Jexy: The Payoff

London 22 Nov 2017

Jessica was in a good mood. Her flight both back and forth between Geneva had gone without incident. For once none of the passengers had been verbally rude, none had asked her about her gender and none had tried to grab her. To make this day even better, she began a 5-day break as soon as she left Heathrow. She and Paige were going to head up to Dumbarton for a few days to spend some time with Paige’s family and do a little scouting of possible wedding venues. What a great day it had been. Little did she know what awaited her.

She came through the door to find Paige waiting for her. She held a glass of wine in her hand as she greeted her fiancée with a kiss. “You look like you had a good day” Paige said as the couple parted. “Aye” Jessica said jokingly, as she teased her lover. “Great. No hassles at all. How was yours?” Paige nodded and told Jessica that it had been a typical day. “Though no one asked me if I was male or female.” Jessica turned and took a big swig of her glass of wine. “I am going to go get changed and then let’s begin this little holiday right.” As Jessica was walking away Paige decided it was time to break the bad news to Jessica.

“It came” was all Paige had to say to her partner, whose shoulders visibly slumped as the words Paige just said sunk in. This was a moment she was regretting. A few weeks ago, their American friend Jenny Thompson had emailed her with a bet on the upcoming Viking-Raven game. The loser had to wear the cheerleader’s uniform of the other team. Jessica thought that the Ravens defense would have no problem shutting down the Vikings offense. She didn’t take into account that the Vikings defense would be so tough, and that Mike Wallace would get knocked out of the game so early. Jessica turned back around and looked at Paige. “Do we have to?”

“Yes, we have to. We made the bet and we must oblige the rules. Plus, Natalie and Zoe are coming over to take pictures. I say we just get it over with so we can enjoy the time back home.” Jessica nodded at Paige’s logic, and Paige got a bit excited. She had always wanted to wear one of those sexy cheerleader kits. And even though it wasn’t the Dallas Cowboy ones she had seen so many times, the Viking ones looked almost as sexy. She grabbed her fiancée’s hand and led her into the bedroom where the box was. The both quickly stripped down to nothing but their thongs and went opened the box. Inside were two skirts, two tops and two pair of white boots. The each grabbed the extremely short purple and white skirt and slid them on. Jessica’s objection to the uniforms slowly began to melt away as she looked longingly at her lover. Next came the matching purple and white halter with the lace up front and the white arm cuffs. It wasn’t long before both were giggling and getting into the dress up session. The last item to put on was the white go-go boots complete with a purple ‘V’ on them. Paige and Jessica looked at each other. Paige was all smiles because this was the culmination of a dream. Jessica was all smiles as she looked at Paige in the uniform she became a bit excited. Before she could do anything about it, there was a knock at the door. Paige grabbed Jessica’s hand and led her out of the bedroom.

“You get the door, I’ll get some glasses” Paige said to Jessica. Jessica went to the door and prepared herself for the teasing that was about to begin. “There she is, the Pom-Pom queen of Baltimore” Natalie said as Jessica opened the door. Jessica just stared at her friend as she let the couple in. “Vous êtes chaud, Mademoiselle Tyler! Where is you cheer partner?” Zoe asked her friend. Jessica shook her head at her friends’ comments. “Enough, I just want to get this over with. “

“No more wagers then?” Zoe asked. Jessica told her never again.

“We will see about that!” Natalie said laughingly. Paige entered at the same time. “I agree.” Paige stated, “And if we do lose I hope my bonnie blonde lass will look just as good as she does now.” The smile Paige flashed at her fiancée seemed to relax Jessica a bit. After draining her glass in one long pull, an even more relaxed Jessica said, “All right, let’s get this started!” Natalie had Jessica and Paige strike various poses. “Come on work it blondie. Prove to your fellow Yanks what a sexy cheerleader you would make.” Zoe was the photographer’s assistant as was choreographing the couple into various poses. Jessica could see how much fun Paige was having and slowly began getting into the posing. By the time the photo shoot was over, Jessica was giggling as much as her fiancé “Thanks” Paige said as the shred a kiss. “You know I would do anything for you.” Jess told her.

A few hours later, Minneapolis

Jenny came home from class. It was a Friday and the she and Alexa had no plans for the weekend other than cuddling up together. “Lex? You home?” she called out. “In the bathroom. Be out in a minute” was the reply. Jenny went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and after shedding her coat, she plopped down on the couch. Reaching for her Surface, she opened her email. One instantly caught her eye. It was from Jess and Paige, two of their friends in London. “These must be the pictures” Jenny thought to herself as she opened the attachments. The pictures of the two beautiful flight attendants were great. “They look better than all of the cheerleaders we have” Jenny said out loud. “Lex! Get out here! We got the pictures of Jessica and Paige in the cheerleader’s uniforms. Alexa stepped out of the bathroom.

“Did they look like this?” Alexa asked as she stood there in the exact uniforms their friends were wearing. It didn’t take long for the Surface to be completely forgotten about.

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