Alex was a normal high school girl excited at the prospect of playing a musical concert in Sydney, Australia. She was first-chair among flute players and was going to have a few solos. She had practiced a great deal for this moment, and her school was chosen for this special honor. She liked to think that she played a small part in this selection. This was the first time the Dallas suburb public school had been given this kind of opportunity.

The young blond, blue-eyed, and slender girl was full of energy and could barely contain herself when she was about to get on the airplane. The fact that the plane ride would be a grueling seventeen hours did not deter her. She figured she would sleep half of that time and watch on-flight movies the other half. She was also hopeful that the person next to her would be fun to talk to.

The music teacher chaperone took another head count and escorted the high school kids onto the plane. Once they had put their bags in the cargo bins, the music teacher did another head count. The tickets had been assigned randomly and given out by the teacher just as they were about to board to make sure no student lost theirs. So, Alex approached her row having no idea who she would be sitting next to.

When she reached her seat, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Ryan, the cutest boy in her band class. He had dark hair, brown eyes, and had this stoic expression. No one knew what he was really thinking giving him an aura of mystery. He played drums in the background, but Alex would often catch herself looking back at him. He was her ultimate crush, and he would be sitting with her for seventeen hours! How could she possibly sleep? Every hour with him could be spent building to something new. She hoped against hope that they would also have the same seats on the returning flight.

“You good?” he asked her.

Alex realized she was staring. “Yeah, sure,” she said awkwardly and took her seat.

Ryan was a chill dude. Even with a girl right next to him, he kept his cool. Other boys in her class would either try to flirt with her immediately or make immature protests. Some of the boys were already acting up in their seats.

“No funny business,” the music teacher pointed her finger at them. She then turned to Alex and Ryan. “Any problems?” she asked.

“No,” Ryan said simply.

“Nope, no problem at all. I’m just fine,” Alex said giddily.

“You’ve ever flown before?” Ryan asked casually.

“No, never. Have you?” she asked.

“A few times,” he said vaguely.

“You must not have a fear of flying. That’s really cool,” Alex said complimentary.

“Why? Do you?” he asked concerned.

“I don’t think so. I’ve been on a roller coaster and been fine with that,” Alex joked.

“Then, you should be fine…probably,” Ryan smirked.

“You excited about getting that trophy in Sidney?” Alex asked.

“Not really. We’re going to be squashed,” he said nonchalantly.

“How can you say that?” Alex asked hurt.

He simply shrugged. “I’m just happy to tour around Sidney. I’ve never been in another country before,” he said.

“At least they speak English there,” Alex said brightly.

“I don’t know. It kind of makes it less exotic that way,” Ryan remarked.

“You would prefer to be in the jungle?” Alex asked.

“Maybe, someday,” Ryan agreed.

The flight video turned on demonstrating all the safety protocols of the airline. Alex watched intently to everything being said. She turned to see Ryan already asleep. She didn’t want to wake him but this was important stuff. Maybe, he had already heard it before on his other flights.

The aircraft then began to move and went up into the sky. Ryan was right about flying. It wasn’t nearly as intense as a roller coaster. Alex felt relieved as the aircraft settled in the air. Despite this, she still felt excited and anxious. There was no way she could just fall asleep. However, Ryan had already passed out. If she were to stay awake, she would no doubt fall asleep while Ryan was awake.

With this in mind, Alex tried to calm her nerves and force herself to go to sleep.


Alex awoke to the sound of turbulence and alarms. “Wake up!” Ryan shouted at her.

“What’s happening?” Alex wondered alarmed.

“I don’t know,” he said.

The passengers shouted and cried as the aircraft violently shook. Masks came down in front of her face. Ryan immediately put his mask on while Alex was too stunned to realize what was happening. After he had put his mask on, he put the mask around Alex’s mouth. He then went to work getting out the flotation device under his seat.

“Get yours,” he shouted at her.

“What?” Alex asked confused.

“Under your seat!” he yelled at her.

Alex felt around and took out the flotation device. Ryan was already placing the vest over his body and then did the same for Alex. “If you want to survive, do what I tell you!” he said to her.

“Okay,” Alex said meekly.

“Tuck your head in and brace yourself,” he said as the aircraft went into a dive.

“Oh my God!” Alex cried out as she felt the sudden drop.

The aircraft suddenly hit the water. The impact nearly knocked Alex unconscious. Water rushed into the cabin overwhelming the first row of seats and then quickly flowed through the rest of the plane. The plane buckled splitting in two and descended towards the bottom of the ocean. A person’s hand unbuckled her seat belt and pulled on her vest. Alex immediately started to rise as the vest inflated.

Alex broke to the surface and gasped for breath. Aware of her surroundings now, she coughed up salt water and looked around. Pieces of the airplane were on the surface and were on fire. It was night and the sky was stormy making it difficult to see anything.

“We need to keep moving!” a voice shouted at her.

“What?” Alex asked confused.

“Move!” Ryan yelled at her.

Alex followed Ryan to a nearby island and collapsed on the sandy shores exhausted. “Stay here!” he ordered her.

“Where are you going?” Alex asked.

“I’m going to see if I can find anyone else,” Ryan told her.

Alex wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. The waves were fierce and there was fire all around the crash site. Still, she couldn’t stop him. The others left behind were her friends and teacher. Were they all going to die?

Ryan took off the vest, then his shirt and shoes, and went back into the ocean. Alex meekly waited hoping he would return. She had no idea what she would do if Ryan also drowned. She wasn’t a particularly good swimmer. If she tried to help too, she would only make it more difficult for him. Helpless and useless, Alex simply waited.


Ryan eventually returned with no one else. He appeared exhausted and disappointed. “Ryan, I’m so glad you made it back. I thought I had lost you too,” Alex said to him.

“I’m alright,” he told her. “I couldn’t see anything. There’s no one out there. They must have sunk with the airplane.”

“You saved my life. I’m so grateful,” Alex said. If there was ever a time to kiss a boy, this would be it. Her crush had just saved her life, her life alone. On the other hand, it didn’t seem appropriate with all those who had just died.
“Oh God, everyone else is dead,” she realized.

“Yeah,” Ryan agreed fatigued.

“What are we going to do?” Alex asked. She had no idea where they were or how to survive on a deserted island.

“First, we need to find shelter. If we stay on the beach, the sun is going to bake us,” Ryan said.

“Okay, so, we build a tree house or something,” Alex stammered.

Ryan gave her an annoyed look. “We don’t have the tools for that. Probably, for the time being, we make ourselves a tent out of leaves and sticks. We need to completely explore the island and see if anyone lives here,” he said.

“What if they’re not friendly? What if they’re cannibals?” she asked.

“Or maybe they have a radio,” Ryan shrugged.

“Okay, you know more about this kind of stuff than I do. You lead the way. Just…tell me what to do,” Alex said.

“I am not going to have all the answers. It’s going to be tough, but I promise I’ll do my best to keep us both alive,” Ryan said.


Ryan kept watch as Alex slept during the night. He didn’t feel sleepy as he had slept a number of hours on the plane. The traumatic airplane crash also kept him up. He felt a degree of guilt that he had failed to save anyone else. Looking at Alex, he was keenly aware that she was more likely to be a burden than a help.

As day broke, Ryan woke Alex up. He didn’t want her to be sunburned in her sleep. “What’s going on? What happened?” she said as she sat up.

“We’re still on the island,” Ryan told her.

“I thought it was all a nightmare. We’re really here,” she said fearfully.

“Yeah. We need to take a tour of the island. There could be people here that can help us phone home,” Ryan reasoned.
“Alright,” Alex agreed.

The two of them marched around the perimeter of the island on the beach. Finding nothing, they returned to their same spot as before. Ryan sighed as he realized people were not likely to be on the island. Usually a settlement or dock would be on the coast. Still, he needed to determine for certain by marching into the interior of the island.

Ryan let Alex rest for a few moments. She wasn’t dealing with the heat and humidity very well. Ryan drew a circle in the sand and then wrote some numbers. “What’s that?” Alex asked.

“By measuring the perimeter of the island, we can find out the island’s area, diameter, and radius,” he said as he started doing the map.

“You were counting our steps?” Alex asked surprised.

“Yes,” Ryan said obviously.

“Well, that only works if the island is a perfect circle,” Alex objected.

Ryan sighed. “I am doing the best I can here,” he said. After a few calculations, Ryan got a sense of the island’s dimensions.

“What do you think?” Alex asked as she saw all the sand equations.

“This island is really small. I doubt there are any people here. It may be difficult for anyone to find us here,” Ryan said.
“Well, they know where the plane was going,” Alex said.

“Unless, we went off course to avoid the storm. I don’t know,” Ryan admitted. “Let’s start working on the Help signal.”


Ryan and Alex used sticks and pieces of wood to make a large HELP sign on the beach. Once they were done, Ryan thought about what to do with Alex. She would no doubt slow him down as he went into the interior of the island. However, if he left her on the coast alone something could get to her. Their main priority was finding a fresh water source or they would perish within a few days.

“I have a job for you. I need you collect as many of these big banana leaves off the ground as you can. I’ll be back in a few hours,” Ryan told her.

“Yeah, sure,” Alex said without question.

Ryan turned away from Alex and began his quest into the interior of the island. He went quickly, wanting to avoid any predators. His arms and legs were cut from the tough vegetation. Finally, he found a stream leading to island’s top. Cupping his hand, he tested the water. Moving still, he reached near the top and could see a large portion of the island. The plane was submerged into the ocean, but he could see some debris still floating around. There were no ships anywhere.

Coming back down, Ryan was pleased to see that Alex had recovered a number of large leaves. “What’s all this for?” she asked.

Ryan collected a number of vines and used them as rope. “It’s to collect water when it rains,” he said simply.

Alex watched in awe as Ryan tied the leaves together between two trees. It eventually formed a large cup that would collect rain water. “You’re like Ranger Rick,” Alex complimented.

“I was a Boys Scout for a while,” he said and then grimaced.

“So, this is a great idea and all, but I’m really thirsty now,” Alex said hoping she didn’t sound whiny.

“I found a stream. It could lead to a small lake or something,” Ryan said.

“So, what about food?” Alex asked.

“I found some fruit,” Ryan said and gestured for her to follow him.


The two strolled through the forest lacking urgency this time. Ryan knew where everything was now. He could take his time exploring the exotic plants and insects. “By now, we would have been in Sydney. We would be sleeping in a nice hotel,” Alex remarked.

“It could be worse. We could be dead,” Ryan replied.

Alex frowned feeling guilty she had survived. “I owe you my life. If there’s anything you need from me…,” she said.

“Just be a team player,” Ryan interrupted.

“Sure,” Alex agreed awkwardly.

Ryan rediscovered the stream and walked along it until he found a lake filled with fish. He contemplated the difficulty of spearing a fish. Grabbing a walking stick and a sharp rock, he began to sharpen it. Alex immediately went to the water and began to drink from it.

“That felt so good,” she said satisfied.

“It’s likely we will get sick soon. Just be prepared for that,” Ryan told her.

Alex sighed know exactly what he meant. After he was done with his spear, Ryan looked for a fish. Carefully and silently, he speared the fish through. “Amazing,” Alex complimented.

“I found a cave. Let me show you it,” he said taking the spear and fish with him.


The two walked over to a small cave near the beach. It was large enough to fit one person. “So, it’s kind of small,” Alex noted.

“It’s large enough for one person. The other will keep watch,” Ryan said.

“Oh, sure,” Alex agreed but also disappointed. She wouldn’t mind sleeping together with Ryan as in just sleeping. “Is keeping a watch really necessary?” she asked.

“Yes. There could be predators on this island. There could be airplanes or ships that come near the island, so one of us needs to be awake at all times,” he reasoned.

“Makes sense,” Alex admitted.

“I’m a little tired. Here’s a spear,” he said giving one to Alex.

Alex nervously took the spear. Did he really think she could do anything with it? She felt so useless and timid. As he slept, she couldn’t help but feel admiration. She was slowly falling in love with him, and she realized it. What if they were stuck on the island for a long time?


Ryan awoke and half-expected Alex to have dozed off. Surprisingly, she was quite awake and chipper. “This fruit is delicious,” she said.

“I’m sure it is,” Ryan said. He would need to set up a rationing system between them.

“You can sleep now,” Ryan told her.

Alex obliged and felt safe knowing Ryan was watching over her. The cave wasn’t very comfortable but it was better than being outside.

Ryan’s system meant they would spend roughly eight hours together looking for fruit. As expected, Alex did get sick but eventually recovered. Ryan didn’t spot any big predators on the island but always acted as though there could be. After a few weeks, another complication arose.

“You don’t look good? You sick?” he asked her.

“I got my period, and I don’t have any pads,” she said embarrassed.

Ryan nodded knowing this would inevitably happen. “Yeah, if only I had been knocked up before getting here, I wouldn’t have these periods,” Alex said absent minded.

“I prefer you this way. If you were pregnant, it would be a disaster,” Ryan said.

“Right,” Alex said quickly.

When they were stranded, it made sense that Ryan would be more interested in water, food, shelter, etc and not so much on love. But after a few weeks, he still wasn’t interested. Usually a guy would jump at the opportunity for sex. He had her all to himself on this island. Even if he didn’t find her pretty, she was the only female on the island.

One day, she ventured out of the cave and found Ryan a little busy behind the bushes. She didn’t make a sound to disturb him but it was obvious that he was jacking off. Going back to the cave, she felt even more frustrated. He was human after all.


Alex attempted to get to the bottom of this mystery. “So, you like from a religious family?” she asked casually.

“No. Actually the opposite,” he replied.

“You a fan of Victorian movies?” she continued.

“Not particularly,” he said.

Stumped, Alex didn’t know what to think. She had almost hoped that he was an Amish boy. At least then she would know what she was dealing with. She didn’t think that she was that hideous. She had received plenty of compliments and flirtations at school. She couldn’t ask him what he liked without her intentions being obvious.

“Why do you ask?” Ryan wondered.

“Well, you’re just so polite and helpful. I figured you must have been raised to respect women or something,” she said awkwardly.

“I do respect women, especially you,” he said.

“And I respect you too,” Alex was quick to say.

“I appreciate that. I think you would have been the only girl in our class that would have survived with me here,” Ryan said.

“Why’s that?” Alex asked curiously.

“You know your limitation, and you’re very friendly and helpful. You have been a good friend,” Ryan said.

Alex felt a chill go through her. She was being put in the friend zone on an island where there were only two people. Any other boy in her class would have made a move, but her crush and fantasy wasn’t even trying.

While Ryan was asleep, Alex decided she needed some alone time. She reached into her shorts and played with her clit. Tiny noises in the forest made her stop. She didn’t want to be caught by Ryan doing this. It would look so pathetic. It wasn’t fair. Why did he get to get off, but she couldn’t? She ultimately never finished and gave up.


Ryan marked another day on the cave wall. So far the island exhibited no seasons. Other than living on the island indefinitely, they could try to build a boat. Even with their entire class, it wouldn’t be possible. The time and resources would be too great. They were stuck.

“I think we might be here for a while,” Ryan began.

“Really?” Alex asked. Maybe this change in attitude would lead to something more.

“I think we should try to improve our daily lives here. We can start building a house. If we can make it secure enough, we won’t have to take watch shifts at night,” he suggested.

Ryan was actually suggesting building a house for her, like a family. It was too good to be true. “Absolutely. Tell me what you need me to do,” Alex signed up.

Ryan put his Boy Scout skills to good use. The two of them hacked away at the vegetation until they could clear a space. “How are we going to do this without nails?” Alex asked.

“Like the Chinese; place interlocking pieces of wood together,” Ryan said.

After a week had passed, the two had managed to build a decent sized shack. “Now, if only we could build a bed,” Alex said suggestively.

“I suppose we could get some leaves,” Ryan said.

“No, I mean, like a real wooden bed,” Alex said.

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” Ryan said dismissively.


That answer made Alex increasingly frustrated. She couldn’t make a move without looking pathetic. If he rejected her, their stay on the island would be awkward at best. She decided to make a bold move by taking off her already torn and dirty shirt and bra while on the beach. She was a good B-cup and felt proud of them. Ryan casually strolled along the beach and found her sun bathing.

As he approached, Alex suddenly stood up to gauge his reaction. She had a good excuse for showing him her breasts and it didn’t look desperate. “You shouldn’t sun bath too often. If you get sunburned, it could lead to dehydration and infection,” he warned.

“Right. I forgot,” Alex said sheepishly.

Ryan nodded and then turned away from her. There was no hint of arousal or interest from him. He was completely disinterested. Alex made another attempt by walking around in the forest topless. When Ryan asked what she was doing, she merely said that she was currently washing her t-shirt and bra in the lake. He merely shrugged and carried on.

Finally, Alex stripped down and took a bath in their lake. Ryan had made a point not to do this often as it was the same lake they got their drinking water from. There was also an established protocol so neither of them would bathe at the same time. Alex decided to break these protocols and hopefully wait for Ryan to stroll by. As it happened, he did stroll by and noticed her completely naked in the lake.

“Ahem?” he asked of her.

“Oh God, I didn’t see you there,” Alex said pretending to be embarrassed.

“Well, this is ahead of schedule,” Ryan noted.

“I’m sorry. I totally forgot. I was just so dirty,” she said with a smile.

Ryan shrugged and walked off. Once he was gone, Alex lowered herself back in the water. She felt so worthless. She felt like she was more of a burden to him than a help. What if she got back to the world and other boys felt the same way? She couldn’t bear the rejection from more than one guy. A part of her still held to the belief that he was denying her out of duty to keep them both alive.


Weeks went by and then months without any sign of a rescue. Ryan’s hair was a little longer and shaggy, and he was growing a little facial hair. Alex’s hair was also getting longer, and her legs were unshaven. She would need to bite her nails so as to keep them from getting too long. The last thing she needed was a broken nail that would make it painful to use her hands. Toe nails inevitably got long inside her shoes making her feet uncomfortable.

Alex made compliments here and there remarking that he was growing a cute beard. None of her compliments were ever returned. Ryan would occasionally praise her work ethic but was otherwise cold to her. It was horrible for her, to have her crush dislike her. The only thing that seemed to get him interested was talking about music. He could go on for hours talking about various drummers and their styles. Alex didn’t have much to say about her flute.

“Do you ever wonder why we never had a guy play flute?” Alex asked conversationally.

“I imagine it has something to do with it being a feminine instrument,” he smiled.

“There are many men that are accomplished flutists,” Alex objected.

“I know. It’s wrong,” Ryan admitted. “Still, I think guys are more interested in saxophones, trumpets, trombones, or the drums.”

“Guys like to be loud,” Alex joked.

“Yeah, I guess so. The thing that I admire about flutists is that it can be slow and gentle or very quick. There’s a great precision to it,” he said.

“Do you think I’m any good?” Alex asked fishing for compliments.

“You’re first-chair of a school that went International. Of course you are. When we get back to the world, you should become a music major. I bet you can get a full ride scholarship,” Ryan said.

“You’re really good too, you know,” Alex said.

He smirked. “Anyone could do my job.”

“What do you want to do when we get back? You want to be in a rock band?” she asked.

“Maybe,” Ryan said thoughtfully. “I don’t know if I could do it professionally. There’s so much attention on musicians.”

“Well, it’s not like you have anything to hide is there?” Alex probed.

Ryan simply stared at her. “I guess not,” he said giving nothing away.


As time went by, Alex suddenly snapped. While Ryan was asleep, she used vine rope and tied him to the foundation of their hut. It was early morning when she woke him up. He noticed his limbs were outstretched and instinctively pulled on them.

“Don’t do that. You’ll cause the whole thing to collapse,” she told him.

“What is this?” he asked annoyed.

“I’m tired of being ignored!” she shouted at him. “You were my high school crush. Then you saved me, kept me alive, and built me a house. I loved you for it, but you never gave anything back. Do you realize how frustrating it is to be on an island all alone with the one person you love, and you aren’t loved in return,” she said tearfully.

“I didn’t know,” Ryan said lamely.

“You didn’t know? What did you think would happen? You treat me like a sister. Why? Am I not pretty enough? Do I need to lose a few pounds? God knows I must have lost weight here,” she asked.

“We can’t have romantic entanglements. We’re fighting for survival,” he said.

“Why can’t we? Wouldn’t it make us stronger? I am a girl throwing myself at you, and you’re not responding. Just what the fuck is wrong with you?” she demanded.

Ryan said nothing. Alex went to work taking off his shorts. He was already shirtless with noticeable pectoral muscles and six-pack abs. She half-expected his penis to not be there or horribly diseased. No, it was perfectly fine, albeit flaccid.

“I’ve seen you jack off. You’re not a machine,” she accused.

“Listen, Alex. We need each other. You need me,” Ryan said.

Alex interpreted that to be a threat, but she didn’t care anymore. The island had turned her mad. She couldn’t think straight as she saw his cock and balls. “I was a good girl. I really was. I stayed a virgin up until now. I just can’t wait any longer,” she said deliriously.

“You don’t want to do this,” he said vaguely.

Alex ignored him and took off her t-shirt and shorts. Even though she was completely naked, he remained flaccid. She would have to get him hard for this to work. She put her mouth on his cock and began to suck on him. Ryan sighed as he involuntarily felt the pleasure at the tip of his cock.

“So, you do enjoy it,” Alex said triumphant.

“You’re making a big mistake,” Ryan said to her.

Alex continued sucking on him until he was good and hard. She was so wet in anticipation for what was to happen next. “I did the math. There’s no way I will get pregnant,” she assured him.

“That isn’t the point,” he said as she climbed on top of him.

“What is the point, Ryan?” she asked frustrated.

She placed herself above him and then sank herself on his cock. Her hymen broke giving her a slight sting. “Oh, wow, I actually did it,” she said amazed at herself.

“Stop while you still can,” Ryan warned her.

“Stop talking,” she hissed at him.

Moving her hips, she felt sex for the first time. Her crush was fucking her, albeit unwillingly. She was in all actuality raping him. The very idea made her chuckle, but it was his fault. It was all his fault for keeping her sexually frustrated for months on a deserted island. This wasn’t how she wanted her first time go. She would rather it be in a bed with a loving boyfriend, but life decided to take a weird turn.

In her excitement and build up to this moment, she finally had her first orgasm. She briefly collapsed on Ryan and then realized he was still her prisoner. “Wow,” she said stunned.

“Okay, you can release me now,” Ryan said softly.

“No, I want you to feel it now. I want you to know what you’ve been denying yourself this whole time,” she said angrily.
She rolled her hips with greater gusto than before. She knew she could get him to cum. There was no way he could resist even if he was trying not to. Ryan began to panic more as he was about to cum. “Alex, look, I have…,” he said quickly.

“I don’t care,” Alex said interrupting and kept going.

“Damn it…if you do this it will…,” Ryan said and then grunted as he came inside her.

“That’s it, Ryan. Experience what you’ve been missing,” Alex said happily.

“Oh God, no,” Ryan said stunned.

Alex took a few deep breaths and centered herself. She had just raped the only other person on the island. Ryan had saved her life and gave her everything, and she repaid him with rape. She knew she couldn’t blame it on the sun, the sicknesses she had gone through, or hormonal imbalances. She got off of him and left the hut.

Not bothering to get her clothes back on, she walked through the forest naked towards the beach. She didn’t care if she got bit by some venomous spider or snake. She didn’t care about anything at this point. She just slowly made her way to the beach.

“I’m only a burden anyway,” she said softly and then entered the water. Soon, she would be dead just like all her friends.

The waves crashed over her and overwhelmed her forcing her to the bottom. She didn’t even attempt to fight for air. What was the point now?


A strong force dragged her out of the water and placed her on the beach. Ryan looked over Alex and saw that she wasn’t breathing. Checking her pulse, he then breathed into her and started chest compressions. Soon thereafter, Alex coughed up salt water and became conscious. Her blurry vision became focused.

Seeing Ryan, she backed away from him. He had freed himself from the robes. He was strong enough to do whatever he wanted with her, and she couldn’t blame him for it. “Just let me go,” she said to him as she tried to get away from him.

“I can’t let you do that,” he said as he forcefully kept her from getting back into the water.

“Why the fuck do you need me? I only burden you,” she asked.

“You do help me,” he said unconvincingly.

“Bullshit,” she spat.

“Look, the truth is that I’ve grown to love you, but I am not attracted to you,” he said finally.

“What the fuck does that mean?” she asked frustrated.

“Alex, I’m gay,” he said.

Alex simply stared at him. “Oh,” she expressed.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. If I were a straight guy, I would have been all over you from the beginning, but I’m not,” he said.

Alex couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her crush whom she admired and loved from a distance had been gay the entire time. “You never were seen with another guy,” she accused.

“I was a virgin too,” he admitted.

She recalled how he had been aloof on the airplane. He never did have any girlfriends despite being popular. It all made sense now. “Okay, well, the fact remains that I violated you. I don’t deserve to be with you. I don’t deserve to be called your friend,” she said.

“We have other issues. You’ve just triggered a Linking Spell,” he revealed.

“A Linking Spell?” Alex asked incredulous.

“It’s a spell that links two people together. It’s triggered by any romantic gesture. It could be as simple as a kiss. When I came out to my parents, they were worried I would be alone or never have a steady relationship. In theory, the first guy I would fall in love with would be my soul mate,” he said.

“What does that have to do with me?” Alex asked confused.

“We had sexual contact. The spell links us together. Even now, I can sense it go through me. I can’t bear to have you throw your life away,” he said.

“Great, you’re not gay anymore,” Alex interpreted.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Ryan grimaced.

“What are you saying?” Alex demanded becoming impatient.

“I’m saying there’s a possibility you will become my ideal partner. You will become a man,” he said finally.

Alex simply stared at him. Not only did he refuse her advances, but he was crazy too. “Look, I appreciate that you saved my life, but you’re nuts. Maybe the sun is getting to you. I think it best if we part ways,” Alex said.

“The changes will come very soon, I promise you,” Ryan pressed.

“You’re crazy,” she said and then turned her back on him towards the ocean. As she did, she felt an odd sensation. At first, she thought it was from nearly drowning but the sensation was making her stronger, not weaker.

Her breasts and nipples shrank in her hands. She stared at her flat chest in horror. Her hands touched her chest frantically. Ever since she was a pre-teen, she had breasts and now they were gone in an instant. Her long hair blond hair became shorter, and her pretty face started to change. Her feminine hips collapsed inwards. Everything feminine about her was disappearing.

“Oh God, what’s happening to me?” she cried out as she saw her hands enlarging.

“It’s going to be okay, Alex,” Ryan told her.

She turned back to him with a much more masculine appearance. Even Ryan was stunned by the sudden changes. “I’m going to take care of you. I promise,” Ryan said to her.

His voice was so sweet to her. With enlarging feet, she went up to him and kissed him. She didn’t care about her changing body at this point. All that mattered was that she was kissing Ryan, and they both were enjoying it. Alex rapidly gained muscle mass all over her body to match that of Ryan. She would no longer be weak and vulnerable as before. Her body fat in her thighs disappeared giving way to muscular legs. Her flat stomach became a six-pack of powerful ab muscles. Body hair began to grow on her legs, arms, stomach, and armpits.

“I’m scared,” Alex said in a deeper voice.

“We’re in this together,” Ryan promised her.

Ryan lowered his hand to stroke her enlarging clit. It continued to grow in his hand inch-by-inch until it was fully grown and hard. Finally, male testicles formed covering up Alex’s vaginal entrance. Alex was no longer a girl. He was a male forever. With Alex’s transformation finalized, the two boys aggressively touched one another. Their erect cocks rubbed against one another as the ocean water rushed around them. Ryan reached for Alex’s cock and gently stroked it. Alex sighed as he was nearing his first male orgasm.

“Make it rough,” he requested.

Ryan nodded and sped up the pace. Alex gasped as semen leaped from his cock into the ocean water. He pulsed a few times before he stopped. Ryan wasn’t done though and continued to stroke. Alex leaned on Ryan unable to stand. He grunted and moaned as it was too much for him.

“That feels so good. You’re so lucky to be born a boy,” Alex remarked.

“We’re both lucky,” he said kissing him.

Alex broke from the kiss and collected himself. “I don’t deserve this. I was horrible to you,” he admitted.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Ryan smirked.

“No, I should be punished,” Alex said feeling guilty.

“Oh, I’ll punish you for sure,” Ryan promised with a smile.

“I don’t know what your kind wants, but I’ll do whatever you want,” Alex offered.

“My kind?” Ryan scoffed. “It’s whatever we feel comfortable doing. Nothing is mandatory.”

“Oh my God. What will I tell my parents?” Alex asked concerned.

“The spell creates a new reality where you have always been a boy, and we have always been together,” Ryan explained.

“If that’s the case…,” Alex wondered.


Alex woke up with a start and found himself on an airplane. Looking around wildly, he saw Ryan snoozing next to him. Alex looked down at his masculine hands and felt his chest. He then noticed his other classmates. None of them gave him an odd look. It was as Ryan had said. Reality had completely changed.

Realizing the situation, she nudged Ryan awake. It took a few shoves to get him up. “What is it?” he asked annoyed.

“We have to get off this plane. Everyone has to leave now,” Alex said urgently.

“Why?” Ryan asked confused.

Alex needed Ryan to focus, so he kissed him on the lips in clear view of other classmates. “What was that for?” Ryan smiled.

“I love you, Ryan. Now, get off the plane with me,” Alex urged.

“Okay,” Ryan agreed not knowing what his boyfriend’s concern was. Alex and Ryan got out of their seats and confronted the music teacher.

“We all have to get off the plane,” Alex said seriously.

“Whatever for?” the music teacher objected.

“If we don’t get off, almost all of us are going to die in a storm,” Alex said.

“Have you lost your mind?” the music teacher asked scornfully. “Go back to your seats,” she ordered.

Alex ignored the music teacher and took Ryan by the hand off the plane. A stewardess attempted to stop them, but Alex brushed her aside. The two exited the airplane and went back to the gate. The incident forced a long delay to the next day. Alex and Ryan were kicked off the roster and the flight went ahead without them to Sydney without incident.


“What’s the whole story? It must be more than just a fear of flying,” Ryan asked as they sat together at a picnic table at a public park.

“In another reality, I was a girl. We sat together on the airplane, and we crashed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone died but the two of us. We were stranded on an island for months, and you knew all the right things to keep us alive,” Alex explained.

“Another reality?” Ryan questioned.

“It was a Linking Spell. You know what that is?” Alex quizzed.

Ryan froze upon hearing it. “Only a very few people know of its existence and what it does.”

“Well, there was a Linking Spell on you,” Alex said.

Ryan connected all the dots. “We must have been romantic for it to happen, but you were a girl,” he said confused.

“You’re still gay, Ryan. It was my fault. I forced myself on you and that’s what caused the changed,” Alex admitted.

“You forced yourself on me…as a girl?” Ryan smirked.

“It’s not funny. I tied you up,” Alex said embarrassed.

“Wow, do you remember anything about your boy life?” Ryan asked.

“Not really?” Alex replied.

Ryan looked embarrassed. “In this reality, I was…a girl named Rachel. I had the hugest crush on you, but you were a gay boy. I did some questionable things, and the Linking Spell turned me into a boy,” he said awkwardly.

“Really? So, we’re both girls in boy’s bodies,” Alex said astounded.

“Now, we are. The Alex I used to know was always a boy,” Ryan said.

“And the Ryan I used to know was always a boy,” Alex repeated amazed.

“So, we’re both the same. Do you hate me, knowing that I used to be a girl?” Ryan asked.

“No, it’s the opposite. I think we might have a lot in common,” Alex said ecstatic.

Ryan smiled relieved. “So, which one of us is going to be on top?”

Author’s Note:
Inspired by Castaway and a little of Final Destination. I also felt inspiration from Anon Allsop’s Breathless and Paradise Island. Should definitely check those out. Female to Male rape is very real, and I do apologize if this has triggered any reader. It is always wrong no matter the mitigating circumstances. With all my stories, I attempt to make readers think about a scenario that may never have occurred to them or to defy expectations. Some of you have asked for more FTM stories, so here you go.

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