The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 11

Ginny comes downstairs in the morning with a pounding headache. She had the day off from work as she stumbles into the kitchen. All the guys were gathered around the kitchen table having breakfast. Stephen looks at Ginny as she sat down. He puts a small plate of aspirin in front of her and a glass of water.

“Take them for your headache.”

“Thank you.” Ginny reaches forward and takes the pills and pop them in her mouth. She follows up with the water to wash them down.

“So, what happened between you and Victor last night?” Leonard was curious, because he had seen her, Victor and Riker talking.

“Victor tried influencing me with his vampiric abilities and my Coywolf didn’t like it. She sent it back at him stronger then what he used. Riker was standing nearby and felt it when I sent Victor’s power back at him.” Ginny knew it was her Coywolf that felt Victor’s power and didn’t like it.

Ginny builds a sausage and egg biscuit and bites into it. Once she starts eating, she couldn’t stop herself. She makes three more sausage and egg biscuits.

Bryan just watches as Ginny stuffed her face. He just smiles.

“Victor doesn’t like playing by the rules.” Leonard knew him from a few encounters he had with him in the past.

“I think if he doesn’t behave himself, Riker is going to take him out. You should had seen the look Riker gave him.” Ginny had a triple decker sausage biscuit in her hand.

“That’s Riker’s job to enforce protocol and rules. Since our area is consider neutral territory, he has no choice.” Stephen looks over at Ginny as she tries to eat her triple decker biscuit.

“Why is our area consider neutral territory?” Ginny bites into her biscuit and juices run down her chin.

“It goes back to when the Mafia ruled Las Vegas. Before any Mafia families could come to Las Vegas to setup shop or operate there. They had to met with the boss of the city. So, an area was set aside that was agreed upon to act as a neutral meeting spot. Since, most of us are from that era. We decided to keep the tradition alive in the supernatural community. Even the Mafia still use this area as a meeting place. An Alpha was chosen to select who he wanted to act as his enforcers to enforce neutral meeting rules everyone agreed upon.” Bryan hopes his explanation was understandable.

“Does Mafia know there are supernaturals here?”

“Yes, they know we are here and sometimes we make sure they live by the laws they set down when the town was first started.” Leonard
remembered breaking up a fight between two rival families.

They were surprised he was a Were-wolf. Since then, any Mafia family coming to do business or meet in the town. Always checks with Bryan, so no misunderstandings don’t occur.

“Okay, so, what is next on our agenda with the meeting?” Ginny takes a sip from her orange.

“Well, last night was just a get together. The next meeting will be a sit down with each group. We’ll have a sit down and see what each group is bring to the table and what they want in return.” Leonard knew he was going to be handling that part.

After breakfast, Bryan suggested a run to help clear everyone’s head and to burn off some energy. Ginny and Stephen were chasing each other like little kids, while the other wolves watched them.

Ginny runs faster as Stephen tries to nip her on her rear end. She jumps over a crop of rocks and climb a large boulder and look down at everyone. She sits down and grin at all the wolves. They just look at her as she watches over them from her high perch. She watches Stephen as he tries to find a path up to her perch. She was slimmed and small footed, where he wasn’t. He couldn’t follow her path.

After a few minutes he gives up and Ginny comes down to join him and the others. Bryan runs them around the boundary of their territory. They check out a few other areas and then head back towards the pack house to get ready for tonight’s meeting.

Bryan gives Ginny a new dress to wear and makes Stephen makes sure she is ready for tonight. That meant no undergarments or perfume. Just natural body odor.

“Stephen, I feel naked with no panties on.” The dress felt nice against her skin.

“You still feel weird not wearing any clothes?” Stephen looked at Ginny.

“Well, not around you guys. I’ve gotten use to seeing all of you in the nude now, but I have never gone without wearing my panties before. Even the bar where I worked part-time I wore panties.” Ginny still felt kind of weird being out and about being nude around people, but she trusted this pack.

“Don’t worry about it Ginny. As much as the guys like looking at you naked, they won’t do anything. As far as we know, you aren’t any one’s mate here in the pack. The second reason is, all the men here see you as their little sister. So, they are very protective of you. The last reason is, we all know who our mates are. There is no casual sex between members. We’re driven to only mate with our mates.”

“Well, that is all nice and good to know about.” Ginny fixes her hair and walks downstairs.

“I’m ready. Stephen’s upstairs putting on his dress.” Ginny walks over and stands next to Bryan, who had changed into something more suited to his status.

“I am not wearing a dress.” Stephen comes walking down looking like a gentleman from the old west.

“But I wanted to see you in a dress, Stephen.” Ginny had a mischievous smile on her face.

“Maybe one day, I’ll put one on for you. However, not tonight. I have to dress like a normal gentleman.”

“Alright, let’s go and get everything setup. Ginny, same rules as last night. Stay close to either Bryan or Leonard. Don’t walk off without one of us or Stephen knowing.” Bryan didn’t want to see anything happen to Ginny.

“Yes sir.” Ginny follows behind Bryan as he heads towards the Mercedes-Benz he was driving over towards the meeting place.

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