stop fighting her.

Janius breaks free from Sasha’s grip and moves away from her. As she lays there on the floor; she balls up into the fetal position and cries. She trembles from the memory of what had been done to her. she felt dirty and ashamed.

Sasha walks over slowly and sits down next to her big sister. She pulls her sister up onto her lap gently and hold her. Whoever raped her sister, was going to face justice from her. She just holds her sister, till she hears her door open.

“Where in here mom.” Sasha knew it had to be her mother, because the door was locked. She had a special type of locked that couldn’t be picked or bypass. Her Aunt had designed it, with input from her mother. Her mother was the escape artist and knew the most about locks.

Janet comes rushing into Sasha’s bedroom and notices her holding her big sister. Janius body was covered in bruises and blood. There was blood between her legs.

Janet rushes over towards her daughters and examine Janius, while Sasha held her. Janet slips into her Doctor persona and checked her daughter over. Whoever raped her daughter, injured her badly. Janet pulls out her cellphone and calls the hospital nearby and have them send the ambulance.

Janet holds her baby as Sasha takes a quick shower and put on some clothes. When the ambulance shows up. Janet and Sasha help them with Janius. Janet gives her car keys to her daughter.

“Call your father and have him meet us down at the hospital.” Janet follows the paramedics down to the ambulance.

Sasha calls her father. She knew once her father finds out, that there was going to be hell to pay.

Leland Wolfhart:
Leland was out with their newest son, Miles. He didn’t mind having a female to male as a son. He knew how their newest son felt. After all, he raised a male to female. He did notice Miles didn’t like to be too far from him. As they were walking out of the barber shop. His cellphone starts ringing. He recognizes the ring tone as belonging to his daughter Sasha.

“What’s up Sasha?” Him and Miles had stopped just outside the barber shop.

“Dad, you need to get to the hospital. Mom had to take Janius there.” Sasha was waiting outside the operating room, while her mother operated on Janius.

“What happened, Sasha?”

“Janius was raped, dad. We don’t know who did it or why. I’m here right now, waiting on mom to finish operating on Janius. Whoever raped her, tore her up inside and beat the hell out of her, dad.” It was taking everything Sasha had not to break down while she talked with her father.

“I’m on the way Sasha.” Leland ends the call.

“Come on Miles, we need to go and meet your mother and sisters.” Leland leads Miles back to his truck and they head towards the hospital.

Sasha was sitting and waiting for her mother to come out and tell her how Janius was. As she is sitting there waiting, she receives a video on her phone, along with a text message.

The message read:
Return Adam Ludlum to us or this will be your girls and band member next. While you watch as we do the samething to them as we did to your sister.

Sasha plays the video and saw it was a recording of her sister being raped by five burly men wearing mask. Her sister was putting up a good fight, but the enclosed space gave the men the advantage. She watched as the men used her sister like she was some sort of common street whore. Her hands were warming up from her anger and from the temperature of her cellphone. When the video neared the end, it showed Siren, Rose and Gracie out shopping and enjoying themselves. The cellphone shuts off from the internal temperature raising as little wisps of smoke were raising from her cellphone.

She was ready to kill Adam Ludlum for what those men did to her sister. She looks up and notice her father and new brother walking towards her. She tries to get her temper under control, because if she didn’t. She was going to barbecue someone.

Leland spotted Sasha right away and notices the expression on her face. He has seen that look before and knew she was ready to kill someone.

“How is your sister?”

“I don’t know yet, daddy. Mom is still operating on her.” Sasha looks up at her father with an angry look on her face.

“It’s my fault she’s in there, daddy.”

“Why is it your fault, Sasha?” Leland wanted to know why his youngest daughter felt she was responsible.

“Can I see your phone daddy? Mine is broken.” Sasha shows her ruined phone to her father.

Leland hands his cellphone to his daughter.

Sasha accesses her private cloud account. Anything sent to her cellphone, automatically gets saved in her private cloud account. She brings up the text she got and the video that was sent to her. She gives her father’s cellphone back to him, so he could see it.

Miles looks at his sister. She was the one that rescued her.

“Are you okay, sis?” He sits down next to his sister as their father watched the video.

“I’m okay, it’s Janius I’m worried about.” Sasha wanted to kill Adam and whoever the mysterious person was that had text him.


Both Sasha and Miles jump when they heard their father’s angry voice. There was a growl to his voice. Sasha knew what that tone of voice meant. When her father was angry, someone was going to die.

Leland looks towards his daughter “did you capture this Ludlum person?”

“Yes sir. He’s being held at yours and Aunt Janet’s private interrogation center.”

“Good! I better not show this to your mother, or there will be hell to pay.” Leland wanted this person for himself. He knew what Janet would do, if she finds out.

“Show me what?” Janet had stepped out of the operating room to inform Sasha about her sister’s condition.

Janet stands before her husband, daughter and son still in her scrubs. There was blood still on them.

“How is Janius mom?” Sasha was hoping to distract her mother.

“She’s better now. If we hadn’t gotten her here, when we did. Your sister would have bleed to death. She had some internal bleeding and extensive tearing in her vagina area. Luckily, we got to it in time. Now, what are you two hiding?” She looks towards her husband.

“You might as well show her, dad.” Sasha knew better then to hide things from her mother.

Leland shows Janet the video and text. Miles and Sasha watched as the expression on their mother’s face went from exhaustion to pure anger.

“NOBODY HURTS MY LITTLE GIRL!” Janet gives her husband back his cellphone. She looks towards Sasha.

“Where is this Mr. Adam Ludlum young lady?”

Sasha was scared now of her mother. She has never seen her mother this angry before. The look on her mother’s face even scared her.

“He’s at the interrogation center owned by you and Aunt Janet, mom. Along with some of his men.”

“Good, because he is going to answer me.”

Sasha watches as her mother goes to change her clothes.

Miles leans towards Sasha “I was scared just then.”

“Me too, Miles. I was scared as well. I have never seen mom like that before.” Sasha looks at her father and could tell he was still angry.

He had just gotten off the phone to members of his unit. Two of them were coming here to the hospital to watch over Janius. The others were going to be on standby to get the men that raped his daughter.

“Come on kids. We better go join your mother, before she leaves here without us.” Leland starts heading down to the parking lot.

Sasha and Miles follow their father. By the time they get to the truck he had driven over. They notice their mother was standing there and she was dressed in her old outfit. The one she was wearing, was the old outfit she used to wear when she went after crooks. The leotard tux with fishnet stocking, high heels and top hat. It was based off her old stage costume. Both her spare fully automatic fifty caliber Desert Eagles handguns could be seen in their holster on her hip.

Leland pulls his custom made combat armor out from a hidden compartment in the truck. His combat armor was built by .Janet's twin sister. He doubles checks the custom shotgun and rifle. He had identical pair of forty five caliber Browning handguns that had been customized by Janet's sister.

"The shit is about to hit the fan, Miles. Mom and Dad are taking lead and we better stand back when they start interrogating Adam Ludlum.Adam Ludlum may be CIA trained and able to resist being torture and interrogated, but mom and dad are masters at getting people to spill their secrets. Especially mom. " Sasha just shivers thinking about what her parents were capable of.

They all load up into the truck and head towards the interrogation center where Ludlum was being held.

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